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Tip: Want Notification Bar Toggles Without Installing a Custom ROM? Try Power Control Plus

Let’s be honest, notification toggles should have been built into Ice Cream Sandwich. Custom ROMs have had them for months, plus OEMs have even started building them into their skins. For whatever reason though, Google left them out and non-rooted users who own stock devices are stuck looking for options. One of those is Power Control Plus, an app that I was a huge fan of pre-ICS. This used to be a go-to app for customizing home screens as it gives you a ton of options for making the ultimate power widget. Once Honeycomb (Ice Cream Sandwich too) was released though, the app was given the ability to dock itself in the notification bar.

You don’t need root or a custom ROM – this can be installed with the tap of a couple of buttons. Colors, toggles and other goodies can be added thereafter.

Market Link ($1.99)

Cheers TheAndroid1!

  • Power Toggles – Free

  • Sporttster

    Trying Widgetsoid and it does the same crap….puts it in the notif bar alright but click on it and it pops up another bar of the same thing! I don’t want that, I want it to work the FIRST click off the notif bar! Not pop up another of the same freaking thing…is there anything that works right when in the notif bar and doesn’t pop up something else???? This is ridiculous….seems pretty simple to do

  • SamXp

    Ugh, I bought this, and then immediately got a refund when I realized all it did was put a shortcut in your notifications to a widget screen. I loved this feature on Cyanogenmod and wanted it back! Oh well, need to wait for CM on the Rezound!

  • Anonymous


  • morequcklypanel!! no control power plus..

  • PC_Tool

    Widgetsoid. (Get it from their website…or “invisible widget” won’t work)

    That is all.

  • StormbladeX69

    I’ve been using MoreQuickly Panel. Works great. I’ll give this a look after work too though. https://market.android.com/details?id=com.mabware.android.MoreQuicklyPanel&feature=search_result

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  • Kelly
  • PhilD

    Widgetsoid 2.x Donate  <– awesome app, i'd like to see a review of this some day

  • Anonymous

    Widgetsoid. Nuff said.

  • Anonymous

    GREAT … Except there is ALWAYS that little Power Icon in the notification bar which is SUPER annoying as if i have a message
    PLEASE have a blackout notification checkbox

    • The problem is with how Android handles multitasking.

      If you have a persistent notification in the status bar, Android won’t kill it off.
      Otherwise it would be killed when you started launching various apps and defeat the purpose.

      They couldn’t give it a completely black appearance because it would still show up with other themes with different colored status bars (and it would look funny when there was a hole at one end of the bar before other icons started).

    • John

      Are you saying that Widgetsoid always has a power icon in the notification bar or Power Control Plus does?

  • i like it but i dont like the little icon that has to stay in the notification bar when you add the widget. 

  • Its the Fu%&ing Catalina Wine Mixer!

  • Anonymous

    This is the 2nd or 3rd article ive seen on this app among the different tech blogs and honestly it’s just kind of irritating. Has no one but the readers heard of widgetsoid? Glad to see others speak up. Ive used it since froyo. It works near perfectly and has tons of options. Its become a staple in my apps that i install and recommend. The app featured in this article isnt near as ground breaking as the blogs leave you to believe. Try widgetsoid.

  • Jim McClain

    wish we got updates like the Razor does

    • Ryan Weller

      You realize the Razor is still on Gingerbread and not Ice Cream Sandwich right…

  • If every feature is included then what will Dev’s create

    • Anonymous

      : Exactly. So personally, its my opinion also that it should not be included. I thought about it one day… “Why doesnt the Nexus just come with a flashlight app?” Then I realized if they included everything in the phone then people wouldnt go to the Market as much. Youd be shooting your own developers.

      And the flashlight app was just an example. It applies to many other apps that do simple tasks.

      • Cowboydroid

        These are stupidly simplistic apps. This is not what developers would be focusing their time on. We don’t need two dozen flashlight apps in the store. We need productive applications that actually do useful things. Think of the desktop market. People are willing to pay for good programs.

    • Perfect example: Apple and the Reminders app.

  • wow… cool! Thanks! 

  • Jim McClain

    im keep looking on here to find out if my gnex is ever going to get the support I was promised, I dont care about rooting or unlocking, just want a phone that works like its supposed to, five minutes ago my mic cut off during a call,had this phone almost 2 months, was the first one to get one in my town and so far I am anything but impressed with it,speaker,mic,camera,radios,, this is the worst phone I have ever owned

    • i haven’t had any issues. just that the speaker could be louder. The radios could be better but that fix is coming soon. we are still handled by google and the 4.0.4 update should be out later this month with all the other galaxy nexii. I’m hearing greating things about the update, especailly the radio update. Some guy posted 44Mbps download

      • Anonymous

        “The radios could be better but that fix is coming soon.”
        You bought a Samsung phone. Every phone they have made has a “fix coming soon” for their radios. It is never going to get better. That is how they make em.

        I own an NS4G and let me just say it is probably the worst phone I have owned. Having already gone through the hopes that the radios will one day have a fix I feel your pain Jim McClain. Let me just say it is not going to get better. All Samsung phones are garbage. They have a poor build quality and they purposefully use week radios. Most of you will realize this and I hope in the future, like me, you will stay far away from anything that Samsung makes. And hopefully Google will soon too. As the Nexus brand is really being tarnished by this horrible phone manufacturer. 

        • Anonymous

          The Nexus receives updates from Google, not Samsung. How many times we do have to tell you idiots this?

          It’s one of the main reasons you buy a Nexus, to receive updates from the source, not the manufacturer.

          • Anonymous

            I never said anything about where the updates come from. Not a single word. So who is the idiot here?

          • My radio works perfectly fine on my Nexus and it’s only going to get better.

          • Anonymous

            Radio updates come from Google as well.  Got it yet?  

          • Anonymous

            Man, you are dense. There is nothing in any of my posts stating anything about where updates come from be it radio or OS. I think most people here know that a Nexus phone is updated by Google. Why you feel you need to emphasize this point when I never stated they come from anywhere else, is beyond me. Maybe you should read the whole post you are commenting on before making blanket statements that have nothing to do with the actual subject. Grow up and learn how to read.

          • Anonymous

            The point is the majority of users have no radio problems at all, including myself.  You’re the one making a blanketing statement about Samsung radios being “garbage.”  When in fact the majority of users have no radio issue at all and any that do will have timely updates due to Google being responsible for the updates, not Samsung who has a history of being slow with their updates.

          • Anonymous

            Just because most people do not notice the weak radios Samsung uses does not change the fact that they use weak radios. I refer you to my post 4 comments above this.

            As for “timely updates” are you referring to the 3 months that Google has been completely silent about why they pulled ICS for the Nexus S and when we might actually see it. I would call that anything but timely. Especially since there has been 2 tablets to date that have actually been updated to ICS before the rest of the Nexus S line. Not to mention that HTC and Samsung have their own internally built  ICS updates set to roll out in March most likely before the Nexus S and 4G as well.

          • Anonymous

            Their estimated roll out is March, we know that will never happen. 

            I can see you’d rather troll than admit you were wrong with your initial post that I corrected.

          • Anonymous

            Giving an opinion as fact is a sign of loosing an argument. 

            Both HTC and Samsung have officially stated that they will start to roll out ICS in March. That is a fact. Your opinion is that they will not. That has yet to be seen, and so is an invalid point. Another fact is that the Broadcomm BCM4329GKUBG is an under powered chip. Samsung has continuously used this chip in their phones despite many complaints and reports of this chip not performing well.

            So please continue on with your delusions of “correcting” people. Especially when you are “correcting” things that were never even stated.

            Since you like corrections so much. A troll is someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community. You my friend were the one making off-topic remarks. So it looks like the troll is on the other foot.

          • Cam

             Pretty sure he was referring to the Samsung hardware, not the OS. He’s saying the ‘fix’ isn’t coming because the phone has poor radios in it; no fixing that.

          • Anonymous
    • just sayin

       I can NOT speak for everyone. I know there are polls about certain problems. The volume hasn’t been the best but, I have NOT had any problems with the functions on my phone. Camera shots look good unless zoomed all the way out but…what do you expect from a phone. I say you should look into replacing your phone with another Nexus under warranty.

      • Anonymous

        Agreed. Mine is the best phone I’ve ever owned.  You should attempt to replace your lemon.

    • TreeKillFest

      Sure this isn’t John McClane?  Your dismay with the Nexus sounds awful familiar…

  • Granted

    You know…considering your polls show that most people that come here don’t actually own the Galaxy Nexus. Well that probably is the reason your traffic for this site sucks now like I know it does. Maybe don’t have fifty posts a day about it. The loudest asshat people don’t represent the majority as has always been shown throughout time. Still waiting on a new live wallpaper of a new Droid eye. It’s only been like four thousand years since you’ve posted anything that fun though, and of course I know you’re not one to over-saturate things. Watch for my asshat fact being proven in these responses….. (not that I have ever read them, but Miss Cleo blessed me with her gift of seeing the future.) Hah!

    • Craig

      Your comment is a ramble on of nothing to relevance. I don’t understand what the point of your comment was? Is it anti Galaxy Nexus I guess? Well if you would actually read the post this is for ANY android device, not just the Galaxy Nexus.

      • Anonymous

        Technically, the notification stuff is Honeycomb and ICS only.

    • Anonymous

      Actually, the last time they polled for phones, 42% of the people that answered had the Galaxy Nexus. That was from December 22nd. My guess is that even more people here have it now.
      Plus, this post isn’t even about the Galaxy Nexus. It’s about an app available for Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich devices. That includes the Galaxy Nexus, but it also includes all Honeycomb tablets, the Nexus S (some of them at least) and anyone that has a custom ICS rom.
      There have been 4 posts specifically about the Galaxy Nexus today. One is a rumor about 4.0.5, two related to 4.0.4 roms, and one was a follow up to last week’s story about CDMA devices no longer being supported in AOSP.

      If you don’t like a post, or don’t have the device it relates to, don’t read it.
      There’s plenty of posts about the Droid Razr here, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be posted even though I don’t want to read them.

  • I’m using MoreQuicklyPanel. Works great and looks great with ICS.

    • Anonymous


  • Elixir 2 also works really well. You can also add other information such as battery info. https://market.android.com/details?id=com.bartat.android.elixir&feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsImNvbS5iYXJ0YXQuYW5kcm9pZC5lbGl4aXIiXQ..

  • Clarkkent434

    I wish some some would make app that puts the ICS notification and clear all X at the bottom. I have short of thumbs.

  • Anonymous

    I am using Widgetsoid. It allows you to do the notification bar toggle menu and choose from a HUGE number of toggles that you can put in it. It also has a bunch of other widget types you can add in. And it’s free.

    • Anonymous

      see screenshot for the Widgetsoid toggle I’ve set up. There’s a crapload of different toggles you can put in it.

    • Kaufkin

       +1 for Widgetsoid. Very solid.

    • jimbob

      Widgetsoid doesn’t toggle data for me. 

      • Anonymous

        The 4G data toggle is still experimental so it won’t let you add it.

        • Pimfram

          I guess I’ll keep using Data Enabler, then.

    • Jeffrey Kaplan

      I have Widgetsoid installed on my DroidX – it does NOT toggle in the notification bar.  It only displays there.  It did work properly in Froyo, but not in Gingerbread.  Tapping a toggle from the Notification bar opens a pop-up window to toggle, instead.  May as well just use an always-visible widget.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry :- toggles perfectly from notification bar in ICS

        • Cam

          Some work, some don’t. Seems like it’s about 80% working in ICS.

      • Notifications with multiple tappable points are only available in ICS

      • eg

        Worked on my DroidX

        • Jeffrey Kaplan

          Care to share how?  What version of Android are you using?  What version of Widgetsoid?  Are you rooted?  I’ve got Widgetsoid 3.3.1 on stock Android 2.3.3.

    • Anonymous

      Was going to suggest this. The dev is very responsive and friendly! 

      DL y u no post my tip?

    • Came to post this.

      Flashlight toggle doesn’t work right, yet, but it looks and works really great.

      • Alcibiades2

        Widgetsoid Flashlight on ICS works in latest version.

    • Randy Levine

      forgive my ignorance – how do i go about putting a widgetsoid bar in my notification area?

      • Anonymous

        You have to check two boxes, notifications and widget invisible. I think they are under the Themes tab? Sorry, it confused me the first time as well.

        • Randy Levine

          thanks. one last question…

          when i opt to hide the notification icon, it puts an invisible icon there. because of this, all other notification icons are displaced by 1 space. for instance, when i receive an email, i see the gmail notification icon – but it is 1 space away from the left edge. is there a way to eliminate that invisible icon?

          • Anonymous

            I don’t think you can, sorry.

    • I came here to say this too. I used Widgetsoid for a long time, until I got a ROM that had these toggles built-in. The customization in Widgetsoid is pretty nice too. As you said, you can change colors to anything you want, have a wide variety of toggles to choose from… it’s awesome.

    • Anonymous

      I use it too, and it’s amazing. Best part? Free.

  • Anonymous

    Loved this until I found Quicker.

  • Anonymous

    Personally, I prefer MoreQuickly Panel. I like that it formats and places the icon so that it looks like there is none.

    •  Same here

    • Anonymous

      What do you mean “…places the icon so that it looks like there is none.”
      Widgetsoid plays nice with ICS, is very customizable….and FREE!
      If MQP does something I am missing….I am confused!

      FREE FTW!

      • Anonymous

        Instead of having an icon in the notification bar, MQP uses a blank icon and places it as the last item on the bar so it appears as if there is no icon. Widgetsoid does look good though. I’ll have to try it out.

        • Anonymous

          OH….I see what you mean now…..you mean the notification bar at the top of the screen….NOT the pull down….
          Widgetsoid has NO icon in the notification bar either….so it’s invisible as well….Got it!


          • Anonymous

            Oh. Cool. I’ll try Widgetsoid then.

          • Anonymous

            Widgetsoid’s icon is hidden but on the left side so your other items are pushed to the right and there is a blank spot.  Not terrible but would be nice for them to make it go to the far right as well.

  • Anonymous

    Does this allow you to toggle on the fly, or does tapping it open up a new dialogue?

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t used this one, but if it’s like MoreQuickly, it doesn’t need to open up a new toggle unless you’re changing GPS.

    • Toggles on the fly.

  • Anonymous

    I like AOKP’s hidden toggles that fly in when you press the settings button!

    • EC8CH


      Hidden until you tap the settings button, or press and hold to go to the full settings menu.

      Very Slick implementation.

      • Anonymous

         What’s AOKP??? tried to find in the market under AOKP, it didn’t come up please assist 🙂