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Motorola in the Midst of Updating Their Software Upgrade Timeline, Which Devices Will See Ice Cream Sandwich and When?

Motorola has been all over Twitter this morning, telling users that their “software upgrade news site will be updated soon with info on ICS upgrades for other devices.” By “other devices,” they mean the DROID X, DROID X2, DROID 2 and 3, Pro, etc. We already know that all of the new RAZRs and the Bionic will see Android 4.0, but the rest have been a mystery. 

Here is my best guess as to which devices will see ICS:

  • RAZR and MAXX – Yes (confirmed)
  • XOOM – Yes (already receiving it)
  • Bionic – Yes (confirmed)
  • DROID X2 – Yes
  • DROID 3 – Yes
  • DROID X – Maybe
  • DROID 2/Global – Maybe
  • DROID Pro – Maybe (leaning towards not likely)
  • Original DROID – Not likely

And I’m giving the original DROID X and DROID 2 a “maybe” because both were highly adopted phones. Moto will have more than a handful of angry users to deal with should they deny those two. The Pro was not popular and the “OG” is just too damn old. With that said, since the DX, D2 and Pro all have similar specs, they could easily update the Pro to ICS should they decide to include those others.

What about a time frame for release? Motorola has already laid out their 4-6 month process for updating, so if you go off of the release of Android 4.0 (November 13), then some of these phones may not see ICS until May or June. I would sort of expect the RAZR and Bionic to see it much sooner as they are brand new devices, but the D3 and DX2 could be a bit.

Stay close to this site to see when the update timeline goes live.

Any bets?

  • There is an ICS beta out there for the droid x but everyone’s run into a roadblock trying to get the camera to work. I wonder how similar the camera on the bionic is? Maybe the code can be cannibalized somehow?

  • Killa-Cotton

    X2 is confirmed for ICS.

    • Ha

      Where from?!

  • Brandroid08

    Im doing just fine on my dx. I have a beta of ics thats runs super smooth. I woul like too try stock update….but if we dont get it….oh well ill get ics from somewhere else:)

  • Rob

    ICS on my D3 would be nice. Maybe it will get rid of all the hiccups when it comes to widgets and redrawing the homescreen.

    Anyone know if ICS suffers from this too?

  • ScottyfromGA

    willing to bed ZERO that the Droid X doesn’t get ICS….

  • Anonymous

    I’d love to see it on my DX2 and I hope your guess is correct.  I was a part of the soak test for the Xoom and I have to say I love it, although some of my apps have had problems but I’m sure that will all get worked out.

  • WOO can’t wait for some ICS on my Bionic. Hopefully I can get an ICS deblurred ROM and I’ll be even happier. 😀

  • where can i get that clock at

  • Ahsan

    Please for the Droid 2 Global…

  • Skittleoid

    Droid X!………..Droid X!………Droid X!……Droid X!…Droid X!..Droid X! Droid X! Droid X!

  • jbon

    Ummmmmm. But all of those have ics you just have to man up and install it yourself. Blur yes that lasted a day. I will take my ics port with no bugs over ics blur any day. Us clones

  • Chris

    A phone is a phone not something to fight over… If you like creating your own interface and experience get an android. if you want something that simply works and works well without customization get the iphone. Enough flaming already


    Droid-Life already forgot about me…


    what about my precious XYBOARD?


    • TC Infantino

      Ahh, but we are judging on many factors, including accuracy, and ability to spell out DROID.

  • Anonymous

    Lets all be honest with each other.  Do we really put any faith in a MOTO  time frame?  They have been a joke in the past.  Why should I believe now that ICS will be on my Bionic by May?  Not holding my breath.  Hopefully by then there will be a stable ROM out soon!

  • Anonymous

    The DX entry on that update page still lists 2.2 as the latest. It should be 2.3. Not a good sign that Moto is committed to that phone

    • Anonymous

      It has not been updated in a while.  Xoom still says 3.2 is rolling out.

      • Anonymous

        Ok, they’re just not committed to documentation I guess! 

        • Anonymous


  • OzO

    I must be the only idiot that has a Droid Pro, I bought the phone in December of 2010.  It’s a shame that Motorola probably won’t update it as it is the only phone with a portrait keyboard form factor.  The least they could do is fix the absolute piece of garbage known as 2.3.3 (4.6.8.XT610) they pushed to the phone in October (after an initial soak in May) how it took from May–> October to release such a riddled piece of garbage update is beyond me.  Take a look at the Droid X bugs 
    https://forums.motorola.com/posts/47a760fdef , the Pros aren’t as numerous but the bugs will likely never be addressed.  

    • LionStone

      Seen a couple flying next to me recently had them. I almost got the Droid Pro, (I looked at it closely but wanted more screen), it would be an easy transition from a BlackBerry, which the couple were probably coming from too. But I went with the Incredible for my first Android, reactivated it recently so I could update to 2.3, love the thing.

    • MowserX

      I am in the same boat as you. Trying to figure out if there is any way to get ICS on there without having to wait for Moto. Until now I never cared about locked boot loader, etc. but now my next phone will be a Nexus or one with an unlocked boot loader so I am not in the position I am in now.

  • Butters619

    Hopefully the Atrix will see one too

    • Anonymous

      It probably will. This article was just on Motorola’s Droid line of phones

  • Sporttster

    Hmm….how about a site with timelines on unlocked bootloaders….like they had said they were going to do…..

  • As a Droid X user, I can’t possibly see this thing being able to hand Ice-cream Sandwich. My battery life decreased quite a bit with Gingerbread, and I question if the hardware would even support the OS. A lot of Droid X users are probably going to be due for their upgrade in the next few months, if not already (based on release time frame).

    In short, I vote no upgrade Droid X. Unless they can absolutely squeeze exact or better battery life out of this upgrade. I have doubts.

    • Jon

      Trust me it can run it. I had ICS running great on my Samsung Fascinate, which is basically from the same generation of devices. 

      I just don’t think Motorola should waste their time doing so. They need to support the most recent devices first. 

      I personally think they should worry about updates for a year and then move on. I buy phones once every 6 months and I sure as hell don’t want my new phone updates held back by companies worrying about updating phones that are old, and or incapable / unworthy. 

      If you have a phone older than a year, I think you should just rely on the custom rom community.

      • Anonymous

        Apparently you missed the mandate from Google for OEMs to support their devices for 18 months.  Must be nice to have money to just throw away on a new phone every 6 months.  The rest of the world must rely on discounts from contracts every 2-3 years (depending on location) to buy their phones subsidized.  Your comment is noted and dismissed as crap.  People who buy phones what to see some sort of support for at least the majority of their contracts.

        • Jon

          I’m not rich believe you me. Phone values remain strong for the first 6 months or so on the craigslist market. What I do every six months is purchase a used phone on craigslist, usually 1 behind the latest greatest generation, and then I sell my old phone on craigslist. So basically, I get a new phone every six months for about $150 when it’s all said and done with the buying and selling. 

          Between that and my new every 2, I’m able to keep up with phones. For example this past month, I found an amazing deal on Verizon website for the Droid Bionic refurb for $79.99. I had to sign for two years. After tax it was $129.00 and I purchased $99 square trade warranty. Way cheaper than a galaxy nexus and has been great. Will be awesome once it gets ICS 

  • Jim McClain

    even with the upgrade they still wont get  NFC or beam

    • Will a mod ban this dude already damn

  • Wes

    Hoping for the best for my DX, however it runs perfectly without ICS so not a big worry.

  • Anonymous

    … atrix? retail?

  • droidian1441

    I doubt the DX, D2 or DROID Pro will see ICS, but I agree with everything else listed…

  • Sunstreak115

    im personally not worried about my d3 because if the bionic is getting it then it will most likely too and if not it wont be hard to port it from the bionic

    • Anonymous

      Agreed.  Other than the RAM difference, the physical keyboard and the minute screen size difference, they are the same phone.

  • Jon

    I highly doubt that the Droid X, Droid X2, Droid 2, or Droid Pro will ever see ICS. And it’s a given that the OG Droid most certainly will not. 

    • Anonymous

      X2 probably will since it is dual core.  I would say anything with a single core would be doubtful from most manufactures….sans the nS.

  • Even the CM team dropped the OG Droid from the CM9 release, the chance it’s going to release an ICS release from Motorola is not just unlikely, it’s “next to impossible”.

  • :’)


  • Jason Purp

    All of the “maybes” on your list is not even worth mentioning. Obviously they will not get ICS.

  • Larry Mao

    Yeah, given that they have failed to fix the myriad of problems created by their last Droid X Gingerblur update, I doubt ICS is somewhere in its future.

    In yesterday’s comments someone asked what problems I was having with the last update when I accused Moto of abandoning us customers. As such, I’m providing the link to the well known issues that have yet to be addressed by Moto since the last Gingerblur update.


  • Bob Martin

    I heard that 80% of HTC phones will receive jelly bean update before 20% of moto phones receive ICS

    • Michael Forte

      I heard that’s 100% BS. Motorola is actually one of the quickest to update their phones.

      • Nspooty

        I’m pretty sure there’s an infographic/spreadsheet or something posted on one of the android sites that also confirmed two things: 1) Motorola is the fastest to update their phones and 2) Motorola phones had the highest percentage on the current Android version.

        Conversely, I believe the same infographic/spreadsheet also showed Samsung as being the worst.  Slowest to update, but even worse, the highest percentage of phones more than 1 MAJOR Android version behind.

        The fact that Google is responsible for updating the Gnex software is its only saving grace as far as Android revisions go.

        So i’m not sure why so many people bash Motorola for being slow.  Also, my first experience with Blur on my Razr and I like it.  It’s not intrusive at all in my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      Go troll elsewhere.  Moto has been better then all the other manufactures getting their phones to GB and that will be the same with ICS.

      • Anonymous

        Easy guy, it was a simple joke.  My question is what happened to the promised 90-day upgrade to ICS?  Yes, I have a GNex.  Yes I think it’s the best android phone out right now.  No I’m not an elitist who thinks that all other phones are crap because they aren’t the GNex…however…Yes I am anti-moto (coming from an OG droid) because they consistently lie, over-promise, and under deliver.  This in conjunction with their anti-dev policies and tactics makes me sad and unhappy buying a Moto product.

        • Anonymous

          What 90 day promise to upgrade?  That was never promised.  It was stated that Moto would take up to 90 days to decided a planned path forward for upgrades on its devices.  That is all, then it was stated that it would take something like 3-6 months for all the upgrades to take place.  They are still well within their projected timeline especially since the Xoom is now rolling out.  The next will be the Razr, Bionic, and D4.  Then they will figure out what gets them next.  Moto does their own thing, for better or worse.  Do I wish they would unlock, yes….mostly to quiet down the complainers.  Most consumers don’t care about all the things that are complained about on this site.  Moto makes good hardware that lasts, just ask anyone still rocking the OG.  As for the comment on the Gnex, the only thing it has going for it right now is ICS and NFC, same as when the nS came out when it was the first with GB.  The S was soon overshadowed with other, better phones running the same software.  If the Gnex had GB on it everyone would say how crappy the phone is, but since it has ICS everyone wants it.  The Gnex will be pushed into a back, dark corner as soon as other phones get ICS, just like the S did and the One.

          • TC Infantino

            This is funny because it is true. Moto does make quality handsets that last.  I am not even sure if the OG Droid was a nexus device or not, though I believe it was the first with Froyo.  And the OG seems to be the one that people rarely have anything bad to say about it, even after it turned 2 years old.  Personally I would have jumped all over a Moto Nexus if they had come out with it. 

        • Source for the 90-day-to-update promise?  They stated that they would be taking 60 days to evaluate their update strategy.  I’m assuming they were making alpha builds for each device to see which were up to snuff.  They released their 4-6 month update post to show their expected time frame.
          And I don’t think that Moto is necessarily anti-dev, as they are pro-enterprise (which accounts for a good chunk of their business).  The two communities want complete opposite things, and Moto is still trying to decide how they can keep their handset security for businesses while giving the dev community its freedom.  Obviously HTC’s solution is great for devs but would be hell for IT departments and corporations, who keep tight control on their internal networks and the devices that run on them.

        • I am an elitist who thinks all other phones are crap if they aren’t running an unskinned version of ICS.

        • Anonymous

          I retracted my 90-day statement.  I took a look back after I posted that comment (and before reading your replies) and took that part out.

    • Before or after apple takes all the HTC phones off the shelves in a few months

  • The Truth Hurts

    When the Razr get ICS no one will remember the Galaxy Nexus

    • ur joking right?

      • I love my Galaxy Nexus, but the fact that there are Android fans loving a RAZR (or Rezound) instead of a Galaxy Nexus, and vice versa is a good thing. It’s nice to have choices.

    • The Real Truth

      Not likely! You are fooling yourself if you think that! They had to delay the GNex so they could actually sell some Razrs.

      • Acutally, my contacts at several stores around Atlanta have said that they sell pretty evenly among all their current 4G devices (Bionic, Razr, Rezound, GNex).  The rhetoric that the GNex killed the Razr or was delayed because of it is pure nonsense.

      • The Truth Hurts

        you are just a mayonnaise eating sister lover

  • Anonymous

    Droid Pro, really?

  • Guest

    Anything that ran Froyo will not see ICS

  • Anonymous

    I would agree with the maybe/no on the DX and D2s, and the yes on the D3 and up.  Think about contract dates/eligibility for new phones.  I know some lucky people get (and can afford) new phones whenever they want, but most of us have to wait the 18 to 20 months on contract before we get a new phone.  The DX and D2 are past that timeframe, so Moto and the carriers would want owners of those phones to buy new ones, so most likely no update to ICS.  The D3 came out in July, the DX2 not long before that.  Both have at least until 2013 before any of their owners on the normal “new phone cycle” would be eligible to get new phones (at discounted prices), so it would be beneficial to upgrade those (and anything newer) to ICS.  Especially since the hardware can handle it.

  • Joe

     If the D2G gets ICS then I may get the D4 in the hopes of maybe getting what comes after ICS.

  • Akshonyeah

    No DROID Xyboard?

  • Anonymous

    Ugh i didn’t want to believe it but these GNEX comments are just as bad as iPhone fan boy comments. Great you love your phone, get on with your life and stop trolling every damn bit of information that isn’t gnex /rant

    • Charlie


      • Guest


        • +1

          • PAJ


          • Football4lifeson


          • = 6

            Am I doing this right?

          • Rmadera

            You are indeed correct! But alas..

            +1 = 7

          • El Big Chris


    • Tom

       You just noticed? They’ve been on par with iFans even before the GNex came out.

      • Anonymous

        Oh I was on the hype bandwagon as well. I didn’t make snippy comments like I designed the damn phone myself but I watched this site like a hawk and saw all the tooliness of the people that were so ready to become the smug-est Android users ever.

        I got my GNEX and realized I rather have BLUR with a signal and decent battery life than the android messiah without. Loving my Bionic and I can’t wait to get ICS, nevermind yes I can.

        • Anonymous

          Hmm I don’t seem to have the problems you are speaking of…I must be one of the lucky ones….battery life is amazing and am very glad to be away from BLUR…but I suppose it is a matter of the individual experience

          • My Gnex gets 3 bars 4g, 20 mbps in st.louis market, when I’m not using the internet I just turn it on 3g to make the battery last all day.
            Don’t know why people all pissy

        • Anonymous

          I was all wrapped up in the GNEX hype until I got it. Needless to say I’m back on the Rezound and I ain’t goin nowhere! That’s awesome that Moto is being transparent about its updates!

        • I have a Bionic with no BLUR and I couldn’t love the phone anymore. 🙂 Rooted running Eclipse. Though I just switched it from Liberty, but Liberty was eating up my battery like crazy, but I loved the features. 

          • Anonymous

            I might have to check that one out. What features does it have?

  • Where is the Atrix?

    • Anonymous

      This is a Droid site, they concern themselves with Verizon phones. I’m sure the Photon, for example, will see ICS too.

    • check an.droid-life.com for Atrix info 

  • Michael Forte

    I highly doubt the X or D2 will see ICS. None of the phones released around the same time from other manufacturers are upgrading to ICS, so there isn’t much pressure for Moto to do so, although it’d be great if they surprised everyone.

    • Lmrojas

      Before I threw my x against the wall, i was running an extremly stable port of ICS on my X. Would be a shamr if they didnt hook people with the x up.

  • -= )v(urphy =-

    No OG love? lol

  • Baulgrim

    Atrix 2?

    • What about the original Atrix?? It’s still less than a year old and has a dual core processor. No reason it shouldn’t.

      • We really just report on Verizon phones. I’m sure the Atrix and Atrix 2 will see ICS, as will the Photon.

  • doesnt matter its still gonna have that same crappy motorola skin over it. glad i have a nexus. i feel bad for you motorola owners.

    • Blackmagick20

      Don’t feel bad, because I’m certainly happy with my D3. Stay on your own Nexus news reports if you’re so happy.

    • Bill

      You realize that since google bought motorola mobility that a lot of the better parts of blur are already in ICS.

      • The Googorola deal has not been completed yet.  And ICS was in development long before the buyout was announced.
        That said, the Moto UI still has features such as Smart Actions, MotoCast compatibility, enterprise-level encryption baked into the OS that are over and above ICS’s capabilities.  Just like Sense has its pretty transitions and massive number of widgets, and TouchWiz has its simplicity, each UI has its strengths and weaknesses, including the AOSP solution.

      • bobukcat

        I don’t think it really had much to do with the Googorola acquisition as it did some basic cooperation between the two companies and MMI actually listening to customers and constantly improving (the skin previously known as) Blur. I definitely agree with you though, I bought a Bionic fully expecting to desperately miss the pure Google experience of my OG and instead I found a lot of great enhancements to the stock GB experience, several of which are in ICS. 

    • I feel bad for you cause you have nothing better to do with your GNEX than read post and comment about MOTOs when that was what inspired this site to start with

  • Roberts Tye


  • I bet DX and D2 won’t. Although both seem capable of handling it, Motorola will want people to upgrade to the Bionic RAZR and Droid 4.

    • Anonymous

      I think the list is just a tad optimistic.  In particular, I think that there’s no chance of any of Moto’s 2010 devices seeing ICS, so that immediately knocks out the DX, D2, D2G and DP.  A shame, since there are still a LOT of DX users out there and the hardware of all those devices is definitely up to the task.  I haven’t spent enough time with the D2 line, but I know that GB remains horribly buggy still on the DX and DP. 

      Of Moto’s 2011 lineup (across all carriers), I think that the Atrix 1 is the oldest device that will be upgraded.  I doubt the X2 will get it due to the fact that the X2 has been a particularly less-heralded handset than its predecessor and VZW is probably better off giving X2 users early upgrade eligibility (perahps to coincide with the demise of grandfathered unlimited plans!?) instead of throwing resources testing and fixing an “outdated” device. Plus, it’s Tegra2-based (a rarity in Moto’s phone lineup) and is hindered by having only 512MB RAM and particularly bad memory management on top of that.  

      Of the VZW phones that launched around the same time as the X2, the Charge and Revolution are not likely to see ICS but the Xperia Play & TB supposedly will.  So it’s not like Moto has a lot of reasons to continue work on the X2 unless VZW encourages them to do so.  BUT I am sure the Photon will be upgraded so they may still do the X2 it if it’s an easy enough port.   Whatever the reason, the wait for the legacy 3G Moto devices to get ICS will probably be so long that most users will get fed up and snag a new device as soon as they are eligible. 

      The Droid 3 and everything after it (all being OMAP-based devices and all LTE other than the D3) will definitely see ICS.  I am also curious to see if the Xoom Family Edition will be receiving ICS, since I imagine it has miniscule sales figures and is sort of the orphan in Moto’s tablet lineup.

      P.S. I feel especially bad for my non-techie friends who got a “cheap” OG Droid 1 in mid-2010 right around the time the Droid 2 came out.  They bought the OG at the tail end of its new retail availability and have been stuck with no “official” updates for some time and are terrified to listen to me about flashing another ROM on it. 

      • Anonymous

        I have an X2 and feel like it will be skipped over too, though I hope it won’t. However, it is not the only Tegra 2 based phone Motorola has. There are also the Atrix 4G and Photon which both have Tegra 2 and qHD screens (though they have 1 GB of RAM, webtop, and FFC).

  • Anonymous

    By the time they get around to updating the Droid 2/X, all the owners will be eligible for an upgrade anyways.

    • And the DX3 will be out. 😛

      • and the dx4 will be rumored

      • Jack Coleman

        Actually, i feel like the X series is done but if they do i feel like it will be too much like the Razr. btw just my 2 cents, but i had the Gnex, returned it for a razr because the only thing i liked was ICS and MAYBE the soft buttons.

    • Dan

      I’m already eligible to upgrade my X, waiting for the Note on Verizon, touchwiz be damned!  But in the mean time I wouldn’t mind a little ICS blur action.

      • Just curious as to how you are eligible i got my X on day one and not able to upgrade until March 15? just curious