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Nielsen: In December, 91% of Smartphone Acquirers Purchased an Android Device or iPhone

In the month of December, 91.4% of new smartphone acquirers purchased either an Android device or an iPhone. That number is up almost 5% from the previous two months, meaning RIM and Windows Phone continue to do nothing to entice consumers.

The other important note that you are seeing blasted across every Apple site today, is the fact that Apple seems to have made massive jumps in a couple of categories. Most notably is the graph above that shows recent acquirers. What I will say to that is, it’s not like Android phones are being purchased at a reduced rate even though many would jump to that conclusion by looking at this chart. According to Andy Rubin, daily activations are still increasing each and every day. All that this means is that the iPhone 4S came out and a whole bunch of people that were waiting for it, bought it. Does it mean that Android is dying or in decline? Not for a second. In fact, if you look at their numbers for “All Smartphone Users,” Android jumped up another 3.3% from a similar report in September, while iOS’s share only gained 2%.   

So again, it’s a 2-horse race – has been for a while. If you are still doing the Apple vs. Android battle and getting angered by it or insulting someone from the other OS personally, you need therapy. Android is not iOS. iOS is not Android. They will never be the same (which is a good thing) and not one of you is right or wrong in choosing one or the other. Choices are good, folks. No need to hate.

Via:  Nielsen

  • Anonymous

    So Windows Phone 7 grew an astounding 0.1%, and RIM dropped by *more than half* during the same period. Dismal numbers by any analysis. WP7 has been on the market for over a year but hasn’t gained any traction. Microsoft has enough in the bank to whither the storm a bit longer, but RIM doesn’t. The next headlines about RIM will be regarding the mass exodus of their executives.

  • Why would anyone choose wp7? Even if the OS was equal to iOS or Android, there are only 10% of the apps and 3 phones to choose from.

  • Josh Groff

    Could just choose both, I like my iPhone for the battery life and my Androids for customization and what not.

  • Destroythanet

    LOL, both Apple and Android fanboys should relax and simply enjoy the success of their chosen platform instead of constantly nitpicking any success the side has. It’s pretty pathetic. I have no problem admitting that the iPhone and iPad are good products, even though I chose the Galaxy Nexus and Transformer Prime over them.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Totally agree. And I love my iPod as a music player. Long battery life, excellent sound, easy to use interface, small and sleek  size with excellent construction. These are just a couple things I like about it. But that is my music player. Gnex for phone, TF101 for tablet. Apple makes great toys but I need something with substance when it comes to everyday life and work.

    • Josh Groff

      It’s not that they’re horrible, it’s just that they’re overpriced for the specifications.

    • Gregory Dean

      I too chose the Gnex and Asus Prime Rib.  Isn’t it funny that Apple ppl are content to get real fast 3G speeds?

      • Anonymous

        That’s because iPhone is so perfect in every other way that iSheep are willing to overlook that tiny shortcoming.

  • The real test is the current, winter quarter.  That’s when you have the iPhone 4S on the market the entire time and the glow of the launch is over.

    No doubt demand won’t see that spike, but at the same, notice that Android was still declining in December, two months after the iPhone launch.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Android stops growing in winter, even if it’s temporary.

  • Anonymous

    i would say that’s rather depressing for windows mobile. they can’t even give them away for free. all these commercials/ads for their devices and they keep shrinking. and blackberry is well blackberry. i still don’t get all the rage in the corporate environment.

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      MS should realize by now that they are not gonna be a player in this race. Instead of quitting though, join the pack. Build a MS UI off of Android and then bundle it into Android Handsets or sell it as a launcher for $10 a copy. Makes more sense. Sometimes MS doens’t know when to quit. Zune… ahem.. BTW, this has nothing to do with who has what better, it is economics. They simply cannot compete in this market anymore.

      • Calculatorwatch

        I think you’re right even though I actually think Windows Phone is a really cool OS (and I love my Zune :P). WebOS was really cool too though and look how that ended.

        People want an iPhone if they want a beautifully simple (too simple) UI. Or else they want something with a comparable amount of apps, a big screen, 4G, fast processor — I don’t think WP even supports dual cores yet. Android has the other half of the market and MS is gonna have to try a lot harder if they actually wanna compete. Besides they make enough money off phone sales already all they’re really trying to do is make something successful to break the Windows stigma.

        It would be funny if WP became the alternative OS (kinda like linux) for android phones, but I would definitely pay good money for a really nice Zune app in the market.

      • Josh Groff

        It seems you spelled Xbox 360 wrong.

        • Philip A. Kaiser

          Not quite sure what your comment was?

          • Josh Groff

            I was correcting Zune with Xbox 360, which was a fail on a much larger scale.

  • Butters619

    Edit: hold up wrong graph comparison

  • Bionicman

    who else thinks we may see a jump in Android’s number 3 months from now because of the Galaxy Nexus?

    • Anonymous

      hahaha i traded my iphone 4s for nexus prime. best trade yet!

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      While I like the Nexus, it is not for the mainstream consumer. The Galaxy SIII might be the phone to watch for 2012. Topped with the fact that it will launch across multiple carriers worldwide at the same time, now you have a horse in the race.

  • Jinoda

    Android is the new mainstream, back to iPhones everybody!

    • Josh Groff

      Why do hipsters avoid the mainstream, yet usually have iPhones, which were mainstream. I just don’t get it…

  • windows is retarded…it already makes enough money from cell phones on patents.  they still dominate in computers and consoles

    android and apple arent losing their stake in phones, tablets and now tvs.

    • Josh Groff

      Yeah, I’d like to see the infographic with console sales, which btw has the Wii leading by a landslide. Xbox 360 barely has a hold over the PS3, which is a much better quality console. Out of my 3 friends, we went through 5 Xbox 360’s and 1 PS3. Also, who wants to pay $50 a month+ whatever they pay for internet just to use it to game…It’s your internet, use it when you need it (Should be Sony’s motto, but they’d have to talk to JG Wentworth.)

  • steve jobs was an a**h0le


    • Dude, calm down. I am a HUGE android enthusiast but that isn’t to say that apple paved the way for a lot of stuff. Mainstream tablets, mainstream all in ones, mainstream ultrabooks, mainstream smartphones, etc. Obviously, companies like Google improve on these products (I.E. android) but you have to give Apple some credit. And iOS sucks. It does.

      • Apple pointed to a road, and google went down it.

        • Josh Groff

          I love that analogy. It’s totally true, but you left out the fact that Apple then sued them for going down that road.

  • Guest

    To think Microsoft is going bring their wonderful GUI style from their phones to Windows, I’m sure that will be a good idea. 

    • Bionicman

      you forgot the /s at the end of your remark

  • That’s a lotta sheep!

    • Anonymous

      hahaha technically we’re all sheep. we’re all followers of one ecosystem or another.

      • Amen. I love the irony of some of the folks here. “Apple fans are iSheep!  Now, what is your  bidding, Google, ye who can do no wrong?”

        It’s an ecosystem and a piece of metal, glass, and plastic.  You don’t have to demonize the platform you’re not using or champion what you have as the savior of the industry.

        • The flaw in your logic, of course, is that with Android you have choice, with Apple, you have none.

        • Josh Groff

          Fragmentation, the number 1 problem of android is cured by the development community. Google can do plenty of wrong, but since they provide the source for others, that wrong can be fixed. 😉

  • Brian Wenger

    I don’t hate iOS at all. I just hate Apple as a company.

    • I don’t even hate Apple as a company — I just don’t like it. Whom I hate are those idiot Apple fans (ONLY THE IDIOT KIND) who agree with everything says by Apple (or even worse, defends Apple even when the fruit company admits they did something wrong.)

      • Josh Groff

        OMG SIRI WAS APPLE’S GREATEST INNOVATION!!! Oh wait, I have a brain, they purchased it then claimed it as their idea…

  • Anonymous

    There may be no need to hate because choices are good, but it’s still fun. F-apple! 🙂

  • Ian Wilson

    In December, 4.5% of acquirers were still stuck in the mobile dark ages



    • Boblank84

      For sure, it’s sad RIM is still outselling wp7

      • thats because wp7 is just a royalty honey pot for redmond