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LG Spectrum Available Today at $199 on Contract From Verizon

Today is the day for potential LG Spectrum owners. If you are looking for one of the best HD screens in the mobile business, a powerful 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 8MP shooter, and 4G LTE, then this may be your next phone at the reasonable price of $199 on new 2-year contract ($599 off). It is available this very minute online and in VZW stores across the nation.

Be sure to check out our hands-on with the Spectrum from CES.

  • Mtp

    Anyone know if I can use the LG Spectrum with another calling service?  I just don’t care for Verizon.

  • Jet

    you people are so stupid, you don’t know jack, this phone has the best specs, hands down, period and it is the leader in HD, we shall see how well the Galaxy Nexus go up against this baby, time will tell, the same goes with HTC Resound, if they don’t go down as a company because of the suit Apple won against them.  You fail to realize, you don’t speak for the majority of people who don’t find fault in everything they see, nothing is 100% perfect, so get over it…

  • Max

    I got mines the other day at verizon! The screen is so beautiful that it is some what mezmorizing lol!! I played around with several other phones but after looking at the display on this phone i diddnt even want look the display on other most of the other phones.  Many complain about the UI but i have no problems with it and i have experienced viturally no lag!  Web pages and videos load fast!  The battery life for me is great. One gets me through the day!

  • Robzilla88 Rh

    This phone is not a nexus so let get on the right subject im sick of reading nexus because you literally can’t read about any phones for people talking about nexus

  • Thelegendofdavid

    Can we get sale figures of the xyboard? Im more curious to find out how many of those overpriced tablets were sold.

    Sent from my g-nex

  • Joe

    How much for some 4G LTE spectrum around here already?

  • Anonymous

    Its cheaper then the other high-end phones because no one wants to spend $300 on a LG device.

  • Anonymous

    Those VZW Bastards! Nobody really expecting it so what do they do, put a $199 price take on it….Bastards!

  • Nice specs but LG hardly support their devices, it’s very unlikely that you’ll get a single software update on this phone.

  • Aaron Russell

    The metal accents around the bezel look pretty slick.  The pop-out usb cover is terrible though.  Overall specs are good, but not great since these specs were released on phones that came out in October/November.  LG has no track-record for quality smartphones like HTC, Motorola and Samsung.  If LG expects to get in the race they need to produce something we haven’t already seen two to three months earlier.

    • Tim242

      I hope you realize that specs can’t always get better. These are phones. There’s only so much you can put into them.

      • Aaron Russell

        Which is why LG (or any of the non-Big 3) needs to have something unique that levels the playing field.  But every spec offered on this phone is found on other phones already available.  If I have the choice to buy similarly spec’d phones from Moto, Samsung, HTC and LG, I’m probably putting LG at the end of that list.

        Additionally, it seems that LG went with the “There’s only so much you can put into them” mindset when designing this phone, and that IMO, is why there is no significant draw to this phone.

        • Tim242

          It has the highest specs currently available. What more do you want? Price and preference are the only differences in any high-end phone now being released.

          Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

        • LionStone

          High quality screen, price point, form factor and possibly decent battery life are significant for many to consider this phone, maybe not many of us here but it may do ok.

        • QtDL

          Well maybe just the price difference alone would be the draw to this phone. $199 for new phone is much more attainable to those w/ tight wallets than $299. Specwise it looks ok. I have never had an LG phone so I can really comment on the build quality.

  • looks better than my bionic.. 
    anyone know if the bootloader is unlocked on LG’s?

    • Probably unlocked. But good luck finding any devs that want any piece of it heh.

      • i know man.. g-nex totally screwed it up for any other phone as far as community support goes.
        i wish i could afford a second one but at $299 i’m looking at other players in the game that have unlocked bootloaders. i’m considering the rezound after seeing that theres a clean ICS build for it on XDA. 

        • Jer85008

          Love my Rezound, and the Dev community is all over it. If you don’t mind the heft…everything else rocks.

          Based on what I saw at CES, there won’t be anything better on the horizon for at least 3-6 months anyway.

          • gave in and got another nexus.. even tho i couldnt afford one right now. 

  • Nerdy Desi

    Hmm, one of the few American Android phones with only 3 buttons, no search button eh?

    • KnightCrusader

      I wish they’d all go this way. I never use it.

      • Tim242

        I used it a lot. Missed it on my Nexus. Had to add it

    • the search button is probably a long press on the menu button like on the Nitro

  • Lol @everyone saying this had good build quality. You hate on the plastic of the Gnex, yet call this nasty shinny plastic phone “nice” haha.

  • I’ll have to try one when we get it in the store.. so far i don’t think i’ll like it. i like the idea of an awesome display, but if the phone doesn’t have the speed and power to support it then it’s no good…

  • Dan

    I look forward to some people buying this and giving some feedback on it. If there’s not many problems with it (because there inevitably are with every release, including the beloved gnex) I may consider using my long overdue upgrade from my Droid 2. Had some LG flip phones back in the day, which were the best phones I’ve had to date.

  • Mike727

    The rezound is the same price and a better phone. IMO

    • I’m Kick-Ass!

      Yeah especially if you’re a chubby-chaser.

    • Anonymous

      Unless you care about Beats or Sense, it’s the same internals.

      • Mike727

        I do care about sense and Beats audio. That’s why I said IMO. The rezound also got high marks for its HD screen and has one of the best cameras on a phone out there. 

        • Anonymous

          Good for you? They’re still the same phone internally, in fact this has a little bigger Retina quality HD screen, bigger battery, and yet is thinner. Cameras are subjective, and they both are 8MP and both phones are unlockable. So naturally they should be priced the same and in some ways this is a slightly better deal. The only factual spec difference between them is Beats. I don’t care about either phone but it’s really stretching it to say either is better than the other on tangible differences. 

          • Mike727

            Lately phones have been basically the same.. 1GB ram, dual core, 8mp camera.. Isn’t the tangible differences that usually stand out when purchasing your next phone? Does for me.

          • Josh Groff

            I bought the sensation because at the time it was t-mos best phone, I turned to the dev community for beats audio/ amaze cam mods. HTC is solid, and devs love em.

          • Tim242

            Higher quality “retina” display? That is the term coined by apple. The Rezound has a higher ppi than the iphone. The retina part refers to human eyes no longer being able to see pixels. That means any more pixels per inch is overkill. You can’t tell the difference. Stop being such an a$$.

          • Anonymous

            Thanks captain obvious, who’s the ass now? I know where it got publicly noticed and where it started. And it’s 300ppi or higher. Where did I say higher quality??? I just it had one, and was a little bigger (4.5 vs 4.3) than the rezound. In fact I was making the argument you won’t tell the difference in screen quality… (unless you want to talk differences of IPS LCD vs SLCD, but I digress) Did you even read my comment or just get hot and bothered caused I used the now common place mumbojumbo of Retina display?

          • Tim242

            You said, “It has a higher quality retina display.”

            Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

          • Anonymous

            You speak English????

            ” in fact this has a little bigger Retina quality HD screen, bigger battery, and yet is thinner.”

            Again WHERE? My post isn’t edited like I am doing to this one. so SLOW DOWN and read.

          • Tim242

            Same thing. You are trying to make an idiotic argument that an LG phone is better than an HTC phone.

            Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

          • Anonymous

            I see, so saying the 2 phones are near identical internally just made by 2 different manufacturers is an idiotic argument….but somehow accusing me of saying “better quality screen” when I only mentioned a size difference is not idiotic, and they try to say it’s the same thing?? Wow, Thank you sir for giving me my big laugh of the day. No wonder I come here a lot less these days.

          • Tim242

            You were a complete a$$ to someone because they prefer HTC and Sense to LG’s crap. I own a Nexus. I miss several aspects of Sense. Auto text reflow in the browser is great. Having to double tap is not so intuitive…and it only works half the time. Sense is not bad. The only thing I disliked about Sense is the launcher. Launcher Pro took care of that…and I still got the Sense enhancements. Your comments just have a negative tone. Just because you think something is bad, doesn’t make it bad. As far as beats, it sounds great. It’s not useful to me, since I only stream music, mostly from slacker. My mom just upgraded. I wanted her to get the Nexus. She preferred the Rezound. That was her choice. I’m not going to be an a$$ because she got what she wanted. At least HTC supports their phones.

            Sent from my Galaxy Nexus

        • Would have to recommend the Rezound over this. Can’t beat the camera, screen is just as good, and the dev community will actually adopt it unlike the Spectrum.

  • Anonymous

    For all you Apple fanbois out there, LG makes the “Retina” display, so this is the same basic tech and ppi (IPS LCD), but at a more modern, 4.5″. Looks like you now have nothing to claim superiority with. Oh, that and sAMOLED > IPS LCD.

    • EC8CH

      na ah… 3.5 inches is the perfect screen size for a phone… it’s been scientifically proven.

      • Guest

        Ridiculous comment…it is perfect only if you have never used a bigger screen. When I pick up my wife’s iphone after being on a 4.3″ it is a positive downgrade, indeed almost a painful experience. Wait till the iphone goes to a bigger screen, you will see a major isheep stampede.

        • Tesseract 3

          He was being sarcastic… duuuuude. 

        • KnightCrusader

          ^ Sarcasm comprehension fail.

  • Steve

    LG gets very little dev support so I’m not interested…there skin is almost as bad as blur….almost

    • Kuboo99

      Not to be a troll here, but to me blur isn’t that bad of a skin (at least the newer versions.) It seems though that blur represents locked bootloaders which is what I dislike.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with the point that the newer versions of blur do seem to work a lot better than it used to but I still find it to be terribly ugly, almost as ugly as sense.  Believe it or not these days I actually think touchwiz is the best manufacturer skin out there, nothin beats stock though.

        • Jay

          All the skins are give and take in my opinion, but Blur is my favorite to look at, touchwiz manages to be somehow ugly and boring at the same time in my opinion. No accounting for taste I suppose.

          • KnightCrusader

            Yeah, I can tolerate blur more than I can the others, it seems as more of a color theme change on stock compared to other launchers.

        • Anonymous

          these days I actually think touchwiz is the best manufacturer skin out there ”
          – Proof that random drug testing should be required.

          • Blackmagick20

            Yea…what a shame for someone to have a different opinion than you do…

    • Anonymous

      Dont know about the revolution, but the dev community was wonderful for my girls G2X & with the specs this thing has, im sure there will be alot of work done for it

  • Anonymous

    hopefully someone buys one so we all can have that sweet espn app 

  • Darkseider

    Owning a G2X I can honestly say that LG from a hardware standpoint is pretty solid.  From a support/update (as in software) standpoint they absolutely and unequivocally suck ass.  If it weren’t for the excellent dev community the G2X would have been a has been.  

    • Josh Groff

      With cyan, that baby kicks out 3600 quadrant at 1.5 clock, beautiful. 😉

  • Jcdenton771

    A phone actually came out on Verizon when it was supposed to??

    • Hah!

    • Anonymous

      Nice 1…..well said sir, well said

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see a current-gen phone with a $199 price tag. Kind of gives me hope for future phone prices…

  • Jdstell

    How’s LG when it comes to quality? I have two friends that have/had LG Android smartphones, and they were nightmares. Replaced one of them 3 times and the other still can’t go a whole day without locking up and needing a battery pull.

    • Bewara2009

      LG quality is just like Samsung, so it sucks! 

      • Rick

        Bewara the troll assahole

        • Sighman

          Before I bought a G-Nexus, my previous two phones were LG. I had zero problem with them. A friend has the Revolution and absolutely loves it.

        • Anonymous

          Haha, dont wanna encourage the rubbish/fighting that has taken over 90% of the comment sections on this site, BUT i see what you did there, well played!!!

      • Kevin

        Yea either he’s a sense loving retard a boot loader locked moto douche or an apple zombie take your pick…

        • Josh Groff

          Sense is second best to vanilla, just sayin. Can’t really say I hate any specific manufacturer, they each have their perks.

    • Jake

      I just recently upgraded from an LG Ally and it was a solid phone but it did start to encounter some problems near the end. The ally did not have LG skin though it was just stock android 2.2.2. The problems I had were software related though not actual hardware things. It also had a keyboard which was just one more things to break so that might have led to it.

    • well i got the revolution when it first came out and this happened to me 
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOGM__SQB6Y and thats my video. that was my second one. it happened on the first one too. then the second one did it twice and so did the third one to the point they wouldnt recognize my SIM, so i had to exchange for the charge. i loved that phone though. it felt really solid and the screen was beautiful. if that doesnt happen with this phone, then its definitely a powerhouse. 

  • *looks at G-Nex*

    Nah, I’m good.

    • Tim242

      G-Nex sounds so stupid. If you say Nexus, I’m sure we’ll know which one. Just sayin.

      • PC_Tool

        You’re just pronouncing it wrong…

        Guh-Nex, not Gee-Nex….

        Sound better now?  :p

        • Tim242

          Haha. I wish I could say yes. I guess either is better than the ones that insist on callling it the Prime.

          Sent from my Galaxy Nexus