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HTC Turkey Promises January Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrades For 8 Phones, Thunderbolt Included (Updated)

Update:  We’re not so sure now that this list is actually real. The Facebook page has been pulled, and was reportedly not even from an HTC employee. Go ahead and ignore this one, folks.

HTC has taken to their Facebook page in Turkey to provide their hungry users with some much wanted information. This info has to do with the upgrades to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for their 2011 handsets. Almost 8 phones are listed as being worked on for upgrades already  for release in the first quarter of 2012. Aside from the EVO 3D, which was said to have an update of December 2011, the HTC Amaze 4G, Sensation, EVO Design 4G and Vivid are all on this list.

The HTC Rezound and Thunderbolt are also on this list, but one interesting note about the Thunderbolt. It is the only phone with a “confirmed” Q1 update status as opposed to the rest of the phones “unavailable.” While that is nothing to set in stone it’s at least comforting to know that HTC is working hard to bring people ICS who were early adopters of 4G LTE. Making a list of upgrades is one thing, but 8 phones in a month is one tall order, is HTC ready for that?

Via: Pocketnow, Facebook

  • Anonymous

    Someone jumped the gun on this one…

  • Anonymous

    Tbolt owners just got Gingerbread.  I’ll believe HTC and Verizon will have an ICS upgrade for it when my phone tells me an update is available…

  • Rob

    When I read the title I totally thought HTC named a device called the Turkey. But then I realized what I did.

    I was thinking, “they really ARE getting ridiculous with the naming schemes, aren’t they?”

  • {fingers crossed for vanilla ICS on the TBolt}
    {not holding breath}

    {impatiently looking for stable, working vanilla ICS ROM for my Thunderbolt…}

    • I don’t think we’ll have one until HTC will leak ICS update for at least one of the phones.

  • Anonymous

    Ice Cream flavored Turkey > Turkey flavored Ice Cream

  • Anonymous

    Turkey + Ice Cream = Winning pair

  • Anonymous

    This feels like a Rumba Kembe thread… 🙂

  • Rich

    Well I can say it is must needed for the T-bolt, however, I am still skeptical

  • Zachary Manville

    Amazing. A turkey promsing ice cream sandwiches to a thunderbolt. Loving the imagery in this headline.

  • Greg MG

    No HTC Evo 4G? Really? You can do the Thunderbolt, but no Evo 4G? They are the same thing essentially. Inexcusable.

  • Anonymous

    Yea right, i will believe it when i see it, so far all the updates have been BS as far as when they say and when it actually happens

  • Gobble Gobble HTC!! Will the TBolt end up in the Verizon deep frier?

  • From the headline, I thought the HTC Turkey was their mascot or something.

  • Hopefully, this is true.  I don’t care about an official release as HTC Sense can suck it and so can HTC after they treated the TBolt like a red-headed step child.  I just want a leaked build with a working RIL.

  • Sanford Samurai

    htc inspire (Fake) 4g – no ice cream sandwich?   i bought a (fake) 4g phone for 300$ in may 2011 – if they want me to get a windows phone that bad just mail it to me. 

    • Anonymous

      The Inspire 4G is almost identical to the DesireHD. If its not updated officially (wouldn’t hold my breath for that) just flash a custom ICS rom. The ICS beta rom for DHD works on the Inspire.

  • Chris Shinn

    Sure, HTC will release ICS for the Thunderbolt in Q1 2012 but Verizon will hold it up until at least Q3 2012.

  • Edwin M

    Ha hahahahahahaha, Turkey, hungry. Hungary, Turkey, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • Anonymous

      Let’s just pretend I meant to do that 😉

  • Excitedly misread and thought HTC Turkey was a new ICS handset.


  • Anonymous

    I was hoping their horrible earnings report would inspire something like this. 

  • Wilson

     As a Thunderbolt owner I’m not exactly that excited about the update. Hopefully it doesn’t take a series of bug filled updates again before we get a fairly stable ICS build.

    • Anonymous

      Amen to that.

    • Simonxliu

      There already is a stable ics build for the thunderbolt. Its just missing an RIL and tons of drivers. Hopefully there will be a leak of an official update so they can just pull all those things out. The thunderbolt is the one phone to root and rom because the community is more reliable for roms than the carrier/manufacturer.

  • I hope it will drop prices for ICS base phones also…so that I can own one too

  • Ahsan

    Motorola has 3 of their phones confirmed! And both were released in the past 4 months!

  • Nexus One? :O

  • tiptoptommy

    That makes me laugh oh so much ha!!!

  • tiptoptommy

    I guess we’ll find out. Lets hope so rght?

  • Michael Forte

    You’re really gonna believe an HTC page from Turkey about updates for US phones? I mean, the Thunderbolt definitely deserves to get ICS, I just really feel it won’t get it. Not like it will look like ICS anyways, once HTC gets their hands on it.

    • Anonymous

      I think, since those charts are from Turkey, the dates are meant for Turkey. Its likely that its the same old situation of eurppean carriers being less concerned on qc, allowing faster updates.

  • John Jones

    I have to say that, seeing the Headline without context, I was hoping for a new supernatural character, the HTC Turkey, alongside the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and the Hannukah Armadillo.

    • Muddy B00ts

      ha! +1 to the Hannukah Armadillo.

    • Muddy B00ts

      ha! +1 to the Hannukah Armadillo.

    • Rob

      thought the same thing, and of course I see your post as soon as I hit post on mine.