Holy TAT Home Kang, TSF Shell Pro Wants to be the 3D Launcher of the Future


What happens when you combine the top 3rd-party launchers of Android, kang borrow some famous UI aspects from TAT Home, and squeeze them all into one?  Well, it might look something like this. The app is called TSF Shell Pro and it is still a work in progress, but boy does it look swell. With heavily implemented 3D looks and tons of customizable features (including lasso-esque selection tools, double tapping, etc.), if the price is right, we might be looking at the next big thing in the launcher world.

I mention price because I’m sure you all remember the name SPB Mobile Shell.  It’s another top notch 3D launcher, but at $15, it was tough for many to justify shelling out that much for it. We are hoping for great things from this release and as soon as we hear more about a launch we will post it up. Assuming the company is not bought out like TAT was just when we thought we were about to see a release. Does this look awesome, or what?

Via: Android Police, TSF UI

TAT Shows Off Blackberry Playbook Apps, Android Users Should be Jealous and Mad.

TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) is no longer Android-related, but we couldn’t help but show you a couple of the new apps they designed for the Blackberry Playbook.  As many of you know, RIM bought up TAT before someone in the Android world could and this is what we are now missing out on:  full 3D graphics, with multi-multi-multi-touch and that playful style that we enjoyed in this original TAT video.   (more…)

TAT Joins RIM, So Much for that Cool UI on Android

We’ve talked a lot about TAT (The Astonishing Tribe) here at Droid Life as a company that could possibly reinvent the way we use our Android phones and today RIM announced that they have snagged them.  Yep, say your official goodbyes to TAT Home, those sweet live wallpapers, and teasing for test groups to any of their products.  They will now turn the Blackberry Playbook into something even more awesome.

I guess we’ll just hope Slick UI comes out soon and owns the world.   (more…)

TAT Home Update! Still Slated for April Release

Everyone remember the beautifulness that is TAT Home?  Everyone also remember the bad news we heard about it never coming to the Android Market?  Well at least we got further confirmation this week that a preview of it will still be released to users some time in April.  One of the issues holding the release back was probably due to the fact that the Droid was not on 2.1 yet.  Well, TAT peeps, we’re on it now!

Show me some TAT Home!

tat home not coming to the android market

after showing you the video of tat home in action just a few weeks ago, the response was incredibly positive.  this looked to be the best home replacement type of app we were going to find anywhere, anyday.  in fact, i would take tat home over a custom rom right now and i haven’t even tested the product yet.  crazy i know.

unfortunately today, the tat team released some semi-bad news…

and then they heard the outcry from the world and responded…

they are also looking to release the preview version of tat home some time in april to android 2.1 users.  if you weren’t one of the 30,000 people that signed up at their site for this preview, you better do that now.

cheers nick!

TAT home makes android incredibly sexy

TAT or “the astonishing tribe” just dropped TAThome which might be the coolest thing i have ever seen on an android device.  they are calling this a “gesture-powered 3d home screen for android that marries advanced ui technology with astonishing design.” and that sounds just about right with an enormous emphasis on astonishing.

they are currently enlisting people to get early access and give feedback, so you may want to cruise over to their site and sign-up.

want to see it in action?  here you go…

cheers nick!