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Video: LG Spectrum Shows Off ESPN ScoreCenter HD Videos

I’m doing my best to give the LG Spectrum a fair shot, but the pluses are struggling to keep up with the minuses to this point. One thing I do have to give it some love for though, is the fact that it streams HD video through ESPN’s ScoreCenter app. Actually, it’s tough to tell if it actually streams through the app or not. When you press on a video, a separate browser window loads that then asks if you would like to download or “execute” an action – that action is of course, the watching of HD video.

So below, I have embedded a video that shows off the high quality streams that only this phone is currently capable of. Talk about impressive for a mobile stream.  

  • “I’m doing my best to give the LG Spectrum a fair shot, but the pluses are struggling to keep up with the minuses to this point.” – Kellex
    So far the minuses I’ve heard: 1. SIM Card type (not LG’s fault). 2. LG overlay of Android (personal opinion) 3. Shiny back cover (personal opinion).

    Please provide other minuses. So far, it seems as though Kellex’s personal opinions are influencing the review. Is the phone lagging? Reboots? Are the buttons in bad spots? Etc.

  • I like this phone wish I could find info on how to root it. If I cant root it I guess it will be going back to Verizon

  • Kevin Close3

    Just bought at wirefly for 149.99 and it is a great phone, will take some getting use to their ui though

  • Anonymous

    IPS screens have always been incredible.  Been using LG’s IPS panels for my PC monitors for a good 5-6 years now.  Their viewing angles/clarity/color accuracy is literally unmatched. 

    I do use Samsung’s panels for my 50”+ screens, but 24-30” LG really makes the best IPS panels. 

    The Spectrum’s screen looks great, glad to see some high quality screens being used, now lets get them in a phone without LG’s UI because blaeh =P

  • Tmijares95

    The Espn Hd App Works GREEAT On My Thunderbolt 🙂

  • Dghf

    Someone rip and post the .apk please?

    • DL post here: http://www.droid-life.com/2012/01/25/download-lg-spectrum-system-dump/

      • Dougslezak

        I tried to install the scorecenter.apk from the system dump and it didn’t work.

  • Now if it had live HD via ESPN 360, I’d be interested…

  • So why is HD not possible on the Galaxy Nexus?  Does LG have some kind of exclusive, because last time I checked, both phone have HD screens, right?

    • it is possible. someone sideloaded the apk and it works great on the nexus

  • I like how you talk with your hands.  😉

  • What are some of the negatives?

    • Socialmuse

      someone answer this guy. I want to go buy this phone. but i need need need to know more!!!

      • Anonymous

        Did you see the LG UI skin?  It’s pretty bad.  But this phone looks pretty good, I haven’t used the camera though, not familiar enough with LG’s hardware other than their IPS screens. 

        • I fooled around with one this morning. the screen is awesome (and HUGE), build quality is eh not so much. The lg UI is horrible especially the app drawer, but nothing a different launcher won’t fix. The sound of it booting up is the same as what has been used on basic phones for years, something that makes it seem cheaper than it is. Also when it vibrates, i feel it throughout the phone and it feels like the phone is hollow or something… the revolution did this as well, it just feels cheap to me. The camera isn’t that awesome, but it’s still decent. i took a couple of good shots with it.

          A few of the good things for me were: the stock keyboard actually types awesome. feels very iphone-ish. The phone is light and feels great in the hand and the screen was massive and awesome for reading anything.