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Google Docs for Android Receives Update, Better Tablet Experience and Offline Access Included


Google apparently read our piece on there needing to be better Android tablet apps, including one of their own, Google Docs. Today, if you jump into the market and check for updates, you should find one for one of the most popular cloud-based document services in all the land. And if you have a tablet, your experience will be much more “high-res” and not stretched, to put it nicely. For all devices though, you will enjoy the ability to access files while offline. If you happen to edit those offline files, they will be automatically updated once you connect to WiFi. Thanks, Google. 

Via:  Google | Market Link

  • Ralphjb

    I just took a quick look at it. It still sucks.

  • Ralphjb

    I hope this makes the mobile app way more useable, at least for the word processor. It is such a terrible experience now.

  • I seriously doubt this update has anything to do with your article.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently this app still sucks.

    Its one of the only core google apps that is sorely pathetic.

    • Phanboyfodder

      I’ve had it on my phone for 3 weeks now on my gnex and still have never even used it or opened it, honestly I don’t even know what it does

  • OG Droid

    Kellex; see your rocking the Xoom. How are you liking it with ICS? I just picked one up for $260

  • Josh Groff

    Wow, if only I had a use for such a program. :/ I just recently realized I had this on my sensation after flashing virtuous inquisition. Seems like it would be good for college papers next semester.


  • Anonymous

    Wait… what about Native editing? without pushing me to the browser?

  • Anonymous

    Editing docs is still done via the mobile web interface, which is totally unacceptable. They seriously need to get that stuff together for this to be worth using as an actual document editor.

    • Agreed.  Docs is kind of lame in my opinion.  It works, but it’s still very limited and editing a spreadsheets is a huge pain, even in a full browser.