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Official G-Shock Phone Runs Android and Can Survive a 10 Foot Drop, Is Also Incredibly Ugly

Oh my. We thought the Casio G’z0ne was a beast of a phone, and then someone sent us the official G-Shock device that was apparently shown at CES a couple of weeks ago. It clearly runs Android, is reportedly able to hang under water up to 10 meters, can withstand a 10 foot drop, and can hold up a full ton of weight. It might be the ugliest thing on the planet, but you can’t tell me that you don’t want one to go trudge around in the woods with one, acting like a real man. 

Via:  Facebook, G-ShockZone (images)

Cheers GreeKNastY!

  • lksjb

    Not Ugly, feels good in hand, Idiot!

  • ovsik


  • does it float? j.i.c. lol.

  • dmont

    Bulldogs are ugly too but people love them

  • skyman

    Ugly, That thing the as TACTICOOL as it gets!!! so sick

  • FOSS


  • Michael

    My contract is about to be up with AT&T… Please tell me when this phone is coming out, I have to have it!!!!

  • mizdamyna

    this phone has inner beauty and is a field operatives dream

  • Love the Casio phones. I have ran mine over with a loaded gravel truck on a gravel road and only cracked the camera lens

  • logan

    Is this going to be manufacturd? I really want one. Any new info on this phone?

  • Jeff Tappan

    I think it’s a sharp looking phone. But then, I also think the A-10 is a sharp looking plane. Form follows function, so … , well, you get the message. I just don’t think I’d be able to
    afford one when they do come out, so, … drool .. . Oh well.

  • The O/A-10 Warthog is the ugliest aircraft in the USAF arsenal. However, it is also the most durable, reliable and destructive aircraft in the US Military period, save for the bombers. Ground troops know when they hear the engine sounds of the Warthog they have solid support at their aide. This phone appears to be the O/A-10 of phones. Highly effective, reliable and will take abuse. My G-Shock watch is combat proven four times over and still works perfectly. That being said, I have great interest in this phone and I look forward to what it will bring to the table. If the phone lives up to its G-Shock reputation it will be a game changer. And I’m an iPhone user.

  • Linw0724

    “Hmmm…I need to change the battery” *grabs hacksaw* …*five minutes later* “I need a new hacksaw”

  • Steve

    Im confused, if it can only withstand a 10ft drop, how the hell can it “hold up a full ton of weight” thats 2,000 lbs. I really dont see any phone being able to hold up that much weight and if for some reason it actually could, Id say it should be able to withstand a higher drop than 10ft

  • Anonymous

    It’s not ugly!!! I like it!!!

  • I think it looks cool. It would look great in my big manly hands.