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Verizon Partnering With The Daily To Release Android Application On Select Devices

The news application that has been quite the hit on the iPad has now been announced as coming to the Android world thanks to Verizon today. The two companies have signed up to bring the subscription based application to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 first. The Verizon version of the tablet will have it pre-loaded and the Galaxy Tab 7.7 that was announced yesterday will get the application at a later date, no word on any other devices.

You get a week of the Daily free on Verizon and after that you can sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription, which will cost you $3.99 and $39.99 respectively. This is a great option for any newshead out there, the Daily is a great outlet. Will anyone take advantage of this if it comes to other devices like the XOOM or WiFi Galaxy Tab 10.1?

  • Anonymous

    Hell No, there’s to much Free News on the Net, to be paying for. Feedly, Currents, News Republic & News 360 covers all I need…

  • Joediver

    USA Today app is free and has everything I want

  • I’m reading news on my tablet with Pulse, News360 and Google Currents. No way I’m going to pay a subscription fee to News Corp which is run by a douche, plus app is only available as Verizon bloatware. No way.

  • bikerbill

    And it will be bloiatware sitting there if you don’t want to pay for it then your stuck with it. Glad I have a nexus and a wifi xoom, no bloat for me

  • Anonymous

    II’ll stick to my Fox News app… For free!

  • Josh

    who would pay $40 to read the news you can get the same .garbag from 1000 other free news sites

  • ran it for a few months on an iPad and it was painfully slow to load.  Would take 10 minutes to fully download the current issue on a 30/5 cable Internet connection!  If you closed the app it would not download in the background so you were held hostage while is slowwwwly downloaded.  Hope it’s not the same story on Android.

  • The Daily has been “Coming to Android” forever now. As much as I love Android, this is why the people who favor iPad actually have their points here and there. Availability is something Android really needs to work on. Still, I look forward to this app.

    • I don’t see why Android needs to work on The Daily availability. Rupert Murdoch should. After all, he should be interested in these subscriptions, right? Or I’m getting it wrong?

  • Anonymous

    rupert murdock is a dush… imo; one of the best non-bias, with complete coverage of news that matters: democracynow.org

  • Anonymous

    awesome!  now i could log onto “the daily” and hopefully it’ll link me to droidlife so i could read the news that i needed daily. i’m yearning for the day when verizon offers free hd videos (~2gb minimum) and then start charging you for going over the limit.

  • QtDL

    Google News suits me just fine and it has the amazing price of free. 🙂

  • Bloatware.

  • Anonymous