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Resident Evil 4 Makes Its Way Onto Android In Korea, The Zombies Are Coming

To be honest, this was a long time coming. Capcom’s Resident Evil 4 can be found on almost every platform that you can shoehorn a game into. After debuting on the Nintendo Gamecube, the game was ported to the Playstation 2 and then proceeded onto everything else in the world after that. The iPhone has had a port of the game for a while now, and it seems Android will be getting some love.

For now the game is only available through LG’s LTE U+ App Market in Korea. LG likes to get their hands on these games and keep them exclusive for a little while, like they did with Street Fighter IV HD. This is a big enough game however that it will most likely not only come to America, but also come to all Android phones in due time. The line-up of big name titles is slowly growing on Android; Max Payne, Grand Theft Auto and now this. Ready for some zombie “infected townsperson” slaying action?

Via: Joystiq

  • Yes. Yes. YES!

  • balls

    i dont get the excitement about gaming on a phone

  • Eazy

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  • OMG….. when do I get it?  I still think Little Big Planet would make for a great mobile game

    • You mean mobile “phone”? It’s been on the PSP for a long time now.

  • Resident Evil 4 didn’t have zombies. They were violent villagers who were members of a cult “Los Illuminados”, who were infected with a mind controlling parasite called Las Plagas.

    • Anonymous

      “zombie ”infected townsperson”” 😉

    • Anonymous

      Good point…it is extremely important for the Android community to be as accurate as possible =)

    • Zombie’s are the reanimated dead, thoughtless and retarded, like many a commenter on these threads. I dare say anyone who has a potential interest in this game knows beyond doubt that there isn’t a single zombie in it. “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…” The enemies here don’t mimic zombies at all. Yes, I know it sounds like a moot point, but given anything any one of you may give a damn about and then it gets serious. Think Star Wars fans would get pissy you likened it to Star Trek, even though in many ways they can be similar? Same concept.

      Only reason I say anything is if you’re going to post about something, at least know the basics.

      • And btw, I’m referencing Kellex and others. Cheers to Keith for pointing it out before I had a moment to do so.

        • I understand though, obviously Kellex and others here at Droid Life aren’t avid gamers. Which is why they should hire a guy like me, who’s an avid gamer and Android fanatic 🙂

  • Pirroav

    HOORAY!!! Definitely the best game for GameCube, maybe one of the best of all time… Huge nostalgia boner right now, i can’t wait

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget about Dead Space Eric =)

    • Anonymous

      Oh I know, there’s just too many to count these days 🙂

  • Franzie3

    Count me in….big fan of the RE series.

    • Anonymous

      How about that RE6 trailer? I’m freakin excited.

      • The Race To Die

        definitely excited for that game