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Quick First Look: Toshiba’s 2012 Line of Tablets, Including a 13.3-Inch Beast


In our last booth tour of the week, we hung out with the folks from Toshiba to see what they have in store for 2012. There were 4 tablets on display, some that will come to the U.S., others that will stay over in Japan. The most eye-popping was clearly the 13.3″ behemoth that you are seeing above. It current remains nameless and has a mystery list of specs, but our mind is already running through ways to put such a massive portable tablet in action. Assuming of course that it is portable at that size. It had all of the standard ports such as micro-HDMI and USB. There were dual cameras and a similar back material to what you will find on the Excite X10.

To see more of the beast, along with the rest of their 2012 works, jump past the break.  

Excite X10

The Excite X10 will most definitely be in stores during the first half of this year. Of all the tablets on display in the Toshiba booth, this is the most ready and was actually available to be held. If you follow us on Google+ then you probably saw this device already. It boasts a 1.2GHz OMAP4430 dual-core processor, 10.1″ Gorilla Glass display and just so happens to be the world’s thinnest tablet (for now). The build quality of the device feels top notch, is ultra light, and bears no resemblance to their two Thrive models. It currently runs Honeycomb, but depending on launch, it may see Ice Cream Sandwich.

The last two tablets we saw were on the smaller side. One was a 7.7″ OLED tablet made specifically for the media hog. The screen being OLED is much more vibrant for watching movies or viewing photos, but it’s also ultra portable at that size for the traveler who needs entertainment. The second was a 5.1″ tablet (not a phone) that will likely stay in Japan and not come to the States. It rocked a 21:9 ratio to give you an almost edge-less viewing experience.

Overall we liked what we saw from Toshiba. As with all tablets we seem to see these days, their success depends almost solely on price. Let’s hope they come in with something ultra-competitive.

  • Saw this also live earlier.  Was like oh wow that is huge.   Might be useful for kiosks or fixed locations, but not very portable.  It really is pushing the boundaries into the lap/ultrabook space.

    The 7-8″ tablets are definitely the sweet spot for me.

  • Anonymous

    At what point do these monsters stop being portable tablets? I think we’re getting to the point now where they shouldn’t be marketing them as portable if you need a desk to use the damn thing. Sure, you can take it hither and thither easier than a desktop with a monitor, but not for long.

    Also, I call the comment regarding 32″ tablets and raise you a 2’x5′ coffee table tablet! With legs! And storage underneath!

  • David Verba

    Why do all the smaller devices stay in Japan?  Didn’t the same thing happen with the Note?  Must have something to do with those little Jap hands.

  • Anonymous

    I noticed how the 7″ and up tablets both have the same huge connector/charger port on the bottom. The 5″ has it on the side and uses a micro usb. Do you think they are planning some type of “transformer” style add-on?

  • Camjcb

    I’m waiting for an 16″ tablet.  No, wait…maybe I’ll wait for an 18″ tablet.  No, wait…a 24″ tablet!  Yeah, that’s the ticket!

    • I’m waiting for a 32″ tablet. Full wall mount, full hand recognition so I can really play some Angry Birds!

      • Anonymous

        Would be kinda cool to have a 32″ that could be used as the surface of a desk. I would dig a badass desk with the computer built in. So much clean and clear space.

        • KevinC

          see microsoft surface

          • Matthew Merrick

            See ExoDesk 😉

  • Anonymous

    Fapple attorneys must be going crazy deciding who they’ll sue next.

    • EC8CH

      ROUND CORNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yours for just $999 (4G + WiFi) and $899 (WiFi only)? Better get a MacBook Air…

  • Anyone know what the TVguide app might be?

    • Anonymous

      I’ll take a shot in the dark and guess it’s like a TV show schedule on your tablet.

      • My bad, poorly typed.  I wanted to know if anyone knew what app that is.  I know it’s a TV schedule, but just wondered if anyone know what app it is. 

  • Jukboxhero

    this is e xciting news guys. i just would like to throw in my two cents if i may. ive been using the toshiba thrive since it came out and i gotta say i still love it so if there is anyone on the fence about toshiba quality, im here to say you can go ahead and take the plunge.

    i havent once needed yet to contact any sort of support group or customer service however so in terms of Toshiba’s service to parts etc…i do not know how great they are.

  • Anthony

    The fact that I received my Transformer Prime and was not able to even connect to a WiFi network is what pissed me off. I sent it in and got my replacement 2 weeks later. Booted it up, crashed and will not boot again. I am done with ASUS and will NEVER buy a Chinese gadget again. I am not an Apple fanboy but you really have to give Apple some credit, their products work to and beyond the potential of any Android device out there. I am on my 8th Galaxy Nexus replacement because I always drop all my signal as soon as I make a call… What the HELL makes it so hard to make a tablet “just work”…

    Maybe I should start a tablet/android phone company that sells products that “just work”

    • Fred

      Apple products are made in China, too.

    • TheAndroid1


      iPhones are made in China too.

      And by the way, what about the 4S battery problems, yellow glue problems, home button problems, Siri connection problems, etc.

      If you can’t get the Nexus to connect after 8 phones, you may want to see if you have service in that area.

      • Anthony Vella

        They might be made in China but I can tell you that their products don’t break on a mass scale that Android devices do… If you compare the issues with Android phones to Apple devices, I can guarantee Android will have a greater amount of issues. Regardless, I am done and I will never purchase an ASUS product again. I am staying with Samsung or possibly Motorola as it seems they are getting their act together.

        • You’re really way off track by comparing Apple devices to Android devices. The correct comparison you are looking for is Apple products vs ie Samsung Asus Motorola ect.. The chances Android is at fault for you opinion of poorly made devices is slim to none. Android is an OS not hardware.

          • Anonymous

            Took the words right out of my mouth. That is like comparing Honda to American Cars, or Bruce Lee to German people, or Lemons to Cheese. Ok, you get the point.. lol

        • TheAndroid1

          “That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.”

          Prove Android devices have more problems than the iOS devices.

          Almost every iPhone 4 I see has a shattered/cracked screen.

          The genius bar is always filled with people.

        • David Verba

          LISTEN TO THE CURRENT “THIS AMERICAN LIFE” ABOUT APPLE.  www.thisamericanlife.org  

          it’s all iPoop 

  • They didn’t happen to mention anything about an ICS update for the current Thrive did they?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    13.3 but it is actually 10.1 as there is 3.2 of friggen bezel

    • Anonymous

      Looks more like 13.3 glass with 20 total. lol

  • Youllreachus

    13.3″ HD and lighter, thinner, better looking, and better build quality than the current line? Make it quad core and my money is yours.

  • RampageDeluxe

    I think these look pretty nice. 

  • If Toshiba can manage a better launch than Asus, the 10.1 inch Tablet could be a serious contender to consider. Especially for those of you (like me) who cancelled their Prime orders.

    • fartbubbler

      agreed.  I have the money, and was all ready to buy the Prime.  But now,  after the last 2 weeks of their fiasco – there ain’t no way!

  • That’s what I am waiting for, a 12-14″ tablet.

  • Anonymous

    13″ sounds awesome in 16:9 format. Can’t wait to see it in person.