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Quick First Look: Galaxy Nexus Portrait HDMI Docking Station

If there is one thing about the Galaxy Nexus that has been made clear in our inbox, it is the need of many of you to have some real accessories, one of those being the HDMI portrait docking station. Thanks to PepCom’s Digital Experience event last night at CES, we had a chance to play with one.

The Samsung reps we spoke with were not 100% clear on details for launch, so when we stop by their official booth in the next couple of days, we should have some better answers. Really all they could tell us is that lots of people wanted photos of it. (Not surprising, there.)

As far as our impressions go, I’ll just say that it’s exactly as you would expect it to be. It has a full HDMI port on the side, micro USB on the back for charging, and matches up perfectly in style to the G-Nex. This docking station would make anyone’s desk look pretty, if anyone could actually purchase one, of course.

*Note – By the way, that is Tim’s Nexus with the extended battery in and it “fit like a glove.”

Set of pictures after the break.  

  • Steven Machado

    And if you put a thin gel sleeve on it your SOL I would wager

  • Anonymous

    OK, 2 things to ask.

    1- 3 Pin car dock. When is it coming out? What’s the hold up?
    2- 3 Pin horizontal dock.

  • duke69111

    It does not look like this phone will fit in the dock with one of the High Gloss cases from Verizon.  Anyone disagree? 

  • Anonymous

    I want a landscape dock for the connection dots.  I don’t want to plug my phone in to charge it anymore.  Yes I’m lazy.

  • Topsitee

    Removing the SD card slot is the solo reason I won’t be buying the HDMI Adaper. 32gb is not enough storage.

  • This is cool, but i really want the 3-pin landscape dock and the spare battery charger. I can’t find that hoe anywhere

  • I find it kind of funny (use case wise) that the HDMI dock is a portrait dock, seeing as how connecting to HDMI automatically forces your phone into landscape, and there is no way (short of a hack) to use it in portrait mode. I know that logistically, that’s is just where the port is located, but it makes the phone awkward to use.

  • Kelleynick61

    I paid the 320 bucks for that device, big mistake, never once did I have over two bars of service and the Internet laged the entire time I had it which was all of three days. Make as many accessories as u want won’t change the fact that the phOne is junk

    • replaced mine twice, returned today. Going back to the Rezound. At least I know I will have a connection when needed. Nexus is a great device, but not a great phone.

    • weird. mine has been nothing but great to me. call quality is amazing and everyone i talk to says the noise cancellation is great because they can’t tell when i’m in a car at all. should’ve at least waited til they finished up 4.0.3

      • You wait for the update, you lose the return window. I heard from VZ employee that update wont happen until March or April

  • RaptorOO7

    I guess we will just have to wait for Sprint to sell their GNexus and hope its identical to Verizon’s and that Sprint will offer real car mount and HDMI docks.

  • Anonymous

    OEMs should make a car dock similar to the 3pin one, with a removable connecting plate that connects to the base of the dock with a charger/audio connector and is replaceable for newer phones.

  • Jim McClain

    anybody else notice that when using navigation the womans voice sounds like she has the flu,just glad i can run the sound thru my radio ,otherwise i wouldnt be able to hear it at all going down the road

    • Anonymous

      My girlfriend and I discussed this too. Navigail, as we call her, has gone from being healthy, to on her deathbed. Poor girl.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah I came from the DX and I was like, what the hell happen to her?

  • Jim McClain

    60 bucks ?   no way,they can keep it

  • Anonymous

    So they took their overpriced $30 MHL cable and added more plastic to hold the phone and doubled the price.  You could use this or buy a MHL connector that does the same thing for $12 on Amazon. I know it isn’t as pretty but this just seems like robbery, even coming from someone who bought every Moto accessory possible for his DX.
    Hopefully they come out with a landscape dock for under <=$40.

  • KNG60FT


  • still no car dock?

  • The question is: Who is returning the Nexus before the Jan 14th deadline? I have had connection issue with 2 Nexus phones. Is the signal ever going to improve? The wife getting full 4G sitting next to me with a Stratosphere and I cant even get a decent 3G connection.

    I didn’t know where else to place this.

    • QtDL

      I read somewhere this morning that the ICS 4.0.3 OTA update is supposed to roll out this week – don’t know exactly how true this is, but it is supposed to help with the radio issues.

      • Jim McClain

        what about the speaker and the camera ????

        • whats wrong with the camera?

          • Anonymous

            There’s nothing wrong with the camera. People overreacting because it’s 5 MP

        • QtDL

          Well the update is supposed to address other issues too, just not too sure exactly what. Hopefully we get it this week. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Screw the charging docs, find out the skinny on the “real” vehicle mount.

  • Dave


    You are able to order from there… just got my order e-mail confirmation from verizon. We’ll see if I actually get it in a couple of days 😉

    • Anonymous

      Mine says out of stock.  Good luck hope you get one!

      • Dave

        Hmm, I know the full site says it’s temporarily out of stock but the mobile site is still showing as available to add to cart for me.


  • Chris

    How about some docks that use the three pins? Faster charging maybe?

  • thefullritz
    • QtDL

      You can also try stopping in a VZW corp store and ask them if they can order it for you. People were doing that w/ the batteries when the sale was going on. You should have it in 2-3 days if they can get it from the warehouse.

  • EC8CH

    3-Pin Landscape Dock PLEEEEEZE!

    I’ll take 2.

    • tjmonkey15

      This is the one I’m interested in as well.  Kellen, can you ask them about this dock?

  • car dock that makes use of the 3 dot connector?

  • I hope this thing puts out more juice than the standard mhl “dongle” or adapter or whatever. the only way for me to not lose battery was to turn brightness all the way down. And hopefully this will give the option to let the screen sleep while you’re using it.

  • Kelly

    I want the three pin car dock and the 3pin landscape dock 

    • Daryl

      Exactly what I want too. And it’s got to fit the Verizon GNex with the extended battery. 

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if the phone will fit with a case on it?

    • TheCleaner

      Sure doesn’t look like it.  I am disappoint.

  • reyalP

    Still waiting on the landscape 3 pin charging dock! I would take this one though since I don’t have a dock.

  • I will buy this the moment it’s available, assuming it’ll be available in the states.

    • Stillasteelerfan

      It is now through the my veerizon app on your phone…has been since last Friday.

      • Stillasteelerfan

        verizon i mean…

  • Anonymous
  • Zebra

    Some sort of audio out on this would have been nice. But I guess if you want a dock that will actually be useful on a desk (being able to plug headphones in) then you need the portrait one. Sounds like this one would only work well on a nightstand or next to a TV.

  • Percysnow23

    This is why I got the bionic, It has more to offer……….. no really it does

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps to you but not to me. That’s the beauty of Android. It caters to every one.

    • Lol

  • Thenew3

    I just want a landscape desktop dock that uses the 3 pins to charge and also fits extended battery, and a car dock that has the same 3 pin charging.

    I got cash ready to buy at least 6 of each if they would just release it!

  • Anonymous

    will it blend?????

  • thefullritz

    Kellex, will it fit with the extended battery????

  • Though the dock is portrait, it does appear to have flat sides in the photo.  Kellex, could you try (if you get the chance) to lay it over on its side with a phone in it, and report back whether it seems stable/usable like that?

  • Azvm12

    Forget the portrait dock I still cant find a freaking 3 pin landscape dock!  Who would of dreamed that a phone could get delayed so long and still not have any meaningful accessories….

    • Anonymous

      For real. You would think that we would have already bought all the accessories before the phone came out and just had them sitting in their places waiting for the phone. 

  • QtDL

    Something like this would have been nice a month ago when we purchased our phones. 🙁

  • Bewara2009

    I bet that dock is made of plastic too, just like the phone.

    • And your point?  Majority of consumer products are made of plastic….

      • Bewara2009

        It will break easy! 😀

        • I’ve dropped mine twice form shoulder height, first time without a case onto ceramic tile, second time in a case onto concrete. Not even a scratch.

    • PC_Tool

      You’re right.

      …just like the phone…and space shuttle parts…and thousands of durable, shatter/break/heat/cold/moisture resistant items. 

      I won’t ask you what your point was.  We already know.  Go troll in traffic.

      • Bewara2009

        I’m not trying to troll on this phone, just saying the facts. You want a good phone that will last you 2 years and +. Motorola seems like to do the job on that.

        • You want a phone with timely updates and an unlocked bootloader, and Motorola makes empty promises and fails to deliver time and again.

        • PC_Tool

          “I’m not trying to troll on this phone, just saying the facts.”

          From below:
          “It will break easy! :D”


          Not trolling at all.  All plastic breaks easily…right?  Do you even know what type of plastic was used?  Did you even know there are more than a few types of plastic?  Can you name any of them?

          …or are you just an ignorant troll, parroting the other ignorant trolls?

  • Anonymous

    I want a car dock that uses the 3 pins on the side of my phone!

    • +1

    • Anonymous

      I wanted this so bad when I saw it, and have been thoroughly disappointed that it is a no-show!

    • Anonymous

      I think Kellex should specifically ask about it at CES and see what kind of response he gets. I would buy it without question.

    • Jdstell

      I second this. Why are they even bothering to make docks that don’t use the 3-pins if it’s on the phone?!

    • I ordered mine from Fommy.com back on Dec. 12th. It is the OEM 3-Pin Car dock. However, it has been backordered to Jan. 23rd. 

      Here is the link to the 3-PIN CARDOCK from Samsung (Not the cheesy one Verizon sells.)

      • Anonymous

        Great find! Do you think this is the dock that will fit the Verizon phone?  I know in the past they showed this type of dock for the GSM phones overseas, but I’ve seen nothing about it here in the states.

        • This is the OEM 3-Pin from Samsung. They were limited to certain Verizon stores. Then they went with the cheap plastic crap… 

          Spoke with a rep from fommy who guaranteed that it was the OEM 3 PIN from Samsung for the Nexus.  

          • Anonymous

            Thanks for the info J.D. I’m definitely in for one!

          • Sounds good – people are freaking out on this Msg Board about this… 

          • Anonymous

            I am DEFINITELY curious to see how it goes, since our 3 pogo contacts don’t line up perfectly with the GSM Nexus.  If it fits and works properly, I’m all over it.

          • Anonymous

            It’s been verified the the pins are in exactly the same location between the GSM and LTE versions. This was on the xda developers.

          • Anonymous

            I’ve also seen evidence that they don’t line up the same.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe the reason for the delay is “Automatically puts the handset in Vehicle Menu Mode when docked.”  They must be waiting for Google to get off their lazy butts and put out the Vehicle Menu Mode.

        • There are about 15 different CarDock Apps out there. No need to wait. The delay is because of stock directly from Samsung. They did not release many of these in the US. However, they are accessible throughout Europe… 

          • Anonymous

            I know that is likely not the true delay, I’m just commenting how embarrassing and sad it is that Google’s own car dock app was not updated to support this phone by launch day.  Its things like this that give oems excuses to make skins when such major holes ar eleft in the customer UI.  There are just some basic things you shouldn’t have to go to the market for.  Not saying there shouldn’t be alternatives in the market, just that like the dialer and contacts, a car and desktop dock app should have been present in some form no matter how basic.

            Edit: It was actually what sealed the deal for me to return my car dock after I was pissed when I found out it didn’t use the 3 pins.

          • I hear ya, man.. I laughed in the Verizon associate’s face when she said that this was the only option I had for a car dock. 

            Still love the phone..  

          • Anonymous

            Yes, love the phone and ICS.  Just bugs me when dumb things like this happen.

      • Anonymous

        I did too. Fommy says it will now ship jan 23rd

      • Anonymous

        this definitely works with the verizon gnex? why would they sell a different one?

      • Gueast34567

        thx JD

  • Stillasteelerfan

    This dock is available now…if you purchase it through the myverizon app. It shows up under cradles on my G-nex right now.

    • Dave

      I was able to order it through Verizon’s mobile site.

  • Anonymous

    Wouldnt this be more useful in landscape mode? Generally if you are sending content to your TV…which is landscape…it would make more sense.  Why not have it then use the 3 prongs on the side of the phone for easy plug in

    • Anonymous

      The pogo pins can’t transmit the HDMI signal.  AFAIK, it’s an technological limitation, not a missing feature of the pins, but I could be wrong.  

      • Anonymous

        They could do like the razr HDMI dock and have it slide in the side.

  • duckphan

    Let’s launch a phone and then make accessories available a couple months later. Lame.

  • Anonymous

    Was any other accessories on display? namely the better car dock and the desktop multimedia dock?

  • Anonymous

    What about plain USB ?

    • PSU_DI

      There is a landscape dock for plain USB, I don’t understand why they’ve had to create like 3 different docks for this phone instead of just one decent one.

      • Anonymous

        I think manufactures are having a hard time keeping up with all of these devices coming out with different carries. and some of these devices are not exactly hits like the Galaxy Nexus so which devices will or should they make accessories for??

        Example: The Bionic which is now selling for 199 and about to be an after thought of a device. Would a manufacture make thousands of docks for a single device for about three months then have to retool and make three or four more for new devices coming out in the next quarter. Phones are coming out so fast and most of the times not on schedule as we all have sen over the past couple of years.

        I agree with most of you there should be accessories out when a device comes out but with the speed of the devices coming out and the uncertain success of most of these phones manufactures of accessories are probably hard press to make so many products for each device.

      • KevinC


      • Where?

        • PSU_DI
          • I’m guessing from the accent that is for the GSM version, and the pins are not in the same place on the CDMA/LTE version.

            Besides which, it doesn’t say where to buy it.

          • PSU_DI

            Just as with the dock on this page right now none of the docks are available, they were said to launch this month or February.  

            As for the 3 pin connector comment, from what I understand there has been nothing to say for sure that the LTE & GSM accessories are incompatible with each other.  As far as I can tell they should work the layout for the pins are exactly the same except that our phone is a slightly thicker, so if it is designed properly it should work fine for us, but we’ll only find out once they release them.

  • Madduffy

     I’m confused as to how this will work in portrait orientation.

    • Upright (as in the pics) IS portrait orientation. Laying down is landscape.

  • I never understood a portrait HDMI dock.  Wouldn’t landscape make so much more sense?  Or does it output video in landscape?

  • Anonymous

    kneed moar dokz

  • Anonymous

    Fits equally well with and without the extended battery?

    • This is probably the most important question.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t see why it wouldn’t in this case — the biggest part of the phone is still the chin, and the extended battery doesn’t shoot out beyond that part.  Since this hugs it at that level, I’d bet cash money that it fits like a glove.

    • Anonymous

      Please read the article. It’s right in there. The phone in the picture has the extended battery.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t usually get affected by people who post replies on comments online, but did you stop to think maybe when there’s a “Note” and “By the way” at the end of the article that it was added later. When I posted there was no mention of that. It was added after my comment (Maybe even as a result of it), so Please think before replying to a two day old comment. There no need to try and correct me in this case. I don’t think you meant to be malicious, just ignorant.

  • Andrew

    Another phone launch failure. 

    Where is my car dock? Why do manufacturers think they can launch the phone without accessories and think people will be okay with that? It’s no wonder the iPhone is so popular, at least they don’t have this problem.

    • adam

      The car dock was released on the day the phone was released.  And, as I’m sure you know, Android phones outsell iPhones.  Following your logic, perhaps Apple should delay the release on some of their accessories?

      • Andrew

        Yeah, I guess I’d buy that if I wanted a cheap piece of plastic that doesn’t take advantage of the pin connectors and has wires everywhere.

        You clearly aren’t big on logic, because all I said was that Apple (and 3rd party companies) has tons of accessories available for new models when they come out. Android manufacturers seem lazy and disinterested in this type of support to EXISTING customers.

        • thefullritz

          that’s because there is only one size iphone…

        • This is a source of constant frustration for me. The only thing I envy iphone owners is their seemingly endless choice of cases, docks, charging options…any accessory that can be made for a phone, there are at least a dozen for the iphone. And my Nexus, which is 1000x better, can’t even get a real car dock. It’s ridiculous.

          • Andrew

            Could not have said it any better.

          • Anonymous

            The problem is no accessory makers wants to invest in phones with such short shelf lives with each one having a unique size and shape. They’ll pump out Apple accessories all day as they know they can sell the same product to every iphone user for years.  Much more profitable I’m sure.

        • Get over it.

      • The “dock” you mention is NOT a dock it is a cradle – it lacks the pin connectors. The fact they launched that cradle instead of the actual dock shown before launch pissed everyone off (well at least not you evidently)

      • Blootzm3

        adam your the idiot 

        •  You mean you’re, not your.  I guess that means you’re the idiot?

          • Anonymous

            Or that you’re a grammar Nazi… GNs for the win! 😀

      • Anonymous

        Maybe your to busy calling people morons to realize that is not the dock he, myself and many others are looking forward. Next time take 5 minutes to read before firing off insults. The car dock with the three pin that will charge is what we all want.

      • Anonymous

        Android is getting killed by Apple in profitability for itself and the accessory makers who support them.  That’s the reason we see no good accessories as if the phone oems don’t put them out no one will.  Then we pay more for the same accessory as the oem option is the only one as opposed to making a bunch of 3rd party makers fighting for our dollars.  Unfortunately I don’t know that there is a good solution to the problem.

    • adam
      • thefullritz

        that’s a generic mount….it does not use the 3 pins in the side of the gn. 

        • Anonymous

          But the one BulletTooth_Tony is talking about does. Which hasn’t been released in the US yet. 

          • Anonymous

            I don’t believe it’s even been released anywhere.  I’ve had my eye on importing one from Canada or the UK……. no dice, yet.  They’re saying February 29th.  Crazy talk.

          • Anonymous

            Thank you kindly.

          • Anonymous

            No that’s not the one we’re looking for.  Same part number as the dock without built-in cables, 


          • It’s the 3 pin car dock. The USB cable and Headphone jack plug directly into the base of the dock, and not the phone. Trust me, I spoke with the rep from the site who guaranteeing it for me. 

            Why would there be a backorder on something so unpopular and readily available like the cheap plastic version that Samsung provided to Verizon?

            I can order that dock from any site or go down to VZW right now and pick it up… 

          • Anonymous

             Following up on an old thread, this is NOT the 3pin model, the page says:

            The Micro USB connects to the phone directly, not to the Mount.This is USA version Mount (European Version has Pin Connector in that).There is no any Audio Jack on the Mount.

          • They changed the description on the site. The claim that “the manufacturer sent the wrong product description” … I got my piece of crap plastic junk in the mail finally, only to find out it’s the original version…

            … LAME

      • Anonymous

        That is not the car dock, moron… it’s a 40 piece of junk phone holder. The car dock uses the pogo pins and has a micro usb port and a 3.5mm headphone jack in the base.

  • KevinC

    about time

  • Anonymous

    It’s amazing that these things can’t be produced and released on time. It’s a freakin piece of plastic with some wiring.