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Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus Shipments Headed to Stores, Retail Packaging Pictured?

Now this is what we have all been waiting for, the arrival of the 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus on Verizon in stores (or at least on their way). Our sources have told us numerous times over the weekend that this Friday (December 9) is looking like the day, so with devices potentially shipping to stores now, we are surely closer than ever.

And how about that packaging? An all-white unmarked box with red interior? Could you be any more subtle? Any chance that the logos are embedded into the box like one the Rezound and are just not seen in this picture? Or are these boxes still needing to be printed on? No idea, but I’m loving it.  More pictures after the break.  

Via:  XDA

Cheers Mooem, Nick and Jul!

  • Hortence95

    wow that is one fat phone. i was thinking itd be a bit thinner not razr thin but a bit less bulky.

  • Adam Gustafson


    • Adam Gustafson

      Wait… nvm

  • Gks962000

    Moto will be releasing the gnex1a next Friday…

  • Tlbn43

    I hope this phone is delayed until 2012 and I will keep using my Droid Razr while all of you cry like little girls.

  • Flash

    So I straight up called around to some Verizon stores today and asked about the Nexus coming out this Friday and both stores told me they thought it was going to be the 8th but they just got an email this morning saying it has been delayed till the 15th. Take it for what its worth, maybe the email told them what they were supposed to say if they got calls on it. 

  • Anonymous


    • GOP

      DIAF spambot!

  • tjmonkey15

    Personally, I like the blue, red, yellow and green accents on the GSM Nexus box.  Oh well.

  • if i bring in my OG droid box set it on the counter cant they just wedge the nexus inside. i dont need packaging 😛

  • Anonymous

    I think Verizon is going the “minimalist” approach like Apple, except printing nothing on it, instead embossing the logos into the box.  It seems 4G LTE phones get the minimal packaging approach but DROID’s still get the fancy boxes with the grunge look.

    It could very well be an approach to make it look more premium and it could also be a “green” tactic.
    I could care less if the box looked like it was drawn with crayons, I just want the NEXUS, NOW!

    I have a good feeling for tomorrow

  • spanky

    wow seriously that bottom hump is thicker than the thunderbrick! looks awful!

  • Dear Santa….
    If you want me to make that damn nasty fruit cake for you again this year, you better get those fat lil elves to work on my new phone. I need it before xmas so I can call 911 when you get your arse stuck in the chimney again like last year.
    Love from your favorite hippie =)

    • Cam

      Already have a knitted hemp sweater/case ready for it?

  • Anonymous

    I just printed out all of those pictures and glued them on my life.

  • Anonymous

    Man is this thing enormous.  Like the TI-83 of phones.

  • Anonymous

    From the XDA thread: 
     NICE!!!!!!!!!!! Question: Why is the box just plain white? Is it a demo unit of some sort?

    no its a retail box this is what you would get if you bought from verizon its hard to se in the pics but it does say galaxy nexus on the box its like a stamp
    no this phone is the retail phone

  • Gary Pasler

    I went to the local VZW (corp.) store a few hours ago.    The Samsung rep was there this AM with a G-Nex.   They said the phone would be available in the store Friday AM.  No information was known, but they indicated web pre-orders were unlikely (no s–t); they would have to be tomorrow to ship for Friday delivery!

  • VAVA Mk2


  • Robert Stockert

    Interesting note thought you would all like to know….I just called *611 from my VZW phone and the CSR confirmed that they are releasing the Galaxy Nexus this Friday the 9th, but still can’t pre-order it.  (Which is fine by me as I’ll be going to the store anyway to get my hands on it day 1)….

    This Friday can’t come soon enough!

    • Anonymous

      I just called and they said the 8th… but nothing definitive. This is maddening. 

    • Arkansasgaskin

       I just made the same call, and the CSR I spoke to had no info on a release date.

    • Ive called twice today. The two reps I spoke to were clueless.  *sigh*

  • bigrob60

    What is in the upper right of the large section of the box in the last pic? 

    • Cam

      I think we decided those are headphones.

      • bigrob60

        Ok, thanks.

      • bigrob60

        Ok, thanks.

  • Jeff Carter

    I sure hope so, I got offered a smoking amount of money for my DX and took it so I have suspended my account so I dont lose my unlimited data. I sure hope its Friday!!!

  • it’s a shame i think I’m allergic to the G-nex… because every time i see it my D!ck swells up.

  • Anonymous

    This looks more like a distribution center.  I say this because I doubt the stores have Stainless Steel Shipping tables with shipping rails to move units quickly.  I could be wrong.

  • Q

    Any word on the full retail for this thing?  If it’s around 600, I might try to get 200-300 for my Bionic, so I can buy this.

    • nexus on the brain

      uh, like who are you going to get to pay 200-300 for a used bionic, you might want to come down to reality

      • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

        Just sold a Droid X for $180, I think $200-300 for a Bionic is reasonable. Might want to do some research before making stupid comments.

        • Yeah but Droid X > Bionic… only kinda kidding.

        • nexus on the brain

          Hey Gay Boy (and Great Gaybino), just bc you were dumb enough to waste your upgrade on a Bionic, you really shouldn’t displace your anger of having to pay full price to get the Galaxy Nexus on me, I’m just delivering news that someone can get a Bio-fail-onic phone for $249 subsidized and brand new today, and would be surprised if that price didn’t drop quite quickly. Again, good luck trying to sell your Bionics, if you get 50 bucks you should feel lucky….you couldn’t pay me 50 bucks to take your phone….if you do find a buyer, keep them on the line and lets sell them some RE in FL

          • nexus on the brain

            or $150 for a CPO

      • Anonymous

        They are still averaging $300 on eBay. All sold. I’ve been checking every day for that last month or so. Facts are a harsh reality to trolls huh.

  • This post inspired 5 minutes of uncontrollable giggling.

  • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

    Too thick. Completely ruined the phone. Next please.

    • Jared Kirk

      More G-Nex’s for us then 🙂

  • Anonymous

    From Phandroid:
    So haven’t stopped by for a few days now. I see many of you New Yorkers
    tried out the device at Samsung Experience store. What did you guys

    Also I’ve been getting a few e-mails about these leaked box photos you
    guys have been sharing and just wanted to stop and clarify that this is
    not the complete Verizon retail packaging that you guys will get when
    you purchase your devices. These are unbranded boxes that have been sent
    out to various reviewers and testers. Also, one of my contacts was able
    to trace those specific photos to the demo units provided to the
    Samsung Experience store in NYC.

    So just to reiterate, these are pre-release boxes. I hope this will clear things up for you guys.

  • Mike Calcagno

    so..anyone else notice the reflection on the back of the phone in the side view?

  •  that just means that Verizon have no intention whatsoever on promoting this device hahaha bastards. I dont care, I’m getting mine as soon as they come out.

  • Correct me if I am wrong but test units usually don’t come with brochures. And I’m sure there is a sleeve for this to go into also. Red and black look nice in that clean white (read pure) box. Kinda hope it is this minimal. Void of any branding on the box at least. Lol

  • Anonymous


  • Kierra

    I’ll pass. This phone just doesnt wow me. 

    • Dominick DeVito

      we feel the same about you

  • We will never know what actually happened here.

    • Monty Waggoner

      Now I really want to know!

  • Anh

    *blows a kiss to Kellex*

  • Byebyerazr

    It looks thicker than I thought, but I can use thicker phone after using RAZR which is too thin for me.
    If MOTO is coming out with RAZRMAX they should make is a little thicker for a larger battery.

    • Anonymous

      I have the Razr and I agree, it is way too thin to be comfortable. I have a silicone sleeve on it just so I can actually get a good grip, I am just babying it because it is a “rental”. HEHEHEH