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Silly Chrome Trick: Flick Upwards in the Tab View to Get a Surprise


Google loves to hide “Easter Eggs” inside many of their products. For instance, if you jump into the About screen on your phone and tap numerous times on the Android version, you will find a surprise. It changes with each new major Android build and is something will always check for the minute one is released. So this little trick in Chrome Beta for Android is just another example of the fun things that Google does to their products behind the scenes.

Cheers Johnathan and Dave!

  • Anonymous

    flick to the right to close the current tab

  • Alex Pena

    I’m sure some people know this already but if you have multiple tabs open and you want to quickly switch from tabs just swipe you’re finger from one side of the screen to the other, It’s pretty neat! 

  • 69 allthetime

    I found another great silly surprise they hid! Open Chrome, go to the Google web page, then tap the screen 101 times and see what pops up!

  • Daisyville

    This is precisely why I follow DL….Zombie art!

  • Anonymous

    Now what would be cool is if in landscape the tab would do a barrel roll…

  • also in about phone easter egg for ICS once it pops up if you hold it down itll vibrate and get larger and if you keep holding will do a whole nyandroid screensaver-ish thing

    • Deiler


  • Anonymous

    For the record, you can also do this with the “tilt to scroll” feature. If you flick upwards enough or hard enough it will do the flip.

  • Anonymous

    Obligatory, OMG they had so much time to make this “super complicated” tidbit but they can’t provide X feature!?!?

  • @John is this what you were talking about? This is what I was talking about?

  • Earl Echols

    Wow that’s awesome, I tried the About Easter Egg feature on my nexus gave me a 8-bit android sandwich, then I rubbed back and forth and he gets big and leads to a screen of a bunch of them flying lawl. Thank you droid-life and sorry if im late with learning this knowledge.

  • yeh

    Can you fools stop guffawing over easter eggs and get me a fully functional port of ICS for the droid x???

    k thanks

    • ciphersapper

      amen brother…

  • Kierra

    They need to refine Voice Recognition. I admire google’s innovation but they leave alot of things unpolished

  • Also theres the 100 tab easter egg….when you have 100 tabs the number of tabs will be a smiley face 🙂

    • Tyler

      Damn i was going to post that :/
      I was bored at 2am and decided to make as many tabs as i could.

  • Anonymous

    In my next life, I want to be a Google developer…

    • angermeans

      I wish I was one in this life

  • Anonymous

    This changes everything.

    • Jared Greenwald


      • Anonymous

        Na, it was changed. Then changed again, so a change from change again is just a change. or something. 

        More likely my incoherent ramblings make no sense. I award myself no points, and may God have mercy on my soul.

  • revolutionary 

  • Anonymous

    Silly TRICKS! lol….. ALSO if you tilt the phone up aand down in the Tab menu the Tabs will roll up and down

  • Anonymous

    I did this yesterday a few times by accident but didn’t know what the hell that was, but now at least I know it was an Easter Egg.

    Awesome! haha

    • Brian Walker

      I did the same thing. I tried to emulate it to show someone, but since I didn’t know how it happened I had trouble with it. 

  • Awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Changed my life