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Evernote and Skitch Add-Ons Now Available For Dolphin Browser

We love it when companies can team up to provide users with an exceptional experience. One of the most popular 3rd-party web broswers, Dolphin Browser, has got together with Evernote and Skitch to bring new add-ons to their browser. The Skitch add-on allows for you to draw on any webpage, then send and share it anywhere you would like. It adds an excellent way of personalizing something for a friend or just doodling for fun.

The Evernote addition will let users take any piece of a page they’re viewing and save it to the cloud for later use. You will have access to it in your Evernote account anywhere you are. Dolphin says they have a ton of other great add-ons planned for 2012, so we’ll keep you posted.

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Via: Dolphin Blog

  • mhynek

    On my Bionic, I prefer Xscope. However, I prefer Dolphin for Pad on my Xyboard. The gestures are really convenient on the large screen.

  • Anonymous

    Dolphin is awesome. So much faster than the stock browser and with gestures easier to use. I use it on my phone and my tablet.

  • Kerst01

    I still have no idea why you would ever need either of these apps…

  • Might be time to give Dolphin a shot again. I’ve enjoyed the new stock browser on my GNex for a while now so I never bothered to re-download Dolphin.

  • Jeff G

    OT I know but maybe someone can help. I am using FlexT9 keyboard on my gnex, and the past couple of days or do when I go to put an address in an email out types crazy!
    It seems to take the first letter repeat it as the next then repeat that, this is when I trace type or tap. This occurs only in the to boxes wheree I fill in addresses, it works fine in the message box, and I can use the keyboard find on messaging but can not enter addresses correctly.I tried it with the stock keyboard and it works. Anyone else run into this?

  • Anonymous

    Has there been a poll for what 3rd party browsers DL users prefer?  I’ve always used Dolphin but just curious if ppl like any other ones better…

    • Anonymous

      I’m interested to find this out as well, I use Dolphin as well, but I also like the new browser in 4.0 on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • Anonymous

    Skitch is an incredible screenshot editing and sharing tool, and that’s all fine and dandy, but when the hell are they going to make Skitch available for Windows? It all started on Mac OS X, then eventually was made available on iOS and Android, but why not Windows? How hard could it possibly be to port over Skitch, very simple software(it seems like it) over to Windows?

    Sure, there are so many other decent screenshot editing apps, but nothing as great as Skitch. I’ve used Skitch on a Mac before, and have Skitch on my Galaxy Nexus, but I want it on Windows!

    Anyways…that’s all I gotta say about that. lol