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DROID 4 Should Launch February 9 at Verizon for $199

The DROID 4 is the last of Verizon’s CES phones to receive an official release date. At one point, this phone was scheduled to be released back in December, but with so many phones already dominating the holidays, it was seemingly pushed back. According to our sources, Verizon has finally set a new date. The current target is next Thursday, February 9 at a price of $199 on 2-year contract (matches the most recent MAP we saw). February 2 was at one time in the plans, but unless Big Red surprises us with an announcement today or tomorrow morning, you can set your sights on next week.

And be sure to check out our hands-on with the DROID 4 from CES.

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  • I think it is smart verizon started pricing their lte devices at $199 rather than everyone being $299 like before.

  • Skeptic

    Proof please. What is the “credible source” that says Feb 9th. We are all getting very tired of seeing these supposed release dates come and go. What makes the 9th official? For the last month y’all have been telling us that Feb 2nd was the Golden Date set in stone. So- prove it. Until I see it on the VZW or DD pages, it’s all just BS speculation. More proof that the popular media just likes to make sh1t up.

  • Max Kaufman

    How does/will this phone compare to The Motorola Jet? with the keyboard?  Thanks

  • Anonymous

    I vowed to never buy another Motorola product after they lied about unlocking their bootloaders by the end of 2011. Moto is all about taking advantage of the android and developer communities while giving nothing back. You’re too stupid to know what a bootloader is or to care that you’ll be limited in what you can do with your phone anyhow, so go ahead and buy it. Motorola won’t even care enough to give you a reach-around while they plow your anus.

  • 1) Locked boot
    2) PenTile
    3) No global
    4) Non-removable battery

    PASS. If D5 isn’t better, Moto is just about DONE-zo as a manufacturer. {{-_-}}

    • i81u812

      Impossible since google bought Motorola mobility for 12.5billion dollars its always going to be the premiere brand for android phones, even more so in the future.

  • Being true to my avatar:
    Wasted potential, that phone is. {{-_-}}

  • Chris

    I will be buying it. I’ve had D1, D2, D3, and others on other carriers (could not go with due to service) that all had physical keyboard. I do not buy a phone without a physical keyboard….and I am happy with my Droid 3 aside from no LTE, but I will also appreciate twice as much RAM from the Droid 4 (I use remote desktop on my phone…so, will be handy!)

  • Howard Chu

    I have to admit, the only reason I’m paying attention to this is because it’s a qwerty slider. But the pentile display is making me doubtful, the locked bootloader is annoying, and the intentionally disabled GSM/global radio is annoying.

    Sigh. How hard can this be. HTC, you should have released a new top-of-the-line qwerty slider by now. The G1 had a great keyboard, all you had to do was keep flogging the form factor (like Moto and its Droid) while updating the CPU/memory/display/camera specs along the way…

  • Robw

    So when is the Droid 4 maxx come out?

    • Pete LaCock

      If I may be so bold and speak for coordinate123:”pics? Pics?? PICS?!?!”

      • Anonymous

        LOL.  Like it. 

        I ask that because I’m guessing those who are saying Maxx or Maxx DE are ones who are against Droid’s or Android in general and want this to flop.  So they say “wait for the next phone”.  And no one buys this one.  Well there is NO PROOF that there is a next Droid 4 phone coming out.

        You know the saying “pics or it didn’t happen” same here “pics or it’s not going to happen”.

        • Blackmagick20

          I like your comment. I’m one of the launch date adopters of the D3 and still slightly salty over the D4 news coming shortly thereafter. I had a Thunderbolt, which was terrible and wanted my physical keyboard back. I’m tired of hearing all the people saying that we supposedly ‘knew’ there was a D4 in the works, when we definitely did not. I really want this phone to flop and be a big middle finger to Moto, but I’ll be perfectly honest and say that I’ll probably get it…depending on battery life, since I’m getting almost 30 hours per charge on my D3. I just wish there was a perfect qwerty/4G/big battery phone out there. I guess I get lucky with having 3 upgrades in the next year…

    • Blackmagick20

      Wow…here’s a stick…join the others that are over there along side that horse that’s ‘sleeping’

  • Manny

    WTF is the diffrence between this and the Droid 3, Droid Razr, Droid Razr Maxx and every other droid I might have missed…WOW!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      LTE + dual-core CPU + physical keyboard

      Name one other phone that has this…

  • Jim McClain

    i loved my star tac

  • Jim McClain

    always hated that slide out keyboard on my original droid, added so much weight it felt like a brick in  my pocket

  • Jim McClain

    i guess there are a few that like those sliders

  • Azndan4

    Yay non-amoled pentile! Yay non-removable battery! Yay old processor!

  • David Pat

    Pretty excited for this phone. It’s going to be great for business travelers who need LTE. 

  • Anonymous

    What do you mean “unless Big Red suprises us” does that mean you really do NOT know?  do you have a pic of a leaked document? That would help.

  • Anonymous

    What do you mean “unless Big Red surprises us ” do you mean you don’t know for sure?

    Pics please.

  • QtDL

    How many different colors are they releasing? One isn’t good enough.

  • It’s Awesome

  • Kevin

    so ?

  • Really…who cares. I’ve never really met anyone with the Droid keyboard phones that either 1) liked it or 2) didnt want to smash it to bits within a week of buying it. 

    • Michael Forte

      OG Droid!!

    • You need to get out more, then.

    • Blackmagick20

      You must not leave your Mom’s basement much then. I’ve had the Droid, D2, now the D3, and I’m waiting on upgrading to the D4. I only buy phones with physical keyboards. Good thing you’re not Motorola’s only customer to please. Also, if you don’t care…why bother clicking on the news link, then take the time to comment? Find a hobby…perhaps scrapbooking would suit you

    • 3 people. Case closed. 

      • Is it?  You said “anyone”.  So, you’re wrong.  Have a great day.

      • Azndan4


        • i81u812

          They actually say something like its a 60/40 women/men on the keyboard…. I never used it when I had my d1. Only to root it then its what caused the downfall of the device. But my wife uses it everytime she uses her phone….

    • Anonymous

      The OG Droid had a horrible keyboard.  The D2 has a mediocre keyboard.  The D3 has an excellent keyboard.  The D4 keyboard looks like it will be the best yet…

    • Raven

      Well, I have never met you, but I still use and love my Droid 2 Global and I would never buy a phone that didn’t have a physical keyboard.  I am not going to bother upgrading though until my area gets LTE and then I will get the best LTE slider available at that time.

  • Zachary Manville

    that map has 20ish devices… I think I saw 4 that were non-Moto phones.

  • Sin contrato? 

  • You know, after so many phones getting kicked down to a different week by VZW, you would think that we’re used to it. Yet is still gets me. I want some 4G LTE qwerty goodness!

    • Unfortunately, what was “wow” specs several long months ago, are now quite underwhelming.  No Super AMOLED display.   No 5GHz WiFi.   No ICS.

      • Zachary Manville

        That Moto logo has become underwhelming lately also.

      • Even though the Stratosphere has regular Galaxy S specs (single core 1Ghz/512MB RAM), the screen on it is undoubtedly better than the Pentile crap that is coming on this…. that, and it comes from the factory completely unlocked.

        Once debloated, it flies faster than my Droid 2 did, and it has 4G! 🙂

      • Anonymous

        That’s why it’s only $199.  Same specs as the Razr 16gb and same price.

  • The MAP you keep referring to, shows that the D4 sales start on 1/10/2012, and has its first price drop on 1/26/2012.   Somehow, I don’t think that MAP is very reliable.

    • Anonymous

      VZW uses VZNavigator for their MAP…

      • angermeans

        nice one

  • csd577

    kellex you just thinking feb 9th because the 2nd is no longer going to happen? or do you actually have people saying the 9th is a def

    • Stevemellen

      Yes, please tell us more about the source.

      • Anonymous

        yeah.. the links in the article doesn’t say anything about the 9th.

  • Anonymous

    That is a great price!!!

  • Skennedy412

    This phone will never come out. Im convinced.

  • Still cant believe there are 4 generations of OG already seems like yesterday I had the OG

    • Anonymous

      It practically was yesterday with the way Moto is popping out these Droid’s.

      • Anonymous

        It practically was yesterday with the way Moto is pooping out these Droid’s.

    • RaiderDroid

      Unfortunately I’m still stuck with the OG as my main phone still.

      • Anonymous

        yeah… i chose poorly.  Got the Eris instead of the D1.  I’ve been stuck on that for the last 2.5 years.  …Waiting for the D4. 

        I guess Ill have to wait just a little bit longer.

  • Butters619

    To everybody complaining that Moto may release another device soon.  This is the LTE Slider with a good keyboard you have all been complainingly waiting for.  Either get it or wait until the world ends, but please some complaining.

    And yes I realize the irony of my complaining over your complaining and I’m sure someone will complain.

    • Anonymous

      if i’m against complaining…how do i show it?

      • Anonymous

        Just make some random comments about how you like bacon and narwhals.

        • Phanboyfodder

          Too bad all those people who got the D3 slider are basically screwed, because they’ll never get support for there phone and can’t get 4g. They should be bitching the most, but that’s why you should research phones b4 you buy one with a contract.

    • That Stratosphere has a good keyboard too, better than I thought it would. Its way better than the Droid 2’s for sure.

      The only thing this has over it is the dual core, more memory, and a locked down bootloader thrown in for free.

      • Doug Wing

        Very true, because no one wants or needs a faster / dual core processor, and who needs extra RAM?

        You also forgot to mention the Sammy has an 800×480 screen vs, the 4’s 960×540, but that too is nothing people need or want right?

  • droid 4 maxx developer edition…..   heh.  For now, I think I’ll just stick with my OG droid until Moto plays their next card.   Sad, as I was SO looking forward to this phone.

    • Anonymous

      Okay, I’m still looking for pics of this d4maxx de.  Do you have some? Video hands on? Or is it just wishful thinking.

      • Just figuring it will happen. 

        • Anonymous

          Nope it won’t.  The Razr is a special phone, that’s why there’s different ones.  And they said they would have unlocked boatloaders and that’s what the DE is.  To answer customers complaints (or those who care about boatloaders–I don’t). The Maxx was in response to the battery on the Razr, however, actually a lot of people like the Razr, that’s why they still sell it.

      • Pete LaCock

        The problem is that all pics & video of the DROID 4 MAXX Developer Edition were taken with the DROID StarTAC 75, which also hasn’t been announced yet. They can’t release pics/vids of an unannounced phone TAKEN by another unannounced phone. THINK!

  • Anonymous

    They should lower the price of the Stratosphere now…

  • Ardy

    Soon Droid 4 Maxx? 

    • Anonymous


      • Pete LaCock


        • Anonymous

          I didn’t think so. 

          • Anonymous
          • ~LMAO~ good one, esp. since the RAZR looks exactly the same as the MAXX just 2 tiny mm thicker; and since D4 is basically a RAZR Slider, it would be silly for them not to implement the same easy fix to nearly double the Batt power with a measly +2mm.  I’ve waited long, but I’ll wait a lil longer; as in November we had no sign that the RAZR would have a MAXX edition springing up 76 days later. So maybe there’s no pics yet, but with their similarities it stems to reason that D4’s lit keyboard is only going to draw that much more power.  Moto is evil for knowing this and making the battery non-user-removable.  EEEEEEEEVILLLL  ~but don’t confuse this with me trying to steer away Moto’s sales nor any such nonsense.  I WANT the D4 but I would much rather wait n see so I’m not walking around with a dead phone, where if maybe I’d have waited a tad longer, I’d much rather be stuck for 2 years with preloaded ICS, GSM, +16GB, and 3300mAh’s of usage.  I’m not into pocketing around paperweights.  I’m enjoying all these comments, “imnotmikal”s pic reply is hilarious!

  • Anonymous


    I really really REALLY dislike the corners of all these new Moto devices! When will El Goog do something about Moto’s strategy? Ugly skin, ugly hardware! 

    • Anonymous

      yeah there’s something about the corners on these phones and the xyboards (ugh) that really irk me to look at.

      • EC8CH

        I think the corners look good on the phones, but bad on the tablets.

        just my $0.02

    • Kierra

      I like the corners …

    • angermeans

      I have to say I agree this phone is dog ugly. Then again I’m not a fan of the design asthetics of the Motorola Razr either so that is probably why. Moto usually makes attractive phones but the Droid4, Razr (MAXX and developer as well), and the horrid XyBoards must be the exception. Im just hoping the Droid Bionic isnt the last good looking Motorola phone I see.

    • Matter of Taste

      I, on the other hand, really, really, REALLY like the corners. Not only does it give their devices a different hi-tech look from all the cookie cutter others, the corners are designed to be very ergonomically comfortable.

    • Matter of Taste

      I, on the other hand, really, really, REALLY like the corners. Not only does it give their devices a different hi-tech look from all the cookie cutter others, the corners are designed to be very ergonomically comfortable.

  • Lee Stovall

    i think i’m going to FINALLy make the jump to a new phone.. long live the OG DROID!

  • Zachary Manville

    If you’re smart you’ll wait for the Droid 4 Maxx

    • Anonymous

      You mean the Droid 4 HD Super MAXX F-U Edition

      • Anonymous

        LOL  🙂 !!!!

      • Pete LaCock

        I’d say this is the F-U Edition…at least if you’re a Verizon customer who’s purchased a new phone recently at their $299 price point.

        • Anonymous

          This is $199 because it’s 16gb and that’s their pricing.  Plus it’s a Razr specs and the Razr is now $199  for the 16gb.

          If you’re happy with your phone quit complaining.

          • Pete LaCock

            Ok. Thanks for setting me straight.  An additional 16gb is totally worth an extra $100. I see it now!

          • Anonymous

            It has been for Apple since the first iDerp.

    • samIam

      Sad. 5 “likes” for a troll flinging FUD.

      • Darkseider

        Problem is he just may be right seeing that this is nothing more than a Droid RAZR with a qwerty slider.  

    • YourFriend

      This joke is seriously getting old, man. Please do us all a favor and think of something original at least. Yes, I know Moto’s getting annoying by putting out so many phones, but it gets tiring when every time I go to Droid-Life, the comments all sound the same. 

      • Anonymous

        They haven’t done anything to deserve the benefit of the doubt yet. When they do, I’ll be right with you. For now, though, they can kick rocks with no shoes on.

      • Zachary Manville

        I would like this phone so much. Theres just no way Im buying one, seeing their track record.

      • Prime7

        Yeah, man. It’s like I’ve seen this joke almost as many times as there are Motorola devices on the market.

    • Anonymous

      What about the Droid 4 hd maxx dev unlocked family edition?

      • Josh Groff

        At least it’s not Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. Samsung is the king of long phone names, Motorola needs to step up their A game.


        Our Market Research Shows That Players Like
        Really Long Card Names So We Made this Card to Have the Absolute Longest
        Card Name Ever ElementalWhen phone names get that long, no one will be able to resist.

      • Anonymous

        Pics?  Source? 
        Or are you just making this up, hoping for something when your D3 contract ends because you knew a D4 was coming but didn’t want to wait it out even though you could have.

      • Luke f

        Lol that funny because I have motorolas bastard child, the Xoom family edition

    • Anonymous

      What Droid 4 Maxx?  Pics or it’s not true.  Link to where anyone has leaked the Droid 4 Maxx.  Links to Hands on video.  Youtube video?  I didn’t think so.

      • Zachary Manville

        Were there pics of the razr maxx before the original came out? I didnt think so.

    • Harry Manback

      not if i want a qwerty keyboard i won’t.