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Win 1 of 5 LG Spectrums From Verizon Using the New Darth Maul Me App


Verizon and Lucas Arts released a new app today called Darth Maul Me that allows to snap pictures of yourself and turn then into of all things, Darth Maul. The idea is silly, but they have paired it with a contest that gives contestants a chance to win 1 of 5 LG Spectrums. All you have to do is download the app, turn yourself in Mr. Maul, and then Tweet the photo to @VerizonWireless. They will choose 1 winner per day for the next 5 days.

Not familiar with the Spectrum? Check out our hands-on with the device here.

Market Link | Contest Details

And feel free to share your creepy Darth Maul pictures in the comments as well.

  • Buckgrad

    CChecked out the Galaxy Nexus and the Razr. Then bought the Spectrum. This phone gets trashed way too much. Mostly about the fingerprints on the battery cover…not a big deal. Get the gel case and don’t worry about it. Hopefully people will check it out on their own and then decide. I do not regret the choice.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    Really?! Play with a stupid app to when a terrible phone… 

    • Really?!  Confusing when and win just because they sound alike…

      • Fattie McDoogles

        lol well played. 

  • Even the updated date on the app is January 25th

  • This was not released today way to be about 4 weeks behind the app.  The contest may be new but the app has been out for weeks.

    • Well since nobody cares about the app unless the contest is attached to it, I would say this report is right on schedule. 

  • Keii Graham

    Why would anyone want to turn themselves into a completely throwaway villain?

  • Ahsan

    Where’s your Spectrum review?

  • Anonymous

    Is this really where we’ve come? What’s next, Smurf Me?

    • Anonymous

      You watch your language.


    a storm trooper would have been better.. or darth vader.. thought the best was the clone wars… clones look awesome! and or the last 2 or 3…

    • How would that be better? It would just put a mask over your face.

  • I don’t want to get mauled.

  • Chad

    Tried it, uninstalled! It’s garbage and looks terrible!

  • Anonymous

    No thanks. I’m done whoring myself out to win free stuff.

    • Josh Groff

      So you’d rather have more people enter against you? It’s stuff like this that increases your odds of winning because most people have that exact mindset.

  • Anonymous

    Why are they bringing back a terrible movie.

    • Noyfb

      They have edited out a lot of the Jar Jar Binx character from the re-release of Phantom in 3d, Yay

  • Anonymous

    Boba Fett Me would have been better.

  • RadicalPie

    How much are they gonna pay me to win one of these?

  • Bunie

    Pht. not worth bloating my phone

    • RadicalPie

      Right? can someone confirm that it uninstalls after you download it?

      •  Uninstalls just fine.

  • KevinC

    Why is Lucas teaming up with a non-Droid phone? Seems odd.

    • Jose Guitian

      very true. its probably just Verizon trying to get rid of phones no one wants.

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