TSF Shell Receives Update to 1.7.0 – New Menus, Quick Folder Actions, Better Icon Designer, and More

TSF Shell Pro, aka the most expensive launcher in history that most people still have yet to adopt because it’s the most expensive launcher in history, received a sizable update over the weekend to version 1.7.0. If you purchased this mostly innovative home replacement solution, after updating you’ll find new menus on app shortcuts, an upgraded icon designer, quick app adds to folders, a better tablet experience, the ability to add custom album art, and less bugs.

For the price, I can see how many would still want to shy away from this app, however, it really is one of the more powerful home replacements you’ll find to this day. And with each update, the TSF UI team continues to impress.  (more…)

TSF Shell Pro and Its $17 Price Tag Receives Major Update to V1.6.0


Remember TSF Shell Pro, the $17 home replacement app that we looked at back in February? It’s still around, and today, received its second massive update that includes a set of significant upgrades. At initial release, TSF Shell was all about flashy animations and show, but it lacked a lot of the customizable features that we enjoy in launchers like Nova or Apex. In this new update, many of our worries are now taken care of.  (more…)

TSF Shell Receives Major Update – Screen Editor, Icon Designer, Landscape Modes, and More Transition Effects


Finally. TSF Shell Pro, one of the most expensive apps in the Google Play store, received the update that all of us early adopters have been waiting for. With version 1.4.0, you can edit screens (meaning add more or adjust the order), create your own icons, switch between landscape and portrait, and set new 3D app transitions.

When this app was first released, it came off as one of the more robust we had ever seen. Unfortunately, it was missing some of the simple things, like edit screen order. With that now fixed and what appears to be a ton of themes for it in the market, I think it’s time I give it a second shot. After all, I do feel almost invested in the damn thing. Oh, and yes, these new updates do seem a little SPB Shell kang-ish.

So see all of the new stuff in action, the TSF Shell team has put together another of their pro tutorial videos. We have it below.   (more…)

Video: Hands-on with TSF Shell Pro, An Amazing 3D Launcher for Android with a Massive Price Tag

TSF Shell Pro is out and damn is it expensive. If you are looking for a completely new take on an Android UI, it may be worth it though. I’ve been using it for most of the day now and have to admit that I’m impressed. The abilities it has that allow you to customize, move, copy, and interact are like no other launcher or home replacement you have ever seen. And after seeing some of the widgets that have been included now, you get the feeling that this is only the beginning of something incredibly powerful. Themes are coming, extra features are already being worked on, and we can’t wait to see them all.

Again, the price hurts, but as long as the TSF team continues to provide updates and new widgets, you may want to consider it.   (more…)

TSF Shell Pro Released on Android, Say Hello to the Coolest Launcher Ever for $17


TSF Shell Pro was teased back in mid-December, dropping jaws of Android fanboys across the globe. The launcher looked extremely similar to a UI from TAT that we saw way back in the day, but with a ton of added functionality. It has a lasso tool for multi-selecting, incredibly polished and animated widgets, a 3D card switcher, and so much more. Well folks, it’s now available on the market for a whoppin’ $16.80. The price may be steep, but I’ve had a chance to play with it for all of 5 minutes now and am enjoying the hell out of it so far. There is one catch though, the Verizon Galaxy Nexus is showing up as not compatible. I was able to load in on my GSM Nexus without issue, so I’m not exactly sure why they have blocked that device. Then again, you could always try our Google Wallet trick.

Update:  The widgets are all in the market now – links added below. Also, they have yet to release the widgets to the market, so for now, you just get to play with apps and lassos and cards. The previous preview video they released is below. I’ll hopefully have some time today to get you guys another video of it running on my Nexus.  (more…)

Holy TAT Home Kang, TSF Shell Pro Wants to be the 3D Launcher of the Future


What happens when you combine the top 3rd-party launchers of Android, kang borrow some famous UI aspects from TAT Home, and squeeze them all into one?  Well, it might look something like this. The app is called TSF Shell Pro and it is still a work in progress, but boy does it look swell. With heavily implemented 3D looks and tons of customizable features (including lasso-esque selection tools, double tapping, etc.), if the price is right, we might be looking at the next big thing in the launcher world.

I mention price because I’m sure you all remember the name SPB Mobile Shell.  It’s another top notch 3D launcher, but at $15, it was tough for many to justify shelling out that much for it. We are hoping for great things from this release and as soon as we hear more about a launch we will post it up. Assuming the company is not bought out like TAT was just when we thought we were about to see a release. Does this look awesome, or what?

Via: Android Police, TSF UI