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HTC Details Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade Schedule, Rezound Not in the First Batch

HTC has taken to Facebook to let consumers know which devices in their lineup will be first to receive the Ice Cream Sandwich updates. According to HTC, we can expect to see the updates begin to roll out by the end of March for the original Sensation, Sensation 4G, Sensation XE, followed shortly there after by the Sensation XL. The following batch of devices will include the Rezound and Incredible S, but there is no time frame listed for that device other than, “later this year.”

We can be thankful that HTC is keeping us in the loop at least, but we know that Rezound owners would rather have ICS sooner, rather than later. The Thunderbolt was not mentioned.

Via: Facebook

Cheers George!

  • Tomofpittsburgh

    I just bought a Rezound last month, and I feel ripped off too. I’m going to remember this next time I buy a phone, HTC an Google.

  • Amen, brother. I had a Thunderbolt and really really liked it, once I was able to get a stable CM7 on it. The updates for reboot took forever, so I was glad the bootloader was able to be unlocked. That said, I also picked up a Nexus because I NEVER want to be reliant upon the manufacturer for support ever again. HTC and Verizon pushed the Thunderbolt ad nauseum as the killer phone. Verizon has even offered it recently on television now as a great 4G discounted phone. But HTC has treated it like the red headed stepchild and I don’t think I’ll be buying any more HTC phones after this. It’s Google-only phones for me going forward.

  • Tony21ny

    couldnt agree more!!! had incredible on release day then thunderbolt on release day. loved htc til i realized updates never happen.  only reason i loved my thunderbolt is all the diff roms i flashed.  Gave up on htc got my nexus on release day and love it!!! rooted and flashed cause i was addicted after my t-bolt. relized this phone is great right out of the box.  went back to stock android and samsung hit it right on. hopefully samsung can lock down googles trust and have future nexus’. doubt it though with the whole moto thing

  • Android fan

    Curious about something.  What does ICS do so different from latest gingerbread version that people are so anxious to have it on their phone.  I tried the Galaxy Nexus and I just don’t see anything that fascinate me.  All in all, both version does the same thing.  It is just the interface.  For me what is really important is call quality and connectivity.  I am a first time Sense user and  so far I really enjoy HTC sense.  Their icons and interface are colorful and visually appealing.  Web browsing is great with no problem.  I honestly don’t know if I should install the update once the update comes in.  I hope there is an option for it.  Sometimes updates and new version is not always a good thing.  Like using Office 2007 over Office 2003.  I rather use the old office version.  It is easier and gets the same job done

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