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Fire Up the Galaxy Nexus Release Date Rumor Engine Again – Add December 13 to the List

Is anyone else shaking their head while reading this? I sure am while writing it. With the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon getting the bump from December 9 to who-knows-when, it is anyone’s guess when we will see it. This whole situation has become one giant mess – if that word even does it justice. We were told that it would be out “before the end of the year” a number of times, but if it isn’t obvious to you that this phone should have been out a couple of times by now and that December 9 was the latest rock solid date, then I can’t help you. We don’t need an “official” announcement from Verizon to understand this. šŸ˜›

Verizon informed their entire nationwide staff including indirect stores that 12/9 was the all channel launch date. They don’t make this information available to just anyone unless it is 99.9% set in stone. The phone is in stock at all stores ready to be sold, yet no one is allowed to. The reason for this delay is not known. In fact, most VZW friends of ours are as confused and shocked as all you.

So what now? Well, we look to next week unless something crazy happens over the next 48 hours and we end up seeing on Friday after all. Could that happen? Of course, anything could. Until we see another update on that front though, we will open our ears and eyes to all options. And the newest that we have seen from indirect retailers is December 13 (next Tuesday). We aren’t exactly sure why they would go with Tuesday – other than the fact that we are supposed to see the XYBOARD on MondayĀ –Ā but will accept it into the list of rumored dates.

Cheers ___!

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  • Pimpuout2

    My verizon store told me there told they can sell the nexus on the 13. Everyday since the 9th the gm has been telling me he had no definate answer. Just throwin out what my verizon in nj told me!

  • Codykeck

    This is wrong. The galaxy nexus was guaranteed to come out on the 15th by a Verizon retailer to me today. He told me that if it didn’t come out on that day they would give it to me for free. So I almost hope it gets delayed again:D

  • Eliseoabayajr

    I was decided to switch to verizon for galaxy nexus, i am disappointed, ordered Galaxy nexus gsm from expansys at $749. Sticking out with ATT is the best option with this shitty verizon.

  • Paul

    They are delaying for a reason. VZN doesn’t just say, “hey, people are waiting for it so very anxiously, let’s bump it back to piss them off!” Verizon just had a glitch in their 4G network on the 8th. If I had a major release of a 4G phone coming the day after a major 4G breakdown, I would delay it too. This is the first delay you can blame on Verizon. The others have only been rumored release dates made up by sites like this to get hits.Ā 

  • I was talking with a Verizon rep at a kios (corporate) in a BJ’s last night and low and behold he took the unit (display) out of the box for me to see. He is a fan of larger displays and says this is a nice unit. Put my Droid X up to it and it is almost identical in size to Droid X. That is where it ends in closeness. Nice curve shape and pretty thin. ScreenĀ  Now, his words, not mine is that “Google” not Verizon is causing the delay. Waiting from Google on approval. He said for sure before Christmas. I justĀ  thought at first that it was B.S.Ā  but with certain items being/not being included, maybe there is some truth that Google wants to make sure it meets the standard as a “Google Phone”. Who knows but they had dummy and non active unit ready to be displayed when able. He said he did not have any in stock yet but did hesitate to answer on the latter.

  • Mikewoods94

    i just got it from radio shack i am not kidding folks….i will post proof as soon as i get out of here. They activated on my account im typing this from the store on the gnex now they find they werent supposed to srll it….lol figured they didnt know any better lololol.

  • Mike Woods

    Called the boob at Radio Shack in my area and told him the Galaxy Nexus was released today and he said oh cool we are getting our shipment in which will have at least one in it. Come on over and we will upgrade you today!

    • Mike Woods

      I guess some stores are allowed and others not.

  • Anonymous
  • GuessingGuest

    When are you going to realize that your “trusted sources” shouldn’t be trusted?

  • Zenyokai

    It getting more obvious this phone may be a lemon. Total secrecy on a system they should be hyping to the max, and NOTHING, except reports from Europe about the bugs in it. I don’t think we will buy this one and wait for the Galaxy NOTE to come out. It already has excellent reviews and is gaining a successful track record in Italy, Germany and Indonesia.
    Sorry Nexus. Next time.

  • Mark P

    Ok, I NEVER comment on these things, but I’ve been following this phone for a while now. I JUST called a VZW store here in Ft. Worth and asked the guy if the phone goes on sale tomorrow and he told me no and that it will go on sale the 15th and that I need to make an appointment because it is first come, first serve. Hope this helps!

  • Anonymous

    i do not believe this date, Ā Damn you Verizon!!!

  • B_noble1

    I called 2 Verizon stores. One said the release date has been pushed back and he doesn’t know any further details. The other said that I could put a deposit down and the phone will be shipped to their store tomorrow, and I could get it probably Monday . However , I called Costco and she assured me that they indeed had the Samsung galaxy nexus and I could get it tomorrow morning at 9a.m. upon opening . She told me to ask for her specifically. I have to renew my membership though, I let it expire. I’m unfortunately in Kansas city Mo. I hope this is not a set up, I hate having my emotions played with.

  • Anonymous

    I’m still guessing that the Galaxy Nexus will be released on the 16th or the 22nd(which happens to be a Thursday).

    Honestly, I don’t understand why anyone thinks the phone will be here on any of these dates, especially considering that Verizon hasn’t OFFICIALLY announced a release date yet. Until they do just that, these dates are purely rumors and nothing more than that.

    Anyone can spread release date rumors. Anyone. Even a trained monkey who has visions of the future. I mean, come on! lol

  • Anonymous

    I just called VerizonWireless 1-800-922-0204 and she took forever but seemed to be getting responses from folks. The answer to the release per VerizonWireless support is that it will be released tomorrow. “You know how technology can change in second…” but it’s on our schedule for a tomorrow release.

    Happy again!

  • Anonymous

    Hmmm I find it very odd when I try to call VZW CS (*611) I can’t get a real person on the phone even after pressing 0 and there are no CS reps available for chat on the VZW site as of today 12/8. I had no problem using the chat or *611 option yesterday….

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