Google Docs Receives Update, Focuses on Reviewing Documents Before Editing Them

An update for Google Docs is currently rolling out through Google Play, enabling users to focus more on reviewing documents before jumping in and editing them.

To be more clear, as you scroll through an opened document, editing icons will vanish to the top, allowing you to focus more on what is in front of you. If you need to edit something, simply double tap the screen, or press the blue pencil action button.  (more…)

Google Updates Slides, Docs, and Sheets, Brings More Editing Tools to Mobile

Google pushed updates out this morning to Docs, Sheets, and Slides. The suite is for people who use Google’s ecosystem for editing and sharing documents, either for work or pleasure.

In the update, Google brought more focus to mobile editing tools, such as real-time spell-checking in documents, hiding rows and columns in spreadsheets, and grouping shapes in presentations. Overall, Google wants to bring a more desktop-like experience to mobile app users.  (more…)

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides Get Material Design-styled Web Home Screens

This isn’t directly Android-related, but Google announced this morning that Docs, Sheets, and Slides all have brand new individual home screens that are accessible through the web. As you would expect, they are certainly inspired by Material Design, with a new hamburger menu, card-like interface, and floating “+” button to create new sheets/slides/docs.

These new app home screens for Google’s office suite allow you to quickly get back to your most recently edited files without having to first enter Drive or do any sort of searching. By entering a specific app home screen, you are presented with big imagery of your recently opened files. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

To see for yourself, hit up the direct links below.  (more…)

Google Releases Updated Standalone Apps for Docs, Sheets, and Slides

While Google Drive is a centralized hub for storing and editing your documents in the cloud, Google wanted to make it easier for users to access specific types of documents while on the go. To do this, the company has released updated standalone applications for Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. From now on, users can access their data sheets or word documents all from their own respective applications. (more…)

Add-On Apps Come to Google Docs and Sheets

As a student, I think one of Microsoft Office’s greatest assets is its ecosystem of third-party plugins. When I’m writing a research paper, integrated encyclopedia look-up and custom dictionaries are a godsend. Google apparently recognizes their utility, too; today, the company announced the launch of add-ons for Docs and Sheets. (more…)

Google+ Hangouts Now Supports Google Docs Integration, Productivity In Mind

Say what you want about Google+, but the Hangouts might be the biggest plus (pun fully intended) to Google’s attempt at social networking. In the beginning it was just for video chatting with a few of your friends, but then you could watch Youtube videos for some added fun. Now Google decided you and your friends should get to work and added in Google Docs support. While video chatting with your co-workers or buddies you can all work on a document at the same time. Google says you can do trip planning or lecture notes, but we all know there will be lots of doodling and other fun things that will come from this.

Via: Robin Schriebman (Google+)