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We Need a Nexus Tablet [Opinion]

Just wanted to point out that this post was finished on Friday night and sure enough, news broke this morning that Eric Schmidt expects there to be a Nexus tablet in 2012.

HP is currently the number two seller of tablets, though most expect Amazon to usurp them in that position (we’ll never know for sure because Amazon doesn’t release sales numbers). HP didn’t become number two (or even number one plus) because people went out in droves to buy the TouchPad for $499 or even $399. HP became number two because they sold the TouchPad for $99 and $149. Amazon is going to do the exact same thing at a $200 price point.

Over the past few weeks there have been several articles that argued that Amazon’s Kindle Fire is aiming to take out Android tablets, not the iPad. Amazon is obviously trying to beef up their market share by attracting people with a cheap tablet – they made a $200 tablet in every sense of the phrase. Amazon’s goal was never to take on the iPad. To try and take out the iPad would take a tremendous effort and a premium product. Amazon’s goal was to sell a lot of cheap tablets with minimal effort, which they did. The whole point of a product that you sell at a loss is either to get rid of inventory or to make up sales through services purchased; Amazon is doing the latter. While Amazon’s efforts certainly won’t disrupt Apple’s plans, they could hurt Google.

Apple sells a premium product, not a bargain product. Google is trying to do the same thing, but so far tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Motorola Xoom haven’t fared as well in sales (Motorola and Samsung make up less than 3% of the market by Gruber’s estimates). It’s possible that products like the ASUS Transformer Prime will gain some traction, but it remains to be seen if any Android tablet can gain significant market share. Even combined, Android tablets are insignificant in market share compared to the iPad.

I’m convinced that Google needs to do three things to gain market share in the tablet space: make a halo product, advertise it, and sell it for cheaper than the iPad.  

Right now the best Android tablet on the market (or at least soon to be on the market) is the ASUS Transformer Prime. The thing that sets the Prime apart from others in my mind isn’t the gaming or the support for a wireless controller or the gorgeous display, but rather the dock. The keyboard dock sets the Prime apart because it transforms the Prime (see what I did there?) into a legitimate productivity device. With Ice Cream Sandwich it will only get better. Google needs to partner with a company like ASUS and make a Nexus tablet. For all intents and purposes the Prime is the Nexus tablet (does anyone think the Prime name was an accident?), but having an excellent product isn’t enough.


Over the last year Apple has increased spending on advertisement from $691 million to $933 million. In the meantime, Google hasn’t run one advertisement about Android tablets. People know about Android phones because the carriers have flooded their stores with dozens of models, but tablets haven’t caught on. Even if people don’t own an Android phone, they’ve seen the commercials or one of their friends uses one. There’s no way to really tell why Android tablets haven’t caught on in the market (much like many journalists are unsure of why Windows Phone still has insanely small market share), but there’s no doubt in my mind that advertisements showing off what these devices can do would help increase awareness if not actual sales.

For a long time everyone called all smartphones Blackberries. That eventually shifted to iPhones, but now people know the term smartphone (though many still think all Android phones are Droids…). I think most people still call tablets in general iPads (though I’ve heard some people reference the Galaxy Tab), and with that comes the assumption that the iPad is the only real option. I’ve seen a lot of people walk through a Best Buy and look at Android tablets, but I haven’t seen very many walk out with one. i think part of that is because they’re not sure how to really use one. If people started seeing advertisements for a tablet with people using them, however, that might make people more interested. If people saw how tablets like the Transformer Prime can replace their netbook or how the Galaxy Tab 7 Plus can replace their reading device, they might be more inclined to walk out the door with an Android tablet. I’d prefer Google advertise one halo device, but a good commercial showing off the options that their parters offer could help spur on sales for tablets already in the market.

I think Google has done a good job in the past of trying to make technology feel human. Their advertising team sees how their products can help people connect in a way that wasn’t possible before. Android 4.0 is much more human, and Google should be showing that with advertisements for their tablets. They have the specs and now they have the software, but they need the propaganda. People need to know how good Android tablets are before they will buy them. Google has placed the propaganda burden on the manufacturers, but I think its time they stepped up and did it themselves.

I think the final step for Google will be to sell a tablet at a $300 to $400 price. This would place the tablet in between the iPad and the Fire in price, but Google could advertise it as better than both. It’s the same argument that Microsoft has made with Windows forever. Microsoft argued that you could get a Windows machine for much less than a Mac. Sure, there’s always been the option for a cheaper system by buying the parts yourself and running Linux, but it doesn’t offer the same experience as a Windows PC. I think the same argument could work for Google. Google has the money to spend on both advertising and on making a product that they could sell for significantly cheaper.

If Google really wants to compete with Apple (and I think they do), then they need to step up their game. It’s not enough to partner with Motorola and make a tablet that is bound to a carrier and is overpriced. They should have known from the start that most people aren’t buying tablets from a carrier, they’re buying the WiFi-only version. It’s also not enough to simply rely on the manufacturers to make good products and advertise them well. That plan is obviously not working. It’s time for Google to step up and put themselves in the game with a product of their own. Some worry that if Google starts to do this they’ll push manufacturers to Microsoft. I don’t think that will happen. People don’t want a Windows tablet – they never have. People want a light, fun, productive experience. Android can offer a better product than Amazon and Apple, but at a better price.

Google has the power to really shift the market for the better. When they first release Android 4.0 I hoped that we would see a new Google. So far I haven’t seen that, but I hope that Google will step up and make a product themselves. I’m tired of seeing manufacturers fumble around with Android. I’m tired of seeing carriers tie down devices to their networks. It is time for Google to step up and take control of the tablet space with Android 4.0.

  • Fox

    Two things: First I do think a lot of people ARE waiting for a Windows tablet. They don’t know what to do with a tablet and probably view them as toys more than anything right now. But a Windows tablet would carry the connotation that it could do everything a PC could do (only easier and more portable). I agree though that once people saw how different the metro UI is they might not be as confident. Second, I believe a lot of people would buy a tablet for core functionality. Ads showing off fun games on the iPad might draw people in, but in the end most only search the app store or market when they are bored and won’t spend that much just for a toy. If a tablet could perform all the basics very well such as eReader, email, word processing, instant messaging, news reports, etc then people would buy it. In other words I think there is a largely untapped market of professionals and everyday people who need justification for buying a tablet. Currently only gadget lovers with disposable income and apple fanboys are buying tablets.

  • Honestly, the new acer 7″ tegra 2 tablet has been almost impossable to find. i eventually did.  its a quality android tablet for only $250.  i’ve had a wifi xoom since day one, but ill be the first to tell you that its about $200 bucks over prices. simply because people buy iPads and iOS stuff for status. yeah its quality stuff too but when people see you with a branded apple product they know you have money to buy it.   even though my wifi tablet is almost exact to an iPad 2 non tech people just see an ipad wanna be.

  • Rex

    What the hell Ron. I can’t believe you write up this great article but leave out what Android tablets need most: AN ECOSYSTEM. If the Android Market had apps built for tablets Android tablets would sell. If I show my friends Google+ on my Nexus, why can’t I turn on my Transformer and show them the tablet version? 

    I don’t want to just browse the web or play games with my tablet. I also want to fire up great apps with more real estate. The complete Google Apps suite should already be fully ICS compatible with built in tablet and phone UIs. 

    The iPad wins because its a great device with a great ecosystem, NOT a great price. We can have great devices but no ecosystem to back it kills momentum. If we had an ecosystem, the next thing I would suggest is marketing said ecosystem for consumer mind share. With the Galaxy Nexus and ICS we are at a point where if Google put up $900million in great advertising the average consumers would be lining up for Nexus’ instead of iPhones. 

    • The main reason I didn’t talk about the ecosystem is because I’ve dealt with it in previous articles. You’re right, though, Android’s ecosystem is mediocre at best.

  • Anonymous

    I would buy a nexus tablet.

  • TheRobotCow

    I do believe that Google needs to kick it into high gear now. Look at apple, they advertise their products like crazy and they showcase them well. Android has the capability but you dont see the amount of people going crazy for them like the iProducts. Apple knows how to sell their products. Google along with the manufactures need to put more into advertising. I love android and i want to see it do alot better. They need to put more effort into showcasing how great their devices are. I only see Motorola put some effort into advertising. I constantly see commercials for the Droid Razr i would like to see more from everyone else. Especially put some force behind the nexus!

  • Sp4rxx

    No … we don’t, unless they release a tablet that isn’t tethered to a data plan and is wifi only …. it’s retarded to spend an arm and a leg on a tablet and then spend more per month on the device you sold a kidney for….

    And if they end up choosing a carrier in the long run, it better not be VZW – we saw how they botched that one.

    Your tablet isn’t truly mobile until you break off having to pay per month to use it on a carrier’s plan.

    • Right. I think their mistake with te Xoom was tying it to a carrier for so long.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anthony Armando
  • Justin Brayman

    Personally, I do think the burden falls to the manufacturers. Google should spend more advertising the Android OS as a whole, but the manufacturers need to be the ones advertising the devices. If Google gets too involved in the promotion of one device they run the risk of alienating their manufacturer partners. 
    I think the promotion of a Nexus tablet is something Google could do. Make it a competition the way it is with the Nexus phones. But stay away from promoting the specific product lines of each manufacturer. For Google, it’s not the device that counts, but the OS that it runs.

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is


  • im not sure where you got your info on windows tablets, and as much as i love android, i would disagree. i know this is an opinion article but some research had to have been done. i would love to use a windows8 tablet. early previews have me really intrigued.


    • There was a little hyperbole employed, but I also don’t think people are going to really want to use Windows tablets any more than they have before. I could be wrong, but I don’t think Windows 8 makes sense as a tablet OS.

      • it really is tough to say being that this is all speculation and the only way to tell would be if MS and google were to launch a flagship tablet into the tablet market.

        • True. I’ve seen people like terrible products before 😉

  • Skaletr

    in all honesty i feel like the prime will be the next closest thing to a nexus tablet because google is working with them on it and asus releases on sourcr codes extremely fast it could very well be a “nexus” device

  • The OEM’s and carriers would hate a Nexus tablet FWIW.

    • Right, which is why I emphasize that Google needs to step up. Right now they’re letting carriers walk all over them.

  • Thelegendofdavid

    What they need to do is put a google store right across the street from the apple store over here in 
    sf, ca. F all that commercial crap. Put a store right across the street from theres and display everything android. 

    • Google need to buy T-Mobile USA. Then they’d be able to control updates themselves, have their own wireless spectrum, and a store to advertise their products.

      I love Google, but one thing they’re not good at is advertising, at least for Nexus devices. The Chrome commericals I’ve seen are actually quite good.

      • Anonymous

        Which is highly ironic considering they are a company built on advertising.

        • I can’t tell if you’re agreeing with me or criticising me 😀

          • Anonymous

            Haha, sorry. I’m agreeing with the ”
            I love Google, but one thing they’re not good at is advertising”

  • Anonymous

    Xoom doomed the Google Tablet.
    –at least initially.

    When it was announced that Android Tablets were in the works, and buzz was being generated, the Xoom had a chance.  Hell, I had $350 already set aside to go scoop one up.

    Then, after that huge build-up, the price point immediately killed it.  More than an iPad?  Really?

    Yes, it had better specs than an iPad.  But this thing wasn’t an iPad.  
    To every single person that was waiting for the new tablet to emerge, they now had to ask themselves:  Do I save a couple of bucks, and go for an iPad?  I’ve already seen it, and it looks pretty cool.  Already developed app catalog, interfaces with my computer in a fashion I’m used to, and I’m familiar with the operation (It’s an iPod writ large).

    Then Motorola and Verizon monkeyed with the Cellular versus WiFi model, and there was a fair amount of head scratching.

    Twelve of my clients were anxiously awaiting the Motorola Droid Tablet.  Ten of them bought iPads.  One of them has a Thrive (as do I), and the last one just stuck with her laptop (She’s a die-hard anti-Apple person.  I don’t know those details).

    I don’t know if this follows market trends as a whole, but it really spoke volumes to me.  I like the greater functionality of my Thrive (I write my own mini-apps, so there just isn’t an Apple argument against that).  I believe the “open-app” market will far surpass the current Apple model.  The specs in my tablet were very sound, when compared to an iPad.  Heck, in the end, my tablet was cheaper than an iPad.

    But still, more people buy iPads.

    Google could fix this by creating a true Nexus Tablet (I just bought the Galaxy Nexus phone.  I love it, but annoyed that Verizon got to fiddle with it as much as they did).  Create a tablet (I don’t really care who manufactures it, as long as they do a great job), have Google support the tablet, and show some decent plans about how that tablet is going to get even better.  Price it at a point that makes it very competitive to the other tablets in the market (maybe even subsidize it)

    Is it risky?  Hell yeah.  On many levels.

    But if you pull it off, you’re going to do even more to level the hardware playing field (which is not just about specs)

    • Anonymous

      … month ago, i would have agreed. But after using 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 i just have to say at the beginning (3.0/3.1) honeycomb was not ready for mass users, too many small problems. Maybe it is for good that the xoom did not sell millions … now with 3.2/4.x the time for android tablets has come … good advertising, good media-service for different brands (like zinio) and the change will come, slowly but unstoppable

  • i think $149 is the price point. anything over about $200 i just forget about because im not willing to spend that much on something that doesnt have that much impact on my life. There has to be a point where you have to say NO to a price. 

  • just give me a tablet that is thin, light, fast (quad core + 4g) and galaxy nexus quality level screen.

  • I have agree, carrier linked tablets are an example of manufacturers buying into carrier propaganda.  I’m an optimist.  I think Android will grow to shoulder MS into becoming a better product or facing nichedom.  People will learn how friendly Android can be and start demanding it for desktops too, if those aren’t also replaced by tablet-esque devices.  But Google needs to insist on two flagship devices; one at $99 and one for 300-400.  This accessibility is Google’s bread and butter, and that $99 price point is accessible in ways that not even the Fire can match.

  • Anonymous

    ” It’s also not enough to simply rely on the manufacturers to make good products and advertise them well. That plan is obviously not working.”

    This is the plan android has followed in phones, and we can see how that worked out…Just give the consumers time, they are mostly very slow and stupid but eventually they will learn.

    • Phones an tablets are totally different markets. A lot of people buy the cheapest (or free) phone on a two year contract. Most people are buying the WiFi only version of a tablet, not a tablet on contract (whereas very few people buy phones out of contract).

  • Anonymous

    That Google video always brings a tear to my eye. Yes, I’m a dad bro. Asus Prime FTW!

  • A Nexus tablet would be awesome! Google… please, deliver.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    All we need is the Asus Prime with ICS… done

  • Anonymous

    I still don’t think Google cares much about tablets. I think they got into the market frankly because they felt they had to to fight off iOS market share dominance. As you said, Google doesn’t advertise for Android tablets

  • Anonymous

    The Xoom (spyder) really is the Nexus tablet. It was built and designed in conjunction with Google and Motorola to launch the Honeycomb platform. It’s sort of the similar argument in that DROID is really the first Nexus phone, except unlike DROID the Xoom is also supported in AOSP like Nexus phones. 
    “The supported devices with the current release are the Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Xoom, and Nexus S”

    • Again, updates define a Nexus device.

      • Anonymous

        Again, that’s your opinion.
        And again, since you can build officially for the Xoom from source Google disagrees with you.

        • Hmm…I don’t know. Yes, you can build from source for it…but it doesn’t feel like a Nexus tablet somehow.

          IMO Google partnered with Moto to build the Xoom, but it’s not a Nexus in the truest sense of the word.

          • You’re right because nexus devices are PHONES. It’s a developer tablet. it’s THE dev tablet. Sorry you’re ignorant.

          • A dev tablet? Moto certainly didn’t advertise it as a dev tablet.

          • you’re right, google did.

          • Anonymous

            Motorola officially called it a Google Experience device.
             Andy Rubin in January said “This is the hardware our engineers have on their desks when they come in every morning.” making it the reference hardware for tablets. 

            It has a sanctioned unlockable bootloader, and out of the hundreds of Android devices only 3 are supported in the tree, and it’s one of them. Arguing over who pushes updates is futile if you can take the official source and update yourself to get to the same place. I suppose it’s my opinion.  But if they called it Nexus Xoom by Motorola I guess more people would be happy. 

          • AOSP

            The Droid Incredible was a “Google Experience device” was in supported in AOSP? 

          • Anonymous

            What are you talking about? Dinc was absolutely NOT a Google Experience device…It’s running HTC Sense. No idea what you’re getting at.

          • AOSP

            Why don’t you go read the original box that the Droid Incredible came in. Clearly is labeled “A Google Experience Device”. I love when people claim to know what they are talking about and have no clue. 

          • Anonymous

            “HTC Incredible with Google” on Front and Back.

            Where’s it labeled a Google Experience Device?

          • AOSP

            You must have the grey and green box and not the original box they came in.

          • Anonymous

            Um no, clearly you just failed.

          • AOSP


            i don’t have the phone anymore or i would gladly take a picture but here you go clown boy. Slink back to your hole now. 

          • Anonymous

            Amazon Wireless is your source?!?! LMAO.

            Wow. Buddy any phone with a skin is NOT a Google Experience device. That’s whatit means…a stock Android Experience. 

          • AOSP

            Find someone with the original box and look at the side of the box with the specs listed. You got served. Haha.

          • AOSP

            Email your boy Kellex. I’m sure he still has the phone and can clearly look on the side of the box. Haha. you’ve be exposed. Some “insider” hahahaha. LMAO

          • AOSP

            Hahah, Your evidence doesn’t show the left side with the specs where “A google experience device” is listed. Hahah bye bye

          • AOSP

            All “A Google Experience Device” means is it comes with the compete set of Google Closed Sourced Apps. Nice try. I thought you were an “insider’. Hahah this is amateur stuff.

          • Anonymous

            that’s exactly what the “with Google” signifies.

          • Anonymous

            Do you get into an argument with someone every time you post a comment? If you really have such solid info, why do you have to constantly defend it?

          • AOSP

            Any phone that says “with Google” is a Google experience Device. You are so clueless for an “insider”. Hahaha. How does it feel to be served?

          • AOSP

            The Google Experience: Phones featuring the Google logo with all Google apps installed and includes unrestricted access (neither the carrier nor handset maker can block applications they find objectionable) to the Android market. 
            The official definition from Andy Rubin at Google I/O 2009

            Hahahahaha. You are some “insider”. How does it feel?

          • Anonymous

            So Verizon lets you install Wireless Tether from the  Market then??  You are a retard.  The Incredible is running Sense, so it is not a GED.  By that logic then my Droid Bionic is a GED since on the back cover it says “with Google”.  Quit trolling and get a life.

    • Anonymous

      Xoom is the OG of tablets.  Before the Nexus was ever created.  Especially if Google is serious in building a tab, there admission of wanting to build a Nexus tab pretty much states that the Xoom is not a nexus-like device.  Just a Google experience device.

      • Anonymous

        It’s more than the OG of tablets. the OG isn’t supported in the AOSP is it? 
        Google wanting to officially start calling what they do next in the tablet space as a Nexus tab is probably more about PR and drawing more attention to Android in the tablet space, where so far it has not really been a success unfortunately, than it is about support. 

        • Anonymous

          Probably a bit of a different situation since HC was built specifically for the Xoom.  ICS ASOP does not work right out of the box on the Xoom, watch the videos the camera still doesn’t work.  Same as ASOP on the OG never worked right out of the box.  Needs tweaking for the hardware that is in it, as to pretty much all devices.

          • Anonymous

            The OG was never a part of Android Building. According to Google the Xoom is. That ultimately defines the difference. The G2 was also a stock Google Experience Device like OG, but not part of the tree or anything close to a nexus either. 

          • Anonymous

            No, I agree.  The Xoom just seems like a special case, neither OG nor Nexus, but because it was never labeled a Nexus it is more associated as the OG.

          • AOSP

            Ignore this guy zepfloyd he is clueless. Anybody in here got a droid incredible in the original packaging? Please fill this “insider” in that the Droid Incredible was listed as “A Google Experience Device”

          • Anonymous

            Your the moron talking about the Droid Incredible as a Google Experience Device.

  • Good enough proof of that the Xoom is a Nexus tablet to me.


    • That isn’t an official update…that’s running a build from the devs at xda…

      • Correct, but that was compiled by the AOSP servers which were directly released from Google. There was no tweaking involved in that build.

  • Anonymous

    For the consumer I believe it boils down to price and ecosystem. People are more interested in what it can do for them, not what it has in it. The Prime is a beast when it comes to specs and that means nothing to the average consumer.

  • Guest

    i still dont see why i need a tablet

    • A Transformer/Prime is awesome. Tablet if you want to play so games, or casually browse the web. But a laptop if you need to use it to type a long document or something like that.

    • Anonymous

      I honestly didn’t feel the need for a tablet until almost a month ago. I got my Xoom on black Fri and since then don’t know why I didn’t have one sooner. Its more convenient than my desktop replacement and a hell of lot lighter. I enjoy games and movies more on it than my phone. Web browsing is nice especially with apps like Taptu and honeycomb is very nice but can’t wait for ics on it. One of the best things is everything I own for my phone is on my xoom. For 199 I don’t regret it at all.

  • Anonymous

    The Asus T Prime is NOT a Nexus device and should never be associate with it.  All the Transformers have run a Asus modified version of HC and now ICS.  These are not directly built from Google where the Xoom is and is basically the OG of tablets.  Having said this, a Nexus tablet would be cool, but I would bet most would say 300-400 is still too much money.  If they can get it in the 200-300 mark then that would cause a pull from the iPad.  However, a tablet is still a “luxury” item and will take a long time to become a main stream device….if ever.

    • Best Android tablet available though.

      • Anonymous

        When its actually available, yes.  But remember, ICS is not “enhanced” for quad core so a dual core will run it just as well.  The Xoom will still be the first though.

        • The Xoom is a good tablet. In terms of the tablet, it’s better than the OG Transformer. But the Transformer is better overall because of the keyboard.

          But neither are Nexus tablets. To my mind, even the Galaxy Nexus isn’t a true Nexus. The Nexus One and the Nexus S were true Nexus devices (although the Nexus S did have the ‘S’ part from the Galaxy S line…hmm)

          • Anonymous

            Not sure how you can say the S was and the G-Nex isn’t. Both have to have the carriers and Samsung look at the code before Google releases it.  Even the unlocked phones still have to have a manufacturer (N1, HTC) look to make sure it will work.

            As for the Tran, it is a nice tab but more of a netbook with the keyboard then an actual tablet, but it is nice to have the options.  I still like my Xoom and wouldn’t trade it.  Only real complaint is I wish they would have used a better screen.

          • G-Nex isn’t sold directly by Google. Simple as.

            The Nexus One was sold by carriers, for example in the UK, where it was sold by Vodafone (albeit briefly, they dropped it when the Desire came out).

          • Anonymous

            Still go back to, how can you say the Nex S is a true nexus and the G-Nex isn’t.  The N1 was the ONLY ANYTHING sold by Google and it didn’t do well because it was very obscure.  Hence why ALL other Nexus releases have been tied to a carrier.

          • The thing is, Google seems to be backing down.

            Look at it. Nexus One, sold directly by Google. Was a Google phone in the truest sense of the word. A Nexus.

            Nexus S. Sold by Google at first, but then sold by carriers. Also has ‘S’ on the end, which implies that Samsung had something to do with it. But still a Nexus.

            Galaxy Nexus. Has Galaxy in front of it, which means that it’s pretty much a Samsung product, but with Google’s involvement. Also the first Nexus not to be sold directly by Google.

            I guess what I’m saying is I want a return to the N1 days: Google hires a manufacturer to make the phone, designed by Google. Google put their own software on it and sell it directly.

          • Anonymous

            Enjoy your trackball.

          • The trackball was awesome 😛

          • I completely agree.

          • how is the galaxy nexus not a nexus? Sounds like you’re an idiot.

          • The Verizon device doesn’t have any Google branding on it, the updates for the Verizon version are from Verizon, not Google, it runs Verizon apps meaning it isn’t pure Android straight from the source, and it isn’t sold directly by Google, which I believe the Nexus S and Nexus One were.

          • Google made the decision not to sell. They said that LAST YEAR. Apps on a device doesn’t make the software different. Still Pure Android. Google branding? Really? Who cares? All that matters is the hardware and software. You’re the biggest idiot i’ve ever seen. Long story short, if GOOGLE says it’s a nexus, DEAL WITH IT.

          • Anonymous

            You’ve got some anger issues. Truth of the matter is yes, it is AOSP however google does not control te updates. Previous nexus phones were controlled by google. You’ll probably see the GSM counterpart of the Galaxy Nexus sometimes months ahead of the CDMA/LTE version.

            If you want to say its a true NEXUS just because Google Pr says so, then go ahead and believe it. I’ll also say that my Xoom is the first and only developer tablet and it is as well a “Nexus device”

          • Anonymous

            Really, months behind??  Since last time I checked, the VZW got 4.0.3 a day BEFORE the GSM one.  Check your facts.

            And as for the Xoom, no.  It is a Google Experience Device (GED) and not….not a Nexus device.  But yes it is the first and only dev tablet….for now.

          • Forgot to address the OTA part. No update comes “straight” from google. NEVER has. They always went to the carrier for a week or two of testing to make sure it works on the network.

          • I bought my Nexus One directly from Google, and got the updates from Google. If you buy a Galaxy Nexus off-contract, there’s no carrier to go through before you get the update. It’s literally straight from Google.

          • Anonymous

            Oh for the love of god!  I can’t take people bitching about the back cover.  Just go get the GSM cover and superglue it on so you can STFU about one of the dumbest Nexus complaints.  It is a freakin cover.  And guess what, I bet you will put a case around the phone and you won’t even see the damn cover!

          • I guess I’m just a purest 😀

          • Anonymous

            Then you should leave the original cover on since that is purely what Google/Sam/VZW wanted. 😛

          • OK, a Google purest 😀

    • Anonymous

      I’m pretty sure ASUS said that you can completely turn off the customizations that ASUS built into it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Google talked to ASUS about cooperating with them to make a nexus tablet.  Heck, they may even use the Prime as an interim “nexus-like” device.

      You do realize that the gnex is not directly built from Google, right? 

      • Anonymous

        Even if you can turn off the Asus stuff (and that is a big if since I don’t have one and have never seen the option), it still has Asus bloat preloaded.  The Nexus like device is the Xoom, hands down.

        As for the G-Nex, yes it is.  Samsung and the carriers only LOOK at the code for possible issues and add a few things IF needed, but Google still pushes out the software builds.  That, in itself, counts as Nexus.

        • Anonymous

          True, it’s still a question mark as to whether you can turn the customizations off, but I’m hopeful.  And you never know what Google may ask ASUS to do… although I agree, the current closest thing to a nexus is the XOOM.

          I suppose I misinterpreted your statement that it needed to be built from Google. I thought you were referring to hardware, which Google can now do using Moto.  If you mean “built from Google” as in the software is compiled directly from Google’s AOSP servers and sent via Google, then mostly yes, but it sounds like VZW’s still going to bloat the thing to a certain extent. Either way, I still think there’s a possibility of the Prime being an interim Nexus-like device, at the request of Google–ASUS could choose to allow Google to develop for the Prime mostly by themselves.  Google did approach ASUS and offer help with ICS a month or so back, according to some sources…

    • Anonymous

      I see your point and have to disagree with you on your last statement.  Tech companies and software development is moving faster than ever into the tablet space.

      “However, a tablet is still a “luxury” item and will take a long time to become a main stream device….if ever”

      Yes, currently a tablet is a luxury item for the moment, but more enterprise to sm&b companies are buying tablets for their employees by a record number. Companies are targeting the smartphone and tablet industry at record rates and companies like HP and Qualcomm are seeing the movement of that tablet taking over the pc within the next 5 to 10 years.

      Hp is testing a divice right now that is just as thin as the Mac Air and they are also testing a tablet that is moving into web os.  HP is also investing in Web Os and making it Open Source to rival Android in the near future here. Their target is the tablet market to which they and other enterprise companies are seeing the tablet making a big move in replacing the PC.

      I pretty meuch sit in on these strategic meetings and see how the tablet and the ultra thin “Mac Air type” devices will move along as the new wave of portable computing devices. Very slim sleek and powerful. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I do agree that there is a chance that certain areas will start using them more and more.  But for the average consumer that already has a smartphone, laptop, desktop, etc., there really is no NEED to have a tablet.  Just one of those things to have.  But, as tech pushes forward, and if devices start to become more integrated, tabs could become more of a necessity instead of just something someone wants to have.

        • Anonymous

          Like everything, things can change rapidly and even in the tech world where it’s common to see one product take off fast then die out. but with most companies like HP Qualcomm etc. driving their products to those markets after heavy research and other hardware/software tech companies moving products and services to the tablet wave it’s hard not to see the tablet to replace a cumbersome desktop.

          Yes, the consumer will be a little behind but will catch up fast. Right now with the economy and people trying to find jobs, yes this is more of a mainstram business move. I think we will see more tablets becoming powerful and more mainstream in society as prices fall.

    • LionStone

      I’m thinking tablets aren’t such luxuries any more…my little niece, a freshman in HS, pooled together her own money and bought a Kindle Fire herself. I guess earlier in the year when most all tablets were still out of reach for many people, they were considered luxury, but now at the end of the year when a kid can afford to buy one for themselves, I don’t regard them as luxuries any more.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know if I would really consider the Fire to be a tablet.  More of an E-Reader on steroids.  But they are coming down in price, it is just the point is you don’t NEED to have one to survive everyday, which makes it more of a luxury item.

        • LionStone

          I think I would consider the Fire a tablet, it’s just a low-end one is all, but surely a tablet. And my point is that they have been coming down in price, thus making them more affordable, and more mainstream. They sold a million of those suckers each week for the last 3 weeks! Probably gonna be more per wk through the end of the year. I believe it was American Airlines is providing GTab 10.1’s to Business Class passengers to use on flights. I forget which carrier is already using the ipads and now Delta and others are considering the GTab 10.1 for their pilots. Schools and businesses have already been using tablets…I think that tablets are already getting mainstream. There are several things we generally use in our daily lives that we don’t really consider luxuries anymore, just more stuff. Of course it does vary who you ask what people will say are luxuries to them.

  • xoom is the nexus tablet. Sales do not mean anything. Seems like most people forget that… It’s for devs, not every single person is a dev, hence low sales.

    • The updates are supplied by Motorola, not Google. The updates define a Nexus device.

      • lol you sure about that? Xoom will get them straight from google with ICS. Google didn’t release ANY honeycomb source or otas for a reason. Now that ICS is here, updates will be coming straight from google.

        • Pretty confident the Xoom’s updates comes from Moto.

          • They do RIGHT NOW. How dumb are you? Have you taken an IQ test?

          • Anonymous

            This coming from the guy who stated “sales do not mean anything”. Genius comment there. The XOOM was not marketed for devs. What are you talking about? It was supposed to be an iPad rival.

          • A lot of the things you say I don’t like, but I like this comment! 😀

          • Sales figures don’t define a nexus device. That’s my point. Obviously you’re just an idiot.

          • Anonymous

            I assume you mean they don’t define the success of a nexus device, but since that statement makes zero sense I can only assume. Your two main points are that the xoom is a nexus device, which is a matter of opinion and not fact; and that it is “for devs”, which is just plain wrong. This device was heavily marketed as an iPad rival, not a developer device. While I am a huge fan of the xoom, it is a sweeping failure of a product from a business perspective.

          • Anonymous

            I am thinking they tried a two for one on the Xoom.  It was always a dev device, since it was a GED and the first HC, but Moto did try to push as an iPad killer, which it was not.  Xoom pretty much became the black sheep of the android tabs as others sold more.

          • Anonymous

            Look, I own a xoom, and I love it. But, to suggest that sales mean nothing because it’s a developer device is just a stupid thing to say. It was heavily heavily marketed as an iPad rival, and it failed miserably at that.

          • Anonymous

            Re-read my post dude, never said dev device has anything to do with sales.  I agree with you, as I too own one and love it.  Sales pretty much were killed by it being over priced.  Most people didn’t want to spend the 500-800 that it originally came out at depending on which version you got.

            As you have said in the past…. you mad bro? 😛

          • Anonymous

            Sorry, didn’t mean to suggest you said that. Was commenting on what the bearded dude said.

          • The Xoom is the closest we have to a Nexus tablet. But it isn’t a Nexus tablet. Happy?

          • Correct, since it’s called XOOM. 

          • See? We’re agreeing. We both agree that the Xoom is a Nexus tablet, right? 

            I reckon we’re arguing the same thing, but we’re going around it different ways.

          • Dusted and Disqusted

            current perception:

            Phil – non argumentative, decent guy

            Chris – intellectual douche overcompensating for small penor

            I’m mad bro

          • Once xoom gets official ICS, updates come from google.

      • Anonymous

        So you think that the Galaxy Nexus’s updates will be supplied directly from Google and not also from Verizon? Google updates no longer define a Nexus device.

        • The GSM version’s (I live in the UK) are supplied from Google, if you buy it off contract. That’s what happened when I bought my Nexus One, at least.

        • Anonymous

          mysid and yakju are directly from Google, yes.

      • The Verizon and US WiFi XOOM are Google Experience Devices, they receive updates directly from Google.

        If Motorola’s support forums weren’t down, I would provide you with a link. 

    • Anonymous

      no the reason for low sales was the $800+ price tag, when you can get something that is an overall better tablet( transformer, galaxy tab, etc) for much cheaper.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, and the exorbitant price might have had a little something to do with the low sales.

    • Roshan John
  • Chris G

    Well since I went to best buy this morning to get a Transformer Prime and even their warehouse didn’t have it yet because demand has exceeded supply, I am sure android has enough of a following.

  • Anonymous

    “transforms the Prime” – LOL….slow day? yea i know we’re all wishing it was friday 🙂

    • It was written on a Friday after a long week. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I agree, but Google’s mission doesn’t seem to be hardware.

  • Isn’t the Xoom essentially a Nexus tablet.  Free from bloat, stock HC.. etc.. etc.. 

    • Anonymous

      Its the OG of tablets.

  • Anonymous

    I would totally buy a Nexus tablet if one is available next year. I wanted to get a Motorola XOOM but never did, so maybe I “waited” to get a tablet, because I knew subconsciously that there would eventually be a Nexus tablet available someday.