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Amazon Canceling Asus Transformer Prime Orders, Lists “Lack of Availability From Suppliers” as Reason

Amazon is sending out cancellation notices to those of you that pre-ordered the Asus Transformer Prime from them within the last week. Their reason for doing so? A “lack of availability from suppliers.” If you remember the original Transformer, a similar situation played out due to the fact that Asus couldn’t produce them fast enough. We aren’t sure if Asus is limiting the supply here or if they just can’t seem to manufacture them fast enough (again) with all of these new high-end pieces of technology. It’s a frustrating sign, especially for those looking to pick up the world’s first quad-core tablet before X-mas.

No telling what the retail availability will be when the devices makes its way into stores on December 19, but we are thinking now that it will be limited.

Cheers Brian, Wolvepk, Taylor, Pete and Anothony!

  • Oc

    J&R rep. said they’ll be arriving in January

  • Pmcdeed

    gamestop has working models in their stores… is legit for sale at gamestop?

  • Fonnie Williams

    Has anyone been able to preorder in-store at gamestop?

  • w4rsh4w

    My pre-order is still open. Ordered the 32 GB Champagne tablet and dock on 11/22. However the ship date changed from after 12/25, to 1/12/12 for the tablet and we’ll let you know for the dock.

  • Anonymous

     Didn’t this happen with the first Transformer too? You figured they’d learn how to ramp up production.. Or push back a release date until they built enough.. Or this all could be them hypebeasting it up so it looks super popular? Eh, who knows..

  • Stewie

    C’mon! give ASUS a break!

    After all, looking back on the original release, they decided to release a whole whoppin initial batch of 20 to the US this time, not just 10 ….

    That’s a 100% increase in units over last time!

  • Irrational Man


  • David Parrella

    Anyone with the Amethyst Gray not been cancelled yet? If so, when did you order it??

  • Dommy431

    My Best Buy order is still in there, but i’ve noticed that the keyboard dock release date is listed as 12/31/11….

  • FortitudineVincimus

    WTF, SOB, these **** chump ass mother ****** ***** suckers God **** it


  • RaptorOO7

    No more Apple for me, selling my iP4S to get the GNex, not getting a iPad and I’m willing to wait for the Transformer Prime.

  • Murphy

    Mine was canceled 🙁

  • bigrob60

    Cannot like enough. Comment of the hour?

  • Anonymous

     “Due to the fact that a superior product will hinder the Kindle sales, we will not longer be selling this product…err, there won’t be enough made for us to sell.”

  • Ok, so originally ordered 1 grey and 1 champagne tablet plus 1 grey keyboard dock through amazon on the 22nd. They’ve canceled the grey, but not the champagne. And they’ve updated the keyboard eta to January 6……SUX   Re ordered the grey at BestBuy but they have no grey keyboard, may try Gamestop, but jeeze talk about android fragmentation.

    • Anonymous

      I just checked best buy and they have the grey its called 
      Asus – Portable Docking Station or tf201-dock-gr

    • Anonymous

      I’ll just go to Fry’s Electronics.  If they don’t have it I can wait.

  • Arby

    Interesting.   My order still appears on my Amazon account and I’ve received no cancellation.  It continues to show “Not shipped” and delivery date of January 6, 2012.  But maybe that is because I ordered the 64GB version?  Have to watch and see, I guess….

  • yeah, my wife wanted this as a christmas gift.  santa needs to come through for me on this!

  • Dande1138

    I still haven’t received any notice of my pre order being canceled from Amazon so far…knock on wood

  • Lmrojas

    I never thought I would have to buy an iOs device….

    • DigitalEnforcer

      you don’t… and please never do. I would rather wait a couple extra weeks than buy and outdated Ip*d 2

      • Lmrojas

        Better GPU and better app selection. Let’s not be blind fan bois. This is the only Android Tablet to surpass it, at least in theory

        • Raven

          Buying an electronic tablet that doesn’t support desktop widgets is like buying a paper tablet that doesn’t support pens.  Why bother?

          News, weather, calendar, email, facebook, music, all done from widgets without having to launch any apps.  Only things I full screen are games and movies.  I couldn’t imagine not having access to desktop widgets.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, the maxipad isn’t limited in any other ways.  It’s not just a giant ipod touch or anything.


  • DigitalEnforcer

    Wow… I really hope Bestbuy doesn’t do this… It’ll suck so bad because I already know my brother is getting me the keyboard attachment for Christmas. SO I might just have a keyboard and no tablet.

    • Anonymous

      Guess you’ll have to use your pesky laptop until then…

    • PDubya

      Amen bro! I was thinking the same thing (without the keyboard though).

    • 28

      nope, in typical best buy fashion they wont tell you till about 24-48 hours after its released. You have a better chance ordering one of these off a chineese ebay acct right now then actually having best buy ship you this thing at release.

      • Anonymous

        I was thinking the same thing. Even considered a pre-order from j&r

    • Anonymous

      haha, my girlfriend is doing the same for me. Guess I’ll type up a storm to nothing on the keyboard.

  • Xc8118

    I called them up and they gave me a $10 credit for when I order it when it becomes available again. So they’ll hook me up w/ the 2% discount, the free shipping, + another $10 off. Not worth it for the inconvenience of having to order again and hope that they have stock soon, but better than nothing I guess (or paying an extra $100 to order w/ gamestop)

    • Sndd1413

      I called and bitched for 20min and they wouldn’t give me anything.

    • Sndd1413

      I called and spoke to them for 20min and couldn’t get anything from them.

  • Pre-ordered mine from BestBuy and haven’t heard anything yet…

  • Anonymous

    So far I haven’t gotten an email for my Champagne 32gig pre-order.

  • LoweDown

    I got the email and I went ahead and went to best Buy to pre-order. They still show a delivery date of Dec 18th or 19th. 

    Whats more frustrating is that Best Buy charges sales tax and higher delivery, so it costs me about $50 more … I sure its worth that much more … *sigh*

    • Anonymous

      i ordered mine two days ago from best buy and didn’t get charged anything for shipping. On their site it said there was free shipping for the holidays or something.

  • sucks for people who used Amazon, i really hope Best buy doesn’t pull this shit

  • Anonymous

    i’ve noticed it is only the 32 gb…

  • Anonymous


  • I can wait for the Prime. Just give me the Nexus!

    • EC8CH

      Yes, Nexus for Christmas, Prime for my Birthday.

      • My birthday is at the beginning January, so this will work out for me as well!

        • bigrob60

          My birthday already passed. :[

  • That’s “Bryan” 😉

  • Anonymous

    “Well, we had 20,000 of them, but 20,003 pre-orders rolled in, so we’ll have to cancel on you guys. No one can have one. Why not, you ask? Well because eat my ass.


  • Lmrojas

    If my order gets cancelled I’m buying an Ipad….

    • Anonymous

      No one cares.

  • They cancelled mine im so pissed. I need a Drink.

  • Guess they didn’t learn from last time.
    Glad I held out for now.

  • Born2Rip

    This is a nightmare. This happens with the Nexus too and there will be a revolution of mass proportions.  (Happened to me too, cancelled).

  • Anonymous

    Glad I canceled my pre-order with them and when elsewhere.  They still show available for pre-order on other sites according to nowinstock.net though.

  • Mctypething

    Uh oh….Fortituide Vicinimus is going to be pissed!

    • EC8CH


      • FortitudineVincimus

        kick a guy while he is down why don’t you… I see how it works

        • EC8CH

          If anyone deserves to get one of the first Prime’s… it’s this guy ^

    • FortitudineVincimus

      Damn beotches… I just had to go backup and PO 2 from Best Bizzzuy – but whereas I was at the top of the Amazon list with opening hour PO now I am at the bottom of the BB PO list.


  • Anonymous

    I got the same email.  It’s puzzling because I got a preorder the instant they were available and I figured I couldn’t go wrong by choosing Amazon.  This indicates to me that they must not really be getting any in stock if they couldn’t even fill the earliest preorders.

    Consequently, this probably means i’m screwed as i’m late to the game on the other retailers now.  I preordered over at J&R, but i’m not feeling too confident.

    • Lmrojas

      Buy an ipad that’s what I am going to do. I am pissed beyond imagination

      • Anonymous

        I’ve considered it in the past.  But I honestly do prefer the Android ecosystem.  Plus i’m invested in it because I prefer Android phones.  This means all of my paid apps transfer to the tablet.  I’ve owned a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and had a good experience.  I know an Ipad would fit my needs just as well and i’m annoyed at the cancellation, but i’ll wait for the Transformer.

  • EC8CH

    It’s the OG Transformer launch all over again!