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Swype Beta Updated, Adds Dragon Dictation and Advanced Language Modeling

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With Swype’s recent addition of Dragon Dictation, talking to your phone is now less frustrating with no more misheard words.  Thanks to the acquisition of Swype by Nuance, Swype has been able to implement Nuance’s bread and butter right into their own software.  Dragon Dictation is known as a speech to text software that allows for text input up to five times faster than regular pecking. But that’s not all, folks.

According to Swype developers, Swype is also learning how we, as the consumers, speak. It takes actual context into account as we swipe from key to key, spelling out words.  It will then appropriately place the proper word to fit the sentence given the context.  And according to their studies, it will only get more intuitive the more you use it.

Swype now features an improved language modeling algorithm, designed to increase the accuracy of the suggestions we offer (such as knowing that you mean “mosh pit” instead of “mosh pot”). By analyzing the text you’ve already entered, Swype will offer more accurate predictions that make sense in the context of the sentence

  • Up to a 40% increase in prediction accuracy when a language profile is present
  • Learns over time as you use it, building up a personal language profile for you.
  • Enabled only for English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Other languages coming soon!

Does this all sound extremely tantalizing?  Want the newest Swype beta on your device?  Then head right here to get it now.

Update: According to Swype’s beta site, it looks like their app has come onto some bugs or something.  Word from Swype is that they are going to have a fix hopefully soon.  Keep checking back for further details.

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  • Anonymous

    After using it since the download, I’m not thrilled. I like the stock ICS keyboard for it’s speed and accuracy in correction. I wish I  liked this version of Swype better but it just doesn’t fit. Here’s hoping to updates.

  • Minger

    For us ICS users, how do we use the native voice recognition instead Dragon Dictate?

  • Dominic Dymond

    droid x… better then droid 2… worse then most others

  • Dominic Dymond

    i spend half my swyiping pecking out the words i want because it wont work right 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7MUFQK5F3JTFIVWTM4EVTY3U64 Bryan B

    I don’t know about everyone else, but the version of swype on my Droid X2 is about as accurate as typing while sneezing.  Is anyone else experiencing it putting “tutu” instead of you over 50% of the time???

  • Obvious Sarcasm

    Sweet. Just installed the new Swype beta over my preinstalled version and so far the dragon speak voice recognition is working flawlessly. I actually just typed this all out using my voice. It’s a little hard to get used to actually saying what you’re thinking about typing and then remembering to put in punctuation marks. Loving it so far. :-)

  • Ryan C

    I use FlexT9 keyboard and this has been on it for months already. it has the flame button and claims to have dragon dictation.

    • John Eddy

      Thank you! I already had swype preinstalled on my tablet and phone. I downloaded flex T9 because of your post. I love it! I used to use Dragon dictation on my iPhone before. It’s the best of the best! In fact I used it to write this post or should I say I spoke it for this post? Thank U for posting this. I’m very excited to have this on my phone and tablet now. It is very accurate! I did not realize that flex T9 had the Dragon flame on it already.

      • Ryan C

        I absolutely love FlexT9. I’ve tried multiple other keyboards and for some reason i just  don’t like them that much. For example, I dont like how swype brings up that intrusive box for suggesting words. plus FlexT9 is 98% of the time accurate even if your off on spelling. You can swipe to text, draw the letters, or use the dragon dictation. It’s all here! I wish this keyboard was more popular and got some recognition though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lukewoodruff1 Luke Woodruff

    How many people use voice to text regularly?

  • Carlos

    I get error parsing package when I try to install.


    wow got swype working on m GSM gnex.. so happy. missed it so

  • me

    So if you have it ore installed does it automatically update

  • Anonymous

    I need a swype keyboard for my Nex because I dislike thumb typing.

    • Anonymous

      Update- I am Swyping on my G-Nex. Loving it! I don’t care about landscape because I rarely take the time to flip to it anyway. Go get it people. Like the guy above said search Swype beta on g+.

  • http://twitter.com/wh1te_mag1c John Doe

    Woah.. shut up and take my money, Nuance!!

  • God

    “I put the green pot in the pit” still fails at nongrandma speed..

  • Anonymous

    On G-pseudo-nexus it only shows portrait sized keyboard in landscaped screen…  anyone else have that issue?

    • kangamitzi

      Yes. back to flex t9 until that gets fixed :(

  • Anonymous

    It would be nice if swype would let the devices that have swype pre-installed to be able to get the updated everybody else is able to receive. My Droid Bionic has swype already but it’s become completely un-useable. I’m taking more time doing corrections than just typing it out traditionally. The other day I eased trying to type a word the other day but swype kept messing up. I’m not talking about just typing the indirect

  • richard melcher

    I thought Swiftkey X was the best keyboard…

    Dragon was cool, until I got extremely annoyed by their super long and boring commercial every single break. Now I have developed a passionate hate for that company.

  • Anonymous

    lol, nice… we crashed the beta.swype site!

  • http://twitter.com/jarofclay Montucky Phantom

    Beta for 2 years…. Can they release already so we can buy it on the app store?

    • Blootzm3

      it would be nice

  • xformulax

    looks like nuance is already getting their fingers into swype… hopefully it’ll improve because flexT9 is miles better.

  • rikster81

    DAMMIT!!! I thought I was going to text my friends in dragon language

    • God

      In time my friend…in time..

  • Anonymous

    Nexus Fail…  

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      I bet you pondered that useless, totally unrelated comment all day long and just couldn’t wait to post it.

      • Anonymous

        Nope, used my Nexus to “attempt” to follow the link to the beta just to find out it won’t work on my device  therefore “fail” is apropos.

        • planetes42

          Information already posted in these comments I will bring to your attention in case you missed it:

          search Google+ for “swype beta galaxy nexus”

          • Anonymous

            I posted that before the new info so nice try… anyway, it still doesn’t work properly…. can’t fully landscape the keyboard on the pseudo nexus…

          • planetes42

            Your attitude only exceeds your ignorance.  Do a search on Google+, and notice the quote from the author: 

            “Here I present my latest fix/update to swype for the galaxy nexus. It includes fully working portrait and landscape modes!”

          • Anonymous

            About damn time!
            On Dec 21, 2011 8:44 PM, “Disqus”

    • Anonymous

      The XDA updated one works perfectly. Just not as good to me as the stock one, but the app works fine on Gnex.

  • planetes42

    From XDA:

    search Google+ for “swype beta galaxy nexus”.  There’s a lovely public post there with a link you may be interested in.

    That is, of course, if swype on your nexus is something that interests you…

    • Ryan

      woot I’ve been missing swype. Granted FlexT9 works pretty darn well too. I can never remember the location of the alternate characters on Flex as well I could on Swype (granted I used swype for a long period of time)

    • NoLikeySlideIT

      thanks for this suggestion! I got swype back!!!!!! hope swype devs look at xda.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_7VLATHOWY5PDVS66YMWVKFNADU Wilkerson

      @readers:disqus my friend’s mother-in-law makes $85/hr on the computer. She has been fired for 2 months but last month her check was $8962 just working on the computer for a few hours…Show More

    • xformulax

      thanks… works great.

    • Anonymous

      Do u have the link? Im not on google +

      • Anonymous

        about time to sign up then

        • Anonymous

          Not really

    • Anthony Casagrande

      Link to the original google+ post: http://goo.gl/nzeUO

  • Rich A

    still no swype for ics? I miss my swype on my G-Nex. Albeit the stock kb is pretty good. Just need to type with one hand sometimes. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/nadeemqasem Nadeem Qasem

      its available on xda

      • John

        buggy but ya..it works mostly

  • Prime7

    I would love to try it…once it actually works on my device.

  • Anonymous

    no u cant install over older versions …btw this video is awesome lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/nickvargish Nick Vargish

    Hopefully the Swype guys get their act together and release an installer that works for the Galaxy Nexus soon. If I spend too much more time with SwiftKeyX (which I was lucky enough to get for ten cents on Nexus Thursday), I may never go back to swyping.

    • planetes42

      Information already posted in these comments I will bring to your attention in case you missed it:
      search Google+ for “swype beta galaxy nexus”

  • Anonymous

    Now here’s a post that has nothing to do with Nexus… unfortunately.

    Tapped out on my Galaxy Nexus using the (super slow) stock ICS keyboard.

    • planetes42

      Information already posted in these comments I will bring to your attention in case you missed it:
      search Google+ for “swype beta galaxy nexus”

      • Anonymous

        Awesome. Thank you.

  • http://profiles.google.com/doeiqts Michael Kendle

    Does this work on ICS yet?

  • Dean2359

    Where’s the love for my Nexus?

    • planetes42

      Information already posted in these comments I will bring to your attention in case you missed it:
      search Google+ for “swype beta galaxy nexus”

  • Anonymous

    Can we install over a pre-installed version again?

    UPDATE: Nope! Stupid Swype

    • Dominic Dymond

      it must be a deal with the handset manufacturers. i must say that im, growing rather annoyed with it saying “our” instead of “or” and ghats instead of thats