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Quick First Look: Acer Iconia Tab with NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-core Processor

The Acer CES 2012 event just finished up, and while they quickly snuck their new Iconia Tab with NVIDIA’s quad-core processor on and off the stage, they did still have it on display for us to snap some quick photos. A spec sheet was missing, but they did indeed say that it is running NVIDIA’s quad-core, although we aren’t sure who else’s this device would be running.

As you will see from the pictures of the front, it’s running stock Ice Cream Sandwich. It has dual cameras, a vibrant (from a distance) screen, a thin body, and what appears to be an 8.9″ or so screen. All of that will we have to be confirmed once we get a hold of the press release though. For now, enjoy the pics!  

  • Anonymous

    Looks nice but I’m spending to much time with the Nexus.  I can only play with so many toys at one time.  But the tablet does look nice.  

  • Anonymous

    My GNex is serving my tablet needs

  • Yoj

    If Acer’s tablets are as low quality as their laptops, then no thank you

  • Anonymous

    … this iconia has a 1.920×1.200 resolution? right?

  • Anonymous

    Who else frequently confuses Asus and Acer?

  • guroot


  • Armando

    I own the A-500 since the frist day they lanched and I can say that is an excellent product, no complaints at all, I will be waiting for this to make the change, good work Acer!

  • CES will launch a ball sack full of new Apple court cases!

  • Bionic

    No thanks.  If i was going to pay what this tablet will likely cost i would get the Prime.  I will probably end up getting google’s $199 tablet.

    • How do you know until you get the specs and get to use both? 

      • Bionic

        cuz ive had bad luck with Acer. Asus on the other hand has been great to me. Regardless i dont want to spend 500-700 on a tablet. Id rather have a 7inch $199 Ice Cream Sandwich google tablet. I personally dont need to spend more than that.

  • EC8CH

    Looks nice.

    Go Bison FCS National Champs!

  • Doesn’t look like stock ICS. Some sort of light UI skin.

  • KevinC

    how  much RAM?

  • Anonymous

    So did they make sure that this tablet has a “cluttered appearance” so that the Apple lawyers are deterred from going after it?

  • Looks pretty nice…dual speakers on the bottom, nice easy to find volume buttons and power on the top, ribbed for our pleasure rear backing offset by probably aluminum or something, making the gps and wifi actually work on this instead of an all-aluminum backing like someone else’s tablet.  1080p screen, and its not redonk slim so the build quality might feel good.  I was extremely excited for the Prime but the whole gps/wifi thing made me really upset….lets go HTC/Lenovo/Samsung/Sony i wanna see what you guys got!

  • Anonymous

    competition can only benefit consumers and this is some welcome competition to the tablet market. 

  • Anonymous

    It has Dolby Digital in the bottom center of the backplate…interesting

  • Droidrican

    prime looks so much better.

    • No it doesn’t. No generic 10 in screen with a black bezel could ever look “so much better” than another generic 10 in screen with a black bezel.

      • Turnhips

        I’m pretty sure he was referring to the backside… you know, the side that looks different?

        • Oh you mean the part of it you never look at? How irrelevant. When’s the last time you looked at the back of your monitor? How about your tv? That’s like saying one car is better looking than another because it has a shinier differential housing.
          They’re not even that different ones a big expanse of…shiny nothing with a logo in the middle while the other’s a big expanse of textured nothing with a logo in the middle…cept this one has a little ring too, oh holy crap that’s so much uglier…sure
          Unless he’s some kind of bird or fish, or some kind of animal that’s attracted to shiny objects, I don’t buy it.

          • Azndan4

            Nice try, but false analogy

    • Anonymous

      I’d rather have the Iconia. The gps and wifi on the Prime totally sucks.

  • Hudu

    Looks nice but I’m sure not many will buy it like all the other tablets. Now, show me some new Android phones!

  • Anonymous

    How is the build quality compared to the prime?

    • Did you not read the article?  They just snapped photos, no hands on time.

      • Anonymous

        I posted it on the wrong article. Sorry.

  • That awkward moment when there is an iPad 2 ad on the side of DL….

    • Christopher Riner

      That’s alright, I love seeing android (and especially droid life) take apple’s money in any way, shape or form 😛

      Please god don’t tell me kellex and crew are givin apple a freebie

    • Turnhips

      Ads? Harharhar… have you no AdBlock?

      • Oh I do. Just on mobile 🙂

        • EC8CH

          you can get adblock on mobile too

  • Nice piece of hardware but I just don’t need it.

  • Anonymous


  • I sure hope its in the 8-9″ screen range, that size is perfect, and I’d love more choices around that size!

    • It looks like 10.1, just looking at the hand-tablet ratio. I could definitely be wrong though.

      • Anonymous

        It looks like a 10 incher to me too

        • Florious80

          It looks smaller than 10. I’m judging it by comparing it with my transformer (hand to tablet ratio).


    totally amazing !

  • Wow that looks really nice !

  • Anonymous

    That looks awesome.