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Android Market Reaches 10 Billion Downloads, Begins 10 Days Of Premium Apps For Just 10 Cents

Our beloved Android Market has now reached 10 billion downloads.  10,000,000,000.  Very impressive for an OS that has spread like wildfire as of late all across the globe.  To celebrate, Google is offering premium apps up for just 10 cents over the next 10 days.  We are assuming the list will change each day, so you can be certain Droid Life will list out all the different apps so you can take advantage of this amazing deal.

For today’s deals, we have some fantastic applications that we know many readers here will be happy over. 

All 10 cents!  We don’t know if the same apps will be available tomorrow, so if you were thinking of picking them up, you should do so today just in case.

Thanks, Google!

Cheers everyone who sent this in!

  • Roscannon

    This is all I could find newly listed as $0.10 today.

    ADW Launcher Ex
    Homerun Battle 3D
    Talking Tom Cat 2
    Reckless Getaway
    Can Knockdown 2

  • 7 of today’s 10:

    Read It Later Pro
    Flick Golf!
    AirSync by doubleTwist
    Star Chart
    Beautiful Widgets
    Fruit Ninja
    Christmas HD (live wallpaper)

    Just look for them in the market, they’re $0.10 a piece.

    • Helias

      Reckless Racing is also on today’s list (12/7/2011)

    • Helias

      NFL Rivals is also on today’s list (12/7/2011)

  • Is anyone else having issues purchasing the apps that were previously downloaded on the amazon app store?

  • Anonymous

    I did the b1g1free deal on black Friday promo gameloft was doing thru their website got Dungeon Hunters2 and they emailed me Asphalt but it wasn’t working so I just bought it for. 10 and low and behold they sent me the wrong version. Fixed all my issues I was having with the calibration and now I can get the proper one for my gnex whenever it comes out. I just got done deleting the non HD release sent to my email.

  • whoster69

    I have an Droid Original.  I have to move a lot of stuff off to buy and download these.  Can I delete them after a few hours and then redownload them again to my Galaxy Nexus when I get it in a few days/weeks?

  • Anonymous

    That awesome moment when you realize you get  $0.10 and 1.1% cash back  for every transaction on your Chase account.

  • Abel Condrea

    Can’t buy asphalt 6 because it’s not compatible with my OG Droid, yet I can’t buy the phone that I want to upgrade to…. hope this lasts longer than the day.

  • Anonymous

    Grabbed Sound Hound Infinity and Paper Camera. Hope there is a different ten to select from tomorrow.

  • David Parrella

    Bought MC and Asphalt. Hell, if I were to buy all 100 apps (10 per day, 10 days), that’d be saving at LEAST $90 (if they were all $.99, and barely any of them are).

    Mine as well!!! 😀

  • Anonymous

    Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD is not compatible with the OG Droid.  Anyone know if there is anyway to get it?

    • Find someone with a compatible device and log into your Google account on their device (I used my girlfriend’s Samsung Fascinate)

      • Anonymous

        Thanks,  I’ll give that a try. 

  • i got Asphalt and GLWG, i already have Paper Camera, Soundhound, sketchbook from Amazon FAotD lol cant wait to see what else they have in coming days. at $0.10 a game/app why wouldnt you. hell of a deal.

  • Appy

    OMG!!!! OMG!!!!

  • Anonymous

    sad, I can’t download great little war game, it says it is not compatible with my device… sure that is ok… I have an old droid eris, but I WILL have a nexus soon, I wish I could download it for the future… is there a way?

    • try MarketEnabler. or change your device name/number from your build.prop in system folder.

      • Anonymous

        well, 2nd part of sadness is that when I said “I have” an Eris I mean I HAD one, lost it and I am waiting for the nexus (using a nasty blackberry in the meantime). I tried to buy GLWG through the web store

      • Anonymous

        MarketEnabler https://market.android.com/details?id=ch.racic.android.marketenabler&hl=en
        Market Enabler


        •  i currently use the first one but i have used both in the past.

  • Waghelsg

    Dumb question. I am one of the ignorantly hopeful that the GN launches this Friday. Can I buy these apps without having an android phone to install it on?

    • sadly no. it requires a device to be attached to the account.

      • Waghelsg

        Damn. Figured I wouldn’t have such luck. Thank you for your timely response!

    • You can sign into your Google account on a friend’s Android device to link these purchases to your account, then use that same account to log into your GNex when it launches and you will have these apps already purchased and ready to be downloaded to your new phone.

  • Finally a post to make me say….*yippy*

  • i bought all of them, probably dont need but 10 apps for a buck how can you go wrong. its like a android garage sale 🙂

  • Omar Ibrahim

    f*ck yeah i only had 00.81 cents in my account left 00.30 is gone now

  • Anonymous

    Here’s hoping World of Goo shows up sometime. Minecraft PE is worth the 10 cents. Even if it doesn’t have a lot of features now the devs have promised things like crafting and enemies in upcoming updates.

  • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

    people still won’t buy apps. Android has failed with app sales. The payment system is hideous.

    • Anonymous

      Cool story bro.

  • 98% off? Sure.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent. Next best thing to free app of the day on Amazon, which by the way works great for me. I  get all my paid apps on the gmarket and my freebies on amazon. Either way, great deal on some apps that should appeal to most people. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • John

    purchased little war game.

    field runners, sound hound infinity, already free via amazon.

    the rest don’t interest me. 

  • Doug

    Does anyone know if you buy the app now for you’re lets say Droidx. 

    Can you then transfer the paid version to you shiny new Nexus on Dec 9th?

    • Anonymous

      you can redownload the app to whatever device is connected to your market account i’m pretty sure

      • Doug

        Thanks for the advice!

        I ended up purchasing all but Kiddie Draw. All for 90¢! Plus I’m getting a galaxy tab for Christmas. I know not many will be compatible with it, but worth a shot to buy them now!

    • All of them but the racing one were compatible with the OG. I’m sure most, if not all. would work for the Droid X.

  • Anonymous

    I just bought SwiftKey X  🙂

    Thanks Google for making this day a little better.

  • Anonymous

    WHAT?!?!?! Minecraft for a MERE $.10? Count me IN!

  • Eggberet

    Woot, I’m up to 4 app purchases in the last year…

  • Awesome!! Just scored 6 of those 10!

    Now to quickly uninstall them so this lil’ OG doesn’t blow up!

    • Same. Won’t have to worry about this with the  Nexus soonnnnnn 🙂

  • Billr

    So how can I buy these apps while waiting for my GN to show up? Do I have to wait until I register the phone?

    • Anonymous

      you can buy them now and download them to your nexus when you get it set up

      • ramifications

        Well the market won’t let me download Asphalt 6 cause it says its incompatible with my Incredible. Any ideas on how to allow it to download till i get my Galaxy nexus?

        • DigitalEnforcer

          I’m in the same boat. I want that Asphalt game, but I can’t download it because my OG DRoid is not supported. Wish you could do what you can do on the amazon marketplace and just download it from the website and save it for later when I get my Transformer Prime.

      • Billr

        I tried that and it told me I didn’t have any phone setup, which is true because my current device is a BlackBerry. You would think there would be some way around this to select a phone model and download the app to your PC.

        • Anonymous

          downloading to the pc would open up channels for piracy? maybe email google and see what they can do for you, that’s all i can say

  • Just bought soundhound infinity. What a deal!

  • Asphalt 6 “not compatible” with the RAZR? Anyone else? I can buy it direct from Gameloft (for full price).

    • got it on my bionic.. dont see why razr wouldnt be compatible. 

    • Anonymous

      Says compatible with my Droid X.

    • Anonymous

      I’m getting this same issue for Asphalt and Minecraft. Lame.

  • soundhound was $0.11 .. what a rip off.. 

    • diabetesman88

      o no the world will end 1 more penny. so sad… 

  • awesomeness!!!!!

  • Stewie

    Soundhound Infinity was a free app on Amazon at one point, had gotten it already, but not a bad list, hope it changes to include some others, I would think they would …

    • Anonymous

      Watch…tomorrow’s list will feature World of Goo for $.10. And I just bought it for $2.99 last night.

      Oh well, still a great game and $2.99 ain’t a lot.

  • yeahhh….. I kinda just bought over half those apps listed up there just in case I would ever need them…

    • hahaah same here.. bought most of the games, camera app and soundhound. 

      will probably never use the last two. but oh well.. its just 20 cents. 

      • exactly! spend like 50 cents on possibly $20-30 worth of apps? I’ll gladly take that deal

      • Anonymous

        Paper camera is pretty cool for making new backgrounds.

  • sweeeeet! i just downloaded swiftkey and sketchbook..

  • drk70

    Can’t buy apps if your devices don’t support it.  Suxs!!!!  OG Droid and Asus Transformer.  Can’t but Asphalt 6.  

    Will miss out on .10 apps that may be available for the nexus upgrade.

    • dodger55fan

      same, this sucks – anyone know a way around this?

    • Anonymous

      Have you tried buying it from your PC web browser? Not sure if it works but worth a shot.


      • drk70

        Nothing will let me buy it.  PC, OG Droid or Transformer

  • JSK

    For 10 cents I will certainly buy Swiftkey X again just to not deal with the delays on the Amazon free pro version.

    • Anonymous

      I keep trying to like switftkey but the space bar is ridiculous. Always hitting period instead of space. I want a keyboard with the space bar all the way on the right side.

      • Anonymous

        I absolutely agree. I have tried near three times to switch to it, an just can’t do it, the keyboard issue being one of my gripes as well. Oh well, plenty to choose to from!

  • Philip Van Luke

    its not sketchbook pro sadly. also please let quick office pro be one of the apps over the next 10 days i missed it as the free app of the day on amazon

  • tyler cole

    I finally have an excuse to buy Minecraft.

  • Anonymous

    I hope we get a new batch of these every day for the next ten days! That would be amazing!

    • FortitudineVincimus

      we can only hope

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Oh look, I dont have to whore myself out on social media just to get a deal!!

    I did buy SketchBook Mobile as a graphics guy, but I dont give a f*** about games.

    This is a great deal, I hope it changes daily…

    • Anonymous

      Oh look, it’s you again still complaining about nothing.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        Oh look. it’s you showing your low reading comprehension skills. So let me break it down for you… In fact, I was not complaining tard. I was PRAISING! Praising the fact Google just let me have a deal and to get the deal, I did not have to post some dumb Tweet or FB or “Like” someone.

  • This sums up my response..

  • Philip Van Luke

    bought minecraft for a dime. probably should get sketchbook too

  • Anonymous

    Perfect timing of these apps, now I’ll have some more things to mess around with on my Galaxy Nexus when I get it Friday (*fingers crossed*)

  • Anonymous


  • Alias747

    Dang you Google! I just bought swiftkey x a week ago! 🙁

    • Anonymous

      I bought for my wife full price. I got it free from Amazon…

      • Anonymous

        The good thing about the Amazon App Store is that you and your wife can easily both share an account.  That way if you do buy an app from there, you can easily install it on both devices.

  • Murphy

    Wow…now i’ll see whats all the fuss over Minecraft

    • Anonymous

      Yeah I jumped on that. Can’t beat a 98.5% off sale!

    • Jareth

      Just remember that pocket edition isnt even close to the computer version so dont judge the game just by the phone version.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah it’s very bare bones right now but the devs have confirmed crafting and enemies in future updates. So for 10 cents it’s pretty much a steal 🙂

  • Peer Linder

    Where did You get the picture?

    • Anonymous

      it appears on the homepage

  • Anonymous

    It would be great if it changed everyday and covered all of the good free amazon apps. Damn Amazon appstore slows my phone down too much

  • U Mad Bro? No But Your Mom Is

    Awesome sauce! This will really lift people’s spirits after the horrific announcement of the the new tablet whose name I can’t bring myself to say at the moment.

  • Anonymous

    Soon every app on the planet will have been free on Amazon. 

    • Mctypething

      u not amazed bro?

      • Anonymous

        Chances are I will be amazed soon!

    • Billyrouth2000

      True, but Amazon’s apps rarely if ever get updated

    • Anonymous

      i still don’t consider the amazon appstore an “official” source of apps.  never will buy them there.  especially if they keep up this game of “how annoying can we make our app store notifications”.  and Billyrouth2000 is right, they’re rarely updated by the looks of it.

      • Anonymous

        I seem to get regular updates from Amazon for the apps I have through them. The notifications are dreadful though.

        • I despise those notifications..
          Every single day I get notifications reminding me that I have apps ready to be installed. Every single one of those apps “waiting to be installed” are the free app of the day duds that I ended up uninstalling. I wish they had a remove app from list option..

          Best part is it’s been trying to update an app I downloaded on the google market.

          • Anonymous

            I just tend to get the “Install App” box whenever I open it even with apps that are already installed, I will click out of it and by the time the app store is done loading the same box pops up again trying to install the same app. This is pretty much an endless loop until I clear all data to the app store.

      • Anonymous

        Seriously, every time i turn my phone on I have a notification about a “new app.”

        • Anonymous

          disable notifications… setup auto update… these are newer features of the more recent Market

          • Raven

            I realize these are new (and annoying) features of the Amazon Appstore, but where do we go to disable them? I don’t see a “setup auto update” or anything about notifications under Settings.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry, I was referring to the Android market. I was out of context /= Amazon, no clue…

    • Dan

      ha, 350k apps available, that will be in 959 years!  (if people stop developing apps)

    • Anonymous

      I have a few of them from the Amazon market. For convenience and the fact that the Amazon market smells like poo; I happily paid the .10 for them in the official market.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, but I honestly DOUBT Minecraft will be available for free on Amazon Free App of the Day, at least for not a long while.

      So hell, $.10 is a bloody incredible deal for a very high quality game.

  • Anonymous

    Let the gifts keep coming Thank you Google 🙂

  • Antivanity

    And this is why i love you Google 😀