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Add December 19 to the Asus Transformer Prime Release Date List

The Asus Transformer Prime has had about as many rumored release dates as the Galaxy Nexus. We had seen both December 9 and November 28 through Gamestop’s website as possibilities, but now according to their internal systems, they are expecting the world’s first quad-core tablet to be available December 19. Pre-orders have opened up and with that came some confusion as to when the device would actually be available if you were to jump on it early. There is a chance that it will be later than the 9th after all. That does seem sort of late though, especially knowing that Asus has an event planned for “early December.” We’re wondering now how confused Gamestop potentially is?

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  • AlexCas

    ASUS’ Eee Pad Transformer Prime will go on sale in the US from December 8, the company has confirmed, a week after Taiwanese sales begin on December 1. However, European tableteers will have to wait until January 2012 for the Tegra 3 tablet, ASUS Taiwan told NetbookNews, with exact release dates depending on each specific country.


    • Thank you for easing my pain.

  • Anonymous

    They just make up dates as more people are likely to pre-order with a date than “coming soon”

  • Anonymous

    Pretty annoyed here, I have my preorder in but I have no idea when it will be filled…maybe I was late getting my preorder in so I won’t get it till the second batch?  Who knows…I wish Asus would say something…anything.

  • internet marketing belgium

    congratulation to you but this is just too good for the Asus to build there future in the market

  • Jason Miner

    Newegg has now changed their “Release Date 12/8/11” to “ETA 12/8/11”.  Sold out already too…took all of 3 hours.

  • Anonymous

    Where is the best place to pre-order this?

  • My birthday 🙂

  • Taha Sheikh


     Galaxy Nexus release dates have been greater and have caused more heartache

  • Anonymous

    No nexus? me no care. 

  • Jason Miner

    Sadly this is where Apple still has Andy beat.  WTF is the deal guys?  Between the Nexus and the Prime you have the faithful ready to rape and pillage. 

  • (My laptop is dying, so I built a desktop and have been waiting to get this as what I’ll use on the go)


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    this is ridiculous.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Looks like Amazon was right on the very day they did preorders.. they clearly said the item would not arrive until after Dec 25th… stands to reason why with a 19th date.

  • Anonymous

    looks like they changed the dat to the 19th on the site also for the 32gb prime but the 32gb bundle still says the 9th

  • Rob

    I really hope it ships by the 9th… I preordered my Champagne 64 GB from B&H Photo… no details in my email.

  • Anonymous

    I think I wet myself…

    I have the prime on preorder at Amazon and the Prime Anticipation, from now on known as “PA” has really got a hold on me!

    Counting  down ! ! !

  • Powerboater69

    Officially keeping my DX another year, Transformer Prime with dock are on pre-order.  Can’t freaking wait, singing Transformers, more than meets the eye.

  • Xzombiex66

    Wonder if the dock will release same day?

  • Wow, they’re tripolar. 

  • OMG now i know how those Gnex fan boys  feel. This is getting serious, Amazon already took my money!!!!!!!!! Now i think thats a bit late especially rumors say that Asus is allowing folk with the tablet in hand to release reviews Dec 1st

    • Anonymous

      OMG mony wont be in my acct till the 3rd!

    • Anonymous

      Just talked to amazon and it is still not in!

    • amazon shouldn’t have charged you until it ships, i know they haven’t charged me yet… or showed a ETA for shipping. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    i read the title quick and thought you were talking about the gnex. I was so close to punching my monitor.

    • Mark M

      Same lol.

    • Anonymous

      After reading this comment, I almost punched my monitor at the mere thought…

      It is actually illegal to describe some of the things I have wanted to do to my local Verizon store over the past few weeks.

  • Anonymous

    This is turning out to be similar to the vzw nexus with all these rumors…

  • Domikinzu

    499?  I’m in.

    • Hickeydrum

      I pre ordered at best buy,they start shipping on the 13th of Dec. said I should have it by the 18th so I geuss we will see