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Samsung Fascinate Receives “Alphalulz” Ice Cream Sandwich ROM Straight From Source

Developers are hustling to get Ice Cream Sandwich on as many devices as they can these days.  The next to show up is a fully working build for the Samsung Fascinate by JT1134 from RootzWiki.  When scrolling down the list of working features, this looks like a fully functional daily driver ROM.  3G calls working, WiFi, camera – everything that you would look for to see if a ROM is worthy of flashing. 

This one definitely has the Droid Life stamp of approval. A huge thanks to all the developers out there that are pumping out these builds.  Where would we be without you?  If you want to experience ICS on your Fascinate, just follow the link below.

Via: RootzWiki

Cheers Static_prone!

  • Anonymous

    Crazy. These devs nearly do this for free and yet these manufacturers have peopel that get paid a salary to do what they do. And they don’t even beat our community devs to the latest builds. I don’t buy into all the bs and politics of it all. Fact: We have ICS months before they give it to us. It’s a great community. Thank you to all those hard working devs. I applaud you.

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  • PC_Tool

    Running it now.  Flashed over from MIUI.

    There are some permissions issues that can be worked around simply by attempting to access the application requesting them repeatedly.  Be patient, eventually it will work….

    Google apps all work, Maps seems to FC and “endless vibrate” on me occasionally (though that may be my fault…I installed it a bit differently than suggested).  Camera does work, took a panorama photo and it came out decently. 

    I am using this as a daily driver.  A TiB restore of seesmic and tapa worked fine (I re-installed the rest of my apps from the market).  

  • Flashed….. I LOVE IT. 

  • This should be an interesting race for me. Will my Xoom get ICS first or will my Nexus S ? I’m thinking the phone but it would be much more usefull for me on the tab.

  • Anonymous

    well good thing I still have one of these that I can use to tinker with until the nexus launches.

  • Fulaman

    Right now my Fascinate is running touchwiz lancher 4.0 on top of EH03, it was one of the ROMs created by nitsuj17 on xda-developers.com.  It’s called Superclean3.

  • I’m guessing the above screenshot is not the actual ROM itself as it’s showing TW icons?

    • Anonymous

      Probably just a stock image

  • Kenfrederick1977

    I am trying to work on one for the Thunderbolt, but don’t hold your breath. Having a hard time figuring out how to do the incorporate the drivers. Any suggestions? 

  • Anonymous

    The Fascinate only has 384MB of RAM, so I’m highly skeptical about using this. Even CM 7.1 bogs this phone down with moderate multitasking because of its puny RAM size.

    • Fulaman

      The Fascinate has 512 mb of RAM look it up, there is 128 mb going to the gpu.

      • Anonymous

        512 -128 = 384. Thanks for confirming!

    • wckdjugallo

      Using ROM right now and it is not bogged down in the least bit.  Hardware acceleration makes it awesome, much smoother than cm 7.1 even with a new kernal and overclocking.

  • If the Fascinate is getting a fully-functioning ICS, then how long until all of the other Galaxy S’s do? What’s the challenge?

    • Fulaman

      It is likely to happen.

    • Quite a bit. The Fascinate is CDMA. Other than the Epic 4G the others are GSM. 

      • C’mon — really? That’s the issue? ICS internally is well aware of GSM and CDMA, and there can’t be that much difference between different GSM hardware. I think the main challenge would be the rest of the hardware within the Nexus S.

  • 1cc


  • I don’t understand why people hate this phone. I’ve had the OG, the Droid 2, Droid 3, Droid X and Nexus One. The Fascinate (granted, with the Powerwashed Gingerbread rom) has been my second favorite thus far. 

    • Anonymous

      Agree I have this phone and was just sitting around but now I will install this until the nexus comes out..

  • gregba

    Does the mulit-tasking work pretty well?  Care to make a youtube video to show it off?

  • Justin Kos

    JT1134 is a fantastic dev, awsome man

  • Mike

    I have ICS running on my fascinate right now. Once video and USB mass storage are fixed it will make a great replacement for my imaginary Galaxy Nexus.

    • droidrev71

      Running ics on fascinate. It’s running pretty darn good. Now I’m drooling for galaxy nexus! Thanks JT

  • Zebra

    Too bad the ROM doesn’t come with contact details for Dawn Smith. She’s hot.

    • Anonymous

      And she’s getting wasted tonight for Jane’s 21st birthday. Too easy.

  • EC8CH

    Dear Verizon,

    Whatever issues the G-Nex has that you’re working on, forget it.  Just release the phone and let the Dev’s know what the problem is.  They’ll fix it for you in half the time.

    Because you know we’re all gonna root and rom it anyway don’t ya.

    • Mctypething

      Dear Galaxy Nexus troll,

      Please shut the hell up. We know you’re excited about this phone, and understand why. However, those of us interested in reading about all things Android would really appreciate you not spamming every single blog post with assinine Galaxy Nexus comments that have nothing to do with the post itself.

      Non Galaxy Nexus trolls

      • EC8CH

        u mad bro?

        • lol

        • Mctypething

          I’m sure if this phone is released with “issues”, that all of you G-Nex trolls will b*tch and moan about it. Just stop. We know you are getting the G-Nex, you don’t need to repeat it in various unrelated ways in every post. Leave your G-Nex comments to the many many blog posts on this site that actually have something to do with it.   

          • Anonymous

            I think you’re mad because you got the Bionic and you’re stuck with it.

            I of course could be wrong.

          • Mctypething

            I love the Bionic actually. I have the data connectivity issue at times, which is annoying, but it doesn’t happen that often. The disappearing apps thing is really unacceptable though. Other than that, I couldn’t be happier with the phone. My OG Droid needed to be replaced, and I couldn’t wait for the Galaxy Nexus, so I upgraded. My posts have nothing to do with buyer’s remorse, because I’m happy with the Bionic.

          • Anonymous

            I just picked up a Bionic and it is a great phone. I think I would rather have this phone over my Girls Razr or the Rezound. It is definitely better IMO than the GNex in a lot of ways. It’s a solid phone…and thats coming from me, a previous pentile/moto hater.

          • Anonymous

            what ways is the bionic better? It isn’t even better than the razr or rezound. I mean nexus has 4460 bionic has 4430, hd screen on rezound and nexus, qhd on bionic, worse camera on bionic, and thicker.

          • Anonymous

            BTW the GNex will have tons of bugs when it’s released. Nature of smart phones.

          • EC8CH

            you STILL mad bro?

          • Mctypething

            u still a G-Nex troll bro?

          • Matthew Morrison


          • GoogleSchplooge

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          • Mctypethings_Gay_lover

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      • Anonymous

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      • Anonymous

        You sir, get 1 million internets

      • Nagini

        You’re so annoying

        • Mctypething

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    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I want to experience ICS on my Droid. So anxiously waiting.

    • Lotrfan19

      Gingerbread barely runs on it and you .want ICS? It wont happen. If you have a Droid like I do, its probably time for an upgrade anyway

      • Anonymous

        Okay I guess my reply didn’t post. Anyway, my Droid runs Gingerbread just fine so ICS shouldn’t be a problem. I am upgrading though once the Galaxy Nexus is released for Verizon.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve had success Liquid Gingerbread, Simply Stunning and Peter Alfonso’s work (BB and GPA) I dont know where people get that it barely runs on OGD. The only ROM that I’ve tried that gave me problems was MIUI.

  • He just needs to get USB Mass storage figured out and consider this ROM flashed.

  • So I take it you have to root your phone for this…am I correct?

    • Very correct

      • Anonymous

        About as correct as you can possibly be.

        • EC8CH

          your avatar is creepy

    • wckdjugallo

      The ROM comes rooted, you don’t need to root to install it.

      • Anonymous

        You still need to be rooted to install this though

        • PC_Tool

          You do not need to be rooted to flash this.  

          Download the latest ICS build (Currently V3).

          Download jt1134’s CM7 recovery from here:http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/wiki/Samsung_Fascinate:_Full_Update_Guide

          Flash as instructed.

          Flash ICS through recovery.

          See? No root.  Huh….ain’t that a bitch?

          • Anonymous

            Actually read it it clearly says root access is needed to install it. Ain’t it a bitch when you don’t read. smh

          • PC_Tool

            Chris, read it again.

            According to that wiki, there are two methods to install CM7.  Unfortunately, only one of those methods works with ICS. jt1134’s build of ICS is not currently available via ROM Manager and thus the only method to install it is via recovery.

            The Recovery Method wipes the device (if you are already on an MTD rom), or re-partitions it if you are on a TouchWiz BML ROM.  Having superuser installed or not makes no difference when using the Recovery Method.

            I own a Fascinate.  I have ICS installed.  I flashed it from Recovery immediately after using odin to flash an unrooted ED05 tar and jt1134’s clockwork recovery (downloadable from the wiki linked above) using the steps I outlined above.  This is not guessing or posturing on my part.  It is personal experience.

             Ain’t it a bitch when you don’t read. 

            Indeed, Chris…isn’t it?

          • Anonymous

            Except if I didn’t read it how did i know that one method required root? Nice try though.

          • PC_Tool


            You’re still arguing?  Just trying to save face, or are you actually trying to defend giving someone false and demonstrably misleading information??

            To OP:  No root required.  End of story.

          • Anonymous

            Do you need odin for this? Its been awhile since I flashed anything and I know you needed odin before.

          • PC_Tool

            Depends on where you are starting from. 

            Odin is basically only required because of the switch from the BML partitions to MTD (or to flash the recovery if you don’t already have one).  Easiest install I had was on my son’s fascinate where I simply flashed the latest MIUI build, booted, rebooted to recovery and flashed ICS.  Took all of 5 minutes…

            BML = TouchWiz “stock” based ROM.
            MTD = AOSP based ROM (CM7, Pool Party, MIUI, etc)

            Best bet, if you haven’t done this in a while, is use the recovery linked in the wiki from my previous post and flash an MTD rom if you are on a “stock” based ROM.  From there you should be able to reboot into recovery and flash the latest ICS build (Currently V3/1128).

            (Doesn’t matter which MTD rom you flash before-hand as it all gets wiped in the ICS install.)

            Good luck man.  Enjoy the ICS.  Been using it non-stop since V3 dropped and love it.

          • Anonymous

            yeah i just picked up a used one after to pass some time. I had one when it first launched and needed odin for everything. So if I use rom manager to install a mtd rom and then do the ics rom or should I skip rom manager altogether?

          • PC_Tool

            Skip ROM Manager all-together. Just easier that way.

            Step-by-step (The “Works for Me” method):

            THIS WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY AND POSES THE SLIGHT RISK OF BRICKING YOUR DEVICE PERMANENTLY!!!   (That said, the steps below have been tested and will work for most folks…and it is pretty hard to perma-brick these devices thanks to our ability to ODIN back to stock)

            Download ICS and Rick S.’s 11-25 MIUI ROM from XDA to your SDCard (I store my roms in a folder called 01 on the root of the SDcard, just so it is the first folder listed in recovery…easier to navigate). 

            When you’ve got them both downloaded, turn off your phone. 

            ODIN the “wiki” recovery (uncheck “Auto-Reboot”) using the PDA button —


            Unplug the device after the ODIN flash is complete and put your battery back in. 

            3-finger boot into recovery. 

            Using recovery, flash the MIUI rom you downloaded previously, no need to wipe data, the conversion from BML to MTD re-partitions the device, effectively wiping it. 

            Boot into MIUI. 

            Power the device off and 3-finger boot back into recovery (Works on the kernel included with MIUI). 

            Once back into recovery, wipe data, go into the mounts menu and format *all* but “sdcard”. 

            Hit back and flash ICS.

            Seems like a long process, but it only takes a few minutes.  Once ICS is flashed, the first boot can take a *while*.  Just set the phone down and do something else for a few minutes.

            Welcome to ICS.  Enjoy.  🙂

          • Anonymous

            Everything worked so far except when I try and activate the phone the dialpad does not come up any suggestions?

          • PC_Tool

            Heh… gonna reply above so you can read it.  Give me a mo’.  😀

          • Anonymous

            actually nvm I got it to work. Thanks again.

          • PC_Tool

            Almost forgot: Let me know how it goes, eh?  If something isn’t working right (other than the bugs listed in the forum topic by jt) I might be able to offer work-arounds/fixes.   Been using it a while now.

            two suggestions:

            Settings – Developer options:
            Set Window and Transitions animations scales to .5
            Do *not* check the “Force GPU Rendering” option as it forces some apps to display improperly and doesn’t seem to affect performance all that greatly.

          • Anonymous

            Will do thanks again. It should come tomorrow and ill let you know how it goes.

        • PC_Tool

          Much better (I hate disqus sometimes)…

          Long-pressing the “menu” button in-call should bring up the keyboard.  You can then use that to activate. (at least, this is how it worked in MIUI)

          (just got notified you got it working. Gratz! 😀 Enjoy.)

  • Anonymous

    ICS on the OG or bust!

    • Anonymous

      The OG has a couple limitations that may prevent a full ICS ROM – RAM and onboard storage.  Both are quite small by today’s standards and it’s already been said that the lack of onboard storage is why Google nixed ICS for the Nexus One.

      That’s not to say someone won’t strip out a few things to get it to fit, tho.

  • Anonymous

    I get mad just seeing pictures of this phone

    • I agree makes me so mad this phone ruined samsung for me forever.

      • babadush

        Being as I never had this phone what was so bad about it?

        • Anonymous

          Touchwiz, broken promises from vzw and Samsung, and phones with randomly bad hardware.

      • PC_Tool

        I admit that if it wasn’t for our Devs, this, being my first Android phone, would have been my last.

        That said, thanks to our devs, this is one *amazing* device.  One of, if not the *first* phone available in the US running an almost completely functional ICS?  Yeah…that’s the Samsung Fascinate.  The hardware was solid…and still is.  It was the software that was complete and total FAIL.

    • Gamer 28

      Really?  For me it was the best experience had I had on a single core phone.  Better than the Thunderbolt, Charge, Incredible, Droid 2, Droid X, and even the OG. It was all thanks to the developer community though, unrooted it was as bad as a thunderbolt.

      • babadush

        rooted with a rom the Thunderbolt is a beast. I’ve never had any of the other phones you’ve mentioned besides the OG. I’ve been thoroughly happy with the Tbolt. I have MIUI ICS running on it. Vanilla ICS is about 2 days away from being beta.

        • Gamer 28

          It’s because you came from an OG, but the Thunderbolt has an extremely weak GPU (graphics), which made many of the animations stutter, even at 1.8 GHz.  I could never run any live wallpapers, as I quickly noticed even the slightest frame drop. The Fascinate in the other hand at 1.6 GHz, while not as fast, it was much much smoother, and the battery was also great (no 4G).

          • babadush

            I’ll take your word for it. I run mine at 1.2ghz with the smartass v2 governor and it really doesn’t stutter at all. From my understanding unless you are playing games on your phone (which i rarely ever do) GPU is a moot point until hardware acceleration. << wrong?

        • MIUI ICS isn’t real. It is a poorly implemented build.prop edit with some graphical changes. Nothing more than a theme with a build.prop change.

          • babadush

            I’m aware of that. I never said it was really ics did I?

    • JJ69Chev

      worst phone ever

      • Justin Kos

        un-rooted un-rom’d yes, def

        but with both of those, only sorta lol

        • Anonymous

          My Fascinate was rooted and modded to the max. Still a bad phone with unfixable radio and gps.

      • PC_Tool

        meh…  Once you go MTD and install CM7 or MIUI (…and now ICS) it’s actually *very* capable. 

        Rick S.’s 11.18 MIUI with Glitch’s V13 kernel…virtually flawless.  GPS is insta-lock.