TSF Shell Receives Major Update – Screen Editor, Icon Designer, Landscape Modes, and More Transition Effects


Finally. TSF Shell Pro, one of the most expensive apps in the Google Play store, received the update that all of us early adopters have been waiting for. With version 1.4.0, you can edit screens (meaning add more or adjust the order), create your own icons, switch between landscape and portrait, and set new 3D app transitions.

When this app was first released, it came off as one of the more robust we had ever seen. Unfortunately, it was missing some of the simple things, like edit screen order. With that now fixed and what appears to be a ton of themes for it in the market, I think it’s time I give it a second shot. After all, I do feel almost invested in the damn thing. Oh, and yes, these new updates do seem a little SPB Shell kang-ish.

So see all of the new stuff in action, the TSF Shell team has put together another of their pro tutorial videos. We have it below.   (more…)

Holy TAT Home Kang, TSF Shell Pro Wants to be the 3D Launcher of the Future


What happens when you combine the top 3rd-party launchers of Android, kang borrow some famous UI aspects from TAT Home, and squeeze them all into one?  Well, it might look something like this. The app is called TSF Shell Pro and it is still a work in progress, but boy does it look swell. With heavily implemented 3D looks and tons of customizable features (including lasso-esque selection tools, double tapping, etc.), if the price is right, we might be looking at the next big thing in the launcher world.

I mention price because I’m sure you all remember the name SPB Mobile Shell.  It’s another top notch 3D launcher, but at $15, it was tough for many to justify shelling out that much for it. We are hoping for great things from this release and as soon as we hear more about a launch we will post it up. Assuming the company is not bought out like TAT was just when we thought we were about to see a release. Does this look awesome, or what?

Via: Android Police, TSF UI

SPB Shell 3D Out of Beta and Available on the Android Market

Remember SPB Mobile Shell?  It’s now known as SPB Shell 3D and is available in the Android Market and at one heck of a steep $14.95 price tag.  We posted up our video walk-through of the beta of this software almost a month ago, so it’s not going to be new to any of our readers, but wanted you to know it’s there for the purchasing.  A couple of notes:  it’s not supported on tablets and also doesn’t allow live wallpapers for “performance” reasons.  So, a $14.95 price tag and can’t run one of the basic Android functions.  Anyone interested?   (more…)

SPB Mobile Shell 5.0 UI Beta Released, Here is a Quick Look

Some of you may remember a little product that was introduced back in December called SPB Mobile Shell 5.0?  If not, just think of it as a home replacement on UI-enhanced beautification-steroids whose beta testing period finally went live.  And with sneaky apks flying around the forum-sphere, we were able to get a hold of it for just enough time to do a quick walk-through.

So what do we think about it?  It’s got potential.  You can’t deny the fact that they’ve put a ton of effort into making the UI super smooth, but also very eye appealing.  Once you get into “wheel” mode you really get to see the beauty, like how each panel has it’s own custom animation.  While it didn’t like any of my Blur’d phones, it ran just fine on my original DROID because of the stock Android and I’m sure it would just fly on phones with a much more powerful processor.  They also allow you to quickly create folders, extend out apps to show more options, and even hide certain things in the bottom tray.  It’s a unique experience that really can’t be described.

The one problem I did have with it though, was the fact that it removed the application drawer and instead placed all of my apps into their own separate panels.  This just reminded me way too much of iOS, so if they can find a way to include an app drawer, they might really be on to something here.

Note:  About the beta program…it’s closed and we aren’t allowed to post up the apk.

Video and gallery after the break.   (more…)