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ASTRO File Manager Launches Cloud Storage Public Beta

Our good friends over at ASTRO launched a public beta for their newest service, cloud storage. It allows you to backup, access and download your files from any device you might own. To begin, the amount of storage you have is limited, but they told us that this is just for initial launch to test the waters. ASTRO has been one of the apps that we have used since the beginning, all the way back to the “OG” days, so be sure to check out their newest services.

We spoke with their CEO earlier and here’s what he had to say about the cloud:

“ASTRO Backup is simply the easiest way for any Android user to store their mobile content to the cloud. There are a lot of services for backing up and syncing to the cloud. However, we are focused solely on users of Android devices and since our 25 million users are already using ASTRO to organize and manage their files, we are giving them the easiest way to store them in the cloud without having to open or connect to other applications.”

Sign up for the public beta here.

  • Great post, I enjoyed ready reading it

  • Kat Selezneva

    Nice. I use Astro very often. 
    My Top-10 Android applications http://k-selezneva.blogspot.com/2011/11/my-top-10-android-applications.html

  • Anonymous

    I’m doin’ ok with Dropbox.  Besides, I’m not really trying to be part of a beta for an app that stores my data.  That could end badly.

  • Anonymous

    I tried to sign up but their website will not respond. It seems like it can’t handle the traffic or something…. not a good sign.  I think I’ll pass even though I’ve always liked Astro.

  • dblockkk

    Use “BOX” 
    Do a search on droid-life, there’s a way to get 50gig FREE.

  • having trouble getting the APK to download, anyone having this problem?

    • Aforceforgood

      Nope cuz I fart 200 megabytes so I didn’t bother

  • Jim Hovey

    200mb today … $9.99/month tomorrow. 😉

  • QtDL

    Slow day today at CES? Where’s all the cool news? 🙂

  • Eric Soriano

    FC’s when launching the app on my GNex.

  • John

    still prefer File Expert over anything

  • Anonymous

    not much news today eh?

  • Yeah yeah whatever. I use Tonido for my personal cloud: it’s free and and has as much space as I have storage on my PC. EStrongs + File Expert is a much better combo than Astro’s adware crap, and they’re free too. *yawn* NEXT

    • Anonymous

      I’m cool with the yawn news since it led to your post.  I did not know about Tonido and it looks awesome.  I’m going to install it on my server this weekend and give it a go.  Thanks for sharing.

  • David

    Was it just me or did the words “we are focused solely on users of Android devices” bring a smile to your face?  

  • 200MB? in this day and age… really small…

  • Anonymous

    I use Astro all the time, the app works well and i am definitely trying this out.  Nice hook up DL =)

  • Anonymous

    Astro backup service today, Cyanogenmod App Store tomorrow.

    • Josh Groff

      Only difference is: Cyanogenmod app store would be a good idea. 😉

      • Anonymous

        ive always wondered why they dont have their own app store like cydia has…it would be an awesome

        • Josh Groff

          My sentiments exactly, although, we do have slideme/applanet/amazon.

  • RJM

    What’s the storage limit??

  • Christopher Riner

    I first I thought there were no comments, and I was going to say– this article had to have just gone up.  There’s no way I’m the only one who thinks this is sweet.  

    I have some root file broswers, but I still use astro more than any of them.  

  • Anonymous

    Es File Explorer > Astro
    Astro was better when it was still in beta.

    • John

      File Expert > *


  • Anonymous

    Friggin sweet. Now I have someplace to store all my custom ROMs, boot animations, roted apps, etc.

    • Nunezshow

       touche to that devito

    • Greg

      It is only 200mb to start. So you wont be able to store much right now but maybe some with more space could be useful. I have been using astro since day one and it is nice to see them continue to improve on an already great app with great features. +1 for astro