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Beastly LG X3 Render Leaked, Rumored To Have NVIDIA Tegra 3 Onboard

As we start creeping into 2012, we are sure to see more quad-core devices fill the headlines. In late of last year, we saw leaked images of the HTC Edge and the HTC Zeta which had many folks chirping for them to quickly become a reality. Today, we have another leaked render thanks to Pocket Now showing LG’s rumored X3 device. The X3 is powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 quad-core processor and is said to possibly run Ice Cream Sandwich out of the box. Along with its impressive processing power, the X3 has a 4.7″ high resolution display along with an 8MP rear camera.

The main question most here might wonder is which radio would the X3 house. Unfortunately, it’s looking like a 21Mbps HSPA. No quad-core love for Verizon users yet. But with the Mobile World Conference (MWC) just around the corner, who knows what goodies are in store. Is anyone hoping that Verizon finds themselves as the home of a Tegra 3 device by year’s end? Is a quad-core even enough to make you switch to an LG made device?

Via: Pocket Now

  • Angoldman

    I dont get the button argument. 90% of android phones dont have physical buttons. their capacitive! except motorola. why would you not want more screen realestate and option to change buttons, size, shape,actions. i went from Tbolt to Gnex and i think the buttons are almost the same.

  • jbon

    Might just leave verizon for the first tegra 3 . Contract ends in march, yeaaaaa …… 3G speeds are so slow in Tampa I just can’t go to a Lte dual core for 2 more years when tegra 3 is somewhere else. .. 1/2mb/s speed wtf.

  • Manuel

    I ususally don’t even consider an LG phone, but I would pick this up right now if it were available.

  • Pretty hot phone. LG coming back to life?

  • Anonymous

    I will never buy a phone that ships with ICS with physical buttons.

    • Orlando Ayala


  • Anonymous

    LG hasn’t had a very good track record with Android phones. They will probably find a way to mess this up.

  • LionStone

    Looks nice…maybe a bit too tall? Have to see the overall height dimension…and good placement of their logo up top if that is the final spot.

    Oh, and quad core probably isn’t enough for me to switch to LG…not yet anyway.

  • Pmagent2013

    At first I thought this was the dx3 and that you typed lg by mistake. That’s a relief, I’m a moto fan. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Another phone that will never see updates.  LG needs to get with it.

  • NoteTaker

    Just Gimme the Note and nobody gets hurt!

    • note going to ATT, not verizon. i would have taken the note over nexus if it was at verizon. and the note will have an ics update by summer

  • This is pretty damn slick. I don’t really like ICS on screen keys so I’ll take these.
    And yes I have a GNex.

  • Anonymous

    must these phones keep getting bigger?…..

  • Jim McClain

    have had lg phones, just love my lg dare, took an original droid to make me retire it, now its living out its retirement as an alarm clock

  • Guest

    Looks good, and I love the size. But why is it that the newer devices that seem to be set up for ICS  only have 3 buttons instead of 4?  I don’t understand the logic behind removing the “search” button which I have always found helpful and quick.

    Oh well, I felt the same thing about phones removing their dedicated camera button which I always liked as well.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve never really used the search button on the three Android devices I’ve had over the past two years. 

      • Orlando Ayala

        Never used press and hold for voice functions? That’s crazy talk! Nothing like “Navigate to Chipotle” at luch time. Or “Send text to Boss, “Running a little late. Chipotle line is long. Want something?””

        • Anonymous

          Nah I usually just access it directly. I did actually use it a few hours ago while I was driving though.

  • X3 sounds like a lawsuit with Motorola waiting to happen.

  • marty jones

    Is there really a need for a phone to have quad core? For what..gaming maybe?? Help me understand this

    • tyler cole

      More stuff faster is about it.

    • Anonymous

      Is it really necessary for a car to have more than 150HP and a 4 cylinder engine? Not really, but there are cars out there that have v12’s and others that come stock with 500HP. Some of us just like speed! Also it’s supposed to help battery life since you it can split the work load in 4 parts instead of having one processor do 4x the work (Is it easier for 1 person to move 100 boxes or for 4 people to move 25 boxes?)

      • Dan

        But now you’ve got to feed 4 people, instead of one.

        • LionStone

          Bird food…

        • Anonymous

          4 people can more efficiently eat more than 1 person.

    • Anonymous

      Better battery life can be achieved with greater performance… I’ll take it.

  • Anonymous

    4.65 is really the right size, 4.7 is way too big  😛

    • just make phones 5 inches already like the note.

  • J.Mark

    sechs say!

  • Michael Forte

    It seems like only the Galaxy Nexus will have on screen buttons…

  • Anonymous

    wow, so I guess with phone sizes increasing after each iteration, the 5″ Dell Streak was just ahead of its time!

    • Anonymous

      It also wasn’t great for it’s form factor.  Pointed edges, too thick, low resolution, non-drool worthy hardware, and android 1.6 at launch in a froyo world.

  • If it runs ICS why does it have buttonssssss

    • Still runs the same, no biggy. I actually like this better than the on screen keys.

      • Yeha software buttons were a bad decision for ICS. 

        • For some reason it just doesn’t feel cohesive or responsive. Maybe it’s just me but I’d rather now have it

  • Anonymous

    That’s a sexy looking device! I think it would be better without any of the buttons at all since it will most likely ship with ICS.

    • I agree. It’s really bad to have new devices with ICS at release coming out that still have buttons built into the hardware.

      • It’s still ICS. I don’t particularly care for my on screen buttons on my GNex.

      • Anonymous

        Hardware buttons are optional.  I for one prefer them.  I don’t want buttons taking up my screen real estate.  Personal preference of course.  However, I do want them to go to the new button layout of home, back, and multitask, rather than menu, since that will be the standard going forward.

        • Anonymous

          I would assume they would make the screen larger to compensate for the space the buttons take up. I haven’t extensively used the GNex (only for about 10 minutes in the store) but I would think they would be useful, I love the idea of no physical (hard) buttons on my transformer. This was one of the  two reasons why I wanted the GNex over the Rezound, I got the Rezound anyway. It’s also slightly annoying when I grab my phone and have to rotate it so that the buttons are always on the right. #FirstWorldProblems

          • Anonymous

            By making the screen smaller, I mean that the Galaxy Nexus has the screen real estate closer to a 4.3″ 4.4″ phone, despite being advertised as a 4.65″ phone.  It’s great compared to the reszound, but I want the full 4.65″, or whatever.  FOr my transformer, that’s diffrerent.  There is a lot more variance in what orientation I hold it, as well as a lot more screen real estate that can be used for buttons without missing it.

            There are some advantages to soft buttons, but google doesn’t seem to be using a lot of them.  The only one I can think of is rotating the buttons with the phone.

            In the end, it’s personal preference.

        • Anonymous

          How do hardware buttons not take up screen space? They take up space on the bezel which could be used for a bigger screen. At least software buttons can hide when you don’t need them.

          • Anonymous

            100% wrong.  Software buttons don’t stop taking up screen space.  They fade away, and there is a black bar that is left, still taking up screen space.  If the buttons disappeared completely, how would you find the home button?  They just fade to dots, and the bar they occupy stays the same.

            With hardware buttons, if I by a 4.5″ phone, I’m getting a 4.5″ phone. With software buttons, if I buy a 4.5″ phone, I’m getting a 4.2″ phone effectively.  That’s what I mean by taking up space.

          • Anonymous

            It’s generally a good idea to know what you are talking about before spewing out things like 100% wrong. They do completely fade away when watching videos.

            And my point is that a phone with hardware buttons needs to be bigger to accommodate them.

          • Anonymous

            They don’t for me…

            Where do you go to press the home button if it disappears for you?

            Let me get this straight.  The video takes up the full screen, including the portion of the screen that normally has the bar for buttons.  The area where the buttons normally are is covered over by video.  For me, that’s not the case.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, on my Nexus and everyone elses, when I watch YouTube or Netflix videos they completely go away. You just have to touch the screen anywhere to get them back.

            I’m just saying screen space is not a very good reason to dislike software buttons because hardware buttons take up just as much physical space on the phone. It’s ok that you don’t like them. I don’t need people to like what I like. I just hate poor reasoning.

          • Anonymous

            Please, explain the flaw in this.  On screen buttons decrease real estate for the screen size.  Screen size tends to be the same with or without on screen buttons (compare the GNex to CES announcements of mainly 4.6″+ screens on the high end).  Physical buttons make the phone larger, but they are not taking screen real estate, since the exact same screen sizes are being used with or without these buttons.  You therefore have equal screen size with or without buttons, but more screen real estate with hardware buttons, albeit at a larger chassis size(albeit not by much. In fact, the GNex is larger than the 4.5″ Samsung Skyrcket. http://phone-size.com/?s=3%2C82 ).  Please, tell me how that’s poor reasoning.  I think you are being quite willfully ignorant.  Hopefully the step by step logic process fixes that.

            As for the on screen buttons disappearing during video playback, it must only be first party players.  I don’t watch youtube, and stock video app sucked, so I didn’t use it.  3rd party players didn’t do that.  Who knows if those API’s are even open.  I haven’t checked.

          • Anonymous

            Imagine two phones of the same size. The phone with hardware buttons needs to have a smaller screen to fit the physical buttons. Those buttons are taking up potential screen space.

            Also, Netflix is a 3rd party app that hides the buttons, other video players probably haven’t updated to allow it.

          • Anonymous

            Phone makers aren’t basing their phones on chassis size.  You don’t go tot he store and buy a 5″ chassis.  You buy a 4.6″ screen phone.  With that information, What has more screen real estate.  The 4.65″ phone with hardware buttons, or the 4.65″ screen with software buttons.  

            Second, if software buttons save so much space, why is the 4.65″ Galaxy Nexus larger than the 4.5″ Skyrocket with buttons.  Doesn’t seem like hardware buttons cause much of a loss of space now, does it?

            The Galaxy Nexus isn’t particularly smaller in chassis size or larger in screen size compared to a lot of the CES phones. You seem to be basing your argument on theory, rather than fact.