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This is Probably Not the Samsung Galaxy SIII, But It’s Fun to Imagine That it is

During Samsung’s 2012 CES press event, a number of their new products were on display including their point-and-shoot camera lineup. While walking through the demo of them, the Sammie representative on stage kicked off a video, showing that you will soon be able to remotely control things like zooming and picture taking from your smartphone. The phone that was used in the video has got the tech world all excited this morning, as it appears to be some sort of ultra-thin Galaxy S device. Could it be the Galaxy SIII?

Chances are that it is not. Sure, the device has an edge-to-edge screen, is unbelievably thin, and includes that famous physical home key (that we wish would disappear forever) – all things we expect to see on the SGS3. But if you continue to watching past the quick viewfinder demo, a Galaxy SII appears on the screen. This phone is likely just a render and nothing official. We should know for sure next month at Mobile World Congress.

Hit up the 7:00 mark to see the phone in action.  


Via:  SamMobile

  • Ok Kellex, I’m gonna have to call BS on you for a sec. Ever since the SII came into existence you’ve been ranting and raving about this physical homekey button as if it is the entire world who loathes it, when in reality, it has honest to god been you and only you (with a couple half hearted supporters here and there). I haven’t seen people bitching about it, and more to the point, what is wrong with it? Is it because it is a physical feature similar to the iphone? My girlfriend has the Droid X, and although I hate the phone (because it is a Moto), I do love the fact I can illuminate the screen without having to reach for the lock button – it makes things easier when getting into a comfortable position to use the screen. I imagine I would greatly enjoy being able to light the screen and have it unlocked with the same finger moving less than an inch to accomplish both tasks. I just find it rather odd you speak about this like it is the devil incarnate and ALSO like your opinion is THE opinion to have.

  • TheRobotCow

    Dont forget that samsung released those android mp3 players not too long ago, maybe its one of those?

  • Anonymous

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  • Majestepic

    It’s more than likely the Samsung Galaxy s2 that was just released in Japan. Bigger screen and thinner.

  • Jim McClain

    anyone heard anything on the fixes for the nexus ?

    • Fixes are apparently due in mid-Feb according to the tech rep I spoke to on the phone last week 

    • eze4

      Man, i’m with you on that. Any software that can make this camera better as well as keeping the majority of my apps from forcceclosing, I’m all down for it.

  • trollboy

    im a troll

    • TheAndroid1

      Should I flag for trolling???? lol

  • I dont expect it to have physical bottons, but I wouldnt be shocked if thats it. 

    • We wont see it til late summer. Because there is no way they will release the Note and S3 back to back

    • trollboy


  • Jim McClain

    please samsung,,,,  FIX THE NEXUS,,,,GHEEZ

    • John

      sigh. go away

  • Butters619

    I truly don’t see the point of having a non-existent bezel.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      1. More real estate in a phone that is no bigger as your swapping bezel for screen. 
      2. Visually, more modern design yet to be done on a phone.

      What’s the point of having a bezel?

      • Butters619

        Haha I guess. I just feel that when I’m holding it my hand if going to cover the same location where the bezel used to be.  Especially if phones keep getting thinner.

  • Anonymous

    If anything they’ll release the SGSIII with ICS and virtual buttons only

  • EC8CH

    Of coarse it’s not, it’s a camera…. oh you meant the one the right.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, the one on the left is too “coarse” to be a phone. 🙂

      • trollboy


      • EC8CH

        [email protected] YOU GRAMMAR NAZI!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    It won’t matter, it won’t be coming to VZW

  • Please Samsung. Get rid of the physical home button.

  • df2rools

    It’s not.