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DROID Bionic Bug Fixer Update Rolling Out To Some, Start Checking Your Phones

We are starting to receive reports from soak test members that are successfully retrieving the massive bug fixer update on their Bionics.  Even non-members are getting in on the action so now is the time to check your Bionics to see if you are next in line.  The update is a pretty big and includes lots of fixes, so if your device says the update is available then just sit back and let the phone do its thing.

You can check update availability by going into settings>about phone>system updates.

Good luck!

Cheers everyone who sent this in!

  • Thnkertoo

    I cannot get the update  tells me the “check update” is not available ~ for the last 3 days ! I”m still on the 5.5.184~ can’t find the manual update . Verizon wants me to get another phone ~ a refurbished one ~ last time this phone had a problem the “new” phone  had the same  issue ( not update) was a SIM card  replacement issue ~ anyone else have this problem about updates !!

  • Jljackson1983

    I bought mine two weeks ago and i have my updated!!!!!!!!!

  • ubtoo

    got the update this morning but having troubles… damn. I was rooted so changed everything back to way it was with stock… the bootanimation and sound and hotspot hack. Changed all back and unrooted- used the same method that I used to root. First unroot try the icon was still there and had no luck with firmware update. I rooted again, checked to make sure few things were correct as was before rooted and then unrooted once again. That time SU icon was not in app drawer. I downloaded firmware update and clicked install after that. Same thing though. It gets about quarter of way there and the triangle with exclamation mark… then when boots up says update failed. Any suggestions next step to try and take or others getting this?  Thanks!

  • guest

    6am on west coast, got the update when I checked… downloading now.

    • James

      Got mine at the same time and I’m pretty happy with the update but the HD 1080P won’t focus in video on close subjects anymore 🙁 sorta lame.

  • Guest

    Got the update for my Bionic this morning about 5:45AM. Haven’t had time to check it out.

  • EricPitt01

    Just downloaded and am installing my update now.  More to come……

    • EricPitt01

      I cannot put an actual number, or time, improvement on the camera, but it is IMMENSELY better.  Focus happens in less than 2 seconds, as opposed to 6-10 sec.  I was one of the (few) lucky ones that had little to no connectivity issues, so that isn’t a problem.  Camera fix is huge, though.

  • tripod

    The 5.5.893.en.US update appeared tonight on my Bionic.  Downloaded via WiFi in about 5 minutes. Like the other reports, the camera is MUCH faster. Mobile Hotspot works nicely.