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DROID RAZR Update Rolling Out Now


Our inbox just blew up with word that the expected update for the DROID RAZR is rolling out to everyone right now. And we aren’t talking “soak test” members, this is everyone folks. I just booted up my personal RAZR and sure enough, there was the 6.11.748 update in the flesh.

To pull it yourself, head into Settings>About phone>System updates.

*Note – The update does break root, will try to re-root in a few minutes.

*Note 2 – Root easily regained with DoomLord’s V3 root package (pictured top right). [Thread]

As you can see, the update is a sizable 57MB, so make sure you have plenty of battery before trying to load this up. After updating, you should have an improved camera, better menu access in a variety of apps, improved 3G/4G connectivity and more. Full changelog below.  

Cheers Darryl, Scott and Rob!

  • toots

    any idea when or whether this update will be available for droid razrs in the asia pacific region?

  • Jaxon

    My camera keeps focusing on the things behind me and the people in my pictures come out blurry and the pics look grainy…help?

  • Okay.. now i dont know if it was part of the update or what, but I can be online in 4g area, and talk and surf at same time… now i didnt think CDMA ie Verizon could do that.. but it works consistantly, whether tethered or on phone.. i can surf and talk.. now havent tried doing it in 3g area (work is only 3g area only home is on 4g..) and no.. wifi is turned off… hmmmm just wondering if it works for anyone else??

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad to have the music player back up and running after the update but my lights for the buttons @ the bottom of the screen still don’t work and my data shuts off randomly now but was fine before the update. Anyone else experience this?

  • DXm0dx92

    Rooted, kept bloatware for now (hearing these updates would roll out) flashed CWR, and still received the update. SIM data dump still going on. If I may suggest one thing, it’s to keep your phone from LTE/CDMA to CDMA only with automatic roaming. It doesn’t dump (but you will lose your precious 4G.)

  • Tehegshs

    IIt installed Verizon location services. Cannot disabled or unintelligible and keeps the phonebfrok sleeping

  • JW

    Is anyone having trouble connecting to 3G/4G? Can’t seem to get any data connectivity after the update

    • EdWms

      I’ve read some posts where the “data enabled” option under data management got turned off after the update. Sounds like what you’re dealing with!

  • Thank you motorola!! Since ditching the blunderbolt, I have not been dissapointed at all in my second motorola android device. Best reception, call quality, and reliability in the industry!! Build quality is vastly superior to nexus too.

    • Anonymous

      You will never go wrong with Motorola. They seem to be improving their features such as display, better software, camera, front facing camera etc. Samsung is taking a step back.

  • Anonymous

    You can keep root by using ota rootkeeper a free app in the market… it temp un roots your phone with one click then you accept the ota and install it boot back up and open ota rootkeeper and reroot with one click, almost too simple

  • SIM error notification has NOT been fixed.  Just updated my RAZR and I’m still getting the error message… power cycling it didn’t fix the issue, nor did power cycling and removing/re-inserting the SIM card.  Not happy about this.

    • William Schleicher

      So I’m not going crazy – it took me forever to find the gallery app. -.-

  • Anonymous

    What the hell is a RAZR? I thought the GNex was the only phone on Verizon now.

  • Jsingleton

    My Thunderbolt just received an update

  • What screen capture app is that in the right-most screen shot?

  • Marcyelizabeth

    Wasn’t getting the sim card notification error, now after installing the update this morning I’m getting it. -_____-

  • DShizzel

    Kinda odd — I went to settings/about/system updates and it said there was an update. I started the download. It said I’d be notified when completed, however it’s been in process for about 3 hours.  I’ve rebooted the phone and it still gives me the same message.

    Is there some way I can kill it and start over again?  Short of zapping my DZ back to factory that is.  Not rooted, not customized much at all.

    • Anonymous

      Did you try doing the “hard” reset?

      • DShizzel

        Yah, I was trying to avoid that, but it likely is my only option, huh?  I just did that the other day to get my Motocast working again (wasn’t streaming video).  Oh, well.  Might as well.

    • DShizzel

      OK, hard reset seems to have done it.  Wasn’t too painful and I can tell my camera speed is much improved. Otherwise, it’s the same rock-solid dependable RAZR that I was already happy with!  Great job, Moto!

  • Keith Sumner

    Didn’t someone just say “slow updates from Motorola”


    • Anonymous

      Moto are the best  when it comes to updates. Nexus device get the updates faster then Moto 🙂

  • Bionic

    camera zoom fx works awesome on most phones, but after the Bionic’s update the stock camera actually works better than zoom fx.  I emailed them asking them to fix this and make zoom fx better because its a paid app.

  • Bionic

    Will this root work for the updated Bionic?   If not, when will we have another “one click” root available for bionic?  

    • Feel free to try it heh. 😛

  • Help, I’m falling….

    Thanks for the info.  I am downloading right now

  • Install error for me and I’m rooted.  When I pull the update from /cache and install the update via stock recovery it tells me that I have an error in settings.apk verification.  I have no idea why this would be the case as I’ve never touched the settings.apk.  The only thing I can think of is that when I applied the stock ICS theme to it maybe that messed with something.  Ohh well, running RazrX via safestrap and couldnt be more happy.  I’m sure DroidTh3ory will have the update in a release soon.

  • Anonymous

    How’s the 4g and 3g  on this phone now and the switching between them have Gnex now but signal is terrible even compared to my Droid X.Still a little worried about camera and the blotches being reported with screen.

  • Earleepa

    Did this update fix that non removable battery flaw?

    • Anonymous

      troll harder sir

    • Bionic


    • Anonymous

      What you did there: I see it.

    • Anonymous

      Are you talking about the non removable battery that beats the balls of the battery in your Galaxy Nexus? I’ll take the non removable battery any day in a superior form factor phone built with quality materials over your piece of crap plastic nexus. And I won’t even mention the dozens of bugs in your fantasy phone.

      • Anonymous

        it has like 20 bugs the plastic nexus.

    • Razrftw

      Ive seen some failed trolls before…but this may take the cake.

    • Anonymous

      crying like a little girl lol

    • i was concerned about the battery at first.. but I did get the exterior battery pack.. that charges the phone back up.. and oh yeah.. also charges my BT headset… anyone elses phone.. my iPod nano… LOVE IT!!

    • Gingerginger2009

      Technically you can remove the phone back and the battery. It just breaks the warranty on the phone.

  • Reston Tech Wiz

    Camera works much better…really actually just works now, before it really was broken!

    Overall, love the RAZR its an awesome hardware design and the screen is really crisp and bright!

    • guest

      my camera wasn’t broken at all.  it was working fine, i’m just hoping for better picture quality if anything.

      • Anonymous

        The picture capture is snappier

        • Barrywrx

          better images?

          • Anonymous


          • Motta2003

            My wife’s RAZR has much better quality after this update…definite improvement all around and the lag is a bit shorter too now between pics.

      • Barrywrx

        Post details when you check it out please. Hopefully it gets better picture quality.

  • Jason Platt

    I am rooted and have removed a ton of Verizon’s crap apps as well as making other changes.  The update doesn’t work for me, but I don’t care that much since my phone is working really well.  I will wait for an SBF before making any other changes to my phone.

  • Anonymous

    Downloading as we speak, Nice!

  • Sp4rxx

    Dunno why it says “rolling out now” ….. I got this update Monday – OTA.

  • Anonymous


  • Damonlbeaty

    When are they going to fix the Bluetooth volume issue?

    • Mark Christian

      It’s slightly better, but still too quiet for my taste.

  • Daniel Pascual

    Here’s the problem im having, I’ve been at this for an hour already and the update keeps saying failed, I rooted my razr day 1 and took out all the bloatware like “device setup, help center,IM ,go to meeting, slacker,critix,amazon kindle,my accounts, and quick office and a few more using titanium and I didnt make backups. and someone posted ”
    You can be rooted but must have all of your stock apps intact”. Does this mean I ****ed up my phone if I factory reset it will I get those apps back? im scared to even factory reset now. Will my only option be to wait it out until I can flash a stock recovery on to the razr. or possibly install the bloatware back on with an apk file. help :'(

    • NghtHwkX

      I did that with my D2G, and it wouldn’t ‘take.’ I tried to reinstall the apps, no go. Factory reset didn’t re-install them, and I bricked trying to SBF.

      My best guess is that you’ll have to do serious stuff to get back to stock.

      • Daniel Pascual

        Well so far I found all the bloatware ive deleted from a system dump posted on here. and I put the apk/odex inside my sdcard-ext and then using root explorer I transferred them into system>app but now when I try to install some of the bloatware like, Device Setup I get /! Application not installed, how do I install them? Is there a certain way I have to setup the permissions? I’ve been at this for 3 hours already )’:

        • Slwest78

          Go to root explorer and long press on the apk that you moved and change the permissions back. Look at the permissions in a system app that you didn’t move and place the same check marks in the apk that your trying to install. You may have to click the mount r/of at the top and reboot when finished

          • Daniel Pascual

            I tryed it, it didnt work 🙁 and now when I go to about phone>system  update, its stuck on a white screen so I think I broke it pretty bad lol, I was messing with the blurservice apk and I give up i’ll wait for a full recovery flash but thanks guys.

          • Anonymous

            Don’t delete apps, freeze them with TBU.

          • Mlandry001

            did you try a HARD RECOVERING YET,?? you will need to push both volume bottons at the same time while powering up the phone, you will get a drop down list, then use the volume down to select RECOVER, when you see the little droid man you will need to rapidly hit both volume bottons again at the same time, this should FIX your issue, you will lose everything you have downloaded and any apps. it will return it too factory as if you just took it out the box as new,, i hope this will work for you, it fixed mine,, motorola costed me over the phone to get mine done,!!

            IT SHOULD AS IT DID FOR ME,,,


    • You will have to wait for an sbf for the Razr.

    • Mlandry001

      did you try a HARD RECOVERING YET,??  you will need to push both volume bottons at the same time while powering up the phone, you will get a drop down list, then use the volume down to select RECOVER, when you see the little droid man you will need to rapidly hit both volume bottons again at the same time, this should FIX your issue, you will lose everything you have downloaded and any apps. it will return it too factory as if you just took it out the box as new,, i hope this will work for you, it fixed mine,, motorola costed me over the phone to get mine done,!!



  • Booboolala2000

    Good job motorola. Is a great phone.

  • Anonymous

    What can we say about Motorola? They are simply the best in the business 🙂 Installing my update now 🙂 Kudos to you Moto.

    • Blootzm3

      don’t wet your pants in excitement

      • Anonymous

        One of the funniest post ever kudos to you lol. I am the biggest moto fanboy in the history of mankind :)Now, go cry on the corner like the rest.

  • droidian1441

    Has anyone noticed the version is different in the screenshots as compared to the changelog?

  • Scottbroe

    Oh dangg.. google music installed with the update

  • Anonymous

    My phone got super hot during the download. Is that typical? 

    • Anonymous

      Happens alot with this phone. My droid X was the same.

    • Anonymous

      My phone really doesn’t have this issue, but I may just be fortunate.

  • Scottbroe

    Did a quadrant test and got 2712…. i got 2476 before the update

  • Looks like the usual Moto bug fixer… Hope it makes the Razr a better device!

  • Scottbroe

    Yes.. Way faster.. and i can take like 10 photo’s reallly fast.. faster than before.

    • William Schleicher

      Oh yeah! If you stay in the same spot you can just keep taking pictures super rapidly, it’s insane..

  • Anonymous

    Is there a way to activate my gnex without going to the Verizon store? I have a thunderbolt now/a sim card…

    • yes you need to go to vow website under the “I want to section” select active or switch device

    • Anonymous

      you lost 😉

    • Jdemeis50

      You need to get a new sim card. The sim from the thunderbolt won’t fit in a gnex.

  • Markopolo1022

    I have rooted Droid razr …. will I be able to upgraede or do I have to be in stock

    • William Schleicher

      You can be rooted but must have all of your stock apps intact. However, the update will take away your root access, but I don’t think it will be too difficult to get it back.

      • Anonymous

        Yep, lost my root. Not too worried though, it is a MOTO. They always find a way.

      • Ulighteca

        If you don’t have all your stock apps will that brick your phone or just install them? Would like to know before I try it.

        • Likely neither.  The update will just fail.  You’ll need to wait for an sbf to be released (leaked).  In the future, it is always best to freeze bloatware instead of deleting it.  At the least, just go in with root explorer and change the .apk to .bak.

    • If you have clockwork recovery, your chances are slim. CWR usually blocks updates.

  • Scottbroe

    Holy SMOKES!! MY CAMERA IS 10X better

    • Hah is it really though?

      • William Schleicher

        It’s more like two times better. 😛

    • Barrywrx

      I’ve been holding off on getting a new phone,I’ll probably get the razr since the camera is  better after the update.

  • Scottbroe


  • you

    sweet, now only if they included some ics with the next update

    • Anonymous

      They did, now, you have google music pre install. Moto’s music player is better than google’s.