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Motorola Releases Initial Ice Cream Sandwich Update Timeline – DROID RAZR, RAZR MAXX, Bionic, and DROID 4 Still Being Evaluated

moto ics

Motorola updated their timeline for device updates this morning, finally revealing their plans to push Ice Cream Sandwich. So far, the list is not going to excite any of you. As far as U.S. devices go, none of them on Verizon have specific details and are currently “in evaluation.” You will see that the Atrix, Atrix 2 and Photon 4G will all receive Android 4.0 in Q3, but the RAZR, RAZR MAXX, Bionic, DROID 4 and almost any other device tied to Big Red has not been given an expected rollout date. In fact, those non-VZW phones are all in development while the ones you all care about are still in the “planning” phase.

Why is that? Tough to tell. We were all hoping that the RAZRs and the Bionic would see this major update first since they were released just before Ice Cream Sandwich went live. Q3 though for many of these? Seems so far away. Then again, Moto did provide an outlook into how they update phones which we calculated to be about 6 months. I guess that would put us right around the end of Q2 or early Q3. Someone figure out why the Atrix series and the Photon would be up first ahead of the DROID brand. Carrier, maybe?

Hoping to know more very soon. 

Via:  Motorola

  • Dan

    Silly.  I will only buy nexus devices going forward!

  • reyalP

    Just buy a Xoom and duct tape your Motorola phone to it and you will have ICS!  Don’t feel bad, HTC will probably update their phones next year!

  • Jonathan Ly

    This is exactly why Android has been incredible/frustrating at the same time.

    Ultimately, the only devices you can expect to have regular updates will be the Nexus line, and even then, as we have all come to find out, the GSM versions are the only devices that have full support, e.g. AOSP, as well as the full support of Google’s official updates.

    What I had initially thought it was just the outdated technology of CDMA seems to be false, seeing as the Photon 4G is in development. It is either Verizon’s policy on having its proprietary software installed on al devices, Motorola’s inability to apply Blur to ICS, or a combination of both, but I suspect the former is the more accurate reasoning.

    In my personal opinion, this is why Nexus devices ARE the best devices available, because you have the option of going with Google’s updates or the Community’s. Google hand picks the components for their devices, and thus that specific set of hardware is optimized for that software.

    Skins are single-handedly diversifying/dividing Android all at the same time. Its a matter of when will the consumers stop buying certain brands. 

  • Anonymous

    What about Droid 3?? Hopefully Google will wipe the soft division of Motorola Mobility and replace it with their own developers. I mean, if differentiation is what companies seek with custom skins, why  can’t stock Android be moto’s selling point??, stock ICS is prettier than what we’ve seen of other OEM ICS customizations.
    Any ways, no matter how you look at it, 2012 will be a transition year for Moto, first the acquisition by google and then the marriage with Intel… So I kinda understand the looong wait… but still… it is terribly sad/wonderful that independent devs can do beterr/faster updates for almost any phone.

    • Anonymous

      LINK!  Read the LINK!  D3 and X2 are on the list.

  • Anonymous

    Everyone on here needs to stop blaming Motorola!  It is obviously Verizon’s fault!!  Why else would those be the only devices with issues.  People need to READ!

  • Anonymous

    xoom MZ601 sholuld come Q2/2012 and now moto lies again. WTF Moto? WTF?

  • Anonymous

    Why would it take so long to update the RAZR/MAXX/Bionic?  According to Moto it is hardware differences that takes the longest time for the updates, but those 3 are very similar to the Nexus for hardware so they should be very quick.

  • Anonymous

    Glad I bough the nexus.

    • Keith

      Same here. I just got my GSM Nexus on Saturday, 

  • Wait this means Bionic probably won’t see ICS till 2013 and most of us who have the bionic will probably have a new phone that came with ICS before this as well!  So much for ICS upgradeable. this is a bunch of BS

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe they cant even give us some kind of estimated date for the 3G Xoom. Bastards.

  • BS!!!! Bionic should have ICS already.

  • After seeing this, will never buy a Moto again.

    • Anonymous

      Same here.  This company just doesn’t get it.

    • Anonymous

      I would buy one if it has “NEXUS” in it’s name. Otherwise no.

    • Google owns motorola.

  • What about the Motorola DEVOUR

  • MobileGuy

    That’s nice. I mostly care about security and stability improvements. Also, better browser internet standards compliance. The Android browser and, of course, it’s WebKit variants in the Market are pretty behind in that aspect. Firefox’s mobile browser supports more standards but is very slow. I hope Firefox and Chrome gets more release worthy soon.

  • Rich


    I think it has to do with the carrier… which is sad…

    • Xfloggingkylex

      This.  How are people not noticing the carrier difference here?  Photon and Atrix get it and Droid 4 and Razr don’t?  Sounds like Verizon devices are the ones with the delay.

      • I don’t think it’s carrier.  I think its LTE radio tech.  It has caused nothing but delays, however, you’d think they’d have it figured out by now.

  • too many phones not enough people to work on these devices. just root and you can haz ice cream

    • angermeans

      Your right, but still no custom kernals and such. To lock down their bootloaders and then release a half dozen phones every quarter and then their update timeline is still a ways off. So where are all the people in that past post that stated they knew Motorola would be first. It looks like youll be waiting until qtr 2 (I know it says “Further Details to Follow” in the states) and knowing Motorola it wont be until the very last day of the qtr like they did with the Droid X.

  • Anonymous

    We need more time to put our garbage skin all over it.  This is what you get when you buy Motorola’s crap, folks.  Stop giving them money and the problem will go away.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Moto,

    Less time on the spreadsheet, more time getting your sh!t done. If you insist on releasing a “schedule,” make it meaningful.

  • This sucks, I know it takes time for R&D but come on. All I want is ICS on my LTE Xoom. I will be upgrading my DX to a RAZR MAXX soon and Moto is telling us that they have no fraking clue when ICS will coming to these devices. I sure hope the Google acquisition of Motorola speeds things up.

  • Anonymous


    My Xoom LTE feels cheated.
    Any decent ROMs for the Xoom LTE that will retain the ability to watch google movies?

    After owning the OG, The DX, a DX2 and the Xoom LTE – I couldn’t be happier that I moved onto the Galaxy Nexus.
    Motorola needs to DIAF.

  • Anonymous

    Crazy.  I’m done with Motorola for now, but maybe things will get better after the merger goes through.

  • Josh Fowler

    Yet another reason Nexus > All. Always.

    • angermeans


      • Anonymous

        Kind of puts “waiting” for 4.0.3 in perspective, doesn’t it?

        • EC8CH


          • Anonymous

            And who’s still waiting lol I’ve been running 4.0.4 for a couple weeks now 😛

          • Seriously, lol.

          • 4.0.3 source was released, but no official updates have been pushed ota afaik.

          • 4.0.3 is for the Nexus S

    • Anonymous

      The ICS for RAZR is expected Q2 for most countries except USA.  That points to a Verizon problem, not Moto.

      • Anonymous

        Yep. But it’s just easier for everyone to hate Motorola instead.

  • Rory W.

    It amazes me that the ICS update page still lists the DROID X as being upgradeable to 2.2 when it’s been running 2.3 since June 2011. (Even after I emailed them via their feedback page and got a response saying “we’ll take care of it.”)

  • Jefferson Peak

    I went from a DroidX, DroidX2,Xoom owner.. to never wanting to buy another Motorola product again. I am still curious how much of this is Moto and how much is Verizon. The Moto Xoom Wifi has ICS but the Xoom WIFI + 4G can’t this is some old bull..

    • Anonymous

      ICS for RAZR is expected Q2 for most countries except USA.  That points to a Verizon problem, not Moto.

      • Moto lost that benefit of the doubt when they whined about how hard it is to develop updates because of Google’s choice of chipset.  You know, that very rare hard to find TI OMAP that Moto sort of defaults to.  Geez.  But VZW is stupid too, so why not.

    • Vbdriver

      Ice cream sandwich, jelly bean I think I’ll wait for the diabetes.

  • Schoat333


    It will take moto another 6 months to get ICS on their current line of phones, but the community had it running on the OG droid, a phone that officially runs froyo, a few weeks after Google released source. 

  •  I’m definitely surprised. I figured the Razr would be first. The first ICS phone was on VZW and had a lot of hardware similarities with the Razr… CDMA/LTE radios, TI OMAP 4 series SoC, etc…

    • angermeans

      Never “figure” that Motorola will ever do the logical thing. They are the epitome of a company that doesn’t understand it’s customers and is only out to make a buck. Let’s just hope Google whips them into shape.

  • Anonymous

    Im meh about ICS. It wasn’t reason enough to keep my Galaxy Nexus and mu phone runs just as it should for the price paid. I wasnt promised ICS when i got it and Im not going to start a flame war now because of it. Life goes on. Jist happy i can rock out with my Bionic for a good 17 hours stock with extended battery with not a one signal issue.

  • Mack

    Sweet my phone is not even on the list, can’t say I’m surprised though. 

    • That’s only a partial list.  There are more listed in Evaluation if you go to the actual site at  https://forums.motorola.com/pages/00add97d6c

  • EC8CH

    Bottom line… if timely updates are important to you, buy a Nexus, otherwise this is what you should expect.

    • Anonymous

      While I agree, this is not what they should expect.  Anyone who shelled out 300$ for the RAZR, motos “current” flagship phone should expect and get alot more than what moto delivers.  

      Moto epic fail.

      • Anonymous

        What has motorola done to this day that would make you expect anything different?

        This has been the story the whole time

        • Anonymous

          They did release the OG droid, but have face palmed on everything that followed..I often wonder if the OG droid was really a mistake by Moto as everything they have released since seems to go against everything most of us find useful on our old OG’s.

          • Noyfb

            every update for the og droid came between 3-6 months after the nexus phones got the same update. My og droid got froyo 3 months after the tmobile nexus, and the rest were about 4-5 mnonths in st.louis market. Glad i didn’t get the razr or any variation of it now, still its not much to ask for an update in under 6 months.

      • I think you guys mean different things when you say “should”. EC8CH meant that we should already known and expected slow updates from Motorola. What you mean by should is that those customers deserve much better support. Though you are both right, Motorola doesn’t seem to care about the latter one.

        • EC8CH

          exactly… you should deserve better, but you should not expect it.

        • Noyfb

          6 months used to be the average, that’s slow. anything over 6 months is just not worth the wait, that’s ridiculous that they are dragging their feet kicking and screaming, or everyone at moto is too busy deigning phones that no one is working in the software department to help push out updates.

      • Partly more a Verizon Fail.  The Motorola Razr ICS is in development stage….the Droid Razr and Droid Razr Maxx (Verizon phones) are in the Evaluation/Planning stage.

    • Anonymous

      The ICS for RAZR is expected Q2 for most countries except USA.  That points to a Verizon problem, not Moto.

      • Anon

         Knowing how many times you’ve posted this, I’m going to say this only once.

        Several other companies have had the power to tell Verizon that some things aren’t negotiable if they want to sell a phone that anyone wants.  That would include both the Galaxy Nexus (Samsung) and the iPhone (Apple) and Verizon has complied (probably reluctantly).

        Is Motorola any less strong as a company than those two that it is so unwilling to tell Verizon “Your customers are our customers too.  Here are some of the things we wish to do as we go forward in our partnership (e.g., software update timetables/releases, user-downloadable-void-your-warranty bootloader unlockers) so that people continue to buy our phones as they continue their contract with you”?

        If Motorola isn’t using some of its marketing muscle with Verizon to help people like us, doesn’t that really mean some of this issue is Motorola’s, and it isn’t all on Verizon?

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    • ReturnofMctypething

      Wow, did you come up with that all by yourself?

      • EC8CH

        I dunno… I think i liked the original Mctypething better… this new one just sounds more bitter and is even less funny than the original.

    • Anonymous

      I would normally agree as a Gnex owner, but the Verizon XOOM is essentially a Nexus device and it doesn’t even have a freakin ETA.

    • T

       Bottom line…. if dropped calls are a concern for you…  don’t buy a  nexus and make do with out ice cream sandwich for a few months untill it rolls out for the RAZR

  • Ken Krause

    Argh – when I bought the Razr (pre order in November) Moto talked about it receiving ICS 6 weeks after the release of ICS.  Well, we’re way past that!  Same with the XYboard.  How does the Wi-fi only Xoom get it and it’s only under evaluation for the Xoom2?  By end of Q2 there will be another release and we’ll be behind again.  Always loved the Moto devices, but disgusted with the delays – especially when there are a dozen+ ICS ROMS out there? It’s like they didn’t know it was coming!

  • Anonymous

    they’re a bunch of a$$clowns, that’s why

  • Anonymous

    Oh yes a fine investment indeed.
    Motos Droids died after og.

  • Anonymous

    So by the time my Nexus gets “J” version of Android Moto devices should be updated?

  • It seems to me that the deadline for these newer phones is probably the closest out of any others, and they’d rather not commit to a date if it appears to be so close. Its easier to promise Q3 for other devices since its still so far away.  There’s a good shot we’ll see those newer devices soon.

    • Atrix Owner

      I agree. Especially considering how though Verizon is on testing and approving updates.  If they were to say Q2 for bionic and razr there would be all kind of backlash if they didn’t meet it because of verizon pushing back for tweaks or fixes. 

      But at the same time saying a conservative Q3 update for bionic and razr devices that were released around the same time as ICS would get complaints to since your talking a year delay for a new phone that almost should have come with ICS.

      So staying quiet and giving the timeframe later when they are sure they can hit it may be their strategy.

      • You two jokers actually think Moto and VZW are going to surprise and pump out an update early?  Geez.  Grape flavored coolaid today or what?  

        Get real.  Get a Nexus!

  • Anonymous

    i wish the dx2 was on that list.
    Posted vis gnex the ever so delish ics

  • wsnydes

    so my bionic will get ics about the same time i’m using my wife’s upgrade to upgrade my own phone…

  • Anonymous

    HAHAHA  I cant believe people complain about Samsung…lol

  • Anonymous

    …aaaaaaannnndddd no DROID 3. Weak.

    • Darkseider

      That is disturbing seeing that the Droid 3 is Bionic + QWERTY slider.  Just like the Droid 4 is the RAZR + QWERTY slider.  I said no to Moto after my OG Droid and have not regretted that decision since.

      • Anonymous

        I can understand the D3 situation because it only has 512MB of RAM. It barely ran 2.3 + Blur ok.

        • Darkseider

          Care to explain why the OG Droid is running ICS then with only 256 Meg RAM?  For that matter the G2X, which I have, runs ICS VERY well with 512 meg RAM.  So that’s no excuse.  The only excuse is Motorola being lazy and dropping support on devices that are less than a year old.  MotoFAIL.  Get rid of Moto and go to HTC, LG or Samsung and you will NEVER look back, ever.

          • Anonymous

            i like this post.  even google said most GB devices should be able to run ICS.  you think moto gives a sh!t about the Droid 3 or X2 at this point?

          • Anonymous

            I guess YMMV because my OG could barely get out of it’s own way running GB.  Sure, it would be ok for a few days after a clean wipe, but before too long things always started to come to a grinding halt.  

          • You clearly weren’t running Bugless Beast!

      • Anonymous

        Droid 3 has half the RAM as the Bionic (512 MBs vs. 1 GB).  So it’s somewhat understandable that it might not get ICS.  One of the main reasons I skipped on the D3 as I knew that would restrict future updates.

        • ICS is working fine on my Droid 3 – lack of RAM isn’t a problem on stock android, it’s just gonna suck when Moto blurs the crap out of ICS.

          Also the Droid Bionic has Webtop – the D3 does not.  For some stupid reason the webtop and andorid partitions can each only access their own 512 MB, the RAM is not shared despite the two OSs not running concurrently.

          • Anonymous

            That is completely false. My bionic has full access to its 1gb of ram. I’ve never even used web top.

          • Anonymous

            What ICS build/ROM are you using on your D3?

    • Anonymous

      Scroll down the page. It’s in the next box. 

      :The following products have 512MB of RAM.:

      • Anonymous

        that’s hilarious.  that should be read as “These products will not receive ICS, but we’ll keep you hoping.”  what sucks is that google’s already said that any device running GB should be able to run ICS.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I saw that. I understand the limitations of the phone, but I find it hard to believe that even w/half the operating power of the Bionic it wouldn’t take to an OS update. Or, at least Google claims it would.

  • Anonymous

    Wow NO info on the devices most of us care about on Droid Life. Also i love how up beat and positive their tweets are about the most mundane useless info.

  • Bobby Jordan

    Aka, Verizon says we can’t say anything. 

  • Anonymous

    could this go back to the google nexus discussion of gsm vs cdma on why vzw moto phones are not on the confirmed ics list?  and this is another reason why moto should not have pumped out phone after phone after phone.  at some point, you’re going to have to support and update the os.  or in this case, not.

    f moto.  

  • Kyle

    Tease me some more PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jorge fernandez

    these ppl are a joke lol and we as consumers are wasting our money on these devices 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Stop buying motorola.  theyll make a sucker out of you every time.  Blur is an insult to android.

      • Darthseph23

         By that standing… isn’t Sense and Touchwiz as well?

      • Anonymous

        The UI really isn’t bad at all

  • Dream

    Another Reason I invested in the Gnex

  • I know I’ve always defended Motorola in the past but now they are really starting to aggravate me. I’d love to the get the white Nexus but I simply cannot afford it, even if I sold my Bionic I wouldn’t afford it.

    • Anonymous

      16 gig though. Sorry I can’t deal with that.

      • can’t deal with 16 gig? How much do you need? My D2 is 8GB and that’s enough for me.

        • Anonymous

          I’m already close to 16GB with photos, videos, and music on my device (not to mention apps and data). I like the ability to upgrade my memory, but if I didn’t have that I’d probably need at least 32GB to feel secure and to not wet myself in the night out of fear of running out of space.

          • WAldenIV

            Stream music.  There is no longer any need to store it on your device.

          • Anonymous

            Not everyone has unlimited data. I do, but I have the space so I’m going to use it. Streaming music not only takes up data, but requires a good connexion and saps the battery more. This is triply true (on all counts) for video.

            I have a Chromebook and an Android, but I’m still not quite ready to live in the cloud 100%. The infrastructure just isn’t there, yet, for everyone.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah with music, update files, roms, photos and what not I need more than 16gb. Not to mention the app space is dedicated. These companies charge a premium for space and make a killing and try to make us feel like they are doing us a favor.

  • Esmccarty09

    I like how the Droid 3 isn’t even on here haha. So glad I moved from that pos to the galaxy nexus. Moto you will never have this guys business again.

    • Yeah I noticed that too. I have a Droid 2, which I didn’t expect to see on there, but I at least expected to see the Droid 3.

      THIS is the problem with Moto releasing 21387876475123 devices per year. They can’t update all those devices.

    • Anonymous

      If you look at the actual Moto site, the Droid 3 is there, as is the Droid 2.  They are both listed as being in the “Evaluation and Planning” phase, just like the Droid 4, Bionic, RAZR, some XYBOARDs and the 3G XOOMs.  Kellex’s post didn’t include the whole list, just the devices that contain at least 1GB of RAM.

  • Darkseider

    MotoFAIL.  Evaluation and planning?  Really?  I find it disturbing how our WONDERFUL dev. community can create superior and more feature rich ROMs for our phones from the AOSP yet Moto now with sugar daddy Google as the owner can’t.  This is why I will NEVER ever buy another Moto phone.  HTC, LG and Samsung will eternally have my business because they “GET” the Android community by providing ways to unlock devices or provide the devices fully unlocked.  

    • Anonymous

      Google JUST got okayed to buy them.

      • Google got the ok to buy Motorola Mobility from the US and Europe. Regulators in China, Taiwan and Israel have still not signed off on it.

    • “sugar daddy Google” is not their owner yet…

      But I agree completely. The “amateur” dev community makes ROMs far better and far quicker than most of the OEMs, and Moto is obviously no exception.

      • The dev community doesn’t have to provide any support, and isn’t accountable in any way if things don’t work. I’m not happy about this either (since I have a bionic, which will probably be obsolete before ICS comes to it). But it’s pretty silly to compare software that people write & use at their own risk, to commercially supported software used by millions of people, many of whom have never even plugged their phone into a PC.

    • Anonymous

      The ICS for RAZR is expected Q2 for most countries except USA.  That points to a Verizon problem, not Moto.

  • So it sounds like most Motorola devices will be getting ICS, by the time the newest version of Android is hitting Galaxy devices.  Awesome.

    • RadicalPie

      Nexus devices

    • My thoughts exactly. Q3 is right around the time a new version of Android should be coming out… if not earlier.

      • So… September/October (realistically November) the RAZR and RAZR MAXX and all of Moto’s other “CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL”-titled phones will receive Android 4.x.x. Approximately 2-4 weeks later, the next version of Android will debut alongside another Nexus.

        Failorola, imo.

  • *mandatory galaxy nexus comment*

    but seriously, im so glad i got away from motorola. every single device on there couldve had ice cream sandwich already. are developers for motorola lazy or something? devs pump stuff out no problem

    • Anonymous

      Yup. I mean look at those times. Q3 for a big chunk of them? Seriously? That should in no way be acceptable.

      • Yeah, Q3 is September/October. And with unexpected delays that always happen, I’m sure we won’t see ICS until november/december.

        Quite upsetting.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah and what makes it more upsetting is that *Jellybean will be right around the corner..

          *If thats what they are gonna call it.

      • kretz7

        It’s because they only have one dev responsible for upgrading all Moto devices. All other resources are spent on research & design, finding ways to add negligible features to existing devices, and then creating marketing strategies to resell the same device as something different. 

        • Not to mention the SIGNIFICANT amount of R&D budget invested into “cool titles for cool products.” Examples include the all-caps-lock-titled phones like the RAZR, RAZR MAXX, as well as the dysfunctionally-titled “Xyboard” tablets.

          • Anonymous

            I sure hope there’s no money being spent on the dumb names, but I know that hope cannot be true.

    • Anonymous

      Couldn’t agree more Stephen I myself came from the Droid X and although I loved the phone I got so tired of seeing everyone else get updates far before me. Now having the GN I couldn’t be happier with the update situation.  Google needs to do some serious house cleaning at Motorola.

      • Aaron

         I also came from a Droid X but saying everyone else is exaggerating a bit isn’t it? The X actually had timely updates compared to other skinned devices. The only phones getting updates far before the X were nexus devices which is hardly everyone else.

        • JagoX

          Uh no the DX didn’t…not sure what planet you’re living on.

          • Dude

             He’s actually right. The DX received Froyo and Gingerbread fairly quickly (though bug ridden), but this was before Moto started releasing so many phones.

      • Jonathonflores6958

        Also came from a DX which was my first Android device post-Blackberry (Storm). Loved it but that’s bc I was completely oblivious to the dev community and plethora of options. Upgrading to the Gnex couldn’t have come sooner and after doing so I’ll never purchase anything other than a Nexus device.

    • I definitely agree with you, all those phones could easily have it by now. However, corporate development is much different and much slower than the “guerrilla” development we are seeing from CM and various XDA devs. It’s sad but true. With that said, Motorola is still much slower than they should be.

  • Andrew

    Nice to see the Xoom LTE getting evaluated. I imagine they will evaluate it until Q4 when they will announce the update is not coming.

    What a joke.

    • Anonymous

       maybe in Q4 you’ll be able to send it in for the ICS update