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Is the Galaxy Nexus a “True Nexus” When Attached to a Carrier? Depends on Your Definition (Updated)

Yakju. That’s a name you are about to hear come up a lot over the next few weeks as we approach the arrival of the Galaxy Nexus here on Verizon. The name – as pointed out by Jean-Baptiste M. Queru (an Android software engineer) in a post  over at the Android Builders group – refers to the retail software configuration for the the GSM version of the G-Nex that is controlled directly by Google. If you read that sentence again, you probably get the feeling that there are other software configurations out there that aren’t 100% controlled by Google, right? That’s exactly the case. Within the last couple of days, the question has been raised, “Is the Galaxy Nexus still a pure Google or Nexus device?” The answer depends on your own definition.    

As JBQ also points out in his clarification on yakju, he mentions that if you see alternate builds of yakjusc or yakjuxw (basically any form of yakju with extra characters on the end), just understand that Google is not directly controlling every aspect of them. In fact, as there are “per-country or per-operator software customizations” for essentially the same hardware, carriers and manufacturers are going to have final say in some of these software builds. That’s right, depending on the version of the Galaxy Nexus in your pocket, it could receive updates that have been altered by Samsung or a carrier. By most Android enthusiasts, that is not the definition of a Nexus.

So before we all freak out for a second let’s talk about this some more. As many of you know (since we pointed it out in disgust), the Verizon version of the Galaxy Nexus will have bloatware, which prompted many of you to ask if Google would still provide direct and untouched updates to it. Our initial reaction was, “of course, it’s a Nexus,” but now that a Google engineer has made it clear that carrier-specific versions are pushed out, that quote needs to be tweaked slightly. Let’s continue on though.

But does this really mean that the LTE version of the G-Nex is not a Nexus? If your definition is that the device has to receive updates that have been touched only by Google or it isn’t, then I think we know your answer. If you define it as a device that launches with the newest version of Android before anything, will receive updates faster than any non-Nexus phone on the planet, is unlockable at the bootloader, and is about as hacker-friendly as it gets, then technically it still is a Nexus.

To help clarify this situation, I’ll bring up the Motorola XOOM that is attached to Verizon. This device was released as the first with Honeycomb and with an unlockable bootloader. It’s basically a “Nexus” tablet. In fact, even though it is branded by Verizon, it still receives it’s updates directly from Google. Have they been slower at times than say the WiFi-only XOOM? Indeed it has. But, it’s still receiving stock builds from Google, only they have likely been slightly tweaked to meet the carrier’s needs. This post is a great example of that. If you hover over the download link for build HMJ37, you will see that the update is still coming from Google’s servers.

Basically what I’m saying, is that Google is still going to send you updates to your Nexus (if history holds up, that is). Will they have Verizon’s input? Of course they will, it’s running on their network and sold through their stores. I’m not sure you will find a company on the planet that would allow you to sell your product in their store without giving them at least some control – after all, it is their name on the back and their reputation on the line. If there is a problem with the phone, no one is running to Google’s front door to complain, they are headed straight into a VZW shop.

Bottom line here, is that the LTE Galaxy Nexus is still a Nexus. Since it is tied to a carrier though, it’s not going to be exactly the same as say an unlocked (non-carrier attached) Nexus would be, and that makes sense. It should by all means still receive constant updates directly from Google after Verizon gets to take a look at them. It will still be everything that you have been waiting for. Will there be times when Google releases say Android 4.0.5 and the non-carrier GSM variant receives it first and we all sit back and wonder where our update is? You betcha. But you can also bet that we will see it well before any non-Nexus phone will.

No need to freak out here, folks.

Update:  Our buddy Jigga_Z pointed out the continuation of this conversation with JBQ that we missed and wish we hadn’t. According to what he was told directly by Google, the Verizon G-Nex will fall under the name “mysid” rather than “yakju” and will be supported in AOSP. He is also under the impression that “mysid” versions of the phone will receive updates directly from Google just as we had stated up above. So there may be bloatware, but it’s still a Nexus and is still getting updates directly from Google.

Via:  XDA, Google

Cheers to everyone who sent this in!

  • So the boards name is tuna and the software name is Ice Cream Sandwich. The Google Employees must get very hungry.

  • Better to have one than not and currently we only have Verizon to “connect” with. That being said,  this company Goba is giving away an Galaxy Nexus to someone that tries their app this December: http://goba.co/win-a-phone. Its a great free app and you could possibly get a phone. Check it out and good luck!

  • “I’m not sure you will find a company on the planet that would allow you to sell your product in their store without giving them at least some control – after all, it is their name on the back and their reputation on the line.”So thats why they put verizon on the back of the phone, so they can say its a reputation thing. That must be the cause of the delay

  • Billnye

    this was a waste of a read. why didnt you just put the update at the top…

  • Onthecouchagain

    How is the Verizon iPhone able to get away untouched by Verizon?

    • Onthecouchagain

      I see people have already asked this.

      The fact that Apple can have their iPhone untouched somewhat ullifies this article. For those who might point out that Apple’s iPhone is already well known, they were still able to do it with AT&T in the first place, untouched.

      • Onthecouchagain


  • Joseph Haskell

    “it is their name on the back and their reputation on the line.”

    That is laughable at best.  As if Verizon has any reputation left to put on the line after this fiasco.  The ONLY selling point Verizon has over their competitors is their coverage area.  If anyone else provided similar coverage to Verizon, I would have dropped them years ago.

    It’s sad that I have to tolerant poor customer service and support just to get the cell phone reception necessary to actually use my phone in all the areas I need to use it in.

    the Verizon bloatware doesn’t really bother me though.  The phone will be unlocked the day I get it and will truly be pure Google from that point forward.  It’s just aggravating to have to wait through all these Verizon delays to get the phone.

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  • Jamesdoulane

    I remember when the first and majority of comments would have been “root, and who cares about ota’s”. Good times…

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I agree I don’t appreciate the way Verizon went about this launch the LACK of information directly from the carrier borders on total DISRESPECT to it’s customers. But at the end of the day we all need to determine why we use verizon and exactly what we need from this carrier. I will be purchasing the Galaxy Nexus whatever day it comes out without question…

  • 44tihsad

    I’m on my og droid with gpa rom. I’ve been waiting on g nex for months ( actually I wanted the ltr model of gs2). I have euro gs2 on att also. its the best phone I have ever used and it is still one of the top device. last weekend I almost bought a galaxy note because I coulndt wait any longer for the g nex. but it came to mind that g nex will be a lte device and I want the lte speed unlimited. imgoing to wait for g nex.until the end of the year… if not… I’m canceling by vzw and getting the g note and will get me a lte mifi so I can use to al my devices all at once. since I’m not paying data on my euro phone on att hooked up to my friends acct for $10 a month…. I think that’s the best route that I can go for. I just hate to lose true unlimited lte data…

  • awesome! I plan to take my Bionic to best buy and get a $300 gift card so I can buy this awesome new phone!

  • Just for a small note, Yakju, or 약주, means “medicinal liquor”. lol.

    Phone being made from Samsung, I couldn’t stop lolling that Samsung decided to GNexus “Light Liquor”. I guess next phone will be “Hard Liquor”?

  • Strider91

    No it’s not a true Nexus.  When you get the package and see the Verizon Galaxy Nexus you’ll have an extremely hard time finding a SINGLE Google logo on the packaging and phone itself. Could you call it an iPhone if Verizon (or any carrier for that matter) removed all Apple logos from the phone and packaging? I think not… 

    As I mentioned, this is the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Im looking for the Google Galaxy Nexus by Samsung. Guess I’ll have to take my money elsewhere.

    • Anonymous

      It’s just a logo. It does annoy me, but it’s not going to stop me from getting the phone. It’s still supported under AOSP (this XDA post is a great explanation of the builds: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=20158747), will still receive updates from Google, will still be the first to get the latest version of Android, and is still a Nexus. If you really don’t like that Verizon logo, you can buy the HSPA+ back cover off of eBay.

  • Peter

    When I get the phone I will most likely not be getting the updates directly from Google… rather the hosting sites that one of the many developers will offer for their rendition of Android 4.0

  • 44tihsad

    yakju (약주 藥酒) means ALCOHOL in a honorific way. ie. you whould use it to elders ONLY. use it for parent or grandparent’s AGE ONLY…LOL.. “yak” means MEDICINE “ju” means LIQUOR. i think samsung developers were just getting f’d up while making the galaxy nexus. if not they whould’ve put 8mp camera on the device. LOL

  • KevinC

    is the nexus s 4g on sprint not a true nexus either?  it definitely is, and so is verizon’s galaxy nexus.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly what I thought after reading the article.

  • Anonymous

    Yea, Verizon needs to sprinkle a little “hot nut dust” on your update before you get it. 

  • Josh Nichols

    Not sure how on XDA this came to be, but I read that ‘yakju’ was for GSM phones controlled directly by Google, and that the Verizon version was ‘mysid” or something along those lines but that it would also be controlled directly by Google. 

    Correct me if you heard otherwise, anyone.

    • Anonymous

      This XDA post has everything: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=20158747

      There are two devices: maguro (HSPA+) and toro (CDMA/LTE). maguro has four software configuration, yakju (fully Google controlled, UK), yakjuxw (Samsung), yakjuux (Samsung, Canada), yakjukr (Samsung, Korea), and yakjusc (Samsung, Japan). toro has only one known software configuratoin: mysid, which is fully Google controlled and the configuration found on the VZW model.

      Also, I’m pretty sure that since all maguro devices are the same hardware, you can change your device from one configuration to another (although I don’t know the process for doing this).

  • Anonymous

    I’m not getting the phone because it is “the device … to receive updates that have been touched only by Google”. I’m getting the phone because it is “a device that launches with the newest version of Android before anything, will receive updates faster than any non-Nexus phone on the planet, is unlockable at the bootloader, and is about as hacker-friendly as it gets”.

    Therefore I don’t care if it is truly a Nexus (maybe next time? I doubt it). I’m getting it because it is (in my opinion) the most advanced phone on the market. I’m getting this phone because devs will do cool things to it first because it is so open. I’m getting it because I like the look of the curved glass, 4.65″ screen and no physical buttons. I’m getting it because I think the 3 prong system is awesome and will add features I want to the phone. I’m getting it because I think NFC is the next big thing and I want to have it. I’m getting it because ICS is great and I want it now. I’m getting it because it is the closest thing to the OG Droid that has come out since the OG.

    So you can take the Nexus name away, I don’t care. You can call it the Galaxy Prime, the Galaxy SII.V. Hell, you can call it the Samsung XyPhone for all I care. The thing this phone will be the best phone on Verizon and that’s what I care about.

    • Anonymous

      “this phone will be the best phone on Verizon ”

      That’s debatable. It’s a Samsung. They were never known for being the best at anything.

      • Anonymous

        I have to say that the Nexus S is the best single 1GHz processor phone I’ve ever used. I expect the same from the Galaxy Nexus built on an operating system, ICS, which was built around the phone.

      • Anonymous

        Samsung has been doing really well lately. It started with the Galaxy S, and they’ve quickly been rising. My personal recommendation to anyone on AT&T, Sprint, or T-Mobile right now is the SGSII, with my Verizon recommendation being the Galaxy Nexus. Particularly given that Google played a major part in the Galaxy Nexus, it will almost definitely be the best phone on Verizon (at least as long as the Razr has MotoBlur and a locked bootloader).

  • rocketdaddy

    Great post. Interesting. But I nearly choked on the first line that said “over the next few weeks as we approach the arrival of the Galaxy Nexus here on Verizon.” I may not survive the next few weeks if they don’t include many hour with my new Nexus that I really, really hope is coming out THIS week.

  • angermeans

    This has gotten way out of control. I am now listening to the newest Engadget podcast and I have to say I now know why I don’t follow the site. Miriam b*&%$ing about how the Verizon GNex is not a real Nexus. Give me a break. Yes it lacks Google Wallet (worst part and one of the many features was hoping would launch with this unicorn of a phone), yes it has Backup Asst and My Verizon (big deal they are apps that actually and after all we are Verizon customers and many will be coming to Android from another phone and need to port their numbers over plus they can be frozen or unlocked and dropped off the phone…It is a Nexus with an unlockable bootloater more on this later), and yes it may have a different yakju, but that doesn’t make me want to run out and buy the unlocked HSPA+ version like Miriam is saying. You know why? Because it is HSPA+ on T-Mo that is why. I am on Verizon because of the number one LTE network. This far outweighs any of the small bloat or missing Google Wallet. Plus like Kellex wrote (great post by the way) this will be much like the Moto Xoom. WE WILL GET UPDATES IN GOOD TIME. IF THE HSPA+ GETS IT FIRST WE WILL BE RIGHT BEHIND I PROMISE. It is a non factor, yes it’s frusterating (and everything about this phone and its subsequent release [or lack their of] is frusterating). 

    This whole thing is depressing to say the least. I have been a giant Android fan since first getting the N1 back when it was released on ATT and ever since I have been waiting for a Google experience device on Verizon LTE. You take your unbranded (and unsupported) GNex on T-Mo’s less than stellar (and fake) 4G network and i will take the LTE GNex with small flaws. I promise all these negatives are trumped by LTE support. That is the factor I want in a phone and will make sacrifices for it. 

    Now this being said I am still very frusterated with this phone. The last two months I have gone from  beyond excited to burned out and it is frusterating to see Verizon drag their feet to release this phone. Even if they are testing I feel that they are trying to prove something to Google and Samsung and I felt that from the announcement on when it was announced overseas and Verizon was not there. After this year and all the horrible skins I have been forced to experience I had this dream that I could purchase just one phone (hopefully once a year) and that would be a Google Nexus device on the far superior network with Verizon Wireless. Now, I feel that even though we will get this phone I am afraid this will be the last Nexus device on Verizon Wireless unless this phone really takes off and lets be honest outside of tech blogs and Google itself this phone will not be pushed. This is a geeks phone and everything that the Nexus stands for now feels polluted buy this horrible charade. That is what is frusterating not that we might not see a “real Nexus device”

    • Anonymous

      I definitely agree. Particularly since it supports AOSP and has an unlocked bootloader, we’ll probably get the latest updates from XDA sooner than Google anyway. One thing that I would like to point out is that the VZW model is yakju or any variant of it. yakju’s for maguro (hardware name of the HSPA+ model). mysid is the VZW software configuration for the toro device (LTE model) and it’s supported directly by Google.

      Also, you might want to take a look at The Verge if you used to like Engadget. It was started recently by some guys that left Engadget when it started changing.

      • angermeans

        Thanks for the response. Yeah I’ve been following the This is My Next/The Verge since it’s inception and it is a great site. It hasn’t fully taken the place of all the tech blogs I visit (like droid-life and AC), but it is refreshing to see a better site and vision. Plus let’s face it Josh T., Nilay P., and Paul M. were most the reason people hung around Engadget anyways. I really don’t visit Engadget all that much, but I had a craving for some tech news esp since I am waiting on pins and needles like the rest of the world for the GNexus. Yesterdays podcast was horrible and ended up turning it off. Anyways, thanks again my friend, and hopefully we see that LTE running unicorn we are all waiting for this week. If so i’ll see ya on the Google Applications. 

  • babadush

    Except the google name isn’t on the back of it

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t the Nexus the Verizon phone with the largest HD display?  The Rezound has 4.3 and the Razr is not HD. I just want as big a display as possible with as many pixels as possible. Everything else is secondary. Of course if it drops dead because it’s cheap crap then that would be a reason not to buy.  Having updates happen would be really nice but I’m still using the OG Driod with 2.2 stock.

    • yes sir, this is the phone for you then. unless ur on gsm and can import a galaxy note.

    • Anonymous

      If you’re on an OG Droid, you might want to try Peter Alfonso’s GPA builds (Gingerbread). I’m been on them for months and my phone is way faster than it was with stock Froyo.

  • Champlification

    Has it been proven that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus will have an (easily)unlocked bootloader?  Or is there still a chance that Verizon made them lock it down?

    • i highly doubt that of all things google has allowed verizon to do, that they would let them do that. then, it would not be a nexus.

    • Anonymous

      A guy managed to buy one last week and said it did unlock with the ADB commands like all the other Nexus phones.

    • Anonymous

      It definitely still has the easily unlocked bootloader.

  • Michael Quinlan

    The Nexus name belongs to Google.  As such, a Nexus is what Google says it is.  Whatever features you or I think a Nexus device should have isn’t relevant.

  • babadush

    “I’m not sure you will find a company on the planet that would allow you to sell your product in their store without giving them at least some control”

    We don’t get windows, linux, or apple updates from say dell or hp when they sell you a computer. You get them from the OS manufacturer. There’s one for you. Imagine if you had to get a windows update from the manufacturer of the computer. Wouldn’t make much sense would it? Same concept.

    • Anonymous

      Yea but you get HP assistant and Symantec Anti-Virus, etc. Not to mention HP doesn’t control the internet you receive the update over.

  • Anonymous

    I could care less about the “pure Google” tag. It’s running Android without a skin over it which is pure enough for me, besides I’m willing to sacrifice 2 apps and updates rolling out a bit later to have 32 GB of storage (because there is no SD slot) and be on Verizon’s LTE rather than T-Mobile’s donkey of a network or AT&T’s faux 4G.

    • Anonymous

      Honestly, I consider anything without a skin to be “Google experience”
      In my opinion, Nexus means Google experience, plus an unlocked/unlockable bootloader and fast updates. The VZW Nexus has all of those.

  • Anonymous

    With an unlockable bootloader, can’t we just grab updates ourselves? I don’t see how this is causing so much worry since the phone is meant to be unlocked. 

    • Anonymous

      We can. The only issue (which isn’t an issue because Google controls the VZW Nexus’s updates) would be for consumers that don’t know how to unlock their bootloader. Of course, they probably won’t even know or care that they have a Nexus phone.

      • Anonymous

        True. Especially with all the hype of it being the first Google “flagship” phone for Verizon running ICS. I think people don’t have much to worry about with updates as long as they’re not being delayed for months but who knows, it IS Verizon. 

  • Alp2001z28

    Just got word from a verizon employee here in corpus christi, tx that the g nex drops this thursday for sure and has one reserved for me.. AWESOME

  • Anonymous

    If the bootloader is unlocked…. it’s not just a Nexus…. it’s a MIRACLE!

    • Anonymous

      On Verizon, with no custom skin either? Definitely.

  • Anonymous

    This is a bit disappointing. It’s still unlockable, which is great, and the fast camera is appealing. As I tend to use my phone as a camera surprisingly frequently, however, the Rezound looks a little more appealing in light of this news. If they could only completely unlock the Rezound… 

    • sorry my friend, but the rezound is a joke

    • Anonymous

      The VZW Nexus’s updates are still completely controlled by Google. See this XDA post for an explanation of maguro versus toro and yakju versus mysid: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=20158747

  • Anonymous

    ask the owners of the non yakju phones how their volume bug fix OTA is going. 

    Hint – it hasn’t

    So no, its not a “true” Nexus… but its the best Verizon is ever going to get

    • Anonymous

      It’s Google experience, has an unlocked bootloader, and will get the latest versions of Android first. It’s a Nexus. Plus, Verizon doesn’t have yakju because the LTE model is toro, not maguro. Toro’s primary software configuration is mysid, which is completely controlled by Google. (Edit: released I’d typed maguro where I meant to put toro)

  • Anonymous

    It’s not anything until people can actually have it.

    • FknTwizted

      Boom! Bump!

    • Anonymous


  • Jothen2002

    Thank you Kellex for feeding my brain …I love posts like this…

  • Anonymous

    Wow disqus is effed up right now

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    compromise and justify…it’s all good 😉

  • Jikhead

    I would much rather know that an update that passed thru Verizon was OK for release, than have it come straight from Google first-and-foremost and as soon as it hit the masses, a bug that slipped thru the Google testers and took down the entire network because no engineers at VW were able to test it thoroughly as well.

  • Anonymous

    If one can get a good At&t connection, might as well get the unlocked GSM version. It’s expensive at $800 but, if you are aiming to keep it for 2 years then it may be a better investment. The unlocked GSM version is the TRUE Nexus, and may be more enjoyable for people looking for the untainted vanilla experience.

    • Cam

      I think the only thing holding many of us back is the grandfathered unlimited data plan on VZW,

      • Anonymous

        Oh yea. I forgot about that.That is a good point.

      • Anonymous

        Not only am I grandfathered into unlimited, I’m also on a family plan, with one device (other than mine) up for an upgrade, but three lines less than a year since an upgrade.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they should rename it the “2nd-Nex-to-us” since apparently VZW will see/approve the updates before the actual phone owners do….

    • Anonymous

      Toro (VZW LTE Nexus) with the software configuration mysid (which the VZW model will have) is controlled completely by Google. Plus, there’s still an unlocked bootloader and we can use AOSP.

  • Red

    “I’m not sure you will find a company on the planet that would allow you to sell your product in their store without giving them at least some control”

    Which is why Best Buy gets to load its software on every Blackberry it sells…

    No, thats a bad analogy.

    Which is why Verizon gets to load its crap on each iPhone it sells…

    Wait… what?

    • Pokerken

      Exactly. Verizon doesn’t load their crap on iPhones, and updates come directly from Apple. Pure as could be.

      • Anonymous

        One situation where Apple’s dickish attitude actually helped the customer…

        • MrsDowlrimple

          I luv how fandroid’s complain about how Apple is too controlling of their products, but that Goolge is weak for not controlling theirs….LOL

          • Anonymous

            It depends if you are trying to control the user or the carrier.

  • Anonymous

    I found very strange that verizon has not released the nexus, maybe they know it will be a disaster.

  • RaptorOO7

    I will rely more on CyanogenMod to get me by with the latest ROM builds, perhaps that is the one part that will make it all worthwhile.

  • Anonymous

    Man been reading a lot about this phone. Theres a bunch of negativity with it. Wanted it, but now maybe looking at the Razr also

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      What negativity? LOL Don’t buy a Motocrap infested phone!

      • Anonymous

        I use the hate Moto too, but they are different now. I had a deep seated hate for them a while back because of the bootloader. But the Razr and Bionic are 2 of the best phones out right now. Moto blur is no more…their UI is very much functional now and is beneficial rather than laggy and overbearing. The Bionic is flawless after the recent update and never drops a signal, the Razr has been perfect out of box. Don’t judge Moto if you haven’t tried them lately.

        • Jothen2002

          Yeah I went from an OG , to a T-Bolt to a, Droid 3 to a Bionic to a Razor to a ???( LG enV only becasue I sold my RaZr too damn early !)  now I m hopipng I wont miss my Razr…but damn I miss flashing like Idid with my OG 

          • Anonymous

            The locked bootloader sucks in terms of all things root on my Bionic. Thankfully their safestrap. I miss my D1 and Inc2 in terms of the development they had, but my Bionic has great features out of the box. I went from the D1>Fascinate>Inc2>Bionic. From that I will only buy HTC or Moto devices, never another CDMA Samsung.

        • Tysoncrosby21

          The razr is so ugly with that boxy shape and the HUGE bezel around the screen, they could have saved a lot of space on that phone by making the bezel half that size

          • Anonymous

            I prefer the shape of the Bionic to the Razr actually, and the removable battery. But the GNex has a huge bevel too, but nobody finds fault in that.

          • FknTwizted

            dude the razr is sick in my opinion.  thing is wicked fast… i get to play with the gnex and that and i find no hesitation in the razr… only reason i want the gnex is cause its gets all the updates first and its more of a developers phone.

      • GalaxyNexus=Shit

        Go ahead and buy a cheap plastic samsung phone with a crappy baseband.  The jokes on you.

        • plastic and glass that doesnt break as easy> metal and glass that does

          • Fixer

            that’s right Mike.  Some people are too stupid to understand that.  mc_clane is still mad he is stuck with that POS bionic. HA!

        • Fixer

          Crybaby mc_clane. Still crying! 🙂

    • PC_Tool

      Long done with it.  Waiting until the SGS3 and then possibly switching carriers.

      • Anonymous

        I have to get something soon, I’m using my fiance’s bionic. She wants it back cause her eris is a pos

      • Anonymous

        SGS3? won’t that not be out till late summer next year at the earliest? You might as well just get the SGS2, as long as you’re contract’s up.

        • PC_Tool

          Contract will be up in May.  Even if it is not out by then, I can wait.  From what I have heard, it’ll be worth it.

    • Anonymous

      The negativity is all about the delay. This yakju stuff only deals with the HSPA+ version. They VZW LTE model will be controlled by Google (aside from VZW taking forever to launch the thing in the first place). Hopefully, the delay will be over this Thursday and I can finally get my fill of ICS.

  • Anonymous

    Where’s the poll? Afraid to publish the results?

    I’d predict that the vast majority would say that this device which has zero “Google” branding and only receives updates that include all of Verizon’s changes, and have gone through the lengthy “Verizon Testing and Certification Lab” does not meet the full spirit of the original definition and intent that Google had when they created the Nexus program. Thus this is not a Nexus.

    Despite this unfortunate failing of Google’s negotiators and regulators corruption, I and thousands of others, will still buy this device as it represents the best option we are permitted to run on Verizon’s network. What’s next, will my home cable ISP make me buy my computers only from them and run only the programs they permit?

    • Tim242

      Google branding means nothing. Look at the Sprint HTC Hero. You people need to get a life. Really.

    • Anonymous

      Verizon’s only delaying the launch of the phone. The LTE model is toro with the mysid software configuraiton, which is completely controlled by Google. There may be no Google logo on the device itself, but it’s still Android 4.0, it’s still a Nexus, and it will still be Google’s phone.

  • lightlong

    This is why Google needs become its own carrier.  Period.

    • Tim242

      One company controlling everything is not good. You sound like one of the apple worshipets.

    • Jikhead

      How do you propose Google go about doing this?  Yes, Google has a lot of cash but I think you fail to realize what it would take to make it happen.  What spectrum do you think they could buy from the FCC, if any?  Even if they would/could, it would take forever to happen.  As soon as it went public, every U.S. carrier would drop Android from their lineup.  Then I/we would be forced to use an iPhone for the next 15 years.  Forget about this idea, never going to happen.

  • Scott Parker

    “…it still receives it’s updates directly from Google”



    • Mark Wilk
    • Keith Sumner

      Yep, Scott, he was right. The apostrophe is to show ownership.

      • Scott Parker

        *He* who?  Bob the angry flower?  Because “it’s” is a contraction meaning “it is”.  No exceptions.  No “it’s to show ownership” stuff.  If you can’t replace it with “it is” or “it has” you’re doing it wrong.

  • Sirx

    When you feel the need to tell people 2 – 3 times not to worry, it’s usually only because you know there’s a reason to worry…

  • Anonymous

    This has been another episode of, “As the Nexus Wheel Turns”

    • Anonymous

      Coming up next, a brand new episode of “All My Lawsuits” featuring Apple and Samsung.

  • JMonkeYJ

    the Googlers i know who work on Android have the LTE Nexus…that’s good enough to make it a true Nexus for me.

  • Trophynuts

    great Read Kellex

  • As usual, Kellex B is the voice of reason.  Thanks, Droid Life!

    • HowYouLikeThemApples?

      He’s another sheep who rides the tides of opinion.

      • Fixer

        You still crying??

  • Possibly dumb question, does the sprint nexus s 4g get updates at the exact same time as the 3g  versions? does it have any sprint bloatware? (im pretty sure this is a no)

    • Nexus S 4G gets different updates and has for a while been running newer builds of Android for NFC and Wallet support.

      • Anonymous

        Plus Sprint forced Google to remove the native AOSP tethering framework.

  • Nsbjj

    Verizon will allow the Galaxy Nexus to be update just as fast as they are releasing it.   Any of you who think other wise is a fool.  

    • Anonymous

      Verizon doesn’t control the Nexus’s updates. See this: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=20158747

  • Mark

    Was there ever a formal definition of what a Nexus phone is from Google? Did carriers of the previous Nexus devices really have no input on the software?

    • Nexus17

      Yes the original Nexus One was designed to be sold independently of the carriers. That is a true Nexus in the original intent. You buy the phone from Google and are free to take it to the carrier of your choice. This way the carrier was just a dumb pipe. This is impossible with CDMA phones and i guess according to the article LTE. However, this is the reason that the original Nexus One was a flop of epic proportions and why Google abandoned this idea. Now the name Nexus really just means free from skins, vanilla Android if you will. 

      • Anonymous

        It’s not impossible with LTE, as LTE uses SIM cards like GSM. However, LTE phones for Verizon have to be sold by Verizon because there’s still a CDMA chip for 3G.

        In addition to free from skins, the Nexus also now means updated first and an unlocked bootloader.

  • Up2Bkrzy

    IMHO it is a Nexus but not a true Nexus thx to VZW and there control freak attitude. However that said I could care less at this point as I think I’m passing on the device. I got a nice hands on with it for a period of time and it is truly WAY overrated. Think about it hardware wise it barely keeps up with the new stuff out let alone what is in the pipline. Sure its unlocked & has a nice screen on it & ICS but other then that is is nothing special at all. People IMO are going to be very disappointed once they get it and use it. Build quality is garbage, the radio is terrible so it has piss poor LTE signal. It data drops just like the Bionic does, battery life is for garbage as well. Overall i’d rate it a 6 at best on a 1-10 scale.

    • So in the few minutes you held the phone, you were able to determine battery life AND how it handles data?  No, you were not.  Now go away.

      • NexusFansAreDumberThanDirt

        You seem mad.  Truth hurts?

        • Fixer

          Cry baby mc_clane strikes again. Ha!

    • Anonymous

      A 6/10 AT BEST you say hmm?

  • Now, the question is WHY the hell can Apple release its update on its own schedule? Is the carrier playing favorite? Granted, I can’t show too much sympathy on Google’s side if it’s true because even though the Nexus brand is well-know among us, it’s not a very popular consumer product. We don’t even need to compare it to the iPhone — it’s probably fair to say that Google sold less Nexus S than the Gallaxy S II, less Nexus One than the OG Droid … Without sales number to back up, Google will have less bargaining power to get better terms from Verizon. I hope the GN is different and it sells A LOT. Otherwise, we might not see another Nexus in VZW next year.

    • Anthony Ross

      I think about this everytime, i’m an N1 owner and still think Apple has better control of their products & OS than any google product on the market.  It’s really unfortunate 

    • Anonymous

      I’m not sure they can. There is a reason iOS is fragmented with the Verizon devices lagging months behind on iOS updates and patches.

    • RaptorOO7

      I do believe Verizon tests everything that goes on their network regardless of OS.  Apple may control the method of delivery but Verizon still needs to insure it won’t have issues with their network.

  • If you are waiting on OTA updates with an unlockable phone, you are doing it wrong.  I have never received an OTA update since i bought my OG Droid the day after launch.  

  • Pete

    Maybe people shouldn’t be so ready to get up in arms about “what a Nexus is” when there’s only been two iterations with that label.  I don’t remember Google signing a contract with me pledging any definition of what a Nexus device is, so the way I see it, they’re free to change the parameters however they like.

    Still, if we were to play Odds Makers, after the Galaxy Nexus release fiasco, what would be the chances Google works with Verizon on their flagship device ever again?

  • Great article. 

    On a completely separate note, check out my website http://www.ReviewTornado.com we do reviews on all sorts of things.

  • Anonymous

    lot of speculation in the last few write ups. sheesh…all of these sites were recently saying its no big deal that there was bloatware on the Nexus and don’t mind GWallet being blocked off because of course the updates will remain untouched and as speedy as always because this is truly a Nexus phone.

    can you please write up an article specifying what really makes this phone different from any other phone besides ICS. i understand ICS is a big deal, but when other phones with ICS are released, what will be the difference?

    its just that with each new revelation concerning the GNex, it seems that we are being led to believe that GNex on Verizon is a true Nexus because it has ICS. everything that is on this phone has been introduced on another phone except for the OS. now if updates to the OS are subject to delay by the carrier, what else is there besides having ICS? and its individuality in that realm won’t be long.

    • Unlockable bootloader. And we aren’t talking about the hackjobs that need to be done to HTC devices. This phone can be unlocked from the get go.

      It will receive updates possibly months before any other phone. Owners of it will be bored with ICS by the time any other phone has it.

      Just because they need carrier approval on some updates, does not make this like what Moto, HTC and Samsung do with their skins. It’s stock Android that should take little time to approve.

      • Anonymous

        Hell, AOSP ROMs are already being run on Verizon devices now, while the G-Nex is vaporware. How can you say that G-Nex users will get bored of ICS months before anyone else gets it?

    • RaptorOO7

      Now there are reports the Google Wallet leaves some of your sensitive data unencrypted so is it really a bad thing for us not to get it.  Maybe there is some legit concern from Verizon and they don’t want to be tied into any potential future class action lawsuit over this phone.

      Here is the article

  • Emily

    Yep, it’s Verizon’s reputation on the line. They can’t cant let a phone go out with out carrier taint on it. They’d lose their reputation for being greedy money hunger bitches. That don’t care about their customers and ride on their laurels of having the most reliable network to keep you by the balls so you don’t switch.
    That’s why there’s bloat. They can’t ruin their reputation they’ve worked so hard to acquire.

  • OG Droid

    Why do I get the feeling there’s a post coming soon that will say something like “Nexus pushed back to….”

  • Anonymous
  • Since this is a Nexus device & it has an unlocked bootloader, couldn’t we just get the source from Google & drop it on there ourselves if VZW takes too long to release it OTA?

    • Exactly

      • Anonymous

        When it comes out, I’m going to verizon to play with it. Really hoping it’s a great phone.

    • Anonymous

      How are you going to just drop “source” on your phone. It needs to be built into a flashable workable file. Source for the CDMA Nex may be different than the GSM source straight from Google.

  • if i recall correctly, the Nexus is already gonna be on 4.1 when we buy it soo. sounds good to me

  • Doesn’t bother me any. I’m sure the dev community will still get leaked updates before VZW releases them so no worries.

  • So what’s the ADB command to verify this?

  • here is what JBQ actually said, 
    JBQJoin group to reply
    Dec 9 (3 days ago)After reviewing the situation, Google concluded that the only GalaxyNexus that can be supported in AOSP are the ones that are originallysold with a “yakju” or “mysid” system.JBQmysid is the LTE variant 

  • Mayze23

    Doesn’t matter we’ll never see it on VZW. It’s a unicorn

  • What is that “Windows” your running??? 😛

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care what it’s called.  Love the phone, used it twice now, it runs great, screen’s beautiful and feels great in hand.  ICS is fun and very user friendly and honestly nothing else matters.

    • NexusFansAreIdiots

      You going to make a shrine to your god phone next bro?

      • Anonymous

        No I’m too busy making my name NexusFansAreIdiots and trolling Android forums.

        • NexusFansAreDumberThanDirt

          No that’s me dude.  Oh right, you don’t have the time to make a shrine between your bickering about Verizon and trolling on articles about other phones.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t comment on articles about other phones, must have me confused with yourself.

          • Fixer

            It’s mc_clane he is pissed off because he got banned so he is making up a bunch of names and trolling. He a no life loser!

          • Fixer

            You should tell your boyfriend you want more loving from him mc_clane! You seem up tight!

      • Fixer

        You going to suck some more cock mc_clane??

  • Anonymous

    I just want a hacker friendly, unlockable phone, on Verizon.  I’m going to end up running custom roms at some point, so I don’t really care.  The only reason I want this device over the Razr is for the simple fact that it’s hacker friendly.  Well… I also want Verizon to actually release the phone too.

  • Clockblocker

     “next few weeks as we approach the arrival of the Galaxy Nexus here on Verizon.” Next few Weeks? WTH. I thought the new date was 12/15. 

    • he just put that there cause if he put “next 2 days” and it isn’t released on thursday, then the comments will be spammed with people complaint. That’s what happened last week

  • I’m not worried a single bit. All this yakju talk means nothing when i can grab a working version off XDA an hour after the gsm version gets it

  • Justin Kos

    i cared about this, until i took an arrow to the knee,
    more serious note, im going to flash CM9 onto my g-nex and not even care

  • What’s a Galaxy Nexus? Is that the name of a new soccer team?

  • Mikewoods94

    who cares……really no need for this.

  • PyroHoltz

    Great editorial Kellex.  I’m glad someone is willing to offer these opinion pieces on what is obviously a pivotal device for Big Red.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I love it.

    So 1 of the #1 arguments Nexus fanboys have when I point out the hardware specs are lack luster at best and that the Nexus is all about ICS and so the Nexus is really nothing special is that they want that clean unadulterated Google Android “Nexus experience”.. and yet we STILL find bloatware on it and stories like this that indicate it can have vendor tweaks and that pristine and clean Google Android “Nexus experience” users are hinging their buy on and sticking to and spewing like a cult mantra is flawed on some levels. bwa ha ha

    • Oh, to be young and lonely.  

      • NexusFansAreIdiots

        Aww, did he hurt your wittle feelings?

        • Fixer

          You still crying mc_clane?? Lol!

    • Dan Letsch

      While some may say it is not a true nexus, tell me, what on Verizon is?  The phone has 1/10 of the bloat, has no skins, and has an unlocked bootloader in a very pleasing package, nuff said!

  • Anonymous

    I think the bigger question is, if a Galaxy Nexus falls in the back room of a Verizon Store does it make a sound?

    • Anonymous

      Well if you’re talking about molecules bumping off each other and creating air waves then…

    • Anonymous

      Well according to the people who scored the Verizon Nexus before launch their phone doesnt make ANY sound……even after a factory reset.

      Look it up. 

  • Anonymous

    I think we all expected as much from Verizon.  I’m still gonna get the phone, and I’m still gonna call it a nexus, but I will certainly be pissed off at Verizon and jealous of the yakju owners when I don’t get my updates immediately.  But hey thats what the unlocked bootloader is for, I’ll be running CM9 anyway… 

  • slerms mc kenzie

    to me the verizon nexus is not a “true” nexus. ill be waiting for the real nexus or  hopefully it comes down to 500$ 

  • Anonymous

    “True Nexus device” smoo smexis shivice… lol   i dont care.  Just give me the damn phone with pure android and no manufacturer added skins/launchers. I’ll take that with LTE speed and fantastic coverage.  I don’t care if google, Verizon, the pope, Jerry Sandusky, or whoever is in charge of updating it.  SELL ME ONE!

    The rest of you can have your “True Nexus Device”. Enjoy

    • Anonymous

      If Jerry Sandusky were distributing the updates I highly doubt they would be “untouched”…

      Too soon?

      • Anonymous

        ZZZZZZZING.  lol 

  • Anonymous

    It is not a true Nexus, but it’s the closest thing we will ever have on Verizon. In fact, this is probably the only time we’ll see anything close to a Nexus.

    • Tim242

      A Nexus only means two things: 1. Stock Android. 2 Updates from Google. The rest is made up by people that like to complain.

      • Anonymous

        According to your logic, that would make the G1, OG Droid, etc. Nexus devices. A true Nexus device is defined as “pure Android experience, in which the phones come free of carrier or manufacturer modifications and with an unlockable bootloader”

        • Tim242

          Show me where you found that definition, from Google. Those phones you listed could have been Nexus phones, but they were branded differently. Nexus is nothing more than what Google says it is. They apoarrently agree with me…the Galaxy Nexus is a true Nexus. Stop whining. It’s stock, it will get updated quickly. Stop complaing, enjoy it. Life is short.

  • user01

    What is the assurance that if the updates are not coming directly from Google that they will be as timely?

    • As was stated in the article, the Xoom is basically a Nexus tablet on Verizon.  It has received updates quicker than other tablets even though Verizon is involved in the update process.

  • hmm. i’m ok with this.

  • Anonymous

    If this really was a google phone it would be called “google phone”, this has samsung and verizon and china written all over it
    when google comes out with a phone like the iphone and call it google phone then people can say they have a google phone

    • Anonymous

      Right, because the GSM Nexus is made in the USA….

      • Anonymous

        ok i shouldnt have included China, i just wanna see google develop their own phone, that too much to ask

        • No, you just want to be a whiny bitch that repeats the same thing in every article.

          • Fixer

            you mad bro??

    • Anonymous

      China? The iPhone is made in China also… Not sure where you’re going with that part.

      Also, Samsung didn’t have a whole lot of control over the hardware, thus why it’s using an OMAP4460 instead of an Exynos Chip.

  • So what determines what build we get in the Nexus? Random chance? Some phones have yakju, some have yakju+bloat? That seems silly.

  • Gino Fratto


  • bigrob60

    As long as it’s supported for at least two years, is stock, still updating from Google (even w/ VZW approval) faster then other devices. I’ll still see it as a Nexus. Now please let me give you handful’s of money for a phone that doesn’t have screen redraws after every little thing I do. Please!

    • I feel the same way. I’m just surprised that people think a carrier-tied phone would just go 100% untouched by the carrier.

      • Anonymous

        I think people assume Verizon would want to test an update for reliability as long as Google is engineering and delivering them no one would care too much.  What worries people is how long they’ll delay updates, maybe even artificially, to help out the DROID line of products.  After missing the 9th I don’t think software or inventory can be to blame, just politics.

        • Anonymous

          Too true.

        • babadush


        • Guest

          Considering Verizon never stated they were releasing the phone on a specific date, how did they “miss the 9th”?

          • Anonymous

            I think this is a grey area.  No they haven’t officially missed a date and I would consider all the other dates crap.  However that date (9th) was communicated throughout the company, there is no precedent for an date to be provided in their systems and to employees and then changed for “no reason”.  So internally there was a delay.  Whether it was software of political is obviously pure speculation until the truth comes out.  Hopefully I am wrong.

            To put it another way if they released it on Dec 31st which would meet their stated ‘before end of year’ would you really consider it on time knowing they are in Verizon store stock rooms ready to go for a over 3 weeks?  Would that not seem odd to you since that hasn’t happened with any other phone?

      • bigrob60

        I think Google is taking one for the team by letting VZW touch the Nexus in very inappropriate ways so we can finally have a Nexus like the rest of the world has been able to have the past few years. Just look at the few concessions Google has given. VZW branding on the back, two carrier specific “bloatware” apps, and exclusivity for the time being.

        I just hope the exclusive time frame ends at the end of this year, hence why we’ve heard it will be released by the end of the year. 

        • Anonymous

          And then Verizon treats it like a step-child. Seriously, people want this device. I hope the sales reflect that. Honestly, does it really matter if they are selling Droids, Nexus’ or iPhones? No, because they make money off of the service not the phone. So I really don’t see how Droid/Nexus politics should come into play.

          • I’m with you. I guess that’s why we’re not running VZW.

      • Ben

        Hey Kellex,

        Can you dig into the carrier-unique software status on the Nexus One and Nexus S? I have to think people would settle down a bit if we had confirmation that both the previous Sim-Unlocked Nexus phones also had carrier specific builds.

        On the other side of that coin, if this is the first Nexus branded phone to have a non-Google controlled update schedule, then I think the complaints may be fair.  Even you pointed out multiple times that the importance of the Nexus tag is not the absence of bloatware, but rather the direct update schedule from Google.

        Looking back at the OG Droid you have plenty of evidence that OS updates from Google take a long time to percolate through VZW, even for Non-Blur phones.

      • Dale

        Did the Verizon iPhone go untouched by Verizon?

        Did the Sprint Nexus S get updates only with Sprint’s approval?

        • Nexus_iPhone

          Yes the Verizon iPhone is untouched. The phone is “touched” in the sense that they must activate it but other than that. Verizon has NO apps pre-installed on the iPhone and the updates come directly from Apple. The Verizon Nexus iPhone. If you let the carriers touch your phone(other than for activation) you are doing it wrong. 

      • GalaxyTexas

        You are in world record territory for the amount of backtracking you’ve done on this phone. 

        • Fixer

          You still crying??

      • KissMyAss

        You’re a two faced loser who changes his mind almost daily.  Go fuckk yourself.

        • Fixer

          How many new names you going to make mc_clane??? You still pouting? Ha!

      • SheepAreStupid

        Surprised. Backing, backing, equivocating, equivocating, baaaaa baaaaaa

        • Fixer

          You still mad mc_clane?? Poor baby!

  • in some cases (docomo and bell), carrier specific, but in most cases, region specific…as noted in the xda forums, they  have pointed out these other builds include a much larger language pack but otherwise are very similar. hardware is the same at least. haha. but ya the issue here is with the asop ota updates directly from google, and so i agree…not very nexus like.

  • Himal Limbu

    Nexus as of i know is totally controlled by google and it sud b that way…if not then it loses its kingship.

  • Anonymous

    Will say right now if it turns out the VZ one isn’t getting updates straight from Google I’ll be returning it. (buying at Costco, so I hope we’ll know within 90 days)  That’s probably the biggest draw on this phone for me.  If it doesn’t have that then there’s no reason not to get something that has a better camera etc…

  • Anonymous

    I………………do……………………not………………………..care.  Just let me buy it!!!  XD

    • If you don’t care, then go buy a Rezound.

      • Anonymous

        They released ICS on the Rezound and started manufacturing it to look like a Nexus?

  • Anonymous

    As long as the updates come right after the true Nexus device it doesn’t bother me that much. Now, if VZW goes into bitch mode and blocks updates they don’t agree with… yea, that’s some bullcrap.

  • Cameraman7

    Is the Galaxy Nexus a “True Nexus” if it’s not even out and in my hands yet? Depends on your definition. 

    • VZ_GNEX_in_2012

      My sources say the Verizon G-New will not be out until next year- skip to the 1:30 mark in the following video:


      Nice dig on the iPhone 4S too!

      • Angryunibrow

        What’s the Verizon G-New? Since no one here has heard of that phone yet…you’re probably right about next year.

      • I hope she meant next week…

      • Tyler

        The girl clearly has issues speaking…perhaps she has issues listening too.


          Clearly it’s because she left the kitchen, who let her out?

      • Anonymous

        She really does seem like an expert on the subject… smh.

      • kretz7

        I stopped believing this as soon as I saw it was from a fox news source. 

        • Exactly.  You gotta be friggin’ kidding me with that story.  At least it keeps their track record of being completely idiotic in tact.

        • Anonymous

          EXACTLY.  At least if it was ABC, CBS, or NBC they would have been reporting it from up Obama’s butt.  Then it would have to be true!

      • kretz7

        Also, that lady is a f-tard. Who compares the thickness of two phones when one of them has a case and the other doesn’t?! lol

      • Kornfag11

        That’s good. I wouldn’t be surprised though. I wish I was addicted to something other than electronic gadgets.

  • mikejs78

    The unlockable bootloader is the key for me.  If it is not unlockable, bye bye VZW…

    • Scott Webber

      The people that have them (Mike Woods) have already unlocked them.

  • tvBilly

    Does anyone really think that Verizon will handle updates any better than they’ve handled the release?

    • FortitudineVincimus

      nope… but that is just one of those talking points people regurgitate & buy into as a benefit to this phone

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think updates have a lot to do with the delay personally.  This just seems like a ploy to push Droids before release.  

    • Anonymous

      Depends on the reason for the delay.  If the phone has been delayed because of bugs they found while testing, then no, Verizon will not handle the updates any better than this release.

      However, if the Nexus has been delayed cause Verizon is greedy and wanted the other phones to get more sales first, then maybe there is still a hope for timely updates.  Except that if Verizon is greedy they are more likely to spend less money to test new updates quickly…so maybe we’re screwed either way.

  • “It should by all means still receive constant updates directly from Google after Verizon gets to take a look at them.”
    This is exactly what I’m scared of.  Judging by how this release is going with all the “bug fixes”, we’ll see Android updates on the Verizon Nexus months after they hit other versions of the Nexus.  Verizon is SLOW when it comes to rolling out updates, this will probably continue with the Nexus. That being said, the Verizon Nexus will still get updates well before other phones, but well after other Nexuses.

    In the end, I’m still going with the Verizon version, because what good is an updated Nexus if you can’t get a signal.

    • bigrob60

      +1’d for the last sentence alone. 

      • zUFC

        + 10000000 for the last sentence.

        • bigrob60

          That only leaves me with 9,999,999 more likes to go. Better get to work. 

          • BiGMERF

            I dont leave the main cities to much, so no problems here. i have however traveled over seas a few times and swapping a prepaid GSM simcard cannot be duplicated by a Verizon Gnex

          • bigrob60

            Um……ok? What exactly are you replying to me about? 

          • Anonymous

            big merf doin’ bigger thangs than big rob, that’s all

          • If you say so I guess. 

          • Anonymous

            I dont leave the main cities to much, so no problems here. i have
            however traveled over seas a few times and swapping a prepaid GSM
            simcard cannot be duplicated by a Verizon Gnex

          • dkbetts

            I am eating Cheerios and watching Star Trec: Deep Space Nine in my underwear.

          • HoneyBee

            DS9 was cool…but you should be eating honeynut cheerios

          • Anonymous

            I dont leave the main cities to much, so no problems here. i have
            however traveled over seas a few times and swapping a prepaid GSM
            simcard cannot be duplicated by a Verizon Gnex

          • Anonymous

            I took a final today and it was really tough. I thought about stopping at the Verizon store on the way home to look at the G-Nex, but I didn’t.

          • Anonymous

            I did. It was beautiful. And it made my day. It probably would have made your day better had you decided to stop…

          • Anonymous

            I know, but I think the Verizon people are going to look at me funny if I keep stopping in so often.

    • Anonymous

      I completely agree, and no other Android smartphone on Verizon will get updates faster. (period)

      • babadush

        That’s if Verizon can update it with out wrecking then taking 2 months to fix the bugs they added.

        • Anonymous

          Verizon wouldn’t really be adding anything, but it sounds like they’re overly concerned with “Quality Assurance”.  Bottom line, it could take 2 months, and the Galaxy Nexus would still probably be the first phone on Verizon running the next Android version.  Not to mention the only one running it without Blur, Touchwiz, or Sense.


          • Anonymous

            I doubt Verizon is worried about thaaaaat much about Quality Assurance. The Droid Bionic went on sale, which proves that they don’t pay much attention to bugs in software or what the user experience is like on their devices. I really wish I had returned mine. If anything, I would say Verizon like to have their hand in as many things as possible to maintain Control. They like the option of adding what they want, or blocking what they don’t want, even if they agree to not go to their normal extremes with bloatware.


      Sorry for jacking your post… I don’t care about this, but the delays are getting to the point where I’m tempted to wait and see whats at CES. Its only a few weeks away…

      • I decided to wait last year when my contract ended. Then I saw the Bionic at CES. Still waiting.

        • traclimb


      • Anonymous

        The problem with CES is that everything you see there won’t be released for a least a few months, if not more (I’m looking at you, Bionic). I’m eligible for an upgrade as of September, and that Galaxy Nexus couldn’t come sooner (my OG Droid is on life support).

        • Anonymous

          Same boat except I still have the Droid Eris

        • Loki

          the asus  padfone was announced at the last CES and its still not out here yet, just read an article stating it could be coming to the states

        • My upgrade goes on january 12th, so the nexus better be released by then.

    • Anonymous

      Great post Kellex and yes, I think we know now that Verizon has it’s paws into every little thing that they sell and with right.

      We will still get our updates but Verizon like Adam Truelove stated Verizon will make sure the updates will not mess anything up on their side.

    • Anonymous

      Love the last sentence. Even if official updates are delayed by Verizon (and I personally don’t think that they will be), there will be plenty of AOSP roms, some if which that are completely vanilla.

    • Josh Nichols

      This might be the only thing you have ever said that I would like to agree with you on. Well done.

    • Djstar2k2

      agreed my main reason for waiting on the gal-nex is that no matter what comes out 1st qrt next year hardware wise its all gonna be skinned and the gn will be up to date and free

    • VZW would need to look at it for LTE issues, i would assume…since it will be the only LTE GNex

      and yes….that last sentence is VERY IMPORTANT!

    • Unless Verizon decides to let another phone go first because of bugs, it would be like the release all over again.


    Mines is a Yakju Galaxy Nexus. 100 Percent Google ! Its the only way I would demand it! Period. sorry if i offend Verizon fanboys when i say that there version of the Galaxy nexus with carrier marking and bloat .. Simply is not

    • Anonymous

      “Verizon Fanboy” – thats gotta be an oxymoron 😛

      • Agreed…I don’t think any of Verizon’s customers enjoy being one…

        • we only enjoy the service, not them raping us every second they see a chance

        • Anonymous

          I def enjoy 4G LTE and their awesome coverage….. sorry.

          Do i think they could do better? Yes. But am i willing to switch to another carrier becasue of it? Absolutely not. Verizon isn’t perfect but they are the closest to it.

          The free market allows you to choose your carrier. If you chose to be with Verizon then stop whining. You can be with a different carrier if you would like. No one is stopping you.

          And you can jump all over me for being a “Verizon Fanboy” if you want i really don’t care lol.

          • bigrob60

            The free market to choose your carrier is limited by your location. 

          • Nick S

            Some businesses offer their employees group discounts for carriers (mine happens to be for Verizon) so that may play a part in some folks decision making as well.

          • VerizonHater

            Luckily my business offers a discount to not only Verizon, but to Sprint.  I guess I’m spoiled that way.

          • Dan Letsch

            That is exactly the point, you can complain, but in the end, the reason Verizon is expensive and still gets customer’s is through customer service and through the great network.  In the end that is what matters most to me. 

        • BiGMERF

          i just said that to lay a foundation, before i got flamed. lol

    • Anonymous

      The way I see it, I’m sticking with Verizon no matter what because they offer the best coverage and service where I’m at.  Which VZW Android phone is going to give me the most current version and fastest updates, without having to load my own ROMs?  Unless they come out with some other flagship phone direct from Google (maybe a Motorola one in the future?) the Nexus LTE is going to be my best best.  I don’t really care about other semantics but it’s as much of a “Nexus” in my eyes as any other of theirs that they’ve released in the US.

    • Anonymous

      That’s honestly fine with me. I could care less if they dropped the name, changed it to Galaxy Prime, or hell, called it the XyPhone. I still just want the phone in the configuration it is said to be released.

  • Anonymous

    if it is NOT controlled by google and therefore NOT updated by google, it is NOT a nexus device.

    • How is it not controlled by Google? They are still releasing it.

      • Anonymous

        Are they?
        I kid, I kid!

      • Pretty sure Google has realeased it already, Verizon on the other hand…

      • I think dcyamaha means Google controlling the OTAs. Google only controls the Yakju OTAs whereas carrier/manufacturers control the others. But I agree, if Google isn’t in charge of the OTA, then it is NOT a Nexus. Period.

  • RaptorOO7

    If the updates don’t come from Google directly and MUST be reviewed and approved by a Carrier then NO it’s not a true Nexus device.

    • BiGMERF

      exactly.. carrier branding and bloat (no matter how minor) also kill the true nexus feel

    • Anonymous

      actually even the N1 and NS on T-Mo and Sprint have to go through the carrier for testing before being pushed.

    • xyzlene

      agreed. great phone overall but without the google logo on the back it makes me scratch me head.. almost every verizon handset running android o.s. usually has “with google” on the background.. funny how a top tier phone, let alone a name with 6 letters is void on the back case……… i say root and stick with the yakju updates………severe disdain for verizon.

  • Anonymous

    I appreciate that this is a necessary evil, but it still saddens me with all the additional bureaucratic red tape we’ll have to deal with in the form of delays on launches and updates.

    • WAldenIV

      What if the next carrier demands more than Big Red?  Then the next carrier demands even more.  This could be the beginning of the end of true Nexus devices.

      • babadush

        I said this a while ago. If google let’s Verizon nix their name on the back and control the updates that is the beginning of the end. Everyone else will follow suit.

      • Until Google become a carrier and we all rejoice