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Adobe: Chrome for Android Does Not Support Flash

Many people realized after downloading Chrome for Android beta that it did not support Adobe’s Flash. Should we be surprised by this? Well, Adobe doesn’t think so. Last November they did announce that they would no longer be developing Flash for mobile browsers. So any new browsers that come to the Market, we can expect there to be no Flash support:

Today Google introduced Chrome for Android Beta. As we announced last November, Adobe is no longer developing Flash Player for mobile browsers, and thus Chrome for Android Beta does not support Flash content. Flash Player continues to be supported within the current Android browser.

No shock here, folks. But could the lack of Flash support turn you off from the new Chrome beta? At least for now until something better comes along?

Via: Adobe

  • JohnPA2006

    Flash is cool, but it stinks when you have the web page stutter and freeze while its also loading the flash advertisement,  on your mobile device.
    so Flash on mobile is a blessing and a curse.Hopefully soon HTML5 will be in even more places than it is now.

    • JohnPA2006

      Flash was cool on my OG Moto DROID, but when those darned flash ads popped up on a web page that had them, the scrolling on that page would stutter thanks to its support for flash and the 99% of advertisers that still use flash. I have the iPhone4 on verizon now,and plan on going to the BIONIC or Nexus in about 2 months. I could give a rats behind about flash. Flash needs to die a horrible flatulent death.

  • To Flash or not to Flash, this is the question.  I say…NOT.  Although, a big selling point for these android devices was its Adobe Flash support.

  • Josh Groff

    Chatango works perfectly fine with mobile flash.

  • Anonymous


  • as for the desktop part, Flash is and will be the best thing for gaming/rich internet applications with the new additions of gpu 3D capabilities.

  • Flash is not obsolete at all. Of course there are other technologies that work maybe better and are lighter for mobile sites (that usually have a solid color bg, some texts and icons).. But I bought an android phone just because the blogs I usually read use many videos embeded, all in flash. So I think Chrome is not for me.

  • Anonymous

    I will stick with Dolphin HD i think. Mind you i don’t use flash that often on the phone so i may give it a try for that but for my tablet, not a chance!

  • Anonymous

    look at all the android fans. the same ones that dogged the iPhone for its lack of flash are now saying “no biggie.” Apple was right all along to support HTML5. 

    • Anonymous

      That would be dogging the ipad for it’s lack of flash. Who cares if the iphone has flash? that thing is to small to watch anything with anyway.

      • sn0wbaLL

        small maybe for you. either way, what i meant was iOS products in general. And don’t deny the fact that the subject was much talked about back then

      • Anonymous

        “Who cares”

        A lot of people when it was Apple not Google.

  • I rarely use Flash, even on my computer, and in most cases I’ve just been able to use an app, like Youtube.

  • Anonymous

    and this is why I won’t be using it.  Not that its an absolute necessity but other browsers do support it so why miss out.

  • installed Chrome… soooo, i can uninstall Flash if its not supported right?

  • Anonymous

    But, why does it matter, even Adobe doesn’t support flash.

    • Anonymous

      For some it was THE reason for choosing an Android phone.

  • Anonymous
  • Tim242


  • Downey1971

    Um.frontrowsports.tv may have been taken over but you can go to frontrowsports.eu

  • Kierra

    lol so now everyone agrees with Jobs? 

    • Jeff

       I hate to admit it, but it looks like he was right on this one…