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ShadowGun Previewed On Tegra 3 Device, Running Smoother Than Ever


There is no doubt that ShadowGun can make even the best dual-core processors run a bit laggy.  But what do you get when you try it on a Tegra 3 quad-core device?  You get epic gaming annihilation filled with guns and bacon.  The developer of ShadowGun has been working hard to make sure their game is at tip top shape when NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 launches for the masses.  And from the demo video above, looks like they’re doing a great job.

Your first chance to scoop up a Tegra 3 device will be with the Transformer Prime, which is set for some time this month.  As the excitement builds, so does John Slade’s muscles.


  • Jzen

    I have a Transformer Prime, Tegra 3 device and shadowgun THD is very laggy on it. Expecially when fighting the first boss. 

    So no, the game is not in tip top shape… it does not run buttery smooth on a tegra 3.

  • imade karari

    Just awesome, best graphic on a mobile I’ve ever seen


  • Christopher Riner

    That’s it, I have a desktop, a netbook, and a laptop, and I usually use the portable ones for school so a tablet has always kind of seemed superfluous to me, but this bad boy is just too sweet to pass up.  I definitely think I’m gonna have to put a few pennies back for this bad boy and they keyboard

  • Anonymous

    Anyone have the Lapdock 100? I use it with my Bionic. Can ShadowGun controls be remapped to the keyboard or a bluetooth controller?

    • Anonymous

      Oh wow good question!

  • Dana S.

    Gears of War on the phone, anyone?

  • Anonymous

    ShadowGun runs laggy?

    On what? Runs just fine on my my Xoom, Bionic and (new to me) Atrix.

  • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

    Doesn’t the Nexus Prime have this GPU? No, why not? Oh, they decided to use a 4 year old GPU and overclock it a little and call it ‘cutting edge’. Lame.

    • Anonymous

      This post has nothing to do with Nexus anything…..so why the fluck are you bringing Nexus crap to a Shadowgun post?

      • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

        Nexus Crap is right.

    • A 4 yr old gpu that 95 % of cell phones have….which translates to more games being developed for that old gpu….that is the reason they went with it…

      • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

        No, they went with it because it’s cheap. If they put a better GPU in the Nexus, older games would still work. Nice distorted logic.

    • solidspidey
  • Anonymous

    I think the next “Galaxy” phone should be named, “Supernova”. The Samsung Galaxy Supernova!

    Nice ring to it.

    Also, not to say that the Galaxy Supernova would explode, destroying everything and everyone in its path, BUT, it would be a super powerful explosive phone–with Tegra 3!!

    • No more Samsung Nexus phones for a while, please.

      • Scott Souder

        I wouldn’t mind seeing what Sony could do with a Nexus

        • Trolling


      • Bill Mitchell

        The next Nexus phone… The Nexynos!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The 19th can’t get any closer!!

    This is what i like to see: A Prime that’s on time.

    • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

      Yep, 19th release date for Nexus is not too far off.

    • Christopher Riner

      ha, nice. speaking of names, nice one (yours)