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Friday Poll: Interested in Family Data Plans at Verizon?

Family data plans at Verizon may be right around the corner. Not only has their CEO mentioned that 2012 could be the year that we finally see them introduced, but over the last 6 or 7 months we have seen numerous changes to the way that accounts are handled. “Account level data plans” is how Big Red is referring to them for now, which basically means that all of our accounts are being prepped for the possibility of a pool of shared data. We aren’t sure if we are weeks or months away, but after talking to a couple of sources, it certainly seems like enough changes are happening that it could be sooner rather than later.

With that said, we want some feedback from the DL community to see if anyone is even interested in the idea of having an account level or shared data plan. If you aren’t sure what that means, think of it as a bucket of data that your entire family could pull from. Say you purchase a 5GB shared plan – the 3 or 4 lines on your account can all access that. Maybe you use 2GB, your daughter uses 1GB and someone else in your family pulls another couple of GBs in a month.

Now, we have no idea what pricing or data packages would look like. They could be 5GB and 10GB plans at astronomical prices for all we know. The idea behind shared data seems like (in theory) that it would be an option that targets consumers who are looking to spend less money on data. However, we all know Verizon’s track record and probably can’t find a person in the room that would consider them to offer “cheap” or “bottom line” prices on anything. Until something is announced or leaked into the wild, it’s tough to even guess how Big Red plans to approach this. As far as we know, this idea is new and has never been done before.


Interested in Family Data Plans at Verizon?

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  • 3 phones with unlimited data… No, I’m good thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Amazng that unlimited data is the only thing some people have going for them.

  • We need a third option. My wife and I are under my parents family shared plan. I have unlimited while my dad has limited. If a family data plan was available, then we could maybe afford to get a smartphone for my wife, but I’m not sacrificing my unlimited data.

  • Rain_king46

    They need a family unlimited option for those of us who are already grandfathered in…. Not that they would be that cool

  • Anonymous

    Since i discovered you can download torrents on android combined with lte using my gnex ive used 4.2gb of data in 20 days

  • DWM

    I’ll keep my unlimited 4G for $30/month thank you very much.

  • Anonymous

    only if they offer an unlimited plan!

  • Paul

    I have unlimited, and I’m the only one on my plan that wants data. So I’m out.

  • duke69111

    If I could get them all in on my unlimited plan I would be all for it, but I doubt that will happen. 

  • Evilgas

    I am unlimited also, but I would gladly trade that for a family plan where I could share with family of four.  The cost would be about $40 per phone ($160.00) a month with data plan and family plan right now.  If I could get into something for 50 to 75 bucks a month for the whole family, I would jump ship today.

  • Anonymous

    If I can get my wife’s data usage (~800MB/month), my data usage (~2GB/month when I have the battery juice), and add my mom and dad as well so they can finally get data on their phones all for less than $60/month, I will totally go for that.  In other words, if there is a 4-line family plan for $60 that gives me 3GB or more, I will sign up and give up unlimited data on my wife’s line and mine.

  • Anonymous

    Even though both me and the wife both have unlimited, I’d share 6GB+ if it was for less then $60.
    Anything bellow that amount of data or over that amount of money makes no sense whatsoever.

  • tyguy829

    Have had unlimited Family Data with verizon for over a year.  Life is good 🙂

    • Me too. My unlimited data on our 5-line family plan with all Android phones is $50 a month. There is no way they’ll be able to beat that.

      • Anonymous

        thats awesome

  • Bogy25

    WIfe has Rezound I have the Nexus and a Razr Maxx – both of us on Unlimited data plan – wouldn’t change it – life good

  • Kuboo99

    What phone are the people standing in line for in the picture?

    • Anonymous

      Idk but people look really stupid standing in line when there’s only a few people lol

  • It would be extremely beneficial for me, because it’s the only reason I don’t have a smartphone. My mom was grandfathered into unlimited data (She barely even hits 500MB/month) so getting a family plan of sharing 2GB across me and her would allow me to upgrade to the Droid 4. That, or we’ll just hope that the data deal still goes on once I have my upgrade. 

  • My problem will be that, like tethering, they’ll tell you that you need to pay $10/mo more or same price but less data to be able to use the same 2/4/5/10GB you’re already paying too much for.

    If I have tiered data and I pay $50 for 5 or 10GB, it should be mine to do with as I please, tether, share, whatever.  Instead they’ll give you 2 lines with 4GB for $50 or something that’s not really sharing.