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Google Partners With Las Vegas Convention Center to Provide Indoor CES Maps


Attending CES? Be sure to check out Google Maps and their indoor maps feature, because it now includes the Las Vegas Convention Center for CES along with a variety of hotels. Basically what I’m suggesting, is that you ditch the 10MB CES app that updates on the daily, and go with GMaps instead.

Via:  Google

  • Anonymous

    Take that VZNav!

  • Anonymous

    THANKS! So much easier than the app or the packet.

  • Monty Waggoner

    What will Google think of next? We need this in the Mall of America.

    • Zelpdsm


      • Monty Waggoner

        Awesome, they really DO think of everything. 🙂 I guess I got busted for not doing by research.

  • Anonymous

    That is very very cool!

  • Anonymous

    Has anyone (using maps 6.0.3) been able to get indoor maps at all? I thought that was an added feature but I’d be interested to know if there’s a list of available indoor maps.

    • Anonymous

      I used it last week at Roosevelt Field mall in NY. Worked flawlessly 

      • Anonymous

        Oh wow, I had no idea it was at Roosevelt Field, I will have to try it out next time I go!

  • JB

    SPLOOSH!! Too awesome! +1 for sure

  • El Big Chris

    It can be hard to find one’s way especially if you drank jagger with roofies in it 🙂

    • QtDL

      So is that how they get chicks to attend CES? 🙂

      • OreoMan

        Nope, that’s what they used to sell the BIONIC!