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Video: Ice Cream Sandwich Features on the Galaxy Nexus – Disabling Apps, Camera Software, Settings Menu, and Boot Time

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We are in full Galaxy Nexus mode right now with the unlocked version landing on our doorsteps over the weekend. We posted up a quick gallery on Friday, but have since posted a hardware and software tour to give you a feel for this amazing new smartphone. Going forward, we’ll be tossing out Ice Cream Sandwich highlight videos to get you prepared for the day that Verizon finally decides to approve the phone for sale. In this first video, we take a look at disabling system apps, how the Settings menu is handled, the incredibly fast boot time, and more.  

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And be sure to leave requests in the comments for features, menus, etc. that you want to see.

  • Pwsdanscene

    What is the best way to e mail and text groups of people.  Was very easy with my blackberry and that feature is important for work.

  • Gularra

    I’ve been using a Samsung Omnia i910 for the last few years and FINALLY switched over to Droid, and got a Galaxy. Great, but then I discovered (unlike Gingerbread) that true hands free calling doesn’t exist.  AARRGGHHH!!!!
    a) anyone know if there will be an update soon b) what’s the best app out there for this in the meantime?

  • Jarrett Hall

    How do i delete one call log instead of clearing the entire call log?

    • Anonymous

      finger hold.

  • Lakerzz

    Any chance for a wallpaper hook-up Kellex? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Man that camera is ridiculously fast compared to my slow DROID 3

  • Anonymous

    Support Bluetooth voice dialing or commands. Least we forget the TRUE HANDS FREE calling…”SAY A COMMAND” I see no mention of that feature..and with the ever changing State laws , – As more state and local areas pass laws mandating hands-free driving, such capability will only grow more important
    Example: You issue a command from your BT but do you hear voice prompts come from the phone speaker or through the BT headset speaker? after the prompt Do you issue commands through your BT headset or to your phones mic?.If your phone is in your office 20 feet away and you want to send a call can you without having to listen to your phone,view it,touch it and can you go back and cancel and follow through command options to make your call.all through your BT Headset
    1 Regular voice dialing through bluetooth is a resolved issue, at least from Google’s perspective, because it is included in Froyo via the separate application “Bluetooth Voice Dialer”2 Voice command is designed for complete hands free. Voice command prompts you for option 1 or option 2 verbally for you to select. It can go back and cancel and follow through command options. through your BT Headset Only.

    what is very important and needs to be noted is that the API functions used for voice recognition over bluetooth are not public APIs. I do not know why Google has yet to add these APIs to the public code, but for now, it is technically impossible to incorporate voice recognition over bluetooth, even with the standard voice search activity.

    Example…I have an old moto razrV3 , Lg voyager ,works with any BT, press button on BT, HEAR “say a command”..no need to touch Phone, I am aware of google”s voice dialer, voice actions and search

    Sorry for the long post, just wanted to mention what I thought were some of the short-comings of HANDS FREE BT… on android os.
    Remember some of the older “Dumb-Phones” where BT was implemented and using a BT Headset ONLY, worked and had options. without having to look, touch or listen to your phone .Compared with todays “smartphones” where we have updates and third party apps to make things work..
    I love my OG and Android Os.,things are getting better but should of started with the OG.

    While the dangers of texting while driving are clear does the Gnex , razr or the D4 support True Hands Free calling over Bluetooth??

  • Jared Kirk

    I know the new ICS launcher allows you to put any apps/shortcuts/folders you want in the 4 slots on either side of the app tray, but does it allow you to use custom icons like Launcher Pro or other 3rd party launchers?  I’m not quite sure that I like the look of the stock icons they use for phone, browser, sms, etc; they are a bit cartoony looking to me.

  • Jason

    And the November 29th pre-order! Lol

  • Jason

    it would be confusing to people to have a menu button if there weren’t any menu options and it didn’t do anything.

  • Anonymous


  • nagini

    “When you finally get your Nexus S”

  • Christopher Riner

    HAH! yeah everyone who has been dissin’ on the nexus just got served… soft served.

    actually I guess soft serve would’ve been froyo. 

    p.s.  now that i’ve rooted and flashed my desktop with a pirated windows 7, I can actually post!! Look out droid life, you’re gonna be seeing a lot more of this guy.

    • John Landgrave

      Maybe not a great idea to admit to piracy using your real, full name when you have a fairly unique name?

  • Christopher Riner

    Noooooooooooow were starting to see some nexus videos that are really hitting the sweet spot.  Great depth; I feel like once this beast is in my hands I’ll actually know what to do with it.  Way to combat all the peckerheads who keep telling you to quit posting until there’s a release date!  Keep ’em coming, Kellen.

  • Jeff Tingey

    Fake contact? That’s the Oregon Department of Corrections Inmate toll-free number! lol

  • Mike Korby

    can you post a video on when they will actually release this thing…?

  • Not a fan of the settings icon. I wish it was bigger like in honeycomb