Evernote Changes Privacy Policy Over Concerns, Makes Employee Viewing an Opt-In Option

After days of controversy surrounding its upcoming privacy policy change, Evernote has decided to change it up in response to customer feedback. That change means that Evernote is “reaffirming its commitment to keep privacy at the center” of what they do and that “no employees will be reading note content” as a part of their machine learning process, unless a user chooses to opt-in.  (more…)

Evernote CEO Responds to Privacy Concerns Over New Policy (Updated)

Evernote had a bit of a rough day yesterday, after it released its new privacy policy and users showed immediate concern over the idea they couldn’t fully opt-out of Evernote’s employees potentially viewing their stored content on the service. This morning, their CEO, Chris O’Neill, posted a message to the company blog to try and clarify.

O’Neill opened by suggesting that his company heard your concerns and then apologized for communicating the changes “poorly.” He also mentioned that your confusion over the matter was “understandable,” before diving into what has and hasn’t changed.  (more…)

Evernote’s New Privacy Policy Says Their Employees Can Look at Your Notes (UPDATED)

Evernote, the popular note-saving platform that has gone through some major changes in recent years, like most recently limiting basic accounts and raising prices, issued a privacy policy update this week that is rightfully raising some eyebrows. In the newly minted privacy policy, Evernote admits that if you use its service, its employees have the power to view your un-encrypted content “for the purposes of developing and improving the Evernote service.” Let me say that again – Evernote employees can look at your content because you have chosen to use Evernote.

The new privacy policy goes into effect on January 23, in case you were wondering. Once that happens, and you potentially decide that you aren’t a fan of Evernote employees viewing the items you have saved to their service, you have some options!  (more…)

Evernote is About to Limit Basic Accounts to Just Two Devices, Raise Prices

Big user of Evernote? Hopefully, for your sake, you either pay for their premium tiers or you don’t use it on more than two devices. Why do I say that? Because this week, Evernote announced that its free tier, otherwise known as Evernote Basic, will start limiting users to access on just two devices. They are also adjusting Plus and Premium price tiers for new subscribers.

Evernote penned a pretty straight forward blog post to touch on each of these topics, saying that exactly what you expected them to say – they’d rather not do this, but keeping this best-in-class note app updated and innovative going forward costs money.  (more…)

Microsoft Adds Facebook, Evernote, Wunderlist Connections to Outlook, Thanks to Sunrise

The Outlook app on Android and iOS is finally getting the new app integration that we knew was coming, thanks to Microsoft’s acquisition of Sunrise, the best damn calendar app on the planet that Microsoft is killing. In the next version of Outlook, you’ll be able to connect to Evernote, Facebook, and Wunderlist accounts, making your Outlook calendar a place for managing multiple apps and tasks.

If you used Sunrise at all in the past, this integration will be familiar. If you are new, well, this is the basic idea. With an integration or “Calendar App,” you connect Outlook to other apps, like Evernote, Facebook, and Wunderlist. Once connected, you can see things like Wunderlist or Evernote items with due dates in your calendar, but you can see other to-dos with a simple touch. With Facebook connected, your Facebook events will appear on your calendar, but are also shortcuts to the events in the Facebook app.  (more…)

Evernote Shutting Down Support for Clearly, Evernote for Pebble, and Versions of Skitch

Evernote announced that they will be ending support for multiple functions yesterday, bringing what is virtually a demise to Skitch for Windows, iOS, and Android, as well as Evernote Clearly and Evernote for Pebble. Officially, Evernote is shutting down support this week, but this does not mean your apps won’t work. Until operating systems update to the point that you can’t use the apps, they should work fine. Just don’t expect updates or any kind of technical support.  (more…)