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Holy TAT Home Kang, TSF Shell Pro Wants to be the 3D Launcher of the Future


What happens when you combine the top 3rd-party launchers of Android, kang borrow some famous UI aspects from TAT Home, and squeeze them all into one?  Well, it might look something like this. The app is called TSF Shell Pro and it is still a work in progress, but boy does it look swell. With heavily implemented 3D looks and tons of customizable features (including lasso-esque selection tools, double tapping, etc.), if the price is right, we might be looking at the next big thing in the launcher world.

I mention price because I’m sure you all remember the name SPB Mobile Shell.  It’s another top notch 3D launcher, but at $15, it was tough for many to justify shelling out that much for it. We are hoping for great things from this release and as soon as we hear more about a launch we will post it up. Assuming the company is not bought out like TAT was just when we thought we were about to see a release. Does this look awesome, or what?

Via: Android Police, TSF UI

  • Gmars1284

    you can make this as minimalistic or non-minimal  as you want. if you have a sh** ton of apps on your phone thats your problem. and you dont have to use the add-ons. that video just shows the full functionality of the launcher. but everyone is entitled to their opinion. i find it unique and useful. looks great on droid3 global.

  • Anonymous

    Kang borrow? lol

  • Joe

    Pretty cool although I’m thinking all the time and money developing this they are going to have to charge a lot.  They better think of a better name than TAT!   I’m thinking I’ll never see this since I first saw their first widgets a couple of years ago and still no release.

  • Lol that RIM bought TAT Home and has done nothing with it, its worse than google buying blindtype that at least used it some.

  • jleznek

    From their website:

    In December of 2010, TAT was acquired by UIS (User Interface Sweden). UIS is a subsidiary of Research In Motion Limited. As a part of the RIM family, today we are focusing exclusively on the user interfaces and apps for BlackBerry and PlayBook

    Looks like this is DOA.

    • No this is not by TAT, this is by someone else who copied TAT, TAT’s launcher is like really old (like android 2.0 old)

  • jleznek

    The web site says TAT was acquired by RIM, so I wonder it it will ever see the light of day for Android.    Where’s the link for the signup?

  • Anonymous

    I came.

  • Cmorty72

    That’s nice and all… but not $15.00 NICE!

  • David Alkhoutoff

    Keep it simple stupid!

  • Futur Innovations

    I really like the whole “lasso select” and quick circle menu. I want those functionalities with ICS and its launcher, It would be AWESOME! Maybe CM9’s “Trebuche” (or how ever you spell it) will have similar features (or at least the option to have them). 

  • IntlGrizzly

    I’m not a huge fan of the actual look of it, but the functionality is simply amazing…

    I said “oh my god” or “holy crap” at least 10 times.

    • Personally I liked tat home better, this has to many features. But I certainly say they should keep developing and I will try out the app

      I think you would have liked tat home, especially that it was coming out in the early 2.0 days

  • Nice

  • Chrisriner84

    A month or two agjo I would have never dreamed of slowing my phone with something as intensive as this. But, hardware is getting better and better, and a lot of the effects look really sweet. Definitely looks like something fun to play around with, at the very least…

    ….IF the price is right…

  • Joshua Barta

    If they are bought out, I sure as hell hope it’s by Google…

  • is this the Launcher pro rewrite?

    • Gordon Bombay

      No, but please be patient. Big Foot and the Easter Bunny are almost finished with it.

  • Anonymous

    To Busy, not for me!

  • Anonymous

    Impressive work; enormous amount of features. Not my taste in UI or really much needed for my daily use. Cool none the less. I can appreciate the work they did for this.

  • ElShuko

    It’s BumpTop for Android. Even has the same gestures. Very cool for a while, now not so much.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHLDWkpb2U4 (for those who don’t know BumpTop)

  • Ryan Frankenstein

    looks fantastic

  • weapon x

    Very nice. Someone send this to Google, quick. Before Apple sues these guys!

  • Anonymous

    I would try this out if it was $20 cheaper

  • Looks fun to lasso icons, however I tend to keep my home screen free of clutter.  Looks great for people that like busy home screens though!

  • Anonymous

    I am feeling free or 15 bucks. I know which I would rather have…

  • Anonymous

    What ever happened to Slick UI !!!!

  • Anonymous

    This looks like one of those that will take a while to get the way you want but once it is there it should be quite nice.  Looks like it contains any customization option you can imagine.  Very nice and I will be trying it for sure when it comes around.

  • Anonymous

    I think that is awesome. May not be for everyone but the customization and usefulness that this brings is miles ahead of the competition. Look forward to the further development of this launcher. 

  • Granted

    Man that launcher looks outstanding!!! What a tease that I can’t run out and get it right now! That has to be the coolest and most innovative launcher I’ve ever seen!

    I absolutely love the hand written notes and the weather widget looks like so much fun. Plus those fire animations on the icons at the end looked really neat! As an artist this launcher is right up my alley with how creative and visual it is, man I want to install it now! i do hope it’s not crazy expensive, but even if it is I may still buy it. I hope it works on tablets as well as phones.

  • Anonymous

    I like this very much… now that I got a great phone to power it (RAZR), it should fly.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice.. I would download a ton of apps just to play with them like he did..

  • Anonymous

    Ill definitely have to check it out! (On my Nexus – sorry, I had to!)

  • slurms mckenzie

    get rid of the iphoneish look and im in

    • Anonymous

      I have a feeling that is because this is on an MIUI ROM, so the icons are set to match MIUI.

  • Anonymous

    Good call on the price aspect. SPB was way too reminiscent of my old Winmo Omnia since you had to run it for the phone to be bearable.

    For those who’d never used it before I could see the appeal but at $17 it was ridiculous and I feel like they didn’t really want to make any sales. Easily could have made 5 times more sales at $5 instead.

  • Kidd_Funkadelic

    Definitely dig the map-on-a-flag. But then again, wouldn’t you always want full screen for the map? I was impressed, but in the end wonder how much I’d really want it for day-to-day use…

  • Anonymous

    Very nice, I wouldn’t mind testing this bad by out on my Nexus, “As soon as I can buy ONE!!!!!”  LMAO!!

  • Judging by finger movement and the charge animation at the top, I’d say the video is being played faster than actual speed and thus will not be as fluid as it appears.

    • Anonymous

      except the battery indicator would be replaced by this app, right?

    • ElShuko

      Not sped up. Look at the clock at the top from 2:03 until 3:03 in the video. The time stays at 5:21. Yes, this COULD be altered but I am going to call not foul play here.

    • Eric

      people said exactly the same thing when the first miui video was released..

  • Anonymous

    I might be in the minority here, but I’m not a fan of this design.  One of the things that makes ICS so great is how minimal it is.  This is the opposite of minimal and much more along the lines of what HTC is doing with Sense.  

    • dkbetts

      Yeah.  I might like this if I had 400-500 apps to organize.  Looks obnoxious.

    • Anonymous

      the beauty of android is that you get to say this, and others get to disagree, but we all get to use our phone how we want.

    • Anonymous

      UI’s are getting too animation heavy and cluttered. I think people prefer functionality and intuitive interface over fancy and hard to use. 

      • IntlGrizzly

        The functionality of this looks off the charts in my opinion. 

      • eddieonofre

        Very true!!! I am not a fan of so many animations

    • NewsWorthyTech

      this way you can easily choose what kind of UI best suits your needs and wants.

  • OreoMan

    That’s a nice launcher for sure!

  • Anonymous

    Wow =o…

  • Anonymous

    Attention grabbed, locked, ready to deploy.

  • Larry M.

    Screw TAT, they can stick up their RIM.

    This looks awesome!

  • Interesting that the launcher is running on a MIUI system.

  • Anonymous

    Some awful puns to lighten the mood around here?  😛