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HTC Rezound Drops to $79 at Amazon for New Customers, $159 for Upgrades

The HTC Rezound is all the rage these days. With its unlockable bootloader, amazing screen, high-end specs, and continually dropping price at a number of retailers, how could you not consider it if you are in the market for a new phone? And if you are, Amazon should probably be one of your stops as the price has dropped to $79.99 for new customers. If you are a current customer (which most of you are), then $159 is what you will pay.


Cheers Jim!

  • Anonymous

    I came from the Dinc & decided after it broke I needed to upgrade. Unfortunately at the time the only dual core LTE device available was the Bionic. So I got the Bionic well everyone who pays attention to Droid-life knows the Bionic was teeming with bugs. After 2 OTA updates & 2 warranty replacement devices I was still having problems. So I got a really great Warranty rep on the phone so he tried getting me a different phone. I was able to get the Nexus, but he was able to get me the Rezound.

    I gotta say that I am so glad I switched to the Rezound. It blows the Bionic out of the water is almost every aspect. Speed, Resolution, Sense, and many more features that the Rezound has that the Bionic just doesn’t or can’t do. However I did run into some issues switching between devices. I literally kept getting Rezounds that kept power cycling. It would out of the blue just start rebooting over & over. After 2 Rezounds that did this I took it to VZW to see if they could fix it. But they were just as baffled. However I was the one who found out what was causing the problem. It wasn’t the phone it was the Bionic still screwing with me. The Bionic had corrupted the 4G LTE Sim card and every time I put it in the Rezound it would power cycle. I got a new one & now I’ve haven’t had 1 issue from my Rezound.

  • Vern

    I ordered my Rezound from costco.com on black friday for $49.00. It’s a great phone and the headphones are awesome!

  • The Rezound is the best phone out right now. I don’t see how you could pass up this deal. The custom roms/kernels are exploding right now and has an unlocked bootloader. There are several working ICS roms too that have minimal bugs.

  • Sruel3216

    it says only 1000 text is available when i try to buy…i need unlimited. can i switch this later?

  • soga

    ugh.. bought mine too early… paid 249 bucks for it… meh 

  • I will buy it!

  • Anonymous

    WOW – the Rezound is an amazing phone – only flaw I can find is the damn power button and volume rocker being to recessed. At this price you are getting a phone that has some amazing specs and capabilities! 

  • I’m thinking about trading my gnex for a rezound because I can’t stand the random shut-downs! I pull my phone out of my pocket and it’s off at least 3 times a day. I’m at the gym streaming google music, pandora or simply reading my workout and boom the phone just shuts down. My phone slides off my couch and falls 2.5ft to a carpeted floor and boom the phone shuts down. After hearing that a friend had the same issue on his galaxy S, I’m never buying another samsung product again.

  • Anonymous

    My girlfriend just got a Rezound. I gotta say, if the Galaxy Nexus was never made, it would be my current phone. It has a gorgeous screen and takes awesome pictures. She’s going to love it even more when it gets updated to ICS. 

  • DanSke

    Ugh, when is the TBolt EOL so I can get this as a replacement! haha

    • erksplee

      I went through 4 thunderbolts and then Verizon finally sent me a Rezound right before Christmas as a replacement. Not a single issue since. Try to find a way to keep breaking it without voiding the warranty haha. 

  • Anonymous

    Awesome deal on an awesome phone. If I didn’t already have a GNex, I would be all over this like white on rice.

  • If you’re up for an upgrade with a discount, can you use your discount with amazon too?

    • nwd1911

      No, that is only direct with Verizon.  I got mine from Verizon a few weeks ago for $169 by using my upgrade discount.  At the time, Amazon was still $249.

      • Thanks man, was wondering that. So stupid that they took out the yearly upgrade that was $100 before and changed it to $50. They should of left it at $100 to use one last time for those grandfathered in. 

        • nwd1911

          I only got $30 my last go round.  I don’t think I had hit the full 2 years yet.  Verizon doesn’t seem to like the “grandfathered in” clause. Waiting for them to pull the unlimited data plan…not looking forward to that email.

  • Nfamouscj

    799 list price wtf batman?!

  • Anonymous

    I really want to get a Rezound just to own it since HTC has done so well with this device.

    • Jay

      I got a Rezound to replace my DInc – it’s the true big-brother!

      I haven’t even rooted it yet and this baby is flying.  Every day it gets better.

      • nwd1911

        Did the same thing…DInc to Rezound with no regrets.  Phone is amazing…waiting to see ICS before I root.

      • Anonymous

        I’m here to tell ya rooting it is not necessary! I just rooted mine last week and loaded the leaked Sense ICS. It’s still a lil unstable bit really nice! I went back to stock rooted gb. Still the best, rooted or not! Well done HTC! I never gave up on ya….

  • Bewara2009

    Thanks kellex B!

  • Edwin M

    Dear Motorola,

    This is how you do it. Give people the ability to unlock their phones but don’t take away the entire warranty. Don’t over-saturate the market with variants of the same phone…or not. We don’t care. Thanks for the future market share you’re going to give us.

    Hugs and Kisses,


    • Wait, the Rezound isn’t a good example of minimizing the market.  It’s basically a variant on the Sensation with a 720p screen and LTE.  Those are big differences, but there was also the original Sensation, the XE, and the XL.

      • but the Sensation isn’t on Verizon. The Rezound, aside from the thunderbolt, is pretty much the only one of it’s kind on the carrier while Motorola has 3? 4? Different phones on Big Red that are all pretty much the same thing.

      • But at least they are for different carriers. whereas Motorola has flooded a single carrier with it’s phones.

      • Zachary Manville

        different carrier?

      • Edwin M

        They’re also starting to move in the right direction. Moto says they will but it doesn’t look like they are.

  • Sven Enterlein

    If only similar phones were available for AT&T 🙁

  • Anonymous

    GNex is $99 for a new contract, $179 for a new line, and $259 for an upgrade on Amazon right now, too.

    RAZR is $149 for a new contract, $149 for a new line, and $199 for an upgrade on Amazon. This is for the “32GB” version, too.

    RAZR Maxx is $199 for a new contract, $229 for an upgrade or new line on Amazon.