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Facebook for Android Receives Update – Bugs Fixes and Better Memory Management Included

Facebook for Android updated this afternoon, bringing with it bug fixes and some sort of better memory management. We are hearing that it has made the overall experience much faster, but that’s all in the eye of the beholder. Here is the note from Facebook:

We just released Facebook for Android 1.8.2 with better memory management, and all kinds of bug fixes. Please download it and post your feedback!

Go get some!

Market Link

Cheers Bjorn and everyone on Twitter for the changelog!

  • Nick

    Has always workws perfect for me on ics and works even better now. Update comes wish a new notification icon which looks better in ics. Contact sync works well with aokp too.

  • iAmtheFern

    On the market is says my “device isnt’ compatible with this item” . I am running M3 build of AOKP ROM. Tried pushing the download from market.android.com but wouldn’t do it either. hmm…

  • Mr Obvious

    Best update would be to let it disable it to us who are forced on it by Hellizon.

  • Luckyr1981

    Its about time!!!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Facebook = ghay

  • No tablet optimizations yet? FriendCaster for me.

  • Still force closes on my galaxy nexus when I click on status to post a status update, pathetic to say the least.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone know if the update enabled GPU acceleration for the app on ICS devices?

  • Was hoping for ICS sync. but i guess this is pretty good too. FB always took forever to load and seemed to need more reception than average internet based apps, for me.

    • HaxSync from market is .99 and you get HI-RES pics… it’s worth it

      • Thanks for the tip. I heard of another one but it wasn’t that good. Ill check this out. But really, its more than just pictures. If Facebook used the new API for contacts threes a lot more features to be had.

        In the end i think FB is going to lose out to G+ for neglecting its mobile apps so much. Too bad.

  • Jeff Simpson

     Who wants to bet that contact sync is still broken?

    • Did your contact sync break when you changed phones?  If so, I figured that out a while back – simple fix.  Let me know.

  • Lmrojas

    Friendcaster i better in my opinion

    • Lmrojas


  • Anonymous

    Seems more responsive but it’s still a huge FAIL without a share feature. For an app that’s built around sharing stuff, why should I have to go the website to do that?

    • What are you trying to share?  The app lets you share all sorts of stuff (pics, videos, links, etc.).

      • Anonymous

        Sure you can share stuff that’s on your phone, but you can’t share something that appears in your feed such as somebody else’s update, link, etc. You can share somebody else’s photo, but it gets downloadEd first, then uploaded. wtf?

        Just put a Share button next to the comment link for each item. How hard could that be?

  • Metalgonzo85

    I just use the mobile website. It looks the same as that screen shot and I can do everything on the webpage without worrying it’s gonna waste my battery.

  • Info on Facebook from Twitter…. Love it

  • Dave Watson

    don’t download, it gave me aids.

    • Noyfb123

      Facebook sucks worse than a loose hooker after a busy weekend

  • Mxman311

    Looks the same

  • When are they going to fix notifications?

  • ICS contact sync?

    • Sean Bello

      no account sync. it’s blocked by ICS, not FB. Supposedly allowed in the next version of ICS.

    • Davidukfl

      get a 4.0.3 rom and you’ll have FB sync

    • HaxSync from market is .99 and you get HI-RES pics… it’s worth it

  • 🙁 WTB People integration for ICS

  • Derek Stiles

    I stopped using Facebook for Android when I wouldn’t even open it, had notifications off, and it still used 20% of my battery.  We’ll see if it’s fixed.

    • Howard Chu

       Ditto, but I’m not going to bother to try it again. The mobile web page is fine for me…

  • Contact sync settings removed (Still can access in account settings on phone)