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Developer Combines Android OS And Kinect, Creates Minority Report Like Experience


Bloggers, media personalities, and tech enthusiasts alike are abuzz over a video of a developer showing off his latest creation. He has taken an Xbox Kinect and hooked it up to his PC which is then wired to his Galaxy Nexus. Thanks to Android’s openness, he has been able to rebuild a version of Android to give the needed software system access for the process to work. In short, the Kinect sees his hand movements, relays it to the PC, which then relays it to his phone. 

Description from the video:

The Galaxy Nexus is running a build of Android compiled from AOSP. This allows the Android TUIO client to be signed with the system keys so that it can inject touch events into the system. Simple Kinect touch running on a Windows PC is used to send TUIO events to the Android device. The Galaxy Nexus is connected to the projector with a MHL adapter.

The developer has stated that it is in early phases, so don’t go out and buy a Kinect just yet. We are all looking forward to more of this though.

Cheers everyone who sent this in!

  • Seems very similar to OpenExhibits, which has been around for a while now:


    It’s an open API to build touchable exhibits on walls. Looks a little smoother than this Kinect+Android mashup…

  • Finger

    I love it how the computer interface is the only thing anyone remembers from Minority Report.

    Seriously, my entire memory of that movie is Tom Cruise gesturing at images on a computer. Also him chasing an eye ball down a hill.

  • QtDL

    That is pretty flippin’ sweet. How ’bout one of you hot nerds come over to my place and set it up for me? 😉

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Umm, how many times would this have come in handy at CES? Why yes, I would like to see ICS being used on a giant display instead of the ol’ camera over your shoulder view. But it took a homebuilt geek to do it. Nice.  

  • Anonymous

    Cool, sorta.

    • Shannon Kerr


  • Sirx

    Apple has already patented back-and-forth hand movements for “purposes of greeting, hailing taxis, masturbation, and scrolling through apps.” 

    Prepare to receive Apple copyright infringement lawsuit in 3…2…1…

    • Anonymous

      and masturbation? Well, I owe Apple a few billion dollars…

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to Android’s openness? What about the Micrososft developer tools that allow stuff like this to work on a PC? MS Research has been doing this for over a year, just not with a precious G-Nex god phone.

    • Anonymous

      BTW – Still pretty cool though… 🙂

    • Jim McClain

      GOD PHONE?  hmm  I like that, my phone is now a GOD PHONE,,,,, 
      THE GALAXY GOD PHONE,,,, has a nice ring to it,,, pardon my pun

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      The Gnex is not the important part, it is the cross-OS platform that is big news. Incoorporating a MS tool to play nice with a completely different OS. About as signifigant as getting an Xbox game to run on a mac. Impressive stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Wow this is epic.

  • Granted

    Wow, that is awesome! Man I want to hook my Galaxy Tab up to my Kinect system now! Kinect is so much fun for games like “Child Of Eden” and “Fruit Ninja”, plus a bunch more. But some of the things the science and medical community has done with Kinect are even cooler and innovative! And as an added bonus besides gaming with it, it’s just so badass to control everything in the dashboard with voice and motion controls. And the latest Kinect update made it so you can control everything with your voice! Like tell a movie or television to “play”, “pause”, ect… It really feels like cool sci-fi stuff I used to see in movies.

    I did notice one creepy thing though for all of you Kinect owners. If you log into your Xbox Live account online, go and look under your security preferences. Because I just noticed this but they have a box you can check or uncheck that gives Microsoft permission to “Collect Voice Samples” when you use Kinect. Of course I unchecked that damn thing the moment I noticed it! It might also be an option you can see while you’re in your account on the 360. I’ve had my Kinect since the first day and I don’t ever remember seeing that option, but it could have been there but I don’t remember it in the 360 console options. So just a heads up to any Kinect users that didn’t know about that.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Bill, how’s Melinda?

  • Can your iPhone do that?

  • Jmaster674


  • Mark Grover

    his right hand is holding the phone and he is pranking you over hdmi haha.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      If that were true, why not just have someone else use the device who is off camera and make the rouse even better. It is probably real. If you look at some of the crap they are cranking out of Kinects, a basic mouse movement is not that far fetched.

      • Mark Grover

        You’re probably right but that was the first place my mind jumped while watching how he keeps his right arm out of camera. He is probably just trying to not block the display.

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          I thought the same so I searched the videos of the guy who made this and saw he has some other geeky stuff posted on his you-tube account that is not nearly as remarkable but hardcore geek nonetheless.

        • Granted

          That is the first place you went because the internet is full of disingenuous retards. But on the other side of that coin it’s full of a bunch of self-loathing cynics as well.

    • As you can see right here [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUvPw31HvU2MwpJXS83XlPBA&feature=player_detailpage&v=BHB2Fwbf-ck#t=45s[/url] he uses both hands, my question is wouldn’t his motions actually do the reverse of what he is doin because he has the Kinect behind or is there a setting to reverse mirror motions on the Kinect

      • that didn’t come out clearly, So the Kinect acts as mirror as in if you move left to right it actually sees it as right to left and converts it to left-right in the system.

        So it’d be interesting if there is way to change the mirror setting on the Kinect touch software, I only speculate because I havent messed with the Kinect Software yet

  • wow! there’s an actual reason to get a kinect? jeepers