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Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE Easily Rooted Again After Updating to TouchWiz

Good news for Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE owners! If you accept the latest 351MB update that includes TouchWiz, you can root it with the exact same root patch that you applied after initially purchasing the tablet and also after receiving the last update. It’s as simple as downloading a .zip file, dropping it onto your device’s storage, booting into recovery and then applying it. Thanks for keeping that wide open, Samsung.

Cheers Ben!

  • ok i dont mean to start anything… really im not trying to be a troll and cause fights and since comments were close on the Post i figure i would comment here… what is up with the T Mobile sell out “sponsored” post isn’t the place for that more on android life than here? i thought this forum “droid life” was about the Verizon android line of phones? i have been coming here for years, ever since i got my OG droid on launch date, i learned about rooting a week or so later when you posted how to root.  this is the first time i have even seen a sell out… especially to T-Mobile… really… come on!!!

    • Anonymous

      My thoughts exactly..

  • Anonymous

    Ok no one else is saying it so I will.

    Why have a T-Mobile sponsored post on a VERIZON ANDROID website?

    Lure us to T-Mobile, lose the reader? Get it?

    I understand the need to make money, but it seems that is a very non-clever way to do it.

    • as i was typing my my concern about this “sponsor post” i saw your post, i am with you… and as i said in my post, if anything put it on android life, not droid life

      • Anonymous

        Not even the audacity to address this. I expected more from this website, shunning the people’s concerns seems better left to the experts in Cupertino.

  • Lmrojas

    Laggy pos

    • Len

      I guess you never tried the touchwiz on a galaxy tab 10.1 lte that was leaked, smooth as butter minus a few hiccups(reboots).  This puts stock honeycomb to shame.

      • Lmrojas

        I sold my Galaxy 10.1 nice try

        • Anonymous

          I have the wifi version and I didn’t root till after they released the touchwiz update. It was a bit laggy and I prefer stock over it. I decided to root and found some solid roms on xda. Solved all my concerns I had with the tablet. Even now that I know cyanogen 9 will support the tab 10.1. Not sure why you sold yours but it really should not have been because you thought it was “Laggy”. The tab is speced like all the rest in its category. 

  • Len

    How come noone is smart enough to copy the update.zip before applying the update so everybody can taste the sweet update…greedy people

  • Michael Forte

    I highly doubt Verizon cares if you root any tablet on their network, hence why the Xoom was unlocked, without any complaints from Motorola or Verizon. What’s the worst you could do, tether your capped data?

    • Ben

      Too true.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t (Touch)wiz on the electric fence!

    • EC8CH

      don’t cross the streams

      • Pfigurella

        I’m not sure that the world is ready for a Ren & Stumpy/Ghostbusters mash-up!

        • Pfigurella

          Sorry, Stimpy…