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Simple Galaxy Nexus LTE Root/Unlock and Unroot/Re-Lock Tool Released

We tried our hardest to force you into installing the Android SDK and learning some simple adb and fastboot commands in order to unlock and root your Galaxy Nexus, but we know that not all of you have the time to do such a thing. So for those that need a quick option to unlock and root or unroot and re-lock, this is the tool for you. Created by long-standing Android mind WugFresh, this tool will get you all of the SDK files and Samsung drivers needed to begin, followed by options to get you on your way to your first ROM or return you back to stock. It doesn’t get any simpler than this.  

Download:  WugFresh’s Tool [mirror]

Here are WugFresh’s instructions for how to use this:

*Windows only.

1.  Install the program by double clicking the GnexRootToolkit.sfx.exe

  • This will extract the contents to %PROGRAMFILES%\GnexRootToolkit
  • Place shortcuts on your Desktop and Start Menu\Progarms
  • Launch the program for first use

2.  Use the Drivers + SDK option first to install and configure the necessary components to your system
3.  Click the “Unlock + Root” or “Unroot + OEM lock” buttons depending on what you want to do

  • Simply follow onscreen instructions; it should be self explanatory

4.  Note that the “Unroot + OEM lock” procedure can also be used to just flash back to stock without re-locking

  • Simply follow onscreen instructions, and when it gets to the re-locking procedure… just exit the script.

For reference or specifics on what this tool does, you will want to check out our bootloader unlocking instructions along with our instructions on how to return back to stock. After all, Wug did find his inspiration for the tool from our guides. 🙂

Via:  Galaxy Nexus Forum

  • Battery

    This tool works flawlessly! Great Job WugFresh! I have rooted and unrooted by hand but I have to say this method is much less scary

  • Peesa

    Im new to all this, so bear with me. What are the advantages/disadvantages of using this tool as opposed to doing it manually?

  • This should be updated to reflect the new version 1.1.  A huge added benefit of version 1.1 is the ability to backup apps and data.  You still need to backup photos and videos and music and such, but all your apps and data can be backed up before doing the unlock.

  • QtDL

    Can anyone confirm that this program actually works?

  • Can anyone help me? I followed the steps for the tool, it unlocked my phone, when it booted back up i followed the steps, but now my charging port won’t work. My computer doesn’t recognize my phone at all and it won’t even charge. Please help!!

  • This has now been fully updated to include pushing SU and clockwork mod onto your phone.  This also gives you the ability to back up all apps before you unlock the bootloader.

  • MJ Lindamood

    I wish that my phone would show up in the screen….I don’t know how to fix that

  • There is an updated version of this tool that contains automatic backup/restore of application data. Now I don’t have to try to clear 444 again on Fruit Ninja!! Happy day.

    Updated version also includes some very cool instructional additions. Good stuff!

  • Erkleehoo

    success ! Now tell me which rom to install

  • Cory123dog

    it just bricked my phone!!!! now what do i do ?

  • I’m new to this stuff, and I have what I think is a stupid question, but I’m going to ask anyways, just to be safe. When I unlock, will I keep my phone number on my device?

  • Daniel Hurley

    this isnt working for me ;( and ive tried so many times. someone please help me 

    • Anonymous

      I had a problem doing this but I fixed it. My problem was easy… when it came to the point of asking “is the driver successfully… something or other” I was hitting yes because I thought the first step did that. Hit 2 instead for “no it’s not set up” and let it automatically set it up. I had no problems after that.

      • Daniel Hurley

        ok well now im stuck with configuring the fastboot drivers……i was so close ;(

  • Anonymous

    I have my Gnex connected, USB debugging enabled, click Drivers + SDK and nothing happens. Windows task manager says program is running…

  • Well the download takes approximately one day. I guess this will have to wait.

  • Am I missing something? I downloaded it and did as instructed but it will not detect my device. Any ideas what is going on? I have turned on and off debugging a hundred times

  • can anyone upload a mirror… this is unbearably slow….

    • let it run… it will start to speed up around 70-80MB

      • someone posted this mirror in the comments 

        and im 25% done downloading at 52kbps… 1 hour left I can wait lol

        • me too.. drop setcpu on it and smash around on some apps/benchmarks

          • huh?

          • setcpu.. allows you to overclock the processor once rooted. also allows you to lower the cpu speed… to stretch battery life

          • Oh right, do people still use SetCPU? It didn’t work very well on my OG D1 with CM7

            I just use the built in overclocking and governers

  • rocketdaddy

    Easy peasy!  Can’t believe I made it two weeks before I unlocked and rooted.  Thought I’d wait a month and play with stock.  Couldn’t make it that long.  Thanks a TON for providing all the help and goodies.  Droid Life ROCKS!

  • sw

    still doesn’t work for windows xp. need to use vista or windows7. promote this to prevent headaches.

  • Jacob E Walker

    I cant get my darn G Nexus unlocked!!! I thought I was being stupid, with the SDK, now i still cant get past the same point with this tool, the unlock screen never comes up. I can get to the fast boot screen but the unloader nver starts on my phone. Im  an administrator at a school and have tried this on 8 different machines between vista and win7. Same results. Any ideas of what im doing wrong?

  • Why is it taking 3 days time to dl?  Thats what its saying right now when im trying to dl its been like that for like 5min

  • Mr.GalxyNexus

    Hey guys this might help those who cant download the wugfresh’s tool from this mirror, http://goo.gl/lTQhA
    That’s a new mirror.

  • Anonymous

    New Mirror Straight from Wug’s Site http://goo.gl/lTQhA 
    Instead of 10 hours and an incomplete download im getting a solid 130kbps lol

    • QtDL

      Thanks for this. DLing at 150 kb/s…..30 min is way better than 10 hours. 🙂

  • Steve

    Wow, this would be awesome if it didn’t take 8 years to download….I sure hope its worth it!

  • Rcrook2

    Can i use this on my gsm galaxy nexus?

  • Jasonh128

    it says it will download in 25 days,  are you kidding me????

    • Qthegreat

      Mine said the same thing, actually ended up taking a couple hours

  • Thommo

    I would like a new mirror please. Downloads aren’t working for me due to a 509 error from Dropbox

  • Qthegreat

    ” ‘adb’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable or batch command”
    USB Debugging is on but not recognizing the phone. Any Help??

    • Ortizkenny1

      Im getting the same thing, i don’t know how to fix this?

  • it just doesnt want to download for me. it just sits there and says like an infinite amount of days left 

  • Qthegreat

    When I run the program it says some of the files are corrupt (Galaxy Nexus Drivers) anyone else get this problem??

  • Honay toad

    A quick tutorial video would be great!!!!!       i know the instructions are straight forward..  I already unlocked and rooted the sdk  and adb way no problem I would just like to see this work before messing with it..  if it makes life easier and quicker im game for thata..  just a thought

  • Anonymous

    Need another mirror….

  • none

    I actually let it run at its horribly slow pace. It crapped out at 58.5 mb….

  • Raptor2679

    if i use this, do i still need titanium backup to backup my apps and settings?

  • SniperDroid

    This is what brought me to Android instead of Icant.  Innovation!  Yeah, I did my Nexus the hard way, but I never thought of comming up with an idea like this one (not that I really could anyway). The builders and designers of tomorrows High Tech Gear are making Android, and Android Phones, better today.  Download and donation to follow!

  • Chris Clancy

    Dear Moderator…. I would recommend purchasing troll-life.com as an alias for this site.

  • Whett Phartz

    I know that this is off-topic, but the cropping of Mctypething’s avatar makes it look like goatse. 

    Just sayin’.

    • Mctype’s thing

      That makes sense. I think of goatse every time he posts.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone have any other mirrors? The main link is horribly slow and the mirror is broken.

    • Anonymous
      • Anonymous

        Ah it’s cool I already got it, found that mirror in the source. Thanks anyway.

  • When I Unlock and Root when it wipes everything does it wipe my memory out and all the pics and songs I have stored on it

  • Has there been any word that the signal issues will be fixed by the drop dead return date of the 14th? …..or anytime for that matter??
    I sure would like to keep this phone. I barely get a 3g signal in my house, where every other phone here is getting 4G without dropping. 

    • Anonymous

      Hello Robert, maybe my experiences can help. 
      Both my girlfriend’s and my phone were up for an upgrade so I made her wait with me to get the gnexus the moment verizon opened on 12/15. After 2 weeks of using the phone, she often complained about her signal. At first I thought maybe it was due to the recent (3) LTE shortages. She was convinced it was her phone and after comparing her service with mine for a couple of days over the holidays I was convinced it was her phone too. I mean we both have the Galaxy Nexus, I had read about people having signal issues or issues locking on to a signal but I didn’t experience it and people on this site was torn to both sides. We brought it in to Verizon and told them, look we both have the same phone for the last 2 weeks my signals are fine but hers not. The verizon person was a dick and told us that he couldn’t recreate the issue and told us to call the main support line. We called in the parking lot of Verizon and the lady on the phone said, it doesn’t matter if he can’t recreate the issue if you think something is wrong with your phone you can switch it for a new one under verizon’s “worry free guarantee”. I went back in to talk to that sales rep, and he said sure but there’s a $35 restocking fee… I still had the lady on the phone who overheard what the store rep was saying and told me, no you don’t have to pay that fee and to hand over the phone to the store rep. Anywho, short story long, we got a new phone and now no signal issues, her’s picks up and locks to signals just as fast as mine, and no more her being on 3g when I have light service on 4g. Perhaps you have a the same problem? perhaps some phone’s have faulty antennas? I can happen… happened to us. If we didn’t have 2 G Nexus right next to each other we may not have discovered that 1 unit was faulty. Our G Nexus’ signals doesn’t lose to other 4g phones and I’m surprised to hear so many people with issues like yours. 

      • I have seen many talk about signal strength. Mine has been -120dBm  99asu
        These numbers have never changed. I have had the phone since its release date.
        Where “should” these numbers be and are these acceptable?
        I was rooted and I have just unrooted so I can return it.
        Thanks for your reply.

        • Anonymous

          Hello Robert,
          if you’re constantly on -120dBm and it doesn’t change, I would say something is wrong with your phone. If you do decide to switch your gnex for another one, I would def bring this up to the support people. 
          Mine right now is -79dBm 61 asu (I have full bars on 4g)
          -79 is pretty darn good
          anything more than like ~ -65 doesn’t really do much, so if you have -60 or -40 you’ll probably get the same speeds. 
          BUT the scale starts to slide dramatically between ~ -65 and -120. The same jump in the other direction lets say between -70 and -90 means a large difference speeds. 
          For my Nexus I’m happy if I’m above -100 like -80’s -90’s I’m ok. 
          -120dBm you’ve max out on the no signal side. some thing is wrong. 

        • raphael gray

          long story short return the phone and if the probably continues then by all means switch phones and dont pay anything demand a working phone.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Kellex for forcing me into installing the Android SDK and learning some simple adb and fastboot commands in order to unlock and root my Galaxy Nexus. I’m actually glad that this 1-click came out after I unlocked and rooted. Before I had no idea what people were talking about flashing this and that. Because I wanted to unlock my phone, I read your instructions with made me interested in learning more about what was actually happening behind the scenes. I know the potential of bricking your phone is scary and 1-clicks are less scary than Android SDK but going through the SDK motions has changed the way I view these 1-click solutions. I feel closer to my Galaxy Nexus after unwrapping her kimono myself. 

    • Anonymous

      I wish more people had your initiative. There are far too many noobs that fubar their devices and then are clueless when someone else tries to help them troubleshoot through adb.

      • Anonymous

        agreed, we are all noobs at one point.. and then we learn…
        also… people are really missing on what I believe is some of the most satisfying hard button presses since slamming F9 in excel. We’re all obsessed with touchscreens but It feels damn good to volume up / down then push power button for select.

  • Rob Schofield

    Procedures for rooting a phone has sure come a long way since the OG Droid.

  • Mike Klade

    This will give you permanent root, correct?


  • Anonymous

    Mirror is down, original download says 29 hours remaining, Anyone got a mirror for the mirror?

  • Anonymous

    What is the difference between root and unlock bootloader?

  • Shane McKeever

    Telling me that some files are corrupt…

    • Dr50036

      Got the same thing…corrupt files

      • Rodster

        Same thing here….. corrupt.  What’s up with that?

        • It probably happen because you didn’t download the entire file.  Check to make sure the file is 267 MB.  I am trying for the third time to download.  The first two stopped just under 40 MB.

  • RendarUDL

    This looks really nice. Wish it would download. 🙁 Really need another host for this. The dropbox mirror has been down all day and the primary host is moving at about 10k/sec and has crashed on me twice without completing. Boo…

    • G.I.Ceo

      Your lucky you are even getting that.I am steady at about 4kb’s and have had it crash a few times. I think I will just do it manually. I have being rooting since the OG came out so if I brick it then it sure wont be the first time I have done it. 

      • RendarUDL

        Yeah. I’m thinking the same thing if it crashes again. I’m pretty good at following instructions so long as I can get the Android SDK communicating properly with the Nexus.

  • Jamdev12

    Wow, the whole point of rooting your phone is so that you learn something in the process. Even though the one click option is great, I much rather learn a little bit about the SDK tools and what I do at every step than having this. And to those who tried the manual way and could not get it to work, all I can say is you have a serious problem following simple directions. Seriously.

    • Guest

      I’m lazy. I want a simple option of having cool neat things. I cannot be arsed with RTFM – just want the end product.

  • Anonymous

    Um…wugfresh’s website is down?