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New Verizon MAP Released: DROID 4 Priced at $249

The newest Verizon MAP (minimum advertised list) is out and it includes all of the newest CES announced devices. The RAZR MAXX, LG Spectrum and DROID 4 all on there. Thanks to press releases, we had already seen pricing info for the MAXX and Spectrum, but nothing so far on the D4. If this MAP list is correct (and they almost always are), then it should be available at launch for $249 on new 2-year contract. It’s not quite the semi-bargain price of the Spectrum, but it’s better than $299.

We are still without a release date.

Cheers ___!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else wonder why there are 2 RAZRs (white), one for $299 and one for $199? Whats the difference? Also they have different MAP periods.

  • DJames

    The D4 actually does have global capabilities they just aren’t activated and will be later on in the yr

  • jake creed

    I prefer the look of my D3… global and a refined look of the D1…  I don’t like Moto’s ceo… he sounds and acts like a used car salesman. said blur is here to stay b/c the carriers don’t want stock and moto has to make money. Moto would make a buttload of money making stock androids.

  • Dukeuni

    Wish it was $199.  My plan is to wait a few months after its release and see if I can sell my Bionic for the Droid 4.  I just cannot live w/o a keyboard it seems.

  • jake creed

    so droid 5 comes out in july?  will it last more than 6 months?

  • ROFL – Always supporting their “baby” motorola. That nexus will never be less than 300 until they remove it from MAP – lol

  • Kris

    ….and in breaking news.. Motorola diarrhea continues.

  • Anonymous

    Moto’s saying 2012 will have fewer phones, we’ll see…

  • Csd

    All that matters to me coming from a almost dead OG is speed, keyboard and 4g, and im getting that all with the droid 4, simple as that

    • Tyler Cameron

      Except its Motorola, which means it will be a lagmagnet. Motorola dual-core phones are no faster than the Droid X in terms of smoothness. Hell, an iPhone 3GS has much smoother performance than any Motorola dual-core phone.

  • Buying a Motorola phone seems like a bad deal, they drop in price so freakin’ fast.

    • Anonymous

      Unless you wait to buy them, then they’re an awesome deal.

      • Anonymous

        How are they an awesome deal?  You purchase right out of the gate for $299 and then they drop to $199 in a two month timeframe.  Yes, I had to have my razr on 11/11, but did I get a good deal?  No, I got screwed for rushing in.

        Don’t get me wrong, I love my razr just like my OD, but this market is drowning that your normal consumer doesn’t understand it.

        When you walk into a store, you have so many android models and then add to it, all of the motorola models, how can our non-tech neighbors know what is the best?

        • Anonymous

          Average consumers aren’t idiots; they’re OK with choices. That’s what Verizon reps are there for (I know they mainly suck, but people will still walk out with a decent handset). Also, if you go to the Verizon store you deserve to get fleeced. The RAZR is $170 on Amazon/Wirefly right now. I got mine for $0.01 during their promo.

          No one complains about buying a new car that drops $1000+ when you drive it off the lot, but a phone that drops in value $100 several months after release is a slap in the face. smh

          • Anonymous

            Define Several Months?

            on 1/11/12 (2 months to the day), the newest, greatest thing loses value.  Back to a previous statement I made, I never said that they are idiots, but It is a difficult decision. and I am speaking from experience…Just in the last two weeks, 4 friends and/or co-workers have purchased I-phones even after I bragged about the Razr.

            I want to see 10 razrs around me, not 10 different motos.

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  • Anonymous

    LG is lookin mighty attractive, HD Screen and with a faster processor and better camera than the G-Nex. Slap ICS on it, and its a slam dunk! No?

    • Anonymous

      Actually, you’re right. As long as they don’t screw it up like they did with the G2X (which has been sorted and is now an awesome device), the up and coming LG looks to be a great buy.

  • Anonymous

    What a Joke!  You wait, wait, wait. Buy a new one freshly promoted and purchased (Razr 11/11/11) and then there is something next at a better price ($299, now $199)  What is amazing is how these companies are manufacturing new phones before the old one is even on the market. (how long was the razr in the warehouse before the bionic even went for sale?)

    Motorola, (which I had respect for), YOU really need to slow down.  Bring color options out at same time.  Don’t promote a maxx for at least 6 months.  One droid slideout a year.

    I bought my RAZR being told (right or wrong) that the 4.0 upgrade would happen after the samsung came out and that this was the phone of the future.  What is the future, 2 months?

    No, I am not an apple fan, but you have to admit, that they know how to market and not screw their customers!

    • Anonymous

      Motorola comes out with newer and better hardware every couple of months and markets their devices well. Apple comes out with newer and better hardware once a year (and sometimes it’s practically a refresh) and markets their devices well. Motos offerings drop in price every couple of months. Apple’s stale, year+ old hardware doesn’t drop in price until the new device is released, and even then it’s not a significant price drop (8GB iPhone 4 for $100 on contract? Seriously, Apple?).

      How is Apple the good guy, here?

      • Kris

        Apple Hardware is stale? LOL

        show me another device that has a 180 Linpack score out of the box..(or even half of that for that matter).. show me another phone that can match the camera on the 4s..
        show me another phone who speaker quality matches the 4s..

        hardly stale!

        • Anonymous

          Benchmarks for mobile are next to useless. The camera is made by Sony and is in the Xperia Arc (and any other high end phone from Sony), and the unit on the Nokia N8/N9 is much better. Motorola phones all have better speakers (though Apple’s are generally better than Samsung’s). The screen is old tech, made by LG, and LG has a better version of it in their own devices (I won’t even start on sAMOLED and screen size). The chassis is now thick and heavy by comparison to newer devices. The antenna design is improved, but still stupid (Moto tried it decades ago and ditched it because it’s a dumb idea). The back is still made of glass. The UI is still a grid of icons.

          Seriously, even Apple fans are calling it stale. It’s OK to knock Apple for their design laziness. The iPhone 4 was a pretty competitive piece of hardware when it was released. The 4S? Not so much. If you’re going to troll, at least make it look good. Say something about fragmentation or malware.

          • Kris

            yea thats right.. benchmarks are stale when it is not convenient for you. While at the same time, you probably knock on apple only because it doesn’t carry your beloved multi Gigahertz RAM an and processor that you seem to get a hard on about!.. What a fool!

            As far as OS is concerned.. nothing comes close to the smoothness and integration of ios on mobile platforms to date. Android is laggy at the core.. and you NEED the dual cores and gigabits of RAM just so that the crapware that you call hardware on your phones can chug along with basic operations.
            Your LTE and gigantic screens are worth a crap when you have a hard time doing day to day basic operations!
            yes, screen size could be bigger on an iphone.. but they seem to believe it is for a good reason so far.

          • Anonymous

            I just gave you troll pointers; you really ought to have taken them more seriously. The “laggy” bit was OK, but the rest just doesn’t look like you’re even trying. Here’s a hint: hyperbole will only get you so far before people stop listening to you and getting angry with you. Try to make it more specific.

          • Kris

            Unless your reading comprehension sucks (which seem to be the case).. my arguments were specific – about compromised user experience at the cost of your latest “crapware”.

            no thanks.

          • Anonymous

            I’d roll a new name if I were you; you just lost a bit of troll cred. Next time, put some effort into it and you might see some great responses filled with ire and fanboism.

      • Anonymous

        1) How is motorola marketing?  With the first Droid, we saw all kind of commercials and ads, since then, we see more here on Droid-Life, then on actual TV.
        2) I agree that apple gets stale, lol, but word of mouth is a killer.  Just in the last 2 weeks, and after bragging about my Razr, I have had 4 friends and/or co-workers purchase I-phones.
        3)I’m not really saying that apple is the good guy, just that you should not muddle the market over and over.  I still feel for those that purchased the Bionic.  If my time had been up, I would have been a very pissed off bionic owner.
        ps:  Glad to see in the recent quote that Moto is realizing our issues!

  • Razr Maxx was a huuuuuge letdown considering the leaks before with the 13mp camera and 720p display on the other one…yey we get the battery LTE needs but the specs of the device that will soon be discarded when the Tegra 3’s hit this summer and the Sony Xperia Bravia engine 12mp beast with Dolby SRS sound hits 

  • Pnicuh

    Looking forward to the Droid Bionic 2, if that ever comes out or even gonna made =]

    • Anonymous

      I would have thought so with the Atriz2, but I doubt it since the RAZR pretty much is the Bionic2.

  • drinksprite

    eff this phone. i’m waiting for the droid 4 GLOBAL. jk (?)

    • drinksprite

       which will probly be announced like a week after this phone comes out haha

  • EC8CH

    Sheesh… what’s with all the Moto Droid posts?

    Might as well call the site Droid-Life.

    • strykes


    • Anonymous


    • Kyle Butler

      Um… Pretty sure it is called “Droid-Life” ? Idiots…

      • EC8CH

        WOW… how ironic!

        • Anonymous

          Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes…

      • Are you semi-retarded?  Did you really not pick up on the sarcasm?

      • Anonymous

        Can’t tell if trolling, or . . .

        • EC8CH

          pretty sure it’s “or”

      • PC_Tool


        too bad it wasn’t Kellex that made the OP.  Would have been even better.

        Btw…where the hell *is* Mctypething anyway???

        • EC8CH

          he’s banned bro 😉

          • PC_Tool


    • Anonymous


    • LOL, I guess you meant Moto-Life

  • i’m surprised we got nothing good coming out…I was hoping to see something new from HTC with beats.. but it’s looking like the rezound won’t be replaced for some time.

  • Guest

    So it looks like the new RAZR’s model numbers have a -16 and a $199 price. Does that mean they will be only 16 Gb instead of 32 for $100 less?

    • Anonymous

      According to Android Central the Razr line will NOT come with and SD anymore, giving it only 16GB internal memory, and thus the $199 price tag. The Razr Maxx will come with 16GB Internal and 16GB SD Card

  • El Big Chris

    The Gnex wont go down on price until may-ish? Science damn it!

  • Rik

    For lacking global GSM, at that price, it better include a 32GB SD card. Then I’ll wait a couple weeks when they offer BOGO deals on it. I need the keyboard but they’re asking too much for something that’s missing signature features of the Droid slider series.

    • Coaster

      I completely agree. Without global capabilities, this phone is extremely lackluster and should either be $200 with 16 GB or $250 with 32 GB, especially considering the 16 GB RAZRs will be $200.

      • Anonymous

        The 32GB (16 on board 16 card) RAZR is already $170 at Amazon and Wirefly. I don’t understand people who buy phones in the Verizon store.

    • Jojo

      Seriously, I need to keep my D2G around when I travel overseas. I’ll wait till the D4 drops to $199 with a BOGO offer after a month or less. Geez, there are just so little options for travellers who require a keyboard.

      Also, any confirmation if the keyboard shortcuts are gone too?

      • Mario

        I’m going to wait anyway since like ALL the phones being released it’s likely to have quite a few bugs. I’ll have to see if I’m willing to give VZW money for a buggy phone. That’s pretty sad.

    • Brian L.

      Yeah, removing other features in order to get LTE and charging more for it is insulting. I’m passing on the D4. Let’s see what HTC offers. Is HTC only announcing Windows phones at CES? I haven’t read much about them yet.

      • Coaster

        We’ve only seen brief rumors about the HTC Fireball, which supposedly will be a global phone. Of course, the LG Spectrum and Droid 4 were also supposedly global phones, but we know how both of those turned out 🙁

      • Anonymous

        waiting will lead to waiting. no device will ever be exactly what youre looking for. The D4 looks like a great device imo, aside from the encrypted BL.

        • Tom

           Not if you need global GSM. I’m waiting with my D2G until a global GSM slider with LTE comes out. So I agree that removing features from the slider line isn’t good.

      • Anderson

         I was expecting the Droid slider line to keep it’s global features. Since I travel often for work, I require both global GSM and a physical keyboard. Even with Swype or SwiftKey X, I still need the keyboard. 

    • It’s got 4G on Verizon, we’re lucky it isn’t debuting at $300 global roaming or not…

  • Looks like I waited just long enough for the next big thing. The Galaxy Nexus is gonna carry me for a long time!

  • Dan

    There needs to be a Galaxy Note on there.. soon… or I’m jumpin ship!

    • Stlwins

      galaxy note went though FCC A month ago and is going to be at ATT. from pcworld.com

    • Anonymous

      youre seriously going to switch to att for a galaxy note? I hope it ships with a bottle of lube, for your sake.

  • Sam

    It’ll probably be $199 at Wirefly and Amazon Wireless. If you wait two months, it’ll be down to $19.99.

    • Jason Purp

      Two months?

      Two weeks*

      • Michael Forte

        Yeah in two months the Droid 5 will be out.

        • Guest34567

          so maybe july or august for the droid 6

  • Mack

    There will always be people willing to pay $299, and Verizon knows that. Most consumers may complain about it but still pay up to get what they want. It’s unfortunate but that’s life.  

  • Anonymous

    Xyboard 64GB for 729 lol. 

    • I wonder who actually buys those such a rip off

      • Anonymous

        i cant imagine anyone other than review sites. Thats just a stupid high price. No justification for that at all.

  • Lgreg64

    i just don’t understand VZW anymore.

  • Anonymous

    so the maxx is only coming in black?

    • Michael Forte

      No I’m sure colored versions will follow shortly after. I just don’t understand Motorola’s business strategy anymore…

      • Anonymous

        a razr rainbow hopefully

        • faber

          Razr….taste the rainbow. Lol

      • Gueast34567

        once google owns motorola maybe they’ll get their SH&T together, they build great hardware, and f-everything else up

  • Anonymous

    Is it $50 cheaper than other LTE offerings due to a locked an encrypted bootloader? 😀

  • Michael Forte

    I really wish these prices would go back to $199 on contract. Maybe when AT&T and Sprint get their LTE networks running in more than a few markets this pricing will change. That, or all carriers will start charging $249-299 on contract for top tier phones. I guess it’s partially our fault for being willing to pay the price.

    • faber

      Its completely our fault; they’ll always take what they can get. I refuse to pay over 200

      • I agree. I want the GNex but its $299. I thought about the Rezound at $199, but no. I just wiped and reflashed Project Elite 6.5 and my OG Droid is flying! Ill wait for some new phones to come out in the next few months.

        • Scribles395

          Bill your a better man then me. I have five upgrades to spread out in two years (used to be one year). You would think that’s not bad, right. Then why am I buying phones off contact too. I’ll tell you why, it’s a disease.

        • faber

          thinking I’ll wait for the nex to drop to 200, that’ll give plenty time for outside development and such. Then if verizon is lucky I might buy one.

          • Anonymous

            Looks like the Nexus isnt going to be dropping anytime soon according to the new Verizon MAP post right above this one.

          • very nice!

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, I have a feeling it will be that way for a while. Verizon didn’t really want to sell these anyways so they are going to drop the razr in price to entice people to buy it while people who really want a G-Nex will buy one regardless of price.

          • Anonymous

            If you look at other nexus devices the price generally stays the same for a long time.

          • Anonymous

            Wow, I really feel like an elitist snob because that comment actually made me feel a little excited.

            That being said my girlfriend did get her Nexus S for free from Best Buy. It’s what made me like the Nexus line of phones.

        • Anonymous

          You will laugh when you get a new phone and see how fast it is compared to your OG. I know I did. The difference is so great that I sometimes make mistakes on my G-Nex because I was expecting lag and it didn’t happen.

          • Anonymous

            My Droid Bionic doesn’t feel that much faster than my OG Droid.  In fact, I dumped it on my wife and took her HTC Incredible (first generation) instead.  The HTC Incredible *feels* faster than the Bionic and the Sense interface is absolutely fantastic compared to Blur. 

    • Lgreg64

      this is why we need to not buy any phones over $199. we need to show we will not except this.

      • Tessa

        So… don’t buy it?

    • Anonymous

      $100 over 24 months is about $4 a month.

      If you want to complain about something, complain about the high monthly rates or the lack of one-year contracts…

      • Lgreg64

        yes the rates are high but how can att sell high end lte phones for $199. how can VZW sell the new 1.5 dual LG for $199. this company will keep going up onto we stop buy in 2yrs the phones will be $349